Chief Petty Officer Sera Rutlii

…The difference between science and just screwin' around with explosives is takin' notes. — Sera

sera1.jpg Rutlii, Seraphina J.
CPO Navy
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Deck, AE(M)
Age Sex
28 F
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown


Ask Sera where she was born and her answer will most likely be "Some crack in the dirt on Troy you ain't never heard of." And the thing is, she's probably right. Her records list her as a citizen of Virgon, but the truth is that her family has been working the mines on the tiny planet claimed by Virgan and Leonese coporations for generations. It was a hard life — one fraught with the looming danger of an explosion or a cave-in, all in exchange for very little pay. With most of the goods imported to their settlement by the very company who owned the mines, it wasn't long before most people were singing a little ditty about "selling their soul to the company store".

Determined not to become just another dead dirt-digger, Sera enlisted as soon as she finished school. At only 17, she had to convince her parents to sign the papers. Pointing out that enlistment meant one more paycheck coming in and one less mouth to feed was quite persuasive, especially when she added that maybe — just maybe — it'd be enough to send one of them, her younger sister, to a real college. A promise to her mother that she'd never see combat sealed the deal.

It was probably the right choice on her parents' part; Sera's father and brother were killed in the same accident barely two years later. Besides, Sera was good at her job. She was really good at her job. It might've been the years she spent as a child, staring up at the stars, hoping against hope that she'd live her life flying among them instead of in a hole in the earth. (And thus spent most of her childhood fangirling over (slightly outdated) aviation magazines.) It might've been growing up so damned poor that something breaking left only two choices; fixing it or doing without. (Buying a new one ?! HA.) It might've been the way she threw herself into her training. (She wasn't washing out; no way in hell she was going to work those pits back on Troy.) Or, well, maybe Sera was just good with machines — so good, in fact, that it earned her a reputation. Cannon cooling sleeve is failing and the damn thing keeps overheating? Call Rutlii. Tritanium fuel bladder isn't sealing right? Call Rutlii. The HUD keeps scrambling everything on the window because — ohh, frak it, just call Rutlii down here. It was like she could talk to every frame in the hangar.

With skills like that? Promotions came steadily, until she hit one little snag. It turns out that it's a bad move to mouth off to a Colonel's son, even when you're right. After telling the wrong hot-stuff Viper jock to stick it where the sun don't shine, her career stalled. It wasn't dead. Not quite. But it was doing a pretty good job drifting, going nowhere fast. It didn't matter what her DH wrote in her jacket. Sera was passed up for promotion to PO1 again. And again. And again. With her sister in college — and talking about medical school, no less — it wasn't so much that she wanted the pins. It was that she needed the pay grade to cover the bills. When the opportunity to volunteer on the Battlestar Orion came, it didn't much matter that they'd said "deep space mining", which was pretty much the one thing she'd been trying to avoid her whole life. With double hazard pay, Sera was one of the first to raise her hand and volunteer. After a few months in her new post, and an awkward conversation with her new CO, they gave her the pay grade — and the pins.

The question is, how much longer can she keep her mouth shut if she wants to keep them? And how much longer can she stand being assigned to a battlestar stationed in the middle of frak-all nowhere?

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Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
1993 Recruit Boot Camp/A-School AE (M) - Technician
1993-1994 CN Battlestar Universal (BS-18) AE (M) - Technician
1995-1996 SPC Battlestar Universal (BS-18) AE (M) - Technician
1996 - 1999 PO3 Fifth Fleet Anchorage AE (M) - Technician
1999 - 2000 PO2 Fifth Fleet Anchorage AE (M) - Technician
2001 PO2 Heavy Cruiser Ponos (CHC-441) AE (M) - Technician
2001 - 2003 PO2 Seventh Fleet Anchorage AE (M) - Technician
2003 PO2 Battlestar Orion (BS-114) AE (M) - Technician
2003-2005 PO1 Battlestar Orion (BS-114) AE (M) - Lead Technician
2005-(Current) CPO Battlestar Orion (BS-114) AE (M) - Section Head


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