PWD #04: Second String
Second String
Summary: Ceres meets Augie at his bunk for a talk.
Date: 02/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Augie Ceres 
Lt. Garrido's Bunk - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
A green curtain protects the bunk of LT. Augustus Garrido. When pulled back, the DCO keeps a pretty spartan bunk. It's kept clean. There's an emergency repair bag kept at the foot of his bed. On the wall is a targetting picture of a Cylon when the main areas pointed out. There's also patches from different units, pictures of units he's served with. Also a schematic of Orion with fire routes and stations marked on it. There's a stack of cigar boxes. Some store cigars, others store screws, bolts and other small repair pieces for a just in case emergency. Hanging on a series of hooks across the top of the bunk are coffee mugs. The current mugs there include:

A mug that says 'Being an Asshole is all part of my Manly Essence'.
A mug made from the same diamonded steel that is used on the decks of the ship of the fleet.
A mug from a hollowed out Willie Pete gernade that has 'Hot Stuff' written on it.
A mug from the Scorpia Stingers pyramid team.
A mug with a picture of a bulldog on the side of it.
A mug shaped like a toilet.
A mug that says 'Have a cup of joe and shut the frak up.'.
A mug from 'Shimmy Shack' shaped like a buxom woman.
A mug from 'Jiggle Hut' that looks like a pair of breasts.
A mug from 'The Purple Moon' that actually has a stripper on a stripper pole stirrer.
A mug in the shape of a teddy bear.

PWD #04

Off-duty. Time to rest and relax, right? Returning to his bunk after the duty day, Augie is in his sweats and carrying a gym back in one hand, and in the others some crunchy old spaghetti westerns. A night of gun fights, fist fights, and awesome dialogue, you better believe it.

What Augie may not expect is the woman sitting in his bunk, studying the mugs and decorations. In one hand is a rumpled piece of paper while her other hand motions over the mugs. Ceres is dressed in off-duty, dark pulled back and high in a ponytail. There is a sort of somber resignation to her features, tired touched with a bit of sorrow. Pressing her hand into her cheek and then down her neck, her hand encircle around her dog tags. When he enters he receives her attention, which he may not wish to feel the weight of given her mood.

"Ceres? Hey." Augie says, tossing his bag onto the bed. And he arches his brow as he studies her expression. He doesn't go guarded, instead he takes a seat next to her on the bunk. "Welcome to the casa." he offers, trying to keep it casual. "What's up?"

"Nice mug collection…" Its said in a passing manner. Ceres' attention drifts from the aforementioned decorations to the paper in her hand with a distance. "How was your day today?" The question is an innocent one in its simplicity but is made more with her dark eyes lifting to study his face.

"Honestly? Shit." Augie says, kicking back. "I was in observation, plucking away at my guitar, and yer ex decided to start giving me twenty questions under the guise of idle chatter." he comments. "Then I went to the gym, worked out some aggression and came back here to watch some movies and see the gal that I'm with upset and holding a letter."

"Yeah?" Ceres asks without the sound of a real question. Her brows furrow and she exhales. "I was having a rather uneventful day until I came back to my bunk to find this note." She studies it, creasing the fold and moving it from hand to hand in a long bout of silence. She draws a long deep breath and offers it to him. Its a way for him to opt out of taking it.

Augie doesn't back down, instead he plucks the paper from her fingers. "You know, contrary to what some people say, I can read." his face twists into a distinct frown as he unfolds the note to read it.

I know now what you wanted to apologize to me about. I hope you are both happy. Goodbye.

Ceres is deathly quiet, not even smiling at the attempt of levity. She just warches him, her fingers gripping at her leg as she waits. Dark eyes never leave him. But finally she looks down at her hands, becoming distant.

"So?" Augie asks as he looks up at her. "Are you thinkin I said somethin to him to make him write this to you?" he finally asks, moving to sit up to face her fully.

Looking up at him, Ceres shakes her head. "Augustus, I have no idea what happened…if I had I would not be trying to remain calm. This….this is not how I wanted to part with him." There is a faint tension to her jaw as she studies his face. "What happened?"

"We were talkin about his kid and shit, Ceres." Augie says, stating the facts are they were. "And then he asked about you and I fighting and some other rumors. I told him that we were seeing each other. And he suggested that he hoped I was just your passing fancy." His jaw clenches, and his hands clutch on the edge of the covers.

"Look, I know I'm just shipyard trash that doesn't even know his own parents, but I don't need some wordsmithy educated accented frakkin author tellin me that I ain't worth the shit on his boot and definetly not worth you. And then ramming his shoulder into me to try to start some shit. I shoulda decked him. Left him as a stain on the deck. I didn't though. Ya know why?" He reaches over and takes her hand in his.

"You." he says simply. "I see yer expression when you talk about him. And I'm just gonna have to wait. We have… strings between us, Ceres. And I want to see more. I want to be yer exclusive. I want to tell people that I have a girlfriend. But I know ya aren't ready for that. So I wait. And I wait. But if I woulda laid one hand on him? Doesn't matter what he did to start it. It'd been my fault. Oh, that Augie Garrido. He lost his frakkin temper and beat the shit outta that nice author. My ass woulda been in the fryer. Not just with the brass. But with you. I refuse to be the scapegoat, Ceres."

Her nostrils flare and hands tighten on her leg whil he explains. Dark eyes flit back and forth between his eyes, lingering a moment or two when he speaks of being trash. Tension rushes through her when takes her hand, causing her to struggle a moment and focus. There is a skittish look that screams 'run'! "Augie."

Gods. Her skin itches, she grows hot to the touch and she has to suck in air quickly to keep from running. Its easier for her to address everything else he says save one thing, "You are not trash. Trash is a man who does not face his life head on and hides behind vices. You are not that." She is firm in her belief, voice sharp. "Frak anyone that will tell you otherwise." Pause. "As for Aios…I care very much for Daniel which is why I let him go. I can't be the woman he wants me to be…I am not good for him."

"One string Augie…what happened to that?" Its a direly soft question.

"…One string tends to split, Ceres." Augie responds, refusing to let her run. "But I'll wait. Wait as long as you want me to, Ceres." he says quietly, and starts to withdraw her hand. If she runs, she'll run. But Aios lit that fuse today. And the unanswered question remains in the air. Is he worthy of her?

A slight shuddering tension as he elaborates. Silence is her answer at first so that when he releases her hand she looks to the piece of paper. Her head turns to look over away from him but she manages not to run. Yet. "Damn Augie…Gods…." She rubs at her neck and then closes her eyes. "What changed your mind?"

"Someone forced my hand, Ceres. If Daniel hadn't confronted me, I'd still be okay with where we are. I still am." Augie reaches out and presses on her shoulder. "I'm not gonna say anything I can't take back." His fingers reach for her chin, to turn her to him. That's not all that forced his hand, but he holds that back.

Her chin follows his touch at first, eyes briefly meeting his. "This all started with no strings…you know what has just happened between Aios and I. Frak you punched it out of me." A wan if brief smile touches her lips. "I am not sure I can do two…" Pause. "But..I will try."

"It's all I ask, Ceres. And I'll be here for you if you need me to knock you around again." Augie gives her a wink and then tugs him over into his arms, if she allows. "So. What's your favorite mug? They all have stories." he grins at her, trying to bring her smile back fully.

There is no smile that comes, rather an apathetic acceptance. " I fear that though I have seen them I am not all together sure. I may need to visit several times to be certain." That is her nod to trying at two strings. Tired. Ceres, emotionally exhausted gives in and leans into his chest. "How about you play me something." There is an empty depth to her dark eyes she tries to cover up with a smile.

"Can I play later? I got some bad movies. Ya can watch them with me." Augie offers, and pulls her into the bed with him. And with that, the new couple snuggles in for gun fights and fist fights and Ceres gets introduced to the world of Augie's movie choices…

…gods she has so much work to do.

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