AWD #235: She Said What?!
She Said What?!
Summary: Naomi comes upon Lleufer working out in the Fitness Center. Conversation goes this way and that until she tosses a bombshell into his lap!
Date: 29/08/2013 (OOC Date)
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Naomi Lleufer 
Fittness Center, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
August 29th, 2005

It's been a very busy day today. Early down to Piraeus for his OCS class followed by Captain Rhonwen's lecture on Martial Law and Military Procedures concerning Civilians. Then a brief stint at the firing range before his duty shift. Now off shift, Lleufer's come to the fitness center to work out.

Currently he's partly stripped down to fatigue pants and dog tags, bare footed. He's got a sleeveless tank undershirt on but it's pretty sweaty, damp. Both of his hands are partly wrapped as he goes at the heavy bag. His left arm is still the weaker of the two but he's pushing himself. Knuckles smack the bag in quick, hard succession and then he tries a snap kick with his right leg.

It does not go as planned. His left leg is fatigued and gives out beneath him. The MP Sergeant suddenly finds himself flat on his back, breathing hard.

"Oh, dear." is heard above and behind him. Footsteps, and then Naomi, in military issue sweats - well, the pants anyway, and a standard issue tank top - is looming over him, lips pursed and brow furrowed in concern. "Is there a fashion in which I can offer assistance without making you feel bad for my feeling the need to offer you assistance?"

The Marine's pride prickles a little bit as his pale eyes catch sight of her. Lleufer thins his mouth, "No." He rolls over onto his side and sucks more breath before he carefully forces himself back to his feet. "I'm fine." It wasn't long ago that Lleu had been badly injured. He wipes his sweaty brow and looks at Naomi, "Don't worry about it, Doc. Gotta get my strength back." The Sergeant turns back to the heavy bag, "You here to work out too?" Lleufer throws a few lighter punches to start getting his rhythm back. He's not in his best mood.

"Oh, actually I came to show you something. One of the sergeants at sec hub said you'd probably be working out. I can hold the bag for you, if you'd like?" she offers with a bit of perk, shifting to the side so she can take hold of the bag. "I had the most fascinating set of encounters the other day."

Lleufer scowls, "No, don't hold the bag. It doesn't swing a lot but it's my butt if I don't get out of the way. More swing the better." He might be a little grumpy, yeah think? He's also tired. Still, the MP stubbornly punches the bag and moves around, "Show me what?" A glance around the heavy bag as he works, "What sort of encounters?" His left arm is definitely bothering him some but Lleu keeps using it. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

She lets go when he scowls, looking a mite sorry for trying, but then continues, "Well, I met a marine on my way back from Piraeus yesterday, and he was very sweet and when we got off the raptor he kissed my hand." Obviously said gallant does not know her status as a Robot Girl. "There were a few people who saw it and one of was a young woman and she said something…well. A little unflattering." There's a small shrug. "I left quickly." There's more to the story, though.

Naomi gets a raised, sweaty brow. Lleufer's gotten his rhythm back, dodging, moving in fast to jab-jab the bag, ducking and then twisting fast to this time slam the bag with with a foot sweep using his left leg! A good solid hit. But you just know that hurt judging by the brief flash of his teeth gritted and the sucked in breath that was a hiss. But he keeps his footing and pops back and up before jigging around to dodge an imaginary counter. Sweat flicks off of him with his violent movements, bare feet shuffling. "OK, so …" breath, "what was fascinating about that? Marine know who you are?" Probably not. But who knows? Lleu glances at her before he slams his right fist into the bag hard with a followup hook, keeping his guard up. Seems it's a mixture of traditional boxing and other martial arts. Not surprising for military hand to hand training.

"Oh, well done!" says Naomi at the solid hit, "Well, later the woman - her name is Kelsey - she found me in the mess hall and she apologized." That's a wonder in and of itself. "Apparently her child was amongst the families that were liberated on Picon when Ceres and I helped get them out." Withdrawing something from her pocket, she carefully unfolds a paper that was in fourths, opening it to reveal a child's drawing. The grass is green, the sky is blue, the sun is bright and yellow and smiling; the people are 'Mommy', 'Me', another lady, and…'Noomi'. They are all holding hands. In trembling fingers, Naomi whispers as if it was the most sacred thing, "Her daughter told her that I'm a hero."

That stops him, the hero part when he notices Naomi with the drawing. The Marine shakes his head to get sweat out of his eyes, then wipes his face with a bandaged hand. A few quick breathes, "I guess you are. You saved her life, and helped others." Lleufer looks Naomi over, "You're a civie so I suppose you aren't used to that." Or well, especially a skinjob. "You saved my ass too. I haven't forgotten that, Naomi." His arm and leg ache a lot. Lleu's pushed as far as he dares tonight. So he turns and pulls off his undershirt and uses it to wipe his face and get the stinging sweat out of his eyes. Time for a break and drink some water, anyway. The scars up his left arm are still pink with new flesh, a little angry looking after his hard workout.

Naomi sucks on her lips a moment, and she says, "You do what I did, but you do it every day. How are you not overwhelmed?" She carefully folds the paper again, tucking it away. It's clearly precious, a new talisman for her to carry wherever she goes. Then, "You should be careful and not over-exert yourself."

There's his water bottle. Lleufer takes a good drink of it, then upends some of it over his head to cool down. He looks at Naomi before he wipes his face again, "Yeah, well, I do what I've trained for. I'd feel like a lump of shit if I didn't." He's getting his breath back a bit. Another sip of water before he caps it and sets it back down, "I'm all right. Gotta push myself. Almost frakked up bad back on Caprica. Couldn't even take a civie cop hand to hand. I had to shoot him, poor bastard." Whatever he is, this Marine is no murderer, war or not. "He probably had a wife and kids. Hungry for reward money to try'n take care of'm for all I know. Situation there's bad, Naomi." At least he's calling her by her first name more. Lleu thins his mouth, "Don't think I ever killed anybody before."

"I'm sorry." she says, blinking a bit, and looking down at the floor. "It must be difficult." Naomi executed a One in cold blood, put three bullets between his eyes. She doesn't lose sleep at night. Then again, she doesn't sleep. "Is there anything I can do?" Then, "He'd made his choice, you know. He chose to collaborate."

Lleufer shakes his head no, "Yeah, he did. Don't you worry about it though." He thins his mouth and chooses not to dwell on Chase just now. Lleu's already in a sour mood, annoyed with himself. He takes a seat on the bench and tosses his sweaty undershirt onto the floor over by his boots. "Anyway, this isn't about me. You're the one who had a good day and have something to be proud of. I'm glad." Despite his arm hurting, Lleu pats the bench, "Come show it to me." He means the drawing.

Naomi obliges, moving to sit on the bench and taking the drawing back out. Unfolding it, she holds it out carefully in her hands. "Isn't it wonderful? Cooper challenged me to draw joy, but I have half a mind to show him this."

He accepts the simple drawing with it's bright colors, a child's joy. "Indeed, but his challenge was whether or not /you/ could draw it, evoking emotion as only an artist can." The Marine looks at the drawing and it makes Lleu smile a little. His voice lowers, "Hope to have kids someday. Seems unlikely though, what with the war and all." He hands it back to Naomi, "You should show it to him anyway."

"Ceres wants children." she says. "I don't know if it's even possible for her. Or me. Any of us." Her smile broadens. "I plan to. I think he'll love it." She then adds, "The war will end, you know. You'll have children, just wait and see. And if they inherit your looks," she adds playfully, "You'll be quite lucky."

Lleufer gives Naomi a funny look, "I hope to hell they'd be better look'n than me." he huffs a breath, but thinks on what she's said. "Weird. Guess I hadn't really given it any thought but then, if you have a body that is almost identical to a human's to the point that we are having a hell of a time figuring out how to detect skinjobs, then it seems to me that you probably can." He gives her a wary look, "I'd expect that would be real unpopular though. You know that."

"We haven't been able to so far, and there have been encounters of that sort with humans." she says frankly. "Ceres married a human under the eyes of your gods, even." She then laughs. "You're very handsome, Lleufer. Now isn't exactly a good time for it, but I'm sure once things are over you will be beating them off with sticks. Women, men, whomever you fancy." Then more seriously, "That may be so, but you can't deny the prospect of it being possible. And if humans and skinjobs can have children, there would have to be a major re-thinking about our nature, wouldn't there? We can't just be machines if we can create life as you yourselves define it, can we?"

This is all news to him one way or another. Lleu eyes Naomi, not real sure what he thinks of all of it. So he focuses on the last parts, "I'm no scientist so I don't know. You seem awfully human to me on a lot of levels that continues to surprise me. And Knox even more so. Dunno about the rest." He scratches at his itchy jaw stubble and then starts to unwrap the bandages from his hands. "I was kind of getting the idea that you /have/ human bodies more or less but with a /very/ different upbringing and mindset, programmed at least initially. But what do I know? I'm just a Jarhead." His brow furrows, "Only think I can't figure out is how you are stronger than us. Biomechanics and physics should be about the same for you as us, with your bodies."

"We use a higher percentage of our brains." Naomi explains, "It empowers us to do things humans could do, but presently aren't able to access. You could be as strong as me, as fast as me, process multiple lines of thought…but no attempt insofar as I know to have children has succeeded. Of course, I'm limited to scholastic knowledge of the activities involved and not the practical experience." O RLY. Then, "You should really stop with that 'I'm just a jarhead' nonesense. You're quite intelligent and I shouldn't have to remind you." She sounds almost chiding.

The Aerilon finishes unwrapping his hands and skews his mouth wryly at Naomi, "You are quick to remind me that we aren't as smart as you. Thank you very much." Lleufer moves to stand and gives her a wink anyway, "But don't worry, I won't tell anyone you are a virgin." He looks amused, "I'll tell you what though. If you ever figure out how to 'unlock' that shit, you know some of us might be tempted to let you try. You know, if you earned enough trust. I'm sure something like that would be a research breakthrough of your lifetime if you could."

Naomi looks faintly baffled. "Why would I care if you told anyone I was a virgin? I mean, plenty of Elevens have had sex. It's another thing to experience." She cocks her head to the side. "Are you offering to have sex with me?" She sounds a little puzzled. "Or just father my children?"

Lleufer maybe never jumped up to his feet so fast. You'd think his old boot camp DS just walked in to chew out his ass or someth'n. Naomi gets a fast blink or two, "What the frak are …" he doesn't even finish that sentence. "No," he says firmly, "I most certainly am not." With a Cylon skinjob? Oh man, he'd be so totally frakked with the other Marines, wouldn't he? Lleu rubs a hand over his face, "I can't believe you even said that, Naomi. I mean, you are good look'n enough, but I dunno. You don't just come at somebody like that and broadside'm. It's sort of an idea a fella would … need to get used to, or someth'n." Whatever is he even saying? Naomi has managed to fluster the Marine.

Naomi looks up at him, a little uncertain as to how exactly she's offended him. She was just trying to understand what he was getting around to after all. "I can't tell if you're insulting me or flattering me." She admits after a moment.

He opens his mouth, then closes it, then says carefully, "I'm not insulting you, I hope. Let's just say, you've taken me by surprise." A Marine, trying to be diplomatic. It's not Lleufer's stronger point. He clears his throat and goes over to open his temporary locker where he's stowed a bag with a change of clothes, a towel, things to take to the shower. He's suddenly mindful that he's been sitting there next to her with no shirt on. Can't go putting his only clean shirt on without hitting the shower first though. Lleu draws a slow breath and folds the towel and slips it over his shoulders, closing the locker up and picking up his water bottle. "Anyway, I was just talk'n. Curious about skinjobs in general in a lot of ways. You know that. Trying to figure you out just as much as you are curious about us. Nothing at all wrong with your looks." Even if she still reminds him of his bratty little sister sometimes. All too easy to look at Naomi and see a pretty woman though when you haven't been with anybody in far too long. Lleu turns his head and someone else comes to mind he can't be with. It thins his mouth and he turns to head out, "I'm gett'n a shower." Will she stay and work out or follow him?

"Well, thank you, I think." she says, looking uncertain. "I wasn't asking if you wanted to have sex, I was asking if you were asking me if I wanted to have sex. Or have you father my children. Not that you don't have excellent cheekbones and the like." She stands when he does noting, "You really haven't asked me much. I was expecting, I don't know. More about my line. What we do. What we're for. I — " she stops, and starts to follow him, but she doesn't seem to be doing so with any kind of vampy intent. "You are not alright, not at all. What's wrong?"

This has got to be the strangest conversation he's ever had with anyone. But then it is Naomi. He keeps walking out into the Recreation Hall carrying his things until her last. Lleufer stops and looks at her. "Actually, those are questions I would like more answers about. You said your line was made to be curious. Scientists and the like, yes?" The Marine looks at her to elaborate while he's standing there about half dressed. "Nothing is wrong. I hurt and I want a shower because I stink."

"I don't believe you. The look on your face suggests otherwise." she counters matter-of-factly. "You could shower, and I'll wait? We can eat. You need protein anyway."

Lleufer glances around to see that nobody's close by. He sighs and keeps his voice very low for Naomi, "Look, you got me off balance. I haven't been with anybody in a long time. Don't care for guys, I don't swing that way. You're a very attractive woman, very … womanly, except that you aren't. You're also a Cylon skinjob, Naomi. That still kind of freaks me out. No offense. Maybe not you so much, but knowing what you are. Takes time to get used to the idea you aren't quite the enemy, some kind of Gods awful abomination. You aren't, but I've spent my life grow'n up thinking of all your kind as being horrible monsters. That's not someth'n a fella can shake off in just a few weeks. So the topic got a little weird for me. Do you understand?"

Naomi blinks. "Oh." she says, and then, "Oh! Yes, of course. Your inherent societal mores are triggering disgust. I understand." she nods firmly. It's…maybe a little sad, how she just accepts it. "I'm sorry for throwing you off balance. I can wait while you shower, or would you prefer I go away?"

"I … " How'd she do this to him? He rubs a hand over his face again. Might be a nervous gesture if you can imagine Lleufer having one. "I'm not sure what I think. I'm not hungry." Not for food at least. And here she's got him thinking about sex. He stands there a long without focusing on Naomi at all. Thinking about someone else entirely. Man better stop that or he'll have an embarassing physical reaction Naomi's bound to notice. "No, cold shower." Lleu mumbles to himself. He notices she's still standing there and adds, "I'll catch you later, Naomi. I've really got a lot on my mind just now. If you'll excuse me."

Naomi says, "Of course. We'll talk another time." And suddenly she beams at him. With the Things. They start with a D. "It's awfully sweet of you to think I'm pretty enough to have sex with, Lleu." She pats him on the cheek and then walks away. Just like that."

Lleufer is left standing there watching Naomi walk off. He doesn't say anything. Much better if he keeps his mouth shut. A moment later he shakes his head faintly and heads out with his boots and bag to hit the showers.

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