AWD #490: Shinies
Summary: Robin awards Ensign Heron a Bronze Cluster for carrying her ECO for 10+ hours with a messed up hand.
Date: 24/10/2016
Related Logs: None
Elena Robin 
CAG's Office
This nine by nine space is largely dominated by filing cabinets and a desk. A coffee maker is perched atop one cabinet, but the others are rather barren of decor or personal items. There are a pair of uncomfortable, molded plastic chairs facing the desk. The last vestige of open space is occupied by a lounge chair. It's one of those old, well-loved beasts that was likely pulled off of somewhere on Piraeus.

The CAG's office is currently littered with star charts and maps, some rolled up into black cardboard tubes leaning against filing cabinets. Basically, it's a paper wasteland that's been tidied recently. Elena would have found a memo to come and see the new CAG at a particular time, that time being now. There was nothing on the memo that said what it was about or even implied. It was terse and straight to business. Robin is sitting behind the desk in her blues, perfectly pressed. Her hair is tied back into a lowish ponytail. Before her is a yellow notepad and a pen set across the top of it.

When Cherry arrives, she's still in her flight suit, unzipped to the sternum, her tags hanging out. Her red hair is pulled back into a loose bun, a few strands falling out and frizzing. She knocks on the door. "It's Heron, sir," she says.

"Come in and close the hatch." The CAG knows better than to use the word 'please' since it only muddles the waters between an order and suggestion. With her brows drawn together and her eyes slightly squinting Cherry's way, Robin's de facto look of discernment is in full swing.

Elena slips through the door, closing it behind her. She walks with soft steps into the office, stopping about four feet from the desk, clasping her hands behind her back in parade rest. She meets the Colonel's gaze, though it is not a challenging look.

Robin pushes up from the desk to her feet, clasping her hands behind her back as she regards the Ensign. "Ensign Heron. It has come to my attention and the attention of your peers that you have demonstrated qualities above and beyond the call of regular service." She then opens the top drawer of her desk to pull out a slim case no bigger than her hand. "I can say, without a doubt, that if it weren't for your actions, we would not have Ensign Loehrke today. For extreme acts of heroism and selflessness, on behalf of your peers and the Colonial Fleet, I award you with a Bronze Cluster." She's cleared a path in her office for this occasion. Nothing ruins dignity like having to hop over stacks of papers. She walks around the desk to approach the Ensign and opens the case, offering it while presenting the medal. "Should you accept it, you'll want to look up the proper dress code the next time you're in your dress uniform." The finer lines in her face have softened a touch and a flicker of a grin appears.

The young woman blinks. She blinks again. She opens her mouth to say something, then stops. "I…" She takes a breath, looking up into the older woman's face. "Thank you. Sir."

"Thank you for your service Ensign. Just try to bleed less next time or bring more bandages. I'd hate for the Wing to lose someone as brave as you." Robin wiggles the case open and closed, then fully closes it and holds it out to the Ensign, since she seems a little awestruck. "I think your actions spoke for you. There's nothing more that I could add. Now get out of my office," she teases. "And take this with you would you?"

"Less bleeding. Right. Next time, I'll bring the jello, sir," Ellie replies, awestruck and a little starstruck, too. She carefully reaches out to take the box, as if afraid it would disappear in a puff of smoke. "Getting out of your office. Sir." She starts to back away, then backs straight into the hatch. In a failed attempt at a smooth recovery, she fumbles with the hatch, managing to get it open and slips out.

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