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NOTE: This page is currently undergoing a massive rewrite to reflect IC progress made ingame. Old information can still be found via the link at the bottom of the page, but should be considered history only.

Task Force Nomad

Current Orders

1. Norton is to remain in orbit over the new refugee colony (codenamed Pitchfork) first and foremost provide orbital security from hostile forces. This priority must be maintained above all others. In the event of an emergency on Pitchfork, Norton is tasked with immediate escalation of and response to external threats, including the possibility of emergency evacuation.

2. Orion is to establish and maintain a secure and regular communication with Norton command which will provide reports on top Pitchfork objectives, namely: basic infrastructure and living conditions, the re-establishment of a civilian government for purposes of representation, and security from external threats.

3. The rest of the Orion Battlegroup is tasked to proceed to an uncharted sector (starting coordinates provided) of the Cyrannus galaxy in pursuit of locating the home planet of possible Erfriki allies (codenamed Paladin) not previously known to the Arpay or Colonial Fleet.

4. All vessels with information pertaining to the location of Pitchfork is now considered top secret. Material and individuals who possess this knowledge will be terminated/destroyed if there is a threat that said individual or material could fall into enemy hands.

Rear Admiral Robin Io
CO, Battlestar Orion

Task Force Nomad (Battlestar Group 114)

Home System: None
Current Flag: Admiral Robin Io

Ship Type Designation Class Notes
Flagship BS-114 Orion Upgraded Pre-War Mercury Class Battlestar None
Escort ACC-207 Norton Arpay Fleet Carrier Discovered at Graveyard. Air Wing.
Escort CHC-441 Kings Bay Heavy Cruiser None
Escort CHC-463 Walker Shoals Heavy Cruiser None
Escort CLC-873 Clotho Light Cruiser None
Escort CF-11381 William Landry Flak Frigate None
Escort CCS-1358 Garner Corvette (Stealth) Landing capability.
Escort CLPS-784 Riley Cutter Landing capability.
Support C-AKE-193 Mallfut Auxiliary Supply (Munitions) Landing capability.
Support CAFS-7-19 Carlson Auxiliary Supply (Combat Stores) Landing capability. Marine armor aboard.
Support CAF-7-08 Boddington Auxiliary Supply (Provisions) Landing capability.
Support MV-9318H Riker Fulton Civilian Cargo Freighter Landing capability.
Support CSD-001 Ajax Landing Ship Dock Landing capability.
Support CSD-002 Achilles Landing Ship Dock Landing capability.
Support CSD-004 Agamemnon Landing Ship Dock Landing capability.
Support CSD-005 Aeneas Landing Ship Dock Landing capability.

Lost Ships

Ship Type Designation Class Notes
Escort CLC-885 Valeho Light Cruiser Missing at Charlie Foxtrot, failed to make the jump.
Escort CF-11403 Julie F. Maeren- Flak Frigate Destroyed at Charlie Foxtrot.
Escort CMS-2341 Oleander Minesweeper Missing at Charlie Foxtrot, last seen on fire, no helm.


Designation: P-269-7. AKA: TDB

A recently discivered world, that once was occupied by an as of yet unknown branch of humanity. For reasons not yet clearly established they all died, very suddenly, around 80 years ago leaving the shells of cities, and other infrastructure. Areas of potential contamination are strictly off limites and most of the settlers relocated from Piraeus are currently remaining close to the Landing Zone while they establish order, government, and the basic building blocks of civilisation.


Designation: Unknown. AKA Fifth World

Arpay stories tell of a 'fifth world' where the 'Erfriki tongue' is spoken. As potential new allies in the fight against the Skath the fleet is setting out to try and find this lost outpost of humanity.

The Twelve Colonies

The Twelve Colonies of Kobol are twelve distinct worlds located in Star System Cyrannus.

About 2,000 years prior to the Cylon Holocaust, the Twelve Tribes of Kobol left their home planet after conflicts with their gods led to some sort of calamity only hinted at in religious texts. Having settled in the Cyrannus Systems, the early Colonies lived (and fought) more or less as sovereign states. Some (like Caprica and Virgon) prospered; others (like Sagittaron and Aerilon) did not. Two millennia of inter-Colonial tensions and warfare finally came to an end forty-one years ago: after joining together to resist the Cylon rebellion, the various independent governments agreed to unify as a federal republic, formalizing the so-called Articles of Colonization signed during the middle of the war. The majority of the Colonies' twenty billion inhabitants were killed by the Cylons on Warday at the start of the Second Cylon War.

At the end of the war several colonies were abandoned and rebuilding started on the otheres. These surviving colonies, and Piraeus which was discovered shortly before the war, prospered for over twenty years. The long term plan was for complete evacuation by the newly found allies, the Arpay, a process that would take 80-100 years, but all did not go well. Word came of a threat from a greater enemy than the cylons and the fleet was strengthened with a recall of the veterans. In the years that followed, the Machines, known colloqually as the Skath, attacked. The colonies that survived this were EMPed back to pre-industrial technology and an oppressive social order.


Society and Culture

The Enemy


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