AWD #566: Shit Sandwich
AWD #566: Shit Sandwich
Summary: The Command and Tactical staff hold an emergency meeting to discuss new revelations.
Date: 08/01/2017 (OOC Date)
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Ward Room
It's warded, for your protection.
Wed July 26 2006 (AWD #566)

With the meeting called, Jameson doesn't have much reason to doubt it. Elias doesn't call meetings unless there's a good reason. He, Faulkner, and Petra are probably the only people he will get off his ass for and go To when requested - if only because it isn't abused. But he's already in the Ward Room when other people arrive. He's in his blues and there's actually a cigarette burning in the ashtray. A coffee mug is set aside in front of him. Otherwise he is leaned back and staring at a very elegant map of the Twelve Colonies, letting his mind blank out for once. Or maybe just thinking hard on something else.

Amos is, somewhat predictably, in his greens as he enters the ward room. He might have less of an excuse now he's not supervising training on a regular basis, but it does not appear that he's letting that stop him. He's carrying a mug of steaming coffee with him, and has even brought a small notepad and a pen in case notes are required. The admiral gets a nod as he steps through the hatch, then, as a quick glance makes it apparent that there's no one else to greet yet he takes a seat at the table and waits.

Robin is sporting a fresh set of blues. She does not have a fresh mug of coffee with her. Instead, she has some bone dry mug save for the dregs of what she drank earlier She sets it aside as soon as she arrives and shifts the folder-wrapped notepad to her other arm. "Admiral," she says with a nod of respect before taking a seat next to Amos. He also earns a nod, but only once she's sat down. Her eyes twitch momentarily to the smoke trailing up from the burning cigarette in the ashtray and then opens her folder to turn the legal pad to a fresh page.

Elias dispatched his emergency meeting request before he had even finished the interview that triggered it. And thus he's one of the last to arrive, having made a trek from Deck 3, forward. His duty blues are a bit worse for wear, and the normally steady young Major enters looking rushed and a bit out of breath. A quick glance around the room shows him Admiral, CAG, and Marine Commander are all present and waiting, so he readies his clipboard and keeps the greetings to a minimum. "Admiral. Lieutenant Colonel. Major. I've just spoken with the Tens. We have sometime critical intel to deal with."

Did Lt. Kaxiras just breeze in from a good nap and a hearty meal? Or has she spent the past thirty hours or so decoding and translating messages? You can't tell by looking at her. She arrives on Elias' heels, nodding respectfully to the commanders and takes a seat at the table, folding her hands in front of her.

Jameson turns as others start moving in. He takes a drag from the cigarette and stubs it out. Tap tap. He doesn't bother crushing it, just extinguishing. The mug is taken up as Elias arrives and the Admiral lofts his brow. "I'm guessing these are the Tens we rescued from that mountain mine on Libran, right?" The AAR is probably so fresh that its still on his desk waiting to be read. "What's on your mind, Elias?" he asks, resting forward on his forearms.

If there's one thing Amos likes about Elias, it's that he doesn't faff. There's a nod in return to the CAG, then he focuses his attention on the briefing that appears to be starting. There's a faint smile at the mention of the Tens as he allows himself a moment's pride for having talked the line into turning, even if it hadn't been quite as hard as he had expected it to be. He's not interrupting for now though, and merely gets out pen and paper and prepares to listen.

Robin scribbles a keyword. 10. Her lips spread thin a little while her brow is lined with a touch of concern at possible fresh horrors regarding the Tens they plucked off of Libran. After all, learning of the burning of their history in that cavern was bad enough.

"Yes sir," Elias confirms to Jameson, then he gives the Intel Officer a moment to get settled before he begins. A fortuitous moment that gives him a little time to consider where to start. "To begin — this is my best estimate of the situation, based on what we've seen and what I've been told by the Ten." There is some uncertainty there, but the young Major sounds fairly confident. "It seems that One has struck a deal with the Cylons — they mean to take charge of humanity, so we can be 're-created' under controlled conditions. Which would explain the abductions, brainwashing, and the rumored garden world. My guess is that this is One's solution to protecting humanity: Make peace with the Cylons and prevent humans from ever creating any more by putting humanity under their control."

Elias' expression is grave, and he continues on without a pause for questions yet. "Of more immediate concern — One was looking for the location of Kobol on Libran. He means to back-track human migration planet by planet until he finds the information he's looking for. And that appears to be the location of the Lines rally point, the coordinates for which are on that data drive we recovered from Piraeus. One knows the location of Kobol and the proceeding planet, supposedly called Erfrik, and he might learn the location of Piraeus on either. He might even learn the location of the rally point." He draws a deep breath and looks around the room at the officers present. "I recommend we try and cut this effort off at Kobol or Erfrik, or we will need to start thinking about defending Piraeus. We may also want to consider sending an expedition to this rally point — though it appears to be tens of thousands of light years away."

Kaxiras pulls a small notebook and pen from her pocket and opens it up to a page near the end. She makes some tiny, neat copperplate notations. "What do we know about this garden world?" she asks, tapping her pen against the page. "And I still say we need to infiltrate the APF and try and turn them against the Ones and the Cylons. Undermine the control."

Jameson hears the opener and the reason for all this and abandons his lean forward. "Son of a bitch. All this, for that?" The Admiral looks back to the table and lifts a hand up by his head, letting the weight move near his cheek as if he might be ready for something he might need to point to. Jameson does this sometimes when he has a lot to think about. The other hand sips the coffee while he thinks on the rest. Nothing about his face looks happy. Nothing. Middle finger and thumb rub pads together while he looks over the wood grain. "Corollary problem: If that drive is right, we abandoned those planets because another force holds them." His eyes flick immediately to Kaxiras, then to Elias. "Do we have the position of Kobol or Erfrik? Yes or no, this minute. Not 'if we do homework.' Binary answer."

Robin has a flat look when Elias mentions his speculations about the Ones and the various pieces of evidence that seem to point in that direction. She doesn't take notes on that part, probably thinking of her pilot stuck down in the Recovery Ward for a passing moment until Elias moves on, mentioning Kobol. But as Elias continues to talk, speaking of things like locations to all the places they currently hold dear, she sighs openly. Life sucks. "Well I'm glad we went to Libran," she mumbles before turning her attention to Jameson and his questions. She too, probably like many, would like to know. She looks to Elias and Kaxiras.

"Do the Tens know the location of either?" Amos asks, a fraction after the Admiral asks almost the same thing. Deferring to the Admiral's query he scratches down a few notes, then glances to Kaxiras, "Not a lot unfortunately. Sounds a good plan on principal, but hw do you get someone in without running the risk of them being brainwashed too?"

Elias offers a quick answer to Kaxiras' question. "Only that this garden world is supposedly out there somewhere in Cylon space. The Linten Group is looking for it, as well as the third Cylon homeworld." The idea of infiltrating the APF is given a nod, but the TACCO addresses Jameson's point, leaving that discussion for later. "Best information is that we lost those planets two to three thousand years ago to the previous cycle's Cylons, sir. So yes, they may not be … unguarded." The more pointed follow-up question causes the young Major's lips to compress together. "We do not have a location on Kobol. The data drive does have information on Erfrik, as that pre-dates Kobol." He begins to flip through sheets on his clipboard, looking for something. Information found, Elias takes a second to respond to the CAG with a faint, strained smile. "Mmm." Better to know how screwed they may be than not. A shake of his head towards Amos, and the TACCO continues. "Ten doesn't know the exact location of either world. One wouldn't share it. As for what we know, there are … significant distances involved. Roughly 9,000 light years to Erfrik. Nearly 30,000 to the rally point, in roughly the opposite direction." Significant distance? Yes, out near the edge of the galaxy probably qualifies.

Kaxiras lets Elias answer Jameson's question before replying to Amos. "We send our best and trust them to do their job. That's how." She leaves it there, however, not wanting to derail the conversation unnecessarily.

Jameson holds the frown. "So the intelligence we have from the drive is three thousand years old. These people were at Piraeus for two thousand years before that. So at our best guess, the data we have on Erfrik is more than five millenia old. Minimum." The Admiral is probably just ensuring he has his ducks in a row. "Unless the Piraeans kept in touch with home." He rubs his face. "And correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the drive allude to Erfrik not even being the birthplace of humanity, just another emergency colony?" His left hand ends up rubbing his temple as he looks back to the table. "We've got two locations, assuming either still exists. If the report I said is right, Romeo Papa is out on the distant edge of the most distant galactic arm. The very definition of ass-end of the galaxy." the Admiral sips at the mug. "And One is going to go try and find Romeo Papa. And I kinda doubt he cares about running into the larger enemy while he's out there - which also knows the location of Piraeus but seems to have abandoned it. Gods." Lou suddenly drops his hand to the table and looks around. "Well this is just a pretty little charlie foxtrot. Wish we'd hit Libran on Day One." He looks around. "Recommendations?" To Kaxiras, "Other than infiltrating. That will take months and at this point may have no effect. We're about to get slammed, possibly." Another question to Elias, "Did they know anything about the location of the rest of their fleet? Jacob says they are at precisely /none/ of their predetermined fallback positions."

Amos offers Kaxiras a deeply sceptical look, but seems happy enough to hold that discussion another time so as not to distract from the matter at hand. "If we want to protect Piraeus, then we need to go cut them off at Erfrik," he surmises. "I know there'll be much of the fleet that wants to go to Kobol, but if we don't have it's location then we shouldn't waste time when it might be vital. Side project yes, but our main focus should be cutting him off where we can."

Robin takes notes. At this point, she's picking out the bits of relevant information and compacting them down to bullet points. She simply returns eye contact with the TACCO before he continues. The distances she writes down make her eyebrows arch and she actually whistles, luckily not interrupting the little side conversation about the APF. "That's going to take some guts to close that gap. And that's not even counting what sort of civilization that may have sprouted up around this Rally Point…It sounds like One is desperate." She says the last part softer as she starts to listen to Jameson. "So…this sounds like Romeo Papa is maybe still a secret. That maybe we don't even know?"

"I think that is something we can consider, if we have time," Elias chimes in on the APF question before moving back to the other topic of conversation. "I believe Erfrik was the next step back after Kobol, from Libran," Elias confirms for the Admiral. "Not our point of origin. And our data on it is thousands of years old, yes. Given the time, it is possible One will fail to find usable information on Kobol or Erfrik." Possible but not something the TACCO would bet on, by his tone. "Or he could find the coordinates to the rally point or Piraeus. Or the earlier Machines. At this point I'm not sure which is worse, but I don't think any of them are likely to be favorable." To Jameson's final question, Elias shakes his head. "I doubt Ten knows anything about Cylon deployments, but I will confirm, sir. They don't appear to have much of a … military bent, and One did not tell them much." As for recommendations, he nods in agreement with Amos. "I recommend we at least look at Erfrik, and at the same time, dispatch an expedition to the Rally Point. If it's even feasible." To the CAG he adds, "We do know have the location of the Rally Point."

Jameson is looking back at the grain on the table and shakes his head. "Once we started Blue Axe, there was no stopping it. We kicked 'em in the gonads until they came off the ropes and went to the ground. Ground they did and we put them in the position when we landed back here in force." The side of his thumb drums the table gently, taptap - taptap. "These Ones left Libran when we put our boots there. Assuming the rest of the whole of the Cylon race and Ones waited for them for some reason, they still have a five day head start. I can't seem them waiting around for us to hit Libran. I'd bet cubits to donuts they picked up and went looking when we bushwhacked the hell out of them." A long breath leaves him. "Catching up to them may be impossible. And yeah, assuming Rally Point is still intact I'm a little concerned about what the hell we might find. But then again?" Jameson takes up a pen and gestures it to Elias. "I think I don't like any of the options we are looking at here. This is a shit sandwich." Lou begins jotting a few notes. "Jumping anything thirty thousand light years is going to break records. Anything and anyone we send needs to be aware they are probably not coming back. If they do not find a refueling station out there, or some reserve of gas, its likely they will probably never come home. I need a couple flight crews and Marines and Elias," he glances over, "I need a ship. One hundred percent human. No Lines, no exceptions. Let them know they probably will not be coming back and tell them this will take a couple months if they do." He looks to Amos and Robin. "Clear?"

"Can we confirm, or indeed deny," Amos starts, "that the jump path to Erfrik or the Rally Point are similar to the route taken by Galactica?" Just to sober the conversation up even more. Beyond that though he simply gives Jameson a short nod, and a "clear," as confirmation.

"Where's the bread?" Robin bounces off of Jameson's metaphor, as if it seems like there's just shit, shit, and more shit in front of her, but it's a passing moment, and soft. As she listens to Jameson start drumming up some direction for an expedition to the Rally Point, Robin nods. "Yes Sir."

"Mmm," Elias' may not agree completely with Jameson's call on Erfrik, but there's no direct argument from the Major. "I recommend we consider a defense of Piraeus, as the Cylons are likely going to find their way back there sooner than we might have hoped." The decision to go for the rally point is met with a nod of acknowledgement, as is his part in the plan. "Yes sir," he says to Jameson. Find a ship to go across the galaxy. Without using the Lines. "How much do you want to tell the Lines about all this, sir? It may be best to let them know what we suspect of One's plan, and the likelihood of the Cylons finding Piraeus." He pauses a moment to offer Robin a pained sort of half-smile for her humor, and then adds a nod to the Marine Commander. "We do know Galactica did not go in the direction of Erfrik. Best guess is they met the Machines."

Jameson nods slowly. "Yeah. Set up the same tripwire defense on Piraeus that we had just after invading Picon. All colonies, to include P." He jots a few more notes and settles back into the chair. "Prepare to fully evacuate Piraeus. We'll need help from the Lines. Now, that leads into your next point." A knee crosses an ankle. "I'll brief the Lines. All of them. I'm telling them everything. When they ask about why they can't go to the Rally Point, I'll be direct.. They are synthetic. If there is someone out there still guarding it, they're going to be looking for organic life. We can't be deceptive - to whomever we might meet or the Lines." He sips the mug. "Pull us off Condition Two. Set it to Three for the next couple days. Give ourselves some breathing room. I'm taking us back to P in order to blow off steam. We'll leave part of the fleet at Leonis for a Quick Reaction Force. QRF will cover anything on the colonies and retreat if the Cylons return en masse." he holds the mug there in front of his face. "I want decisions on a ship and crew by this time tomorrow. Sorry to do this to you Io, I know you have limited people, but this has to be done. Its time to step up again."

Robin glances back to her empty mug at the side of the room. Seems like so long ago she left it there. As she looks back to Jameson, her brow continues to take on more weight, that pensive brooding look settling as she makes notes on numbers and what this will do to the remaining squads. "Yes Sir. I'll get it done." She sighs and nods in stoic agreement.

And here is where the Tactical Officer has to start making notes. Elias plucks out his pen and starts to jot down the action items that the Admiral is firing his way. Preparing to evacuate Piraeus is no small order in itself. "I'll request representatives from each Line and schedule a meeting," he proposes to Jameson, and no objection is made for the man's reasoning. "And organize the quick reaction force." As for the highest priority item, Elias gives a grave nod. "Yes sir." A ship will be selected. There's a vaguely sympathetic look to the CAG for the personnel needs, but there's nothing useful he can say to the Lieutenant Colonel. Shit sandwich indeed.

Jameson stands slowly and performs a Picard Maneuver. "Get it done. I feel like we've got a couple freight trains coming at us and I'd like to know how to get out of the way if possible. Or stop them. I'm going to go call Jacob and arrange for me to go make a visit. This isn't going to wait and I can't park on it. Thanks all for the short notice. Lets move."

Robin finishes a note or two and then closes her folder over the legal pad, scooping it up under her arm. She nods to Jameson and the TACCO and Intelligence officers, and then leaves promptly. This is going to be a horrible evening she expects, but she keeps her feelings buttoned up behind the poker face.

The Admiral arranging his own meeting is one less thing from the TACCO to worry about. Elias puts a mark through that item on his list and tucks his pen away. "Yes sir." Then he turns to Kaxiras. "Lieutenant. I need you to access the Piraen data drive and get us whatever intel there is on the rally point. Keep general information restricted to intel and senior staff. The location needs to be kept as secret as possible — limit to yourself and the navigation crew that is going to be making the trip." There's a farewell nod to the departing CAG, and then the Tactical Officer is taking his leave too.

Kaxiras rises, nodding briskly. "Yes, sir. If you'll excuse me, then, I have a hot date with a three thousand year old drive and a spill-proof cup of coffee," she says dryly, nodding to those still present before heading off.

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