AWD #290: She Returns
She Returns
Summary: Dr. Naomi Tamsin, a Cylon model Eleven skinjob returns to the Orion after an absence of weeks.
Date: 23/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Hangar Bay, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
October 23, 2005

Now that the Picon offensive is over, Orion has jumped back to Piraeus and people are starting to go to and from the beautiful planet as well as back and forth to and from Picon. And it's just another raptor, or so it seems at first, that lands on the deck at the direction of the landing officer. However, when it does set its trundlebug feet down and the hatch door goes up, the first people to emerge is a quad of marines, armed to their gills. And it's not about where they're going, but whoever or whatever is inside the little ship with them.

Just finishing an alert five, Maia has her helmet under an arm and is responding to a deckie on a question he had asked her. As the Raptor lands, automatically her attention is directed there. When the door opens, she expects to see an ECO.. but when the armed Marines make an appearance, her attention is well and truly captured. Finishing her reply to the man she was talking to, she turns more fully, her features holding an open curiosity.

It's been a good while since Lleufer passed through the hangar and the last time he did he was unconscious, barely still alive. That was the return from the Santos Ridge evac. Currently Marine MP Sergeant is in off duty clothes, still quite a bit under weight but looking more hale. Lleu arrives walking with the aid of a cane in his left hand. Another Marine is by his side, carrying Ynyr's C-bag for an extended stay down on Pireaus. Ynyr is asked to wait while his fellow MP goes to check and see if the outbound Raptor has arrived yet. The C-bag is dropped out of the way and Lleufer tries to find something close by he can sit on, such as a crate, until the other Marine returns. His gaze skims over the busy hangar idly, pausing on the Marines disembarking.

Hot off an argument with a deckie regarding perceived problems with the console in her Raptor, Skyler Almaeda is stalking around. She, amazingly, kept the yelling to a minimum and only hit something once. That something was not a person. Progress! The woman is slowly tightening the circle she's taken of the hangar to start heading towards the fitness center, but the arrival of the Raptor and those within do slowly draw her attention. Curiousity starts to override anger and she finds herself standing near to Lleufer. "You're looking better," she offers as an aside.

It only takes a moment for Naomi to duck out from under the canopy of the raptor. Her hair is in a ponytail, and she is sporting the ever popular orange jumpsuit that Colonials simply adore putting members of her species in regardless of their allegiance. Her hands are 'secured' in front of her by way of zipties and a pair of cuffs; anyone who's bothered reading the skinjob memorandum will realize they're about as helpful as a twist tie on a gorilla. She looks tired, and relieved to be where she considers home.

When the 'prisoner' is led from the Raptor, brows shoot upwards over blue eyes as Maia recognizes the dimpled skinjob she'd met only a handful of times. All this ado over someone who was already considered a citizen? Placing her helmet in the area she always keeps it, she begins unfastening her flightsuit, allowing it to fall to her waist where she ties the sleeves around her waist. She's wearing a white tank beneath it. "Hey, Ynyr," she greets him, nodding to the fellow Raptor pilot. "What's that all about?"

Lleufer turns his head at the familiar voice. Skyler gains a faint half smile from him, "Shir." It also means he misses who comes down out of the Raptor at least for the moment. He's not certain if he can recall Skyler's name, much less actually say it, so Lleu keeps his hands resting on the top of his cane. Idly his gaze wanders back towards the Raptor. If the Sergeant was about to try to say anything else to the LTJG, it is forgotten at the sight of who he sees the armed Marines escorting. Lleufer's body tenses and he stands at once, staring at the newly arrived Eleven. Maia's approach and her greeting go entirely unnoticed - at least for several seconds.

Naomi has taken a gaze around the hangar bay herself, and it only takes her a moment to spot Lleu. Her face lights up. Turning to one of her escorts, she happily says something in his ear with great earnest, lifting her hands a little and gesturing vaguely in the sergeant's direction. The MP looks skeptical, but then gives an order before breaking off to walk in the trio's direction.

Well, unheard or not, Maia doesn't seem to mind, she was distracted by the reaction of the MP. Both brows that she'd just raised go back down and she looks warily between him and dimples. When the skinjob notices Ynyr, the reaction of dimples to the MP makes it all the more interesting. Curious, she says nothing, deciding to let it play out. She's making not a single move to leave at all, though she does nod to the approaching Marines.

Maia gets a flicker of his attention at most, then back to staring at the armed Marine escort and the model Elevon Cylon who are coming across the hangar bay in their direction. Ynyr swallows and tries to lick his suddenly dry lips as he watches, both wary and intent. His grip on his cane makes his knuckles whiten, a muscle on the right side of his jaw tick once or twice.

Naomi's clear delight becomes momentary confusion and then a sort of hapless distress. Like Lleufer kicked a fluffy puppy. In its face. The marine, singular, approaches the trio, offering a polite, "Sirs." to Skyler and Maia and offers, "Sergeant, I realize you're off-duty, but could we have a word? The skinjob claims you're able to confirm she's who she says she is."

While studying the MP, it would be hard to miss the smaller reactions such as his knuckles and the tenseness of his jaw. Reaching out a hand to squeeze his shoulder, Maia drops her hand immediately after and steps back. Wasn't her place to interfere, so she doesn't. There's another look between the two before she nods to the Marine, singular, gets a light shrug and Maia takes a few more steps away so that they could have their word.

Though she's not met the skinjob, Skyler has certainly seen the details around. You plaster faces like that in your memory. There's a furrowed brow, which only furrows further upon the reactions both Lleufer and Naomi display. She clears her throat slightly and steps away, but not very far. She makes like a crate of cleaning supplies is very, very interesting.

Maia's touch makes him start in so far as Lleufer turns his head sharply to suddenly take in her proximity. Eye contact before she withdraws, then he's looking back to the Marine who speaks to himself. Careful look at Naomi's face, studying her before he tries to speak. The left side of his mouth doesn't work right so the Sergeant takes pains to try and speak as clearly as he can, "Yesh." Skip a beat to work out how to ask the next part carefully, "C-lai-m to bee whhom?" Unaware of Skyler's location, Lleu is not certain if he's to go with the other Marine and the skinjob or keep his place.

Brina arrives from the Landing Zone.

Elias arrives from the Main Corridor.

Knox arrives from the Main Corridor.

"Dr. Naomi Tamsin." says the Marine, now looking cautiously at Lleufer. "She claims she gave you a recognition phrase? To confirm that it's her." Naomi remains at a distance, watching the exchange with worry starting to grow in her eyes. Naomi stands just outside a raptor, three marines on guard around her. She's in the ever familiar orange prisoner jumpsuit and is watching Sergeant Ynwyr speak with the fourth member of her escort detail while she waits and looks fretful with concern toward the recovering marine.

Brina has arrived on a Raptor from Piraeus, looking for someone in particular this trip up. With a frown of concern on her face when she disembarks, the MP looks around, not yet noticing what is going on and takes to wandering a bit.

Elias arrives from the central cooridor with Sergeant Knox. The Intel Officer is in his duty Blues and carrying his usual clipboard, moving with a purpose. Spotting the group around the raptor, Elias stops to take in the scene and study the 'prisoner' for a moment. Then he looks aside to Knox, brows raised in an unspoken question.

Yep, Knox is right beside Elias as the Captain steps in. The Marine Sergeant was apparently roused from his bunk and some needed sleep. One thing he made sure to bring, though? A rifle. He glances to Elias and then back to look at the Eleven standing in the hangar bay. The rifle is loaded and off safe and he's just waiting for her to say something or look him in the eye.

Lleufer stands awkwardly before the armed Marine whom speaks to him, leaning somewhat on a cane to aid his balance. He is yet tense, breath slightly up as the Sergeant listens. He studies the Cylon but it won't be her same body. There might be subtle, tell-tale differences but Lleu may be unable to pick them out. Ynyr blinks, then struggles to think. Can he remember? Still nearly 20 lbs under weight and the freshly healed wound to his head are testiment to things having happened since the invasion of Picon. The Sergeant is slow to reply, finally giving a nod. Lleu sorts his thoughts out and tries to speak, "Cahp-tain Gr-ay… not-i-ffi-ed." Ynyr then looks to the Cylon who claims to be Dr Tamsin and he takes a step closer to her.

Kostas arrives from the Main Corridor.

Though she's been studying a crate of cleaning supplies as if they have some great, sage thing to tell her… Skyler is clerly keeping most of her attention on the exchange. The pilot may not often have anything regarding feelings for the meatheads, she knows where Lleufer is. She spent a good deal of time after war day in those very same shoes. More or less. It's gained him some sense of camraderie from the LTJG and she hovers as a result.

There's another figure that approaches from the ship proper at a rapid clip, though Kos slows down once she spies the gathering crowd. Now that they're not running around in armor, she's…actually….wearing a real officer's uniform. Her buzz is freshly buzzed. The skin just above the collar is slightly reddened, as if she's been scratching on the sly. Her gaze slides past most people, though it lingers on her Dog. For the moment, Silvia is content to remain watchful but on the periphery.

Naomi takes a step forward. Just a single step, and her marine escort doesn't stop her, but the sound of safeties clicking tick-tick-tick echo along the walls of the hanger bay. "Lleu?" The scientist peers at him intently. Observes the scar and the slackness of his face. Her brow furrows with worry, and it's not for herself. "It's me. It's Naomi. 'The bay mare wants to gallop.' Do you remember that? He's been shot." She looks around, and only then spots Elias and Knox. "Cooper," she says in exasperation mixed with relief at spotting the Six, "You let him get shot in the head?!"

There's a blink and then Brina moves closer. It's the sight of Lleufer that gets her to move but she stops shy of actually standing next to him when she sees what's going on. "Sarge?" There's a very noticeable tone of worry, that being when she sees the prison suit-garbed Naomi standing there. Angling her head to the side, Brina does nothing save one thing, that being giving the taller Sergeant's arm a bump with her shoulder to let him know she's here.

Reed arrives from the Main Corridor.

Seeing Knox waiting for some sign, Elias shifts his attention back to Naomi, Lleufer, and the other Marines around the raptor. He doesn't bother trying to make any sort of determination about Naomi himself, he just waits quietly to see how things will play out. The Eleven's words leave Elias looking to Lleufer for confirmation, and again checking in with the armed Six beside him.

Knox watches the interaction of the new arrival and Lleufer. Fingers are tight on the rifle and he seems willing to shoulder and fire at any second. He leans forward a bit, preparing to fire, but then she looks at him. The Six hesitates and lets off a breath he was holding. "Son of a bitch," he says quietly. The rifle clicks over to Safe. "That's our Naomi, Captain," he says quietly to Elias, moving the rifle to dangle from the sling on his chest. He calls towards the prisoner, "Just be patient, Mi. There's a process." But the Sergeant makes no moves to approach her. Cooper is going to wait for the officers to give direction.

Kostas remains in her perch along the periphery. *Almost* leaning in to hold up the side of one one of the elevators though luckily the bootstrapper catches herself in time, and instead just stands in a somewhat relaxed ready position, arms folded, though her sidearm's still ready in the holster if needed. She doesn't make any sort of move towards it, and when Knox clicks over to safe, her neutral expression grows a touch less masked as well, a soft grunt sounding from her lips. Perhaps an internal commentary. It probably doesn't carry.

Standing back, Maia has just been watching them, not inputting anything.. Her flight suit is worn but the sleeves are around her waist. As she listens to something about the mare galloping, she crosses her arms, just looking between Llue and Naomi. Only once does she allow her gaze to flicker over Knox and his armed self and that's when he confirms that it's really the correct skinjob.

Elias watches Knox's posture and movements carefully, his own expression hardening when he sees the Marine's tension and the tightness of his hands on that rifle. Knox's pronouncement allows the Intel Officer to relax as well, and then Elias gives the Six a quick nod of understanding. He turns his gaze back towards Naomi, but still doesn't address her directly or issue any orders. He murmurs an aside, probably audible only to Knox or others near the entrance. "We'll give them a minunte."

Knox just nods to Elias. "I'm not about to run up there and tackle her or anything. This is your show, sir." He looks back towards the others, though, and waits.

Lleufer keeps his place for long seconds, barely a glance for Brina's interruption. He shifts his cane to keep his balance, focus at once returned to the Cylon Eleven. "I … th-ought yoou … were bo-x-ed." Not much paying attention to who else is here or what they are doing, though Knox's voice registers. Lleufer gives a nod without taking his gaze off of Naomi, and damned whoever is watching. He takes a step or two closer and puts out his right arm to draw her close, taking that chance if he's wrong and she's not who she claims to be.

After making his way through the ship, Reed finds himself walking onto the hanger bay deck and there he pauses as he takes in the scene before him. Interesting. He leans against one of the cargo crates, arms crossed over his chest as he chooses to watch what may play out before him.

Kostas watches this play out quietly—though now that things seem well in hand, she spares another look at Knox, and one at the intel officer, before straightening. Duty probably calls again, and she turns on her heel to pace towards the door again. As she passes the tall Marine that's just come in, on her way out, she offers him a quiet bump to the arm and a brief flash of a grin, trench solidarity. "Don't let nobody get their asses kicked too hard," she mutters in passing. And then she's off.

There's something about the marine getting up close and personal with Naomi that turns Skyler from cautious observer to third (or however many there are now) wheel. The woman's jaw flexes and she turns back to where she was heading. The fitness center. Though perhaps less to work things out of her system and more just as somewhere else to be. There's little privacy in the hangar — a pilot would know —, but she'll provide what little she can.

A smirk, a "Sir", and two fingers touch his forehead in an informal salute, as Ensign Kostas goes by. A mumbled "I'll try to see that they don't." Then Reed's attention returns back to where the gathering is being held.

The marines aren't exactly putting down their guns, but they don't go on the offensive with Naomi does take that additional step and put her head to Lleufer's shoulder. She can't hug him back, not with her hands in restraints in front of her, but the muscles in her shoulders release their tension and she tilts her chin upward to kiss his good cheek. "No." she says. "I'm here. I'm okay. I did it. The Sisters of Ceres saved me, and the Elevens won't follow the Ones anymore. Not even the most cold and clinical of my line will follow him. But you're hurt." And that visibly distresses her, though she still looks over her shoulder. "Captain Grey," she calls out, weary-eyed, "You'll want to debrief me as soon as possible.

After a moment of watching the reunion between the MP and the Eleven, a smile tugs at Maia's lips. Two lines.. to bad they couldn't get the Sixes. She lingers towards the door for now, making no move to leave.

Brina just watches before stepping back herself. Lleufer knows she's here and should know why she is so there's no need for her to be any more of an intrusion than she already has been. She'll be by whatever Raptor has shuttle duty next.

If he thought it through, surely Lleufer would not make such a public display with EVERYONE standing around watching! Stupid, stupid. But then he's still somewhat frak'd up. Ynyr makes no affections beyound the one armed embrace, his left hand on his cane to steady his balance if needed. Lleu's eyes squeeze shut for a couple of breathes while he listens to her. Yes, there /are/ others here. Ynyr makes himself withdraw from her and take a step partly back, partly to turn so he can look where Naomi's gaze is directed. To Elias and Knox over there. Eye contact. Then back to Naomi. As much as he can, Lleu makes his face unreadable - not difficult with the left side that's slack but harder with the rest. He draws a breath, "Wel-come back Doc-tor." There is a brief flicker of his gaze to Brina, then onto the others.

Elias mmms guardedly at Knox's words, still watching the scene over by the raptor. And true to his word, he does give them a minute or so. And then the Captain is just on the point of stepping forward when Naomi calls out to him. Approching, Elias steps past Brina, then acknowledges Lleufer with a rather terse "Sergeant." He turns to Naomi and speaks in a carefully polite tone. "Good to see you Doctor. If you'll come with me, we'll get it over with as quickly as possible." If he overheard anything Naomi said about what happened to her, the Intel Officer betrays no sign.

Cooper doesn't follow Elias, though. He stands by the hatch, watching. There will be time for them later, but he does give the Eleven a knowing smile and nod in salute. He hangs his hands from the butt of the rifle and steps back and away. The rest of this isn't for him, likely.

"Thank you." It takes a second for Naomi to register the necessity of distance, and it's probably laughable at this point, but Naomi steps away from Lleu, giving him a little nod. "Thank you, Sergeant." she says softly, before turning on her heel to face Elias. "My identity's been verified and I'm cooperating. I don't suppose we can dispense at least with this particular," she holds up the restraints - zip-ties AND cuffs, "charade?" Her escort has resumed its grouping around her, intent on taking her wherever Elias orders them to go.

And now Brina has so many questions. Naomi, someone she's only seen once, in a orange jumpsuit? What happened? And what is all this fraking talk about being verified and shit? It leaves her confused and then angry for not understanding, the latter an emotion that gets ignored as it is irrational and, to be honest, quite annoying.

Sergeant Ynyr gives Captain Elias Gray a curt nod, "Yesh, ssir." Lleufer steps back, glances around to see who is where and notes the Marine over by his C-bag. That is where he should be. So, he makes it so, returning that short distance before he turns to watch and listen. Lleu's got to sit down on the crate.

Finding no real reason to remain any longer despite her obvious eavesdropping.. Maia usually goes directly to the head after her Alerts. Still, she doesn't force herself to walk out of there, the way everything is unfolding is like a good play, and she doesn't leave. Instead, she leans a hip against one of the crates and blatantly observes.

It's just to interesting to leave. How often is something like /this/ seen? It's a first for Reed so he remains, eyes flicking from one to the other, taking it all in. Another "Interesting" is murmured.

Elias waits until Lleufer has stepped back, then gestures to the escorts around Naomi. "Escort Doctor Tamsin to the brig," he orders them. Brina gets a quizzical glance, as he sees she's not with the escort, and doesn't look like she undertands what is happening. "That will be all Corporal," he tells her. And then he pauses to consider Naomi's requests about the handcuffs, nodding after a moment and speaking to the guards. "The restraints aren't necessary."

Naomi waits patiently for the cuffs to be unlocked. But the zipties? She just snaps them, as negligantly as if they were made of paper. The gesture is subtle though, so only someone with their eyes on her would notice. And then she's being taken off to the brig, but not without one last look over her shoulder at Cooper and Lleufer.

Maia hears the murmur of 'interesting' from the nearby Marine and offers a smile. "It's a regular thing here. We had a One shooting up the place, a Seven is missing.. the Eleven and Six are Colonial citizens.. All I have to say is avoid the One's and all of the other Sixes except that one there." Hitching a thumb towards Knox. Looking back to Naomi just in time to catch the gesture, her eyes widen.. Knox had told her but she'd never seen an example of their strength before. Those cuffs could have come off just as easily, had she wished. The realization is humbling and not just a little scary.

Brina steps over to where Lleufer now sits, her hand coming to rest on his shoulder. "Think this is a good time for us to hit dirt and talk. Looks like you can use it." The sense of feeling lost over what little she witnessed added to by the worry she feels for the Sergeant. "Are you alright, Sarge?" A quick glance has her seeing Maia and Reed who are given a quick nod, Naomi and those departing watched as well although only from the corner of her eye.

It just so happens, as Reed was scanning the group, his eyes had fallen on the Doctor as the cuffs are removed and then in a blink of an eye the zip strips that were around her wrists are snapped. His brows go up "Even more interesting," he mutters. His gaze goes from the fallen zip strips to the Doctor as if trying to see just what the hell. But all he sees is the Doctor. He returns the nod to Brina, still not moving from his position. As if he is trying to fill all the pieces of a puzzle together and knows he is missing important parts.

Lleufer's gaze follows Naomi's passage past and out of the hangar under armed escort with Captain Gray. He drags his attention back to Brina at her touch and her words. "I … ca-nt go yyet." He puts out a hand to his fellow Mp's arm and let's out a long breath slowly. Then he looks to the other Marine who was about to help him board a Raptor, "Ber-th-ings. Un-til I knnow morre." Dr. Nadir's orders or not, maybe he can delay going down a day. Ynyr moves to stand, glances to Brina a long moment, then turns to start making his way out of the hangar.

Responding to Brina with a nod, and Reed, whom she had just spoken to, another nod, Maia does an about face and heads out.

The Marine MP who had been assisting Sergeant Ynyr shrugs, bends to heft the C-bag up over his shoulder and looks to Brina, with a glance to Reed. "Well, guess I'll go inform the Raptor pilot and drop this off back at his bunk." And so he moves to do so.

Brina might be an adult but despite that she can't help but to feel a very sharp pang of disappointment over their not going. "You could just tell them where you'll be and we can stay near where they can reach you if they fraking need you…" Childishnes over with, she follows along, to the berthings.

Ynyr is stubborn and gives Brina a 'no' movement of his head. Lleufer's determined to stay long enough to hear what happened, "Lla-ter." He says it firmly, walking out carefully and using the cane, intent to return to his bunk and wait.

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