AWD #022: Sheperd's Ark
Sheperd's Ark
Summary: When you're rescuing anything you can, where do the animals fit in?
Date: 28/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Petra Zachary Rozzen 
Command Information Center - Battlestar Orion
The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the Orion. This CIC is designed in a circular formation, the Admiral apparently a fan of the classical set-up. Dead center are a set of large monitors suspended from the ceiling with DRADIS readings as well as other vital shipboard information. Under this is a small map table outlining current plots and positions. The table has a built-in phone as well as smaller displays as to critical damage reports. Both port and starboard other watch stations are set at all times, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose — Helm, Weapons, Communications, Electronic Warfare, Damage Control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls. This area is heavily guarded by Marines at all hours of the day and night.
28 January 2005

Middle of the afternoon, and Petra is pulling second shift duty on Watch. So far today its at least quiet, meaning people aren't doing much more than watching their stations and engaging in the Orion's favorite pasttime: gossiping. At this PARTICULAR moment, Petra is giving the new JTACCO a 'what the hell?' look, as if the woman had just sprouted a second head, "Zombies? You've been watching too many videos, West. Someone actually said Aerilon was under a zombie attack?"

"…what's next, Sexy Clowns on Picon?" Zachary's voice says from behind Marcus as he steps into the CIC, amazing what he can pick up on. "Marcus, you might want to cut your new kid to half-rations on the caffine." he says with a grin, carrying a file. "Got a moment to talk something that might even be crazier?"

Rozzen isn't far off, an open folder of paperwork balanced across her forearm as she reads off of one of the banked monitors. A wry smile touches her features as she skims her pen across the top sheet making a note, finishing it off with a tap before slanting a look across at where Petra and West are having their zombie discussion. Her chin shifts further to take in Zachary as he arrives. Folding her pen into her papers, she shifts slightly towards them to listen in.

Petra glances over at Zachary's entrance and smirks slightly, "Cant ration it out when Im scarfing it down like water, myself." He straightens up and walks the step or three over to the pedestal, lifting one brow at Zachary in the process, "Well, the way this week has been going, it might be kind of hard to impress me, but what do you have?" He glances over at the Intel station, then back to Zachary with a curious look, "This something that will save me time to have Intel looking at at the same time? Captain, come over a sec if you aren't in the middle of something.."

"She was going to eavesdrop anyway." Aware CAG is aware of peeping Rozzens. Zachary chuckles. "I'll try my best." Opening up the file, he lays out the camera photos from Virgoron. The empty streets, with only animals left alive. "I think we both know why we don't see people down there. But, an opprotunity has presented itself. First, there's no basestars at Virgoron. Next.." A few photos blown up of ranches and farms - animals milling about in the yards. "Eden and I were talking, she wants to expand the Ag Center, and get us more sustainable. Especially if we're going to start searching for refugees." he explains.

"I want to take the Juniper Halo with a compliment of Marines, and support fighters to hold cover while we round up these animals in MOPP gear and get them on board the ship and get them back here. We'll have to decontaminate them here when we get them back, but I wanted to get your thoughts before I sent it up the chain." he comments. "So yeah, Cowboys on a round up on a planet split in half. How's that rank up there?"

As for being in the middle of something: "Not at the moment, sir." Tucking her folder under her arm, Moira gives her station a briefly sweeping gaze before leaving it to accept Petra's invitation to the pedestal. "Major," Zachary is greeted with a nod and the uneven curl of smile for his assumption about her eavesdropping. It's not a particularly guilty expression. Fetching up beside them, the Captain drops her eyes to the pictures as they're laid out. She perhaps looks a little skeptical, by the way her lips press together, but ultimately dark eyes lift to Petra to watch for his reaction.

Petra leans on the pedestal edge, looking over the paper and photos Zachary lays out, then looks back at Zachary and gives him the same sort of 'what the hell?' look he just gave West a few minutes ago. He glances at Rozzen to catch her look at him, then down to the photos again before he finally asks, "So…you want to take a cargo ship and a bunch of marines to…rustle cattle?" He cant stop the chuckle that hits his face when he looks back up at Zachary, but he does manage to cut it off and nods, "No, you're right, if the planet is unguarded, we're going to need the livestock…lets just say this isn't the kind of op I ever thought I'd be planning when I got this job. Are we sure the animals arent going to find the Piraeus vegetation poisonous?"

"Hey, blame Eden, this was her idea." Zachary chuckles, shaking his head. "She planted the seed of reminding me that planting season is coming up and refugees can't live on veggies alone." he points out as he nods. "Not exactly what I signed up for either, Marcus, but gods damned, I can't pass up a golden opprotunity like this." he comments as he settles back to gauge both of them. "With the atmosphere on Virgon dissapating since the planet split in half, time is of the essence - and any animals we do recover will have to be tested. Better to do that once we're back here. And if they are unable to be used, we'll just have to dump them in space." Cows in space. "And not just cows. I saw a chicken farm and a couple of stables of horses as well."

Rozzen snags the edge of her lip under her teeth briefly as humor shines in her eyes in a reflection of Petra's chuckle. Composing herself quickly, she reaches with light fingertips to better separate a pair of ranch images from each other as she listens. "Perhaps it may be a good choice for a diversionary mission," she proposes. "Two birds, one stone?"

Petra mmms softly, "If Hibernia was hit with that chemical, then we definitely need to have the animals tested. Captain Lin, Petty Officer Samuels, and Doctor Pindar are all working on an immunization treatment for it. If you can make sure Samuels gets assigned to the Marines that go, that way she can take some samples while she's there. Everyone will need to be on breathers just to be safe. And as long as Piraeus has someplace ready to go to put them? then I dont see why not."

"No." Zachary says to Rozzen. "I would perfer to not draw Cylon attention to our little herding scheme. The Marines are going to be out in the open and with only minimal air support. That would ask for disaster." he admits with a firm shake of his head, before his attention returns to Petra. "We have a group down there working on the temple, I'll see if Sister Arden will let me use them to build at least some holding pens. If it gets approved, I'll discuss it with Captain Lin and Petty Officer Samuels."

Lifting a shoulder, Moira nods acceptance of the Major's assessment. Petra's points have her looking up again, traces of amusement fled and replaced by a grimmer set of her features. "It would be nice to assure a more stable food supply before bringing more people to Piraeus," she supposes. "You would slot this before the other missions?" she checks.

Petra sucks on a tooth for a moment as he listens, glancing between his Intel officer and his air group commander. He nods slightly at Rozzen's mentioning of having food before having the people, then glances back to Zachary, "I'll inform the old man as to what is going on. Send the Seradonits along with the Juniper Halo to provide some delay and cover if they get company. And I don't care what they are doing? The moment Cylons show up? They are out of there with whatever they've managed to grab. Make it crystal frakking clear with the Marines. Not risking lives over…cows."

Zachary remains pretty straight-laced through it all. He's already gotten over his amusement at the idea of rushing across the plains yelling 'herd them doggies, yee-haw!' or something. He gives a grim nod. "I don't know if the Cylons may have left stragglers in the planet's debris field to watch out for stragglers, but I appreciate being loaded for bear should it come to it." he admits. "As far as priority?" those blue eyes drift over to Rozzen and study her with a lack of emotion bourne from having to prioritize who or who doesn't live these days. "The Aerilon support and evacuation of Picon remain the priorities. Not to mention the search and capture of the Leonis prisoner transports, the closer recon of Aquarius and the search of the asteroid belts. I have a lot of balls to juggle, Captain Rozzen. None are any more special than the others, and all are priority ones. I just take whatever Marcus and the Boss decide is first."

Rozzen lingers her attention on the pictures, but she straightens as Petra speaks. Her arms fall into a loose fold around the papers held to her chest. It takes her a second to shift focus in order to meet Zachary's gaze. She listens steadily, hardly so much as a twitch to her eyebrows. "I understand, Major. If we had the bandwidth, we would surely implement them all. As it is, which ever mission we embark upon first will likely impact the others. If there's a way to organize them to our benefit rather than to our detriment," an eloquent shoulder lifts to finish her thoughts. "Personally I am inclined to setting the prisoners as our first priority," she adds lowly as her gaze shifts back to Petra. "But there's little chance that mission won't put the Cylons on alert."

Petra shakes his head slightly, "The Picons are about to get wiped out. We can send a cargo ship and a light cruiser to handle this now…the Picon rescue will take is a day or two of coordinating with Spree to get it down to a well-oiled dance, and then air support for Aerilon is something we want to commit to for a long term, if possible. As much as I dont like it, the Leonis interment camps are going to have to wait for a few days at least. they are a VERY hard target…the raptor that got us the intel was doing a VERY high speed pass and still almost got shot down."

"Leonis may have to wait longer than that. This is not a war we're going to win in a few days, and if we rush in, we will end up getting torn apart. As much as I hate to suggest it, I am more of the cautious, scavenge and build mode instead of charging to the rescue. I know it probably will upset my wing to no end that I am not spoiling for a fight, but I'd rather be well prepared than dead." Zachary admits, blowing a breath out of the side of his mouth.

"Yes, sir," Moira murmurs at Petra's reminder of the raptor at Leonis. She's listening closely to them both, shoulders leaning back to make it all the easier for her eyes to run from one man to the other. "I am certainly a proponent of gathering as much information and preparation as possible before acting," she shares with Zachary as a curve touches back upon her lips. "I do wonder if a wait and build strategy, however, is exactly one in which they have the best advantage." She offers it more as musing than argument as her eyes tilt back to the TACCO.

Petra mms, "With the way that information keeps shifting on us, a week is as far as I'm making plans. Anything further just remains in 'we're getting to it' status. Picon also holds crew that know how to reach the Union Bay ships, and if we get our hands on three battleships? We start basestar killing. We have those, and we can plan a full scale smash and gran on Leonis that has a chance of succeeding. Right now? The folks imprisoned at Leonis are mostly safe. I dont know for certain that the Cylons are doing anything to them YET…and right now, Cylons are DEFINITELY killing people on Picon and Aerilon, so the Major has the right priority." He shifts his attention to Zachary and lifts one brow, "What do you need from the task force, Zach? Lets do this."

"One battleship. The Baker Bay." Zachary reminds Marcus. "Unless you heard something I haven't on the other two." he asks, a loft of one of his brow. "Besides the old man's permission? I can get the assets together, including the messages to the ship. Get it green-lit and I'll track down what I need to track down." he comments and offers Rozzen a thin smile. "What's easier to replace? A Viper, a Raptor, or a Pilot? It's a trick question."

Leonis seems to remain a bit of a thorn in Moira's side, her brows tugged fractionally together even as she nods to Petra's reasoning. Her shoulders do relax a little, however, as the discussion moves to action items. This has her arms dropping to link lower at the wrist. She paints on a smile for Zachary's question, rocking her weight a little on her feet. "I would think that depends on the supply lines, Major." She answers with a coil of wry humor in her tone over the promise of trickery.

Petra mmms, "Well, the Baker Bay was one of three that were all hidden away. I'll maintain hope that if one of them made it, the other two that were supposed to be with them did as well. We'll see. As for Jameson's sign off, I'll make sure he does. Go ahead and start prepping and lets see if we can get this moving in short order. I want both ships' recon suites to be going full bore, pictures and scans of everything while they are there, so Rozzen and Wake have more material to look at, as well as the scientists." He takes in a deep breath and lets it go, pursing his lips for a moment while he stares at the top of the map on the pedestal, "This is going to be an ugly week. We have to get Picon right or we could be in a lot deeper shit than we are right now."

"I know. But Aerilon needs the air support yesterday. I'm feeling the heat just as much as you are, Marcus. When we finally get a break, we'll have to sit down and have a beer over this." Zachary says, a wry smirk given towards Rozzen. "And when the situation is as it is now, where we have no Supply, then what is the priority?" Enjoy that brick wall, Moira.

Lashes brushed low, Moira tilts her ear towards Petra's orders. A crisp nod welcomes his request for the recon suites. Eyes still lowered, she rolls the dryness from her lips as she considers the week they have in store. It makes her a smile a little dark when she lifts it back to Zachary, but there's resolve in the keen glint of dark eyes. If brick walls are unavoidable… "I suppose the priority is to be sure to make every sacrafice count, sir."

Petra shakes his head again lightly, "Go with the plan. Air Support for Aerilon can start now and just be ongoing. Get the livestock now. While we are doing that, we send a bus back to Picon and make sure Spree understands her part in the dance we are about to have. Once they come back and sign off on it, then we take the whole Task Force in and hope it DOESNT become a sacrifice." He smirks wryly and glances from Zachary to Rozzen, "And the Lords and Ladies help every last one of us."

"Hopefully I won't be the shortest termed CAG in the history of the fleet, Marcus." Zachary says with a laugh. "So say we all, but I'd perfer to not throw ourselves on the sacrificial altar just yet, and instead make sure it is the Cylons that are having to lick their wounds back home."

"So say we all," Moira murmurs. "I'll be ready to look over that data. If there's nothing else, sirs?" She'll incline her head and move back towards her station.

Petra smirks at Zachary, "Better not. Invested a lot of time in training you the way I like you. Hate to have to start over with someone else." He nods at both officers, "I think that should take care of things for the moment. IM stuck here until second shift is over, so you know where to find me if something comes up."

"Sure thing, Marcus. Moira, look forward to sparring with you verbally again." Zachary says, tipping his fingers to the two. "I'm going back to the CAG's office. I don't care if I'm not the CAG, noone else is using it at the moment."

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