AWD #284: Ships Passing
Ships Passing
Summary: Pilots on various duties on Picon refuel, regroup, and jaw about the war and what might come of it.
Date: 17/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Hangars — Crandall
The line of five hangars are all connected in such a way to facilitate movement between them without exposing the traveler to the elements. Each of the curved roofs is in need of some repair but the main structure is sound. When unoccupied the bays are utterly massive, vaulted ceilings with high beamed metal trusses and fixtures for both heating and lighting hanging down to keep the space functional no matter the condition. Each of the hangars could easily house a dozen Raptors for maintenance, with room to work, when empty. Loose plastic backed insulation lines the walls and has been nicked in several places by the errant driving of a forklift operator. Fire hoses have been wrapped up intermittently along the back posts, ready and waiting should the need arise.
AWD #284

Phin has been tasked with flying Viper escort duty for supply Raptors today. Which means he's spending most of his shift on-planet rather than on-battlestar. He returned from a run not long ago that managed to avoid Raider contact, so it's been a decent day so far. His plane is due for refueling, but it's a long way down the list, so he's currently hanging until it and whatever bus it'll be attached to is due to go up again. He's killing time having lunch. Seated in the 'shade' under the wing of his Viper, munching a protein bar and drinking from a canteen of water, while he watches the crews of technicians and pilots mill around him. The pace is even more hectic here than on the Orion's hangar deck, what with being directly in a planetary warzone and all. But he mostly stays out of the way, and people are too intent on their work to pay him much mind.

Maddox is among those pilots that are down at the Hangars right at this moment, and he, is actually looking at how his Viper receives well deserved attention by the ground crew. Yep, the bird looks pretty busted up, but nothing that cannot be fixed, really. He is wearing his flight suit, but not fully sealed, pretty much showing his double tanks along with his dog tags hanging over his chest. He paces around the bird, perhaps once or twice, looking at everything but not jumping in to direct, because he doesn't know that part and he's not one to try and pretend he does. His attention however, is stolen by Phin, and Maddox tilts his head when he finds the young man sitting by the shade of his Viper. Maddox decides to make his way towards the other Pilot and as he approaches, he offers "Dolly" says the man in a pretty neutral tone of voice. "Enjoying some lunch before taking off?" adds the older Pilot, taking a moment to look around, finally focusing on something else than his Viper.

Phin has unzipped his flight suit down to his chest as well, so he can breath a little, Fleet t-shirt and dogtags visible underneath. At the sound of his callsign he hastily finishes chewing his latest bite of protein bar, and raises a hand to give Maddox a wave of acknowledgement. Quick swallow, and he washes it down with some water. "Crash. Hey." He nods. "Yeah. Didn't know when I'd have time to eat, so figured I'd better get it in now. What's up with your plane?"

"Yeah, I did just that a while ago." says Maddox, nodding his head after that. When Phin asks about the bird, he looks over his shoulder and says "It's still a bit banged up from the last encounter" he looks at Phin again and adds "Navigation systems tend to flicker for a few seconds and then stabilise, so a checkup was in place" He takes a seat on a crate next to Phin's Viper and sets his hands on his knees, sitting straight, perhaps a little stiff. "Quite a sight huh?" asks the man, nodding his head at the view they are granted with, the destruction caused by war.

Hangar crew begin hustling into position as yet another vehicle is towed into a stall marked with hastily-applied spray paint, this one a raptor. Fuel lines are hauled out, and a repair crew is dispatched as the bus is brought to a halt, to see to some scorched and buckled paneling on its left wing. "Ran into a few friends, did you, Captain?" enquires one of the avionics techs with a grin as Bennett clambers out and hops down. With a sheepish smile, she leans over to get a good look at the damage, and winces. "With friends like those, who needs enemies?"

"I hear there's a war on," Phin says wry to Maddox, managing a slight grin. It's dark humor, but it's still kind of a joke. The description of Maddox's issues with his Viper isn't met with amusement, though. "Damn. Probelms with the electronics freak me out. The mechanical stuff, I figure the techs and bash a quick fix on and you don't have to worry too much, but if a wire's crossed in these things, makes me twitch." He looks up as the newly-returned Raptor is towed in, wincing at the damage. His hand is raised in another wave when he recognizes the pilot. "Hey, Butch. Looks like a rough ride."

"Aye" is the only thing Maddox says about the war, just nodding his head but making no other comment on that. As for his Viper, he offers a faint smile and says "Well, you know…" he shrugs both shoulders and says "If it fails, it fails. But then again, we have a good group of techs, they keep the birds running fine." He points to his Viper now, idly "That, is not something you see often…so, I'm thankful" Now, he looks at Bennett when she arrives and he clears his throat, nodding to her "Butch…" he looks at Phin and nods, looking back at Bennett now "Indeed. Just another day huh?"

Bennett spots Phin across the way, and lifts her hand in a return wave, sheepish smile still in place. Post-flight is not generally required down here, but she does tear the top sheet off a clipboard her ECO hands her, and passes it to the tech. Then her gloves are tugged off and tucked into a pocket of her flight suit as she wanders over to the pair of jocks. She, too, seems to be watching Maddox carefully all the while. "I apologise if this sounds like a bad pickup line, but.. do I not know you from somewhere?" Her blue eyes twinkle with curiosity, and a bit of amusement.

"Yeah. All the problems I've had have been clearly Cylon-inflicted," Phin says, as to his plane's functionality. He shifts a curious look between Bennett and Maddox, at that comment. He is curious what the other Viper pilot's response will be. So he just munches more protein.

"When you have fans, you have fans…all I can say, Dolly" says Maddox, showing a little more of a smile now. Now, his full attention is set on Bennett as she speaks those words and the man offers a smile that perhaps the Captain remembers. "Let's see…" says Maddox, preparing for the answer "If I remember correctly, Captain, you were present the day I landed face first against the tarmac and painted it red…." This is of course an event during Flight School. "And then there was Caprica, 1994 I believe" And that is all he says on that matter.

Bennett is not likely to miss that smile; her own inches wider in response, the corners of her eyes crinkling softly. "CFAB Nike, of course." Her eyes flicker to the patch on his flight suit, then back to his face. "You were one of the viper sticks in the other class." Mention of the year 1994, for some reason, causes her to blush slightly. She, too, does not elaborate. Instead, she clears her throat and turns her attention on Phin. "So, are you boys just waiting for a refueling, or..?" The zipper on her flight suit is tugged down a short way to allow her tanks to breathe.

"Ninety-four? Wow. I was just starting at the Ares School then," Phin says. Adding, "I was fourteen. You guys did flight school together?" Oh so many years ago. To Bennett's question, "I am. Just finished escort duty on a busy going from ANVIL. Didn't run into any toasters, thank gods." It's not a usual occurence just now. "Need to fly back with them, then take the Viper back up to the Orion. I forgot how much atmo flying burns through your fuel."

"Yes ma'am" says Maddox to Bennett, still carrying that smile. Then, he nods his head and offers "Just waiting for the bird over there to get fixed and then I'm supposed to take it back…but I'm thinking about requesting more time down here" It's, familiar, after all. Now, he looks at Phin and says "Are you trying to make us feel old or something, Dolly?" He half smiles at this, apparently in a bit of a better mood. He looks at Bennett again, perhaps locking eyes with her for brief seconds before he looks back at Phin "You know, I've missed doing atmo flights…." he takes a deep breath and adds "It can be peaceful sometimes"

Phin gets somewhat of a withering look from Bennett, as well, when he reminds her of how old she is. In answer to his question, "Yes, we did." Her eyes flick back to Maddox, meeting his gaze for a moment, then away to her bus being refueled and its damage assessed. "It is like night and day, isn't it?" she murmurs, on the subject of atmo versus spaceflight. "If I may be honest, I missed it as well."

Phin looks a little abashed at the looks he gets from his elders, even if he can't help but grin. Just a bit. He does, at least, not mention how old any of them are comparatively again. "There are some things I like about it. Reminds me a little of paragliding back home. You could feel, like, every shift of the wind while you were riding it. Nothing like it. And you can add some interesting variables to your flight patterns, if you time the pull of gravity and wind currents and stuff just right. It's a lot more stuff to take into account, though. And if you frak up, crashing into the ground's little harder on your than a bad turn out in the vacuum."

Maddox listens in silence, nodding at Phin's words "Crashing into the ground tends to hurt quite a bit, yes." offers the man, smiling a little at this "I even miss flying the shuttles, it was fun really…got a bit tedious by the end of my run with them but then, you start missing them." He shrugs "Like with everything else, with the Vipers, or even the recon birds…" Finally, he moves to another subject and asks "Ideas on how long are we going to stay in Picon? There is a lot of work to be done here, help is needed" He knows that more than well. He looks at Phin, then shifts to Bennett.

Bennett's focus shifts back to the conversation at hand, and she smiles faintly at the talk of repercussions for making mistakes in atmo. "It is," she agrees with Phin's last comment. "And it certainly gives you a healthy respect for maintaining correct airspeed and altitude." She says that in the tone of voice of one who speaks from experience. Then, "Excuse me, please," as a tech approaches her with what looks to be a talk about her raptor's damaged wing.

Phin offers Bennett a nod as she goes off to attend to her Raptor, his attention remaining on Maddox. At the question, he shrugs. "Until the campaign to take the planet's finished, I guess. I mean, we're committed now. Not really anywhere to move, unless we have to retreat back to Pireaus. When it's over…" He tries to sound confident that day will come. "…no idea. Above my paygrade, if we still had paygrades. Maybe ask the CAG, or Storm."

Maddox just shakes his head and says "Nah, leave the planning to the ones with higher brass." he nods to this and then focuses a little more on Phin "I joined back to help, so I'll help in any way I can, and that's about it" It seems that his own ideas about being back in the Military are shifting. His attention drifts to Bennett for a moment, and he watches her talk with the Tech guy, however, he looks at Phin once again and says "So tell me, Dolly. What happens when all of this is over, have any ideas?"

"Over? Like, the war?" Phin takes a drink of water before answering. It doesn't look like he has to think very hard about it, though. "I can barely think about that. Can't even imagine what the worlds'll look like if we ever get them back from the toasters, y'know. All I can really picture doing is getting, like, a month's leave and spending it in a cabin somewhere by a lake, in the middle of nowhere. Maybe with a pretty girl." He sounds skeptical about the last part, though the idea makes him smile. Shrug. "Past that, no idea. What about you? You figure you'll end up back on Picon?"

"Yes, this entire war." Maddox nods his head, answering Phin's first question. Now, he smiles a little and repeats "Cabin by a lake with a pretty girl, that's not a bad thing at all." He shows a little more of a smile and then nods his head again "Yes, Picon is my home after all. I figure I would try to help others rebuild… Maybe I'll find myself a nice place, after helping, and build a cabin" He lightly licks his lower lip and adds "But, not yet. Besides, that's the idea now and what has more weight in my mind but, you never know what might happen" He thinks about something for a moment and then says "My family had a few friends in Caprica…they had this really amazing house, close to a lake, actually. Maybe I'll try to recreate that house the way I remember it, here in Picon. I always lowed going there, since I was a kid"

"What was Caprica like?" Phin asks. "I always wanted to see it. I mean, I have, technically but…" Shrug. "Was a view from a bomber, after the attacks. I'm betting it didn't really capture it. People used to talk about it like it was the center of the universe. Bigger and brighter than any place else. It must've been a blast doing flight school there. I did my quals here on Picon. I liked it, but I spent most of my time on base."

"I didn't see much of it, to be honest with you…just that area. It was a beautiful place, but it had that feeling that it was meant for people with more power, you know?" Maddox shakes his head after saying this and adds "More than likely an erroneous way of seeing things of course. Beautiful, yes. But it never felt like my home, while this…" he looks around "…this is home, even while looking like this, even after everything that has happened." Now, he thinks about one particular point for a moment and says "To many, it really was the center of the Universe, and there were things that made you think that. It was said that the highlight of Colonial Society was based in Caprica" He shrugs and says "They had a horrible Pyramid team tho. Really frakking bad"

"The Bucs sucked," Phin agrees firmly. "Did you and Butch know each other back then?" He adds, "It's hard to picture her as a nugget. Hard to picture anyone with that much brass where they started, I guess."

A chuckle of amusement comes first, and then Maddox nods "Quite a bit." And then he answers "Yes, we were both attending Flight School at the time, here in Picon actually. It's great to see familiar faces, helps you stay grounded I believe…" then, he taps his temple, as if trying to explain that it helps not to go crazy. "Well, I'll tell you one thing…if there's someone that deserves the brass, it's her"

"Yeah. I'm not under her command direct much, Raptor and Viper split and all, but she seems to really know her stuff," Phin says. He's finished his bar by now, but he continues sipping on what's left in his canteen.

"I think you'll get far…if you go career, you have what it takes. And you are good with the Vipers" says Maddox now, offering a firm nod "It's really admirable to see someone young as you handle himself so well" he nods at this and says "Never let it get to your head, you know? Us Viper pilots have fame of being pompous dicks and we didn't get that fame just because" And to that, he smiles a bit.

Bennett returns a short while later, this time without the avionics tech in tow. Sounds of hammering and shouting in the background as the crew works to replace the scorched and buckled panel on her bus. "What were we talking about," she murmurs, rifling fingers through her hair as she tries to twist it into some semblance of a neat bun. "Picon? Pompous dicks?" She arches a brow at Maddox with a saucy grin. "Oh, McBride is one of the worst."

"You heard her, Crash. I'm totally hopeless," Phin says, giving Bennett a wink. "How's your Raptor doing?" Some of the shouting makes him wince. "If you're going to be down for awhile, you guys totally owe me a story from your flight school days."

Alejandro arrives from the Aircraft Apron.

Maddox looks at Bennett and smiles "Well, no, no no no…not related, leave Picon out of the Pompous dicks department, ma'am" he smiles a little bit more at her and does indeed, wink. And then, to clarify "I was telling Dolly here that he is one of the best /young/ Viper pilots I've seen…" As for stories, well, there are some from Flight School, that's for sure "Stories from Flight School, well, there are several…most of them ending with me looking bad" he nods and shows a faint smile "Then again, Flight School is a place to frak up, so you don't do it again when out there"

Bennett returns Phin's wink with a warm peal of laughter, and starts to go for her smokes before realising where she is. As in, in the vicinity of tylium fuel. The pack is shoved back into her flight suit pocket, and her arms folded as if it might hide the slight jitter that the stims have blessed her with. "Owe you?" she repeats, shooting Phin a bemused look. "Oh no, I am afraid you will have to resort to bribery for that, doll." Dawl, in that warm, honey-sweet accent of hers. "And please do not call me ma'am," she appeals to Maddox with a smile. "It makes me feel older than I already am."

Phin is tasked with escort duty today, so he's spent his shift on Picon proper. Right now his Viper's been landed and is slated for refueling, though it's a long way down in the queue as the techs do quick fixes on more damaged planes. So he's chilling, seated cross-legged in the 'shade' of the wing of his Viper, drinking from a canteen of water. Maddox and Bennett are nearby, both waiting on repairs. He looks a little wary when Bennett plucks out her cigarettes, though he relaxes when none are lit. Her comment gets a chuckle. "I'll have to think of something to make it worth your while then. And I'm not that young." That to Maddox. "Turned twenty-five this year." It's unclear if he's aware this really doesn't help his case on that score.

Maddox just nods his head, offering a half smile to both Phin and Bennett. His attention moves to one of the Tech guys that is calling for him and then he looks back at Dolly and Butch "Well…" he stands up and then takes a deep breath "It looks that, that's my call for me to head back to work" He nods and adds "It's been nice talking to you both, hopefully we can repeat at some other time" He takes a step to the side and looks at Bennett "Very well…" he smiles a little at this and then says "Take care" this is said to both.

For his part, Warrens been up on the ship most of the day, damned paperwork. Paperwork, meetings and such complete he's actually down on the surface now. He pushes into the hanger talking with one of the knuckledraggers down here, "Fraking hell you're kidding right. Well get it fixed or find me another viper thats ready to fly. I've got CAP down here in an hour. I can't fraking fly if the fraking RCS thrusters are out of alignment and a mostly working DRADIS. Get your head in the game." He shakes his head and looks back over his shoulder as the knuckledragger runs off, "Sorry Hobo. Sim runs have been going pretty decent yeah? May have something for you to do soon for the CAG, have to run that by the Major but…"

Bennett watches after Maddox briefly, brows furrowing a little at something or other. Then her attention wanders back to Phin, and her blue eyes fix on the younger pilot's thoughtfully. "Twenty-five." It's repeated softly, and with an introspective little smile. "Gods, I barely remember twenty-five. But I am fairly certain I wasted too much of it partying. Do you regret it?" What, she doesn't specify. The sound of a familiar voice barking at a knuckledragger causes her to look over curiously, briefly.

There is the sound outside of not one, but two Vipers coming in, landing. Dust is kicked up out there as well as it being damned cold out there. Not much snow since this is out in the desert but it's bitter out in the wind. Once things are checked and engines are off, canopies opened, both of the pilots comes towards the hangar. Alejandro breaks the frontal seal to remove his helmet and stops to wait while Toast speaks to one of the ground crew. 'Hobo' squints against the wind and looks back to Warren with a raised brow, "Yeah, sims, CAP, all my engagements been going well." Which is kind of freaky flip side from his more usual luck. "Me? For the CAG?" Got him curious, that. He walks on in further to get out of the wind.

"Good hunting, dude," Phin offers to Maddox as he heads back to his plane. The sound of Warren's voice makes him turn his head. "Hey, Toast, Hobo. What's the word?" He adds, "I'm just in for a refuel. Did escort duty on a run to ANVIL and back for supplies this morning, but we didn't run into any toasters. The techs are dealing with a lot of spot repairs, though, so whatever you're after might be awhile." Bennett's question about regrets brings a briefly puzzled look to his face. "Spending too much time partying? Uh…that was never exactly my problem." He shrugs. "Kind of wish I'd gotten out it're when I was going through flight school. Seen more of this planet in peace time. I don't regret that much, though. Better than the reverse, I figure."

Warren gives a nod to Alejandro, "Yeah. What better way to get you to step up than to shove you out the airlock and see what you can do?" He grins and offers up a wave over towards Phin and Bennett. He smirks at Phin's comment, "Yeah may be true but I'm not flying a busted viper out on CAP here. I mean really when was the last time you wanted a possible engagement when you're not sure how you're viper's going to roll or if your DRADIS is gonna blink out on you." He does smirk a bit, "Butch, Dolly, how're you doing down here? Oh and Butch, I got a chance to speak to the CAG earlier. Hopefully you'll be able to catch her soon yourself."

Bennett smiles slightly when Phin answers her not-quite-question, and hesitates a second before replying softly, "No, I.." Didn't mean that. "Don't worry about it." She touches his arm lightly, then turns to glance over her shoulder at her bus. The repairs seem to be coming along well; they've managed to rip the old, wrecked panel off and patch it with a fiberglass sheet which they're in the process of riveting in. "Talk about a bucket of bolts," she murmurs. Then, to the approaching captain, "Hello, Toast." Alejandro is given a smile, though she'll be damned if she can recall his name at the moment. "What, am I in trouble?"

Stepping up and shoving out the airlock don't sound all that pleasant to him, actually. Alejandro lifts his brow at Toast again before he greets the others, "Dolly, … eh, Captain." Yes, it's mutual, Bennett. He finds a place to set his helmet and frowns, "Me, I'd be just as glad if I never saw Picon again. Be real glad to move on to anywhere else. Already spent more than enough time sitt'n on my ass down here in that Cylon labour camp. No offense, Toast."

"What's up with the CAG?" Phin asks. Perhaps a little leery of such talk between two Captains. Just maybe. "There anymore word on how we'll be moving next, in terms of the offensive? Apart from just…keep flying, keep blowing stuff up." To Alejandro, he shrugs. "I can see where you're coming from, dude. Look at it this way, though. You're on the other side of it now. Might even get a chance to blow it up if you fly over it." His gaze follows Bennett a beat, like he's considering asking her something else. But, he doesn't.

He tries to keep a straight face yes he does, "Something about a demotion all the way back to Ensign I believe?" No Warren can't do it, he grins and shakes his head, "Nah was talking to her about the issue we've both observerd." He gives her a more pointed look, as if there might be a little more than what he's actually saying, "Told her you were looking to talk to her about it as well." Theres a smirk towards Hobo, "No offense taken." He glances back to Phin, "Well at the moment we're still on point for flying air support, CAP, interdiction, bombing…all the fun stuff till we have this plannet entirely back in our grasp. If I hear something important coming up I'll let you know."

The 'cylon labour camp' gains St. Clair's attention. Her focus shifts to Alejandro, bright blue eyes pinning him steadily. Then recognition kicks in, on account of.. "Lieutenant Salazar. You are her brother, I believe?" The question from Phin gets a shake of her head, and she leans against his viper's stepladder with her long legs crossed lazily at the ankles. "Not that I have heard." Warren, if he's close enough, just gets a (gentle) thump in the shin with her boot.

Alejandro walks over, attracted to a roller rack full of supplies. One of the already opened boxes on it says 'Potable water' and inside are many small bottles, some of them previously removed. Hobo reaches in to snag one, then looks to see if Toast wants it - if he does, Ale will toss it to him. Either way he's getting himself one before he comes over to lean against whatever is at hand while he listens to the others talking. Unscrew the cap and have a drink. Wait, what did Warren just say? Oh, not about busting /his/ ass back down to Ensign, talking to the Raptor Captain. Sip. "Zhen?" Hobo asks of Bennett, "Yeah, 'Rainbow' is my sister. I hope she's do'n real well as an ECO for whoever she's fly'n with?" To Phin, Alejandro grins, "Colonel Spree already blew that place to frak. That's how I got out."

"OK…" Phin is definitely curious about whatever is being talked about with the CAG, but he doesn't press the issue. "Though truth be told, I'm more concerned with getting word on what kind of progress we're making on the campaign than anything else." That's more to Warren than Bennett. "But I'm sure whatever it was is also important. Anyway, keep us posted." To Alejandro, he nods. "Ah, I see. Good that it's gone, at least. It does feel strange, seeing what the Cylons have done to this planet. Like, it's still Picon but…" He shrugs.

Warren does motion for the bottle of water and catches it, just in time to get kicked in the shin. "Owww," he says giving Bennett a glance, "Jeeze break my shin why don't you. I need that if I'm going to do something other than list lazily to the left." He's smirking regardless as he works the cap off to take a swig, "Well Dolly if I hear something I'll let you know. But Butch here is higher up that ladder of knowing than me. Probably have a briefing for you guys in a few days. Nothing too long, just a few things to talk about. I'll see if I can't get some info by then." He tightens a bit at Phins talk about what the Cylons have done to his home world but he doesn't say anything.

"Flight crew pairings change weekly, and she is doing just fine," Bennett replies smoothly, smile polite but giving away nothing. She, apparently, is familiar enough with sibling interactions not to provide any fodder one way or the other. "I will bring it up with Major Franklin when next I see her," she assures Phin. "I'm afraid I am as much in the dark as you are." What begins, then, as a mock-apologetic smile for Warren fades pretty quickly to a slight downturn of her lips.

One Viper Lieutenant to another, Alejandro smiles thinly at Phin, "Yeah, but Picon didn't used to be like this. Was a pretty spiff place, before the war. A nice post to get." His faint smile fades, "Now it's … so empty. Spooky." Hobo's voice dropped and his dark eyes slide to Toast, letting that topic just drop. Look somewhere else and take another drink of his water. "Briefings are good." Totally. Jandro focuses on Bennett and his face eases somewhat at mention of his sister doing fine. "Good, very good. She's all the family I got left."

Phin nods short to Warren, though word of a briefing perks his interest. It's plain he has more things to add now. "The Raiders seem like they're getting tougher the more of them we go through. I wonder if there are any particular kinds of attack patterns that work better against them. Or worse, for that matter." He adds quickly, so it doesn't seem like he's just creating more work for the Captain, "I can try and take a look back through the gun camera footage for stuff like that if you want, when I'm back on board, if there's time. And once we all get in a room together, I figure we'll have noticed things that we can maybe make more sense of."

Somewhere in the distance another Raptor has flown in with another group of personnel coming in for work. Mostly Marines with a few other assorted people who are here to do their thing. The bird is powered down and everyone, crew and passengers, disembark and slowly some of them make their way towards the hangar. One is revealed to be LTJG Mitchell once she gets her flight helmet off, not yet noticing who is here.

Warren nods to Phin, "If you want, certainly won't hurt. Just make sure you get your other work and stuff done first." The talk of Picon though has him drinking more than speaking for the most part, "Yeah, mostly going over how things've been going, what people need to work on in generall, etc. Shouldn't take too long really." He moves over and leans against Phin's viper by Bennett, and glances to her a moment before looking back the gathered group.

"They seem to be prioritising their targets more efficiently," Bennett puts in, soft-voiced, while she digs some dirt out from under her fingernails. Stay classy there, Saint Clair. She looks over briefly at the distinctive sound of a raptor's engines winding down; a sound she'd recognise in her sleep. And if it isn't Lieutenant, Junior Grade Salazar herself clambering out. Soft words with Warren when he comes over to help prop up Phin's viper.

Phin's Viper isn't going anywhere for awhile, so it's good for leaning. Phin himself squints at the incoming Raptor, and raises a hand to wave to the disembarking crew from it, though it's unclear if he recognizes Zhen at this distance or not. To Warren, he nods. "I know. Not like any of us have time to take on extra work right now. I just…I want to try and get a handle on the big picture. As much as any of us can. It's easy to just get fixated on the next dogfight."

Alejandro turns his head to see who's coming in as he listens to the others. He almost looks back when he catches sight of his sibling and his face changes to a nice, real charming rogue's smile, "Hey, Brat! Good of you to join us. What's your cargo? Got any booze on board for us? Steaks?" He really was at least half listening to the talk of Raiders but now he has a new target.

Warren leans in close to hear what Bennett has to say a moment before he leans over himself to whisper back for a few moments. When he pulls away he looks at her a moment before back to the group. He nods to Phin, "Yeah, one of the things I'll be addressing I think. Along with a few other things." He glances over towards whom Alejandro's addressing and smirks, "Even if she had booze, we're not drinking it, no matter how much I want to. Too much going on to drink."

"Hey. How's it hanging, guys?" There's a smile for the entire group but damnit if it doesn't brighten when she sees Alejandro, something about him that cheers Zhen up all the more. "Hey, frak you… sir. Brat my ass," she half-shouts, half-laughs, her response given along with a chuck to his shoulder. "No booze or steaks. Just a couple of hotties. Will that do?" That all said and done, the ECO pauses and listens to try and get a gist of what is being talked about.

Bennett listens to whatever Warren has to say in return, then slides her arm around his shoulders and pulls him in for a brief side-hug. It's a quiet, companionable thing; nothing more is said, but plenty conveyed in her encouraging smile before he's released. "If you do, doll, be sure to talk to Vashti about it. The raptors' flight data might be able to fill in some missing gaps for y'all." Zhen's arrival prompts a grin from the squadron commander. "A couple of hotties, huh?" Blue eyes drift back toward the ECO's raptor, like she half expects to find this to be true.

Alejandro's eyes are alight with amusement even as he glances to Warren, "Well, of /course/ not, Toast." Ehem, yes right. He'd /never/ break regs, right? *cough* Back to his sister, as long as Zhen doesn't punch him right where the shrapnal gashed open his arm, Hobo takes it well enough. Yep, his flight suit's been patched. "Well, maybe you'll choose more carefull next time if you want to get on my good side." Alejandro hooks an arm around his sibling's shoulders if Zhen doesn't mind, "There's water in that rack, second box down, if you're thirsty." After that though he's turned his head back to catch any more about the Raider actions of late.

"Oh, yeah," Phin says to Bennett. "That's a good idea. I will, sir. Raptors'd have clearer stuff. Wading through what Viper footage gives you is a chore, and it's just a sliver of what's going on. Hotties?" He turns to blink and Zhen and Alejandro. Stifling a laugh. Mostly. He kind of snorts.

Warren leans into the side hug that Bennett offers him and looks to her again with a soft smile. He hmmms softly as he glances about, "Well I should check to see if I'm going to actually have a working viper to fly here in a bit." There's a nod over towards Zhen, "Try not to get drunk, or dead without me. Alright? Alright. Good." He gives them a nod before he moves off to flag down the knuckledragger he was yelling at earlier, "Oi, so whats the deal do I have a fraking viper to fly or am I supposed to just will myself into the air?!"

Hobo raises his tenor as Warren moves off, "Toast! When you are ready to go, I'll be here." You know, fly'n your wing, so don't leave him behind.

Hotness is in the eye of the beholder, of course, but there were a couple nice looking people who arrived with Zhen, men and women. Warren is given a promising nod, Zhen vowing to behave with that. "Water sounds good…" Bennet and Phin are both given a pat on the shoulder on her way to get a drink. She'll be right back and ready to chat.

"Later," Phin offers. It's a general, all-around sort of 'Later.' He's emptied his water, which is his cue to say, "I think I'm going to hit the Head before I have to go up in the air again." There are, after all, no bathrooms aboard a Viper.

Bennett returns Warren's smile with a wink, and pushes off Phin's viper when the avionics tech she'd been chatting with earlier indicates that her bus is ready. "I guess that raptor is not going to fly itself," she murmurs, pressing fingertips against her temple as she begins to wander off herself. "Have a good evening, all of you," she calls over her shoulder to Alejandro and Zhen.

"Awwww," is given from the trek to where the water is stored. Seems Zhen is able to hear everyone else saying their goodbyes. "See you both later. Safe flight!" Seems like her timing sucks. Maybe she'll have a chance to get to know everyone better next time.

Alejandro gives the others a raise of his own nearly empty water bottle in lieu of wave or salute, "Good flying." Then he looks to Zhen, "I need to go take a leak and stay close until Toast's Viper is ready to fly. You have any stims on you? We can keep each other awake until it's time to go." Because goodness knows this is no place Hobo wants to accidently nap.

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