AWD #267: Shooting, Shooting, or Shooting?
Shooting, Shooting, or Shooting?
Summary: Two marines and a PJ discuss their favoured pasttimes
Date: 30/Sep/2013
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Jena Amos Callen 
Control Tower, CFAB Crandall
Part of the airfield.
AWD #267

It's almost midday on Picon and despite it being a few days in now, the sounds of the war around them haven't lessened any. Jena is sitting on the stairs that lead to the height of the tower, about half way up, using the vantage point to survey the area below. She'd already explored her immediate area but from here, she could see beyond. At the moment, her legs are extended so her legs rest on the stair below and she's eating a protein bar and drinking from a canteen.

As is the case every once in a while, there's a flurry of Raptos landing on the apron. This time they're disembarking marines rather then collecting them and particular bunch of marines appears to be a mix of the NOMAD contingent, mostly 1/8th but with enough 3/8th in there as well to give a fair showing. There's enough grime to indicate they've been busy somewhere, but little enough blood to indicate that it likely went well enough. No one is being stretchered out, but a fair few are limping or cradling arms. They soon split, some heading towards the the med-stations, others towards the mess tents and some elsewhere entirely. In the latter group is Amos, he's heading for the control tower cos damn it, he left his field glasses up there when the scramble was called.

Callen had a hard night. He had been called out into the field on a scouting mission to of run into some flak. He's coming back onto base now with his group, looking downright exhausted. Dirty, armor and uniform, muddy boots, and there might be a few sticks sticking out of his hair that he'd hadn't yet noticed, and his his hand has been haghazardly bandaged. His rifle looks like it's been used at least more than a couple times. And right now, he just wants to find some place to sit down for a moment. The tower looks to be a decent place to do just that, at least it's not as occupied as other places might be. There's a glance as the Raptors begin to land, to Corporal staying out of their way continues his trek.

Seeing the Captain approach, Jena rises, her pack on her back, and offers a snap of a salute. "Captain, Sir. Looks like it's shaping up to be a productive day, doesn't it?" Her smile is easily given and holds a friendly twist to it. Glancing towards the arriving Marine's, one in particular looks familiar. She takes in his current state of being, of course the makeshift bandage drawing her attention first. "Corporal.. would you let me check out your wound for you?"

Amos returns the salute with a quick one of his own. He seems to be walking okay but the multitude of scraps on the side of his face indicate that he was in close proximity to something explosive recently. Callen also gets a nod as the Corporal approaches and he glances at the man's hand. "That still work?" he asks tiredly, eyeing the bandage for a moment before turning back to the pair of them, "I need a squad for a mission later, you're both in it so grab yourself some rest while you can and try not to get shot in the mean time."

Crap. He hadn't even noticed Amos there, he was looking down at his feet and making sure he didn't trip over anything in the way. So he makes sure he gets off a saltue to the Captain before actually saying anytihng. "Yes, sir. It's my off-hand, not my firing hand. I…uh, tripped in gopher hole. Cut my hand up, but it's not enough to slow me down or anything." Jena's asking for his hand makes him offer it to her. "Not sure there's much you can do about it." But the request from Amos gets him to look back. "I'll be there, sir. I'm not dead yet."

As Amos drops his own salute and the sun isn't in her eyes, Jena notices the marks on the side of his face. Her smile dips into a frown. "Why don't you both at least let me clean you up. It's not good to leave it all exposed like that without at least an antibiotic on it." Disapproval weighs a little heavy in her voice. "Look, I know you Marine's are tough, but you're not invincible." A nod is given to the Captain, "Yes, Sir. I'll be there, gun and pack ready." Looking actually eager to get in on the action. Reaching for the hand when it's offered, she begins removing the bandage. "Be careful out there, Callen."

Amos returns Callen's salute as well, then gives a brief nod as he reports on the status of his hand. One eyebrow does raise slightly as the exact cause is mentioned, but he says nothing, turning instead to Jena as he checks his watch. "Alright," he concents, figuring he has the time to spare before he wants to get his head down, then finds a spot of wall to rest against while she sees to the Corporal.

Taking a seat, Callen lets Jena do whatever she's gonna to with it. She's the medical one here, not him. His wound stitching isn't what one would call fantastic. Or..sterlie for that matter. "I'm carefully." he protests weakly. "…most of the time. But I'll be able to live and fight again, eh Jena. And I'm only invincible at pool."

Unwinding the bandage doesn't take long and Jena puts the strap of her canteen around her neck for now and reaches into one of the side pockets of her fatigue pants and draws out a bottle of sterile water. She tips it over the wound, washing the bits of ground, grass, whatever foreign objects are in there, out. Redepositing the water, she brings out an antiseptic cleanser. Looking up, she offers a sympathetic smile. "This will sting a little." Gently, she dabs it on then blows on it to 'cool off' the pain if possible. Next, she replaces the antiseptic with an antibiotic ointment and follows that with the bandage, a new, clean bandage. "Just wear your glove if you need, to keep it clean. At least for the first forty-eight. Though that's pushing it a little. At least after that it should be closed enough to lose the glove. If you have to." Her lips tilt up at the last. "Pool.. we should play someday." Transferring her attention now to the Captain, she studies him. "I'll hit one of the cots soon, just want to doctor you first."

Amos waits patiently as Jena deals with Callen, he does take the opportunity to have a quick look at teh wound itself but it doesn't seem to be life threatening. Once the parajumper is done he shifts off the wall and slings his rifle across his back before moving so he can sit a set or two below her. "Mostly just masonary fragmets I think," he tates as he loosens his helmet strap, although he doesn't actually take it off, "maybe some the grenade or what ever it was caused the wall to explode though."

"Got it." Callen nods, gritting his teeth as she puts on the antiseptic. "Got a soft touch, doc." he grins at her, at least trying to make the attempt at making things sound a little more upbeat than what they really are. "Glove on, forty-eight. Think I can manage that. I'll try not to bleed all over you if I come in limping in next time. And yeah, if you really feel like getting you ass kicked at some eight-ball, you let me know. There's a sucker born every minute." Carrying that same topic, he glances over at Amos. "What you, sir. You shoot?" he asks, before adding, "pool, I mean."

"No worries, Callen, I'll be at your side on the next one. I can shoot too." One blue eye closes in a wink as Jena teases him just a bit. "Sure, pool game. It's on. Though I admit I'm better at Pyramid than pool." Now she's near Amos and instead of having him sit lower, she gets on the step below him, kneeling on it, facing him. "Alright, Captain. Doesn't really matter what the fragments are, if the skin is broken it's as bad as if it were any other substance." Getting to work on him now, which takes a little more time, as she removes little fragments. "Are either of you going to want anything for pain?"

Amos tilts his head slightly, in an attempt to make Jena's life that little bit easier, then replies to Callen while keeping as still as he can. "Only when I feel a particularly strong desire to embaress myself in public Corporal." As Jena mentions pyramid he starts to nod, then catches himself quickly andsays in stead, "played a bit of that in my younger days, mostly archery now though. It's more old-man friendly I find." There's a couple of winces as Jena sets to but then he takes advantage of a brief pause to shake his head once, "save it for when it's actually needed."

"I was never good at pyramid. And man, did I try. I tried so hard. For some reason, I was just never fast enough. Maybe it wasn't cerebral enough for me." Callen shrugs helplessly. "Pool on the other hand is a tactical game, kind of like chess. Maybe the geometry of it all. The lines, the angles, the spin of the cueball. Something about made me good at it. I used to hustle pool halls on Aquaria before I joined the marines. But then sometimes I'd find myself getting hustled by some elderly man with a crooked stick. Always a lesson to learn." The mention of archery gets some curosity. "I've…never shot a bow before, I was always a bit intrigued by it." He shakes his at the offer of a pain-killer. "No, that's alright, but thanks. It'll keep me awake. Get me to focus on something." From his seat on the ground, a finger taps at the cement. "It's going to get worse, isn't it, sir?" he asks Amos.

Every once in awhile, Jena uses a finger on his chin to adjust is head once an area is clean. Finally, after that shake of his head, she finishes clearing out the debris. Only then does she use the sterile water, cleaning the area. "Pyramid is fun. I like the challenge." Brows lift though, echoing the same curiosity that Callen gives in the mention of the archery. "Sounds like a challenge, Sir. It's something I've never tried either." Listening to the talk of pool, she carries on in the care of the Captains wounds, applying the burning antiseptic, cooling it much like she had for Callen. "Alright, no pain meds for either of you. But I do want you both to drink plenty of water." She falls silent as Callen voices the question.

"If you like focusing on something and clearing your mind then give it a try sometime Corporal," Amos replies, still trying to keep his head as still as possible for Jena. At the man's question though he states simply, "oh, this is just the start of it, we're just warming up for now son." There's an almost flinch as the antiseptic hits but then he's nodding at the comment regarding water, "understood."

"I might just try it sometime, then." Callen agrees with a nod. Always open to try something new, Methos is. His expression drops a little bit at the answer, leaning his head back to set against the wall. "Yeah, I kinda figured that. Still, better to just hear it out in the open then…I dunno, lying to yourself." Shrug. He wants to say something that'll make it better, but there isn't. This is the shit they're stuck with. Remembering Jena's words, he gets out his own canteen. "Looks, like I'm not getting back to Orion then for a bit. Probably better off for the time being anyways. I think I know more people down here than up there."

Antibiotic cream follows and then bandages. Jena has sympathy in her expression though. "I don't mean to make you look like a mummy, Sir, but it's important this stay clean. Lowering the strap of his helmet back in place, she gives him a quick smile. "All done." Repocketing her supplies, Jena rises again. "The Orion shouldn't be too far off and I'm sure they're running Raptors back and forth. Especially for the more.. mortally wounded." Standing now, she looks between the two. "I'll definitely be ready for whatever you have planned today, Captain, but right this minute, I may hit the mess tent. Anyone else game?"

Amos stands once it becomes apparent that Jena is done with him. "You livelong enough to get throught the other side of this and I'll see if I can show you the basics sometime," he offers to Callen. Resecuring his chin strap he then turns to the PJ, "I need to collect some things then get my head down. Just be ready to load-up at 1900." There's a quick glance to Callen to ensure he remembers that includes him to and then the Captain is off up the stairs again.

It may not of been intentional, but Callen's face pales a little bit. It's one thing to realize your own mortality in a wartime situation, but to have someone else talk to you about it so boldfaced, it does make things a little more real. Which isn't to say he hasn't heard it before. He's not green, he's been in his share of combat and this is no different. Maybe the situation is, granted, he coudln't argue with that. "Looking forward to it, sir." he nods his reply before changing views back to Jena. "I could probably eat, sure. I'll join you if you want." That said, he grunts, getting back up onto his feet.

If Jena notices the paling on his cheeks, she makes no other move than a quick smile his direction. "Sure, Callen. It'd be nice. Just an MRE but still, it's something to keep up the energy." With a nod to the Captain, she gives a quick acknowledgment. "I'll be ready, Sir. See you at 1900." Heading down the stairs now, she intends waiting at the bottom of the stairs for Callen.

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