AWD #385: Seven's Plots
Seven's Plots
Summary: Skyler fills Elias in on something she learned from Knox while on Picon.
Date: 11/07/2016 (OOC Date)
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Elias Skyler 
Map Room
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
Thu Jan 26 2006 (AWD #385)

Some things never change. Elias' presence in the Map Room may be among those universal constants, for he looks to be in much the same state as the last time Skyler saw him, some weeks ago now. The young Major is dressed in his rumpled blues and sits slouched in a chair by the central table, pouring over reports. His pen is in hand, poised over the clipboard resting to his right, and a cigarette hangs from between his lips with a thin tendril of smoke curling up to join the faint haze over his head. The ashtray near at hand already has three butts crushed out in it, so he's probably been at it a while.

In some ways, for the JG, being sent to Picon may have felt akin to a punishment. Skyler Almaeda's memories of the place aren't too keen, after all. But without any proper training for intel officers, finding someone who is experienced enough in tactics and analysis is about the best they might get. So off she went for a month of intensive study.


The woman's been back on board perhaps a day. Long enough to report in and get settled. She hovers in the hatch to the map room for a moment before pressing through. She still wears the brace, but she's steadier on the cane. Cane in one hand, her own clipboard in the other. At least she's not slacking about getting back into things.

"Miss me?" It's… a greeting. Sort of.

Elias' gaze snaps up sharply at the question, then he hesitates when he sees who is asking this question of him. Was he expecting someone else? "Mmm," is all the other Intel officer says, though he does muster a faint smile. "Lieutenant. Welcome back." He sits up a bit and takes a pull on his smoke. "Useful time on Picon?"

It's clear Skyler wasn't expecting much more than the response received. She smirks, vaguely, before completing her trip into the room. Clipboard is tossed lightly on the edge of the map table and she draws up a chair to sink into it. "Depends on your definition of useful. It was all too reminiscent of finals season in Academy." Intense studies. Very few peoples' idea of fun.

Stretching her leg out, the JG shifts slightly until comfortable. "I ran into Knox. Or at least the Six claiming to be Knox."

"I would define that was 'useful,' Elias concludes. Her note about Knox causes him to purse his lips, and then the Major stands and makes his way to over to the hatch. Swinging it closed, he turns and retraces his steps to the map table and slides back into his seat. All this before he even responds to her remark, though when he does there's a small nod. "At Crandall I assume? Yes. He's there along with a Heavy Raider the Sixes have acquired for us. Planning is under way to slip our people onto Libran in it. I'll get you the Intel summary to look over." He pauses to puff on his smoke, then exhales slowly. "Unfortunately the Twelve's deadline proved impossible to meet. But we have an arrangement to pass word to them later. Assuming we learn anything."

And while Elias gets the hatch? Skyler pushes to her feet and heads for the coffee. It does mean he's back at the table before she is. More work involved and the woman is notably less mobile. "Yes, at Crandall. About a week ago, specifically." She tilts her head, lips pulling to one side as she considers. It's only once she's settled back into her chair and had a chance to imbibe some of the coffee that the woman responds. "It sounds like, able to meet the deadline or not, he did not decide on a negative opinion of us. Openly, at least."

There's a brief pause as she taps a fingernail against the mug. "One of the things Knox and I spoke of was the Twelve. I didn't tell him any more than what was revealed in that video that leaked. I figured he'd see it sooner or later… Or perhaps learn it from the Six present eventually. But he brought up something that I thought would be of interest."

There's not a great deal of opinion to be seen from Elias' expression, and he responds to her point about the Twelve with a guarded tone. "Difficult to say. Once he'd been with us there wasn't any real question about sending him back. The chance to influence his line wasn't something we could pass up. Which I assume was part of his plan." To which he adds, "We have fairly good evidence that it is time on Piraeus that gives the skinjobs a start on individuality. How and why are … less clear." Much less clear, from his expression. Skyler's conversation topic with Knox does earn the woman an arched brow, however. "I see. And what was that?"

"Knox and I spoke on that, as well. Piraeus. He told me that the… Ceres model was made to sleep, to be able to- I guess absorb more of whatever it is that leads to the individuality." Skyler doesn't have a clear understanding of it, either. "But it's definitely Piraeus that does it. I saw it in action with the Twelve. The man that stepped out of the Raptor that day was not the same one that stepped back on." She takes another sip of coffee before setting the mug aside.

"Knox was surprised about the Twelve. I didn't give any specifics, but I did mention that the Twelve had… somewhat orchestrated his way into our hands." She glances to her clipboard, then back to the Major. "He said the Twelves would never come up with something like that on their own. Apparently, the Twelve and Sevens are often closely aligned and he feels the Sevens are the ones that would craft any sort of plan that would deliver the Twelve to us." She shrugs, leaning back in her chair. "I know we have no evidence one way or the other, but it sounds like there's a possibility that yet another line is considering their place in things."

"The story I heard from Sergeant Knox involved him forcing Captain Delacroix to see … whatever it is they see on Piraeus," Elias adds. "It did not sound … particularly pleasant for her. And I suspect the Sergeant may have his own agenda, despite how guileless he seems." A point that he himself quickly waves off. "Just something to keep in mind in the future." Then he turns his attention to the possible complications around the Twelves visit, mulling over the idea for a few seconds. "There's no way to assess that information, beyond the source. So … let's hope it's correct? I'm not sure why the Sevens would set up something so … indirect. But then I have only their reported trait to go on."

"I think Knox may still be figuring that out for himself. His agenda, that is." Skyler shrugs, reaching for her coffee. Another drink and it's set back on the table. "We had a long discussion on what it means to have individuality. The Sixes apparently have no desire to download any longer. The explanation he gave for it made sense."

To the topic of the Seven, she gives a small shrug. "Bold, I think he put it? If it's true, perhaps it's in the risk they took. What if the Twelve had been killed on sight? What if one of the infiltrators had silenced him instead? It was a bold strategy overall, but definitely modulated. Perhaps the Twelve's influence. Knox implied the two lines are close. That where one goes, the other follows. I know it's nothing actionable, but I found it interesting enough to pass along."

"Possibly," Elias allows that Knox's motives may be evolving. The Sixes desire to no longer download doesn't seem to be news to him, as he glosses this over with only a brief nod. "You may want to review the incident that happened right before the tribunals on Picon. When the Raptor transporting Captain Delacroix was shot down. Just as a point of reference on the Sergeant." Then there's another nod, more cetain this time. "Boldness, yes. That's the report, at least. But as for the plan … it's impossible to say for certain. I certainly won't complain if it turns out to be true." There's a pause to smoke, then he goes on. "In other news — The comatose Nine was revived by a trip to Piraeus, in case you hadn't heard. She's back on Aerlion already, I believe. The survivor from the Galactica seems to have some sort of brain abnormality that might explain their behavior. The Galactica herself and the stores at Ragnar are still to be dealt with. Captain Termaine recovered the 'coffin' and it sent out an FTL relay signal that summoned a flight of Raiders to try and kill them. There were some other traps invovled, I believe, but she's recovered the comm device and it's under examination." He thinks back, then shakes his head slightly. "I believe that is all."

There's a brief twitch of lips in a smirk. "Another line defecting? It's a two-for-one special if it's true. I think we'd all gladly accept that." Skyler reaches for her clipboard and makes a note regarding the incident, so that she can pull out the file later on. When the Nine is mentioned, she looks back up with an arch of brow. And then more. A grimace at the mention of the coffin. "Well, we suspected it to be a trap. That's why the Iron Pilgrim was built. No real way to prevent an instant call, but it sounds like everyone made it back alright?" She's sketching out a few more things.

"Any decisions on what to do about the Galactica? I saw the report before I left. It doesn't sound like the ship is viable, but maybe parts?" Shrug. Something for Deck and Engineering to work out, likely. "Oh, and what's the word on that Raider we had on deck? I can't imagine it's held up too well." And the ship doesn't stink of rot.

"Yes," Elias' enthusiasm is well-tempered. "If they are defecting. Having more lines opposing the Ones is definitely useful, but it doesn't necessarily put them in our camp." And on to the coffin, the young Major's mouth tightens. "They were able to jump away with the coffin before being vaporized, yes. And once it was safely aboard the Pilgrim it couldn't transmit further. At this point I am assuming it was a Cylon trap and nothing more, but Captain Tremaine seems keen to continue looking into it." And his expression looks even less pleased for the Galactica. "No decision, thus far. I agree that we should salvage whatever we can. There's also some talk to tracing back the jump-route they took to see what was out there. Which I've recommended against. But again, no command decision as of yet." And finally he cracks a faint smile again when the Raider is mentioned. "It's still there, but I believe the worst of the … decay is over. There's been some back and forth between medical and engineering about who is going to deal with the … organic remains."

"I'm glad our recon unit didn't pick it up, in that case." Regarding it possibly being a trap and nothing more. "At least we'll know, should we come across any others." Skyler taps her pen lightly against the edge of the clipboard as Elias explains about the Galactica. "Considering all we know is that they returned to warn the remaining Fleet not to go where they did, tracing their jump-route seems an exercise in satisfying curiousity and nothing more." A pause, as she grabs her coffee and takes a quick sip. There's a gesture to Elias with her pen after the mug is placed back down. "And I say that as a heavy supporter of satisfying curiousity."

There's a brief smirk before Skyler mollifies. "Well. What small blessings we get, yeah? I take it neither department is entirely keen on being the ones saddled with the task?"

"Yes," Elias says. "That was the right call." Leaving a possible trap alone and reporting back. And for the Galactica followup, he frowns slightly. "Mmm. It would also require eight days and a significant amount of fuel. I'm going to recommend one of the smaller ships go take a look, if they decide it must be done." Skyler's smirk earns her a knowing nod from the other Intel officer. "Something like that. To be honest, I haven't had time to keep up with their progress. You could check in with the Chief Engineer, if you like." To which he quickly adds, "And our new Deck Chief. Just came aboard. Nothing like a running start."

"Just so long as it's not that one Tauron. I think he feels I have a few screws loose for the projects I was passing down." Not that Skyler seems bothered by it. She can glean some amusement from what little of the smoke and mirrors she engages in. She's making notes, at that. "I'll speak with the Chief Engineer, see what she thinks. We have a decent enough rapport, I believe." There's a slight shift forward and a thoughtful expression, but she shakes it away. "Anything else?"

"Mmm." Something about the mention of Toby cause Elias to stop and consider. After a second he shakes his head. "I don't think Crewman Shackleton will be a problem." Then he gives a curt nod for her plans, and stops to think over what else he might need to tell Skyler. "Not at the moment. I'll get you the folder of the proposed plan for Libran. The details of that are strictly 'need to know,' but the Marine command staff has been briefed. Air Wing has only a general 'heads up' at this point, as we'll be needing a few of their ships."

"I never considered it a problem. It's not as if he had any real say as to handling tasks assigned. But since we have a new Chief settling in, he can be their problem now." Skyler's a-OK with that. "Really, my primary concern was about Major Fairfax. I think he was on the verge of going insane with requests such as hoarding beans. And he could potentially make my life difficult." Amusement or no, security clearance or no, no one wants to go round pissing off senior officers. She does tilt her head in a nod regarding Libran intel. "Certainly. I'll make sure to go through it in case the Colonel decides to toss any questions my way."

"Exactly." Elias does not have the slightest problem with taking advantage of the new chain of command. "Major Fairfax has had Captain Ommanney, the S-3, handling most of Intel's interactions. So you may have been right on that call." Not that he sounds particularly concerned at this point, one way or another. "Yes. Good. I am going to need you up to speed on all Intel matters, ASAP. I'll be here if you have any questions."

"It's why I figured I ought to report in sooner rather than later." Skyler would have either way, but it's better to show up than be hunted down and told to show. She grabs her clipboard and goes over the noted things to look up or corner people to speak about. A light tap of the pen, "I'll get started on this now. Any questions I have, I'll put together and set aside so we can go through them all at once. Unless it seems urgent." By her tone, she doubts anything will come up and be urgent in some way. The mug is drained and held in hand after tucking clipboard under her arm. Cane in hand and yes, a glance about decrees that the jig feels ready to depart. "I'll get started. I may just take up one

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