AWD #475: Ship of Shame
Ship of Shame
Summary: Marcus, Kelsey and Silver have a few words before Randy arrives.. things are said!
Date: 09/10/2016
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Rec Room
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recreation location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into equal thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
April 26, 2006 AWD #475

Marcus has pulled one of the couches over to a flatscreen TV and hooked an old tape player to it. Sitting on the edge of it with a note pad and several pamphlets, the young Lieutenant is ready to take notes as he slips in to the old cassette that Lieutenant Streatfield found for him the night before down in ship stores. The footage starts off grainy and the tracking is off before it autocorrects, and the black and white screen flashes into a introduction screen.

Colonial Frigate Pornea
Ship of Shame

Colonial Medical - 1943

A doctor, clad in a lab coat, standing in the sickbay of an old Colonial ship is talking to a sailor recently back from shore leave that's discussing a pain that he feels in his.. lower regions.

Kelsey made sure that she flew as much as possible yesterday, which kept her away from the ship. Once back, she didn't sleep much. She's been up for hours and already been to Piraeus once and the hospital ship once, flying transports. With nothing to do for a couple hours, she heads towards the Rec Room. Still clad in all of her combat gear, helmet bag in left hand she moves inside and looks around. There's something on TV, but she doesn't quite notice who the person is watching it. The JG heads that way and ends up standing behind the couch, staring with a blank expression. Its a nearly unrecognizable difference between who Marcus met on Friday and the girl behind him now. On Friday she looked like an excited teenager. Now she just looks older and …dead.

Always perfect timing. Silver hadn't been on the Orion for too terribly long, but every time she walked into somewhere it was always during an unpropitious occasion. Boots halt midstep and eyes round as she glances towards the television in question, the only thing in th room that draws her attention because the topic of conversation. Instead of shying away from it, she laughs softly. "Taking notes?" She takes a few more steps into the room, laughter in her eyes as she regards the the man watching the television. "Good movie, is this the one where the cylon pops out just as the guy lays on the gurney?" It's then the catches sight of the woman too and she drops all sense of joking around, "Hey, you okay?" The concern edges into her features where the amusement was before.

"It's a first war training film about the dangers of shore leave." Marcus starts to say, hearing Silver first and turns to glance to the young blonde. Apparently he has a lot of pre-war pamphlets about and some current day materials. "With Picon liberated, and things settling before the next phase of the war, there will probably be a few soldiers that use 'this may be my last day' line on someone." He starts to roll his eyes, and that's where he sees the former teenager that just a couple of days ago may have very well used that line on /him/ had he stuck around at Charlies. "Whiskit?" he asks, turning to sit sidelong on the couch as he reaches for the controller to pause the vid. "Look like you've had a rough time of it. Want to grab a cushion?"

The girl watches the video for a few seconds before Silver's voice tugs her back. She turns her head to look and ends up staring at the Viper pilot. "Of course I am. I just-" There's a glance around as if looking for a prop. Ah hah. "-just need some coffee." Kelsey moves off from the couch and to the counter a few feet away. "Sometimes that line is true." Its all he says while she pours her own mug of coffee, no cream or sugar. Just black. The invitation is taken without speaking to it, either. She drops down on the other side of the couch but is still holding onto her bag. "So what is this? Sex ed videos?"

"Dangers of shore leave." Silver gives him a bit of a blank look until he explains a little further. Then her eyes round again a little.. "So, no cylons popping out of him, but something may be popping out of her in nine months or so." A sagenod, she knows that drill, apparently. Though the more solemn note is followed as she gives the younger girl her attention, nodding as the coffee is poured. "Oh.. okay. For a moment there, I thought you looked a little.." Silver hesitates for a proper word that fits. Dead didn't seem to work there, "Ah.. disillusioned." Or something. Following suit, she has a seat, but not on the couch, she doesn't want to crowd them. A chair is claimed as she moves it nearer the couch so she can either watch the video or participate in the conversation, seeking a distraction herself. "Yeah hardcore porn," she attempts to lighten the moment as she motions towards the television. "We can all watch together, start some rumors." She gives a touch of that teasing smile from before.

"There's shots that protect against that, Lieutenant." Marcus offers rather matter-of-factly as he glances to Silver. "If you haven't had yours, may I suggest you do so?" he says with a shrug, before he returns his attention to Kelsey. "If a Marine doesn't know how to put tab A in slot B by now… I'm not going to help with that. This is more the things that cn be picked up from unprotected sex and the signs to look for in case you need to pull yourself off for sick call." he admits as he taps his pencil on the table as he finds himself between two hot pilots, and he wonders how quickly he can slip off the couch and disappear into the nether as he frowns a little in thought. "I don't know if watching it at the moment is gonna be much to cheer the mood. Rough mission, Kelsey?" he asks, daring to use her first name.

Kelsey sips the coffee and watches Silver over the brim. Silver has probably had the Raptor driver pointed out before. She flies a lot of Wild Weasel - SAM hunting - and in the first war a full 1/3 never came home. "Nothing like that, Silver. Just made some regrettable choices recently." The face remains blank, not even a courtesy smile. The coffee is sipped and the helmet beg ends up sitting on her lap, the mug resting on it. "STD's? You can always count that as sex end. Not as amusing as using vegetables, but sure." The girl stares at the screen a moment longer before looking over at Marcus. All that life and light that was in her eyes Friday night looks gone. Like a totally different person. "Nothing abnormal. I, ah, I wanted to apologize about the other night. For being dressed that way." What, for being fun and flirty? "It was provocative and unprofessional. I shouldn't have given that impression. Its not who I am anymore." She glances to Silver. "I mixed up some drugs, ended up at Charlies. Let my guard down. It was a mess."

Silver presses her lips together in an attempt to not smile as she gives a solemn nod. "I have had the shot, though I'm not exactly going out doing all that whole, 'this may be my last day' line on people. Work driven, who has time for that sort of thing?" There's a sort of careless shrug and she drops the matter of her own personal life in favor of listening to the response from the younger pilot. Instead of attempting to lighten the mood, she gives a concerned look, "Everyone makes a bad choice now and again," she gives her own version of reassurance. "Guilty of that very thing a few times." Though at the explanation of Charlie's and the mode of dress, she puckers her brow in a slight frown, "Everyone is allowed to be that person, Kelsey," she also uses the pilots name. "No one is going to judge you for it. Especially as hard as you seem to be judging yourself. Things happen, you know? Chalk it up to experience."

"I.. see." Marcus turns off the training film entirely, just as it was on a very interesting cartoon on a girl with 'cooties' that are moving from her to the male sailor to infect him. And a chart of how many other sailors may get infected from this one liaison. Marcus is seated on the couch between Kelsey and Silvery, the table in front of them is covered in STD posters and pamphlets from the first war, and they are watching a first war video called 'Colonial Frigate Pronea - the Ship of Shame'. As Kelsey starts with her apology, the Marine LT looks confused. And more.. disappointed. He rubs the back of his head. "Oh. I didn't know you were altered.. I'm sorry." he mutters, looking confused, kicked puppy mode engaged. After all, Kelsey was flirting with him pretty hard, and just like that, she crushed the small high she created. "I.. ah.. should aplogize for the Specialist that was trying to foist you off on me as well. Apparently my inexperience is a topic of rumor, and they have a twisted way of showing they care about such things."

The Raptor driver sips the mug of coffee, eyes moving back to Silver. "Yeah, well," Kels shrugs, a long sigh leaving her. "I've already been apart of three Raptor losses. I can't afford bad judgment, Silver. I'm not even sure the CAG will let me fly the Rhinos. I've got new Ensigns looking up to me, too, and some of them could be my dad. I can't afford.." she flits a few fingers, "not to judge myself. I need to. We all should." Kelsey then looks over at Marcus and stares. Silver, more than Marcus, can probably pick out the subtly stricken look - which is quickly schooled. Females gonna know how females feel before the guys are going to clue in. Kelsey ends up looking down at the mug. "Don't apologize, please. You did nothing wrong and seemed like it was fun. You're lucky to have Marines that care about you that much, Marc. Its bonding." Kelsey looks like she's reaching, mentally, trying to find something to reconnect on. Though she doesn't quite know how.

Silver had stopped watching the film until he lifts the remote to stop it. Noticing the content, she gapes at him again, "Man, your taste in films.." she just shakes her head, unable to think of anything suitable in regards to it. The subject matter at hand though is more serious and she doesn't bother trying to bring the mood to a lighter level. There's a look to Kelsey, she tries to sort of gauge what she's thinking by expressions, much like females are wont to do. "Raptor losses and fun at Charlie's are so far apart, they can't be compared," again with the attempt at the reassurances. It's Marcus' return on the happenings that she sorrrrt of gets the hint as to what had transpired. "Oh." The single word is spoken softly. So this was between the two of them, a more personal thing than she had imagined it was at first. It doesn't draw her gaze away from Kelsey though so that she catches that nuance of change at what Marcus says to her. Ohboy. How to fix this? A counselor she wasn't. "Look," she finally manages to input sort of between the two. "There's such a thing as do-overs. I think life is far too short to not be straight forward. I mean, you," she gestures to Marcus. "If you're interested, ask her out. And you?" She smiles at Kelsey, "Say yes." Her smile edges into place once more. Her work was done. Or so she smugly thinks. "After all, what if it's either of your last day?"

Morning morning morning where to go to avoid /more/ peoples' faces than in the Mess? In a quest for coffee and less facetime, Randy ends up at the rec room. /Without/ pausing to survey the room which would encourage neurotic behavior like counting all the people whispering and looking in her direction, Randy makes a beeline for the coffee, eyes down, her hand stuffed in her pockets unceremoniously. She looks like she hasn't gotten much sleep if any and she puts forth only enough effort to raise her eyelids half way. Cooooooofffeeeeeeeee.

"Yeah, well, whether or not I have assaulted the pink fortress should not be part of speculation, rumor, or a betting pool." Marcus responds as he looks down at his own notes. "And it was out of line for them to address an officer in such a way to try to force you into something you didn't want…" Of course he's heard the rumors of Randy afterwards, and he knows what Randy likes.. and it's not that big of a stretch of imagination for the LT to grasp what happened - or may have happened. "I pulled up your service record, Kels. You're a frakking legend in tha making. Deckie with a child, making it work the best you can, hand picked for the training program, more close air support and bombing missions that some pilots have in their lifetimes.." he frowns a little and fidgets his fingers. "And cute, in that whole.. girl next door way." he admits. Then it's his turn to school himself before the Marine LT turns his attention to Silver, and that.. terrified look comes back into play, big blue eyes shifting in confusion.

"This.. ah.. wasn't an attempt to ask her out.." he admits, rubbing the back of his neck furiously to make it as ruddy as he feels his cheeks are getting. "It's not a matter of interest.. I just inherited a whole platoon of Dog Soldiers, and it's like having all the children with keeping them entertained.. and she has her missions and all.. it's probably for the best that you know.. it doesn't work, and that it's not the last day for either of us." Stumbling dodge mode engaged, a cornered Marine is a terrified Marine. He needs a way out, and it just made it's presence known as Flynn comes into the room. "Sergeant!" he half-croaks. "Get over here, I have a present for you~"

Kelsey stares at Silver. "Yes they can. Patterns of behavior. Irresponsibility. Poor decision-making skills." It isn't quite manic. The words and correlations make sense and she isn't speaking faster than normal. This isn't like the old Kelsey who would lose her shit in a puddle of angst. These are adults concerns and she's trying to be rational about this, even if its a touch of emotional immaturity still there. "If I'm dressed up like- like I don't know whatever- and go out to a bar, that's the same thing as not thinking ahead about what I should be doing in a Raptor. Poor planning." And some heavy judgment. Silver isn't wrong in a lot of ways. But those old blue eyes go back to Marcus and she either goes incredibly tense or so slack she locks into place. But those eyes go just a touch wider at the mention of her being cute. Just a little. Kelsey seems like she might say something, but her eyes go to Silver, then back, listening. While he's looking off and explaining how its best this dont work, she puts the coffee aside and rises. Nothing else, she barely glances to Randy before she heads back off for the hatch. Paperwork. Right, paperwork. Sh'es just rubbing sleep from an eye, probably.

Flop. Silver hears only the response about asking her out and all of the excuses and realizes her mistake then. Nope. A counselor she wasn't. Effectively setting Kelsey up for the rejection hadn't been her intention at all. She glares at Marcus though, like he wasn't allowed to turn her down or something, "There's always time." This time her words are a touch clipped, losing any warmth towards the Marine. "You don't say someone is cute then make excuses as to why you're not asking her out." An audible and forceful sigh is given. "Men." The word comes out as a grumble and she continues the glare even as she watches him hail yet another female. Course, Silver hadn't heard any of the rumors going about, not yet. "But.." Silver counters to Kelsey.. But what? How not to make it worse? "I.." She was making it worse and she knew it, but she was at a loss on how to stop it. She rises when Kelsey does, then sits down again. Then stands. "Don't leave." Another frown, this one more self directed. "Now see what you did?" That too is more self directed, but it's Marcus that receives the blame and the glare.

<FS3> Randy rolls Reaction+Reaction-2: Failure.

Randy is reaching for a flimsy cup, the treasure within her sights, when she's FOILED by certain Lieutenant. Her fingers retract into a brief fist that disipates as quickly as it appears as if she were just exercising that bum looking hand. She pushes off towards the source of summons whose voice she recognizes at once, but not before grabbing a package of dried fruit. "Yes sir?" she reports casually, given their location and the request. She just misses Kelsey in passing enough to turn and watch the officer leave. "A present? My birthday has already passed sir." Randy's voice is a bit shakey and sudden like coming out of a reverie. She clears her throat and clasps her hands behind her back. It's easier to notice Silver glaring at Marcus and say, "I can come back if now is not a good time?"

Why is it that Marcus is getting glared at by the hot Viper stick. He didn't do anything! Mentally, Marcus is flailing, outside, he's trying to stay calm. "Sergeant Flynn, this is for you." He hands her all the pamphlets on STDs and other problems with multiple sexual liaisons, and then pops out the Ship of Shame tape from the player and hands it all to the Sergeant. "I want you to give the Platoon a briefing on this all by the end of the week." he says, handing it all to her. She shouldn't have to ask the reason why, she should know. He looks after the retreating Kelsey, not sure what to do, and rises to his feet. "I, ah, am going for a swim." Because dousing himself in cold water is probably the best idea at the moment as he nearly bolts from the room.

"No, no. It's the perfect time." Silver tells Randy in a matter-of-fact tone, sighing once more, audibly. "I was just leaving to go talk with Kelsey, since he just shattered her." Shattered may be a strong word, but women, they had to stick together. As he passes off the porn, she narrows her eyes, misreading his intentions. "If you're interested in her why did you flirt with Kelsey?" She was nowhere near Charlie's and knows nothing but what was said between the two there, so she's a bit misdirected in her own intentions at least. She turns on her heel and stalks out after Kelsey, even shouldering past the retreating Marcus if she has to.

Marcus sputters, "Randy /left/ with Kelsey!" As if that explains /everything/. He gets shouldered at, glared at, put down, is it /any/ wonder he's inexperienced? "Women!" he says to noone in particular as he retreats.

Randy is blissfully unaware of all the interactions between the officers, only that there's something weird going on. Standard issue Sergeant spidey sense and all. It's just enough to sense an incoming ambush, but not fast enough. As Marcus hands over all of the crap that no officer or person in their right minds want to deal with. She turns an ashen color when her sleepy brain connects the dots a half moment later. "Yes sir." Then the officers are still yapping at each other, and things are worse, so naturally Randy decides that freezing up with a load of sex ed materials spilling out of her arms is a good idea. "Uh…"

"Left with.." Puzzle pieces suddenly fit themselves into place and Silver just gapes after the departing Marcus as she stops in her tracks. There's a look back to Randy, then ahead to Marcus.. and Kelsey where they had left. "It's too early in the morning for.." There's a glance towards the porn and she shakes her head. "Well no wonder." It's not explained, that conclusion she has just drawn, but she doesn't follow. Instead, she returns to the chair she was in before and just flops down.

"Sorry about that," Randy mutters to Silver as she lets the pile of materials spill onto the table haphazardly. She starts to organize them so that when she /does/ leave, she's not dropping everything all over the corridor in front of Jameson or something. "I'm getting a coffee. You want one?" Randy offers the woman, not really thinking through the fact that her reputation might precede her…or at least the most recent reveal. Without waiting for an answer, Randy retreats to the coffee station and starts serving herself a cup. When she comes back, she leaves a cup of black on the table, grabs the materials, and says, "Excuse me sir. I have to go prepare this briefing," she mutters lifelessly before trudging to the hatch.

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