AWD #536: Second Deaths and Second Chances
AWD #536: Second Deaths and Second Chances
Summary: A funeral is held on Picon to honor the fallen Piraen soldiers. A rush mission immediately follows the ceremony.
Date: 09/12/2016 (OOC Date)
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A scenic hilltop.
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Finding a spot wasn't hard. Carrack's primary request was a hilltop with a view. There's no shortage of those on Picon. A grassy plain spreads out before them, the star rising and setting to each side. The weather is slightly cool and the clouds keep the location under an overcast sky - threatening to rain later.

Both graves have been dug just as anyone else would have. But during prep both Kammar and Noonen we dressed back into the uniforms they died in and their bodies cleaned of dirt - but not their blood. It was a careful process that took them a couple hours to complete and was something they wanted no assistance on. The entire day before had been spent using simple wood lumber to build planks for their caskets. Nothing fancy, they wouldn't use the same metal ones the fleet offered. They both look identical, too. Over their bodies is a single plain white sheet, a shroud.

Carrack stands between the two caskets in his standard Piraean uniform, but both he and Yonas absolutely insisted on being fully kitted, including rifles and bodyarmor. The only difference is that Carrack is wearing a white scarf draped around his neck once, left hanging onto his gear. Yonas is off to the side, wanting to stand alone, looking on at the two graves with a far-off expression. Sadness and something else hard to scrutinize. "Thank you all for coming," the Sergeant tells them.

To show her respect, Randy has shown up in dress uniform, as is appropriate for any sending off of Colonial military personnel. She nods subtly and solemnly to Carrack's expression of thanks as she moves to take her place. She keeps her eyes down as if easily getting lost in her own thoughts. There's a soft unease about her.

With official business on Picon Amos has carefully planned the timings so he can attend this funeral. Carrack and Yonas aren't his solders, Kammar and Noonen only sort-of died under his command, but that's not the point. THese guys can't go home, so he's going to do everything he can to support them as they try to find their way. He is, for once, out of his green and into his dress uniform, given the nature of the occasion, however odd it feels. He's added the armband he was wearing on Twin Rocks though, or a modified version anyway, so the band itself is black. Solidarity and all that.

Also having managed to swing a trip down from Orion is Toby. His wrist is no longer cast, but there is a support brace on it for now to aid in those final stages of healing. For reasons likely known only to himself he's out of uniform, but has managed to beg, steal, or borrow a plain black jumper that he hopes counts as respectful. His hands are gloved as usual, but he's managed to find ones that aren't battered from daily use, and that even look almost respectable.

Lacking a dress uniform, Elias attends in his blues with his sidearm at his hip. The uniform is clean and pressed at least, having sufffered only a little on the ride over to Picon. Seeing the crowd starting to assemble, the Major finishes off a last cigarette and makes his way over to join in, finding a place to stand. He watches the proceedings in silence, his expression thoughtful and distant.

Rance is here. The guy looks like he has a lot going on in his head during the lead-up to whats happening. He's dressed casually but wears his own plate carrier and gear - sans weapons - with gloves and sunglasses on under a ballcap. He stands comfortably, hands hanging from the carrier. Just to his right is a strange sight… a Five. And its very clearly NOT Captain al Yamoha. She's dressed in a pair of fitted jeans and a long coat. On each side of her are two heavily armed MP's that are clearly serving as her escort. While Rance looks fairly easy about the whole situation, the Five cannot help staring at the uniforms the Piraeans are wearing.

In full dress uniform, her home-cut red hair almost professional, Ensign Heron stands at attention. Her uniform is a little big on her, but it is otherwise impeccable.

Colonel Io is in attendence as well, to show respect to those who fought alongside the Marines on the Cylon home planet. She's lacking a dress uniform as well and is in a fresh pair of blues with her sidearm. Her hair is pulled back, cleanly parted down the side into a low ponytail. She's off to the side, near the back of those in attendence, allowing those that might have fought alongside the soldiers their closeness.

Sergeant Carrack begins speaking to all of them, his eyes moving to each person and model line in attendance. There's no hesitation or qualm with the Five or anyone else. "Our burial rites stipulate that a member of the military is entitled to an honor guard with no less than two members of their armed service serving it. Given the difficulties, I believe my brother and sister in arms will understand if we only manage Specialist Yonas."

He takes a long breath. "I know our presence here has upset some natural orders. We know we should not be here. I wish we knew how. Kammar and Noonen, along with us, knew that we had not survived our defence of the Abbey. We also know none of our unit did. Kammar expressed, with some distress, that one of the last things she saw was our Company Commander, Captain al Yamoha, going down while she covered the radioman. He was destroying their radio. We had been overrun." He looks down. "I bring this up because we believe that in death, there is resolution for all things. Rest can be taken. The fight, for our fallen brethren, is over." His eyes come back up. "We hope that they have come to their rest and resolution. For the final time." He clears his throat and comes to attention. "Specialist Miriam Kammer and Private First Class Kefen Noonen!" he barks loudly. Silence. He then repeats it, each syllable annunciated with precision. Silence again. "You stand relieved."

Both Rance and the Five in attendance murmur the words almost in perfect unison, surprising themselves. Its almost lost with a slight breeze.

"Simple lumber for the caskets because all warfighters, regardless or status or rank, deserve equal honors. The white shroud is the righteousness of our cause. The blood of the uniform sacred as spilled in action of defense."

Again the two Lines whisper it as if from memory.

Sergeant Carrack turns, performing a flawless about-face between the two caskets, by their feet. Once again he barks his words, "DEEH-TAAAAIL! Atten-SHUN!" Yonas snaps-to with it. Both of them, slowly, their right fists come up and tap their chests twice. Their own form of salute.

<FS3> Toby rolls Alertness: Amazing Success.

While Amos is torn between standing with his marines, and keeping half an eye on the Five for sheer curiosities sake, he decides in the end to stick with Elias and form a small officers corner as it were. Giving his fellow major a nod as they congigate he flicks his eyes to the Five and Seven, then forces himself to focus on the ceremony as it starts. Remaining silent he listens respectfully, letting the Intel man concern himself with infromation gathering. As attention is called he does just that, even if he isn't in the detail, adding a standard colonial salute.

Toby is largely keeping to himself, not really having a place amongst marines, lines, and officers. The white sheets are ntoed though, just like the specification shad been for the dead in the bunker. What's more noticed though is the Five. He might just have stared a little there. He's mentally used to the concept of their being identical looking people about, but his actual physical exposure has never been to more than one of each Line before, so it's a little unsettling until his brain kicks in and gets things back on track. The fact that Rance and the Five seem to know the words is not lost on him, and causes a frown, but it's something he's not going to comment on now, later perhaps, but not now. As the Piraeans salute their fallen he straightens up, not saluting, but his back is straight and he's standing tall. Silent. Well, almost silent, he does mutter a few words under his breath in his own native tongue, but not so loud as to carry far, or ruin the moment.

Randy listens silently as Carrack begins the ceremony with a few words. She lets her gaze drift momentarily, distracted somehow enough to see glance at the audience gathered. When attention is called though, she performs a Piraean salute, holding it, and then following it up with a reverent Colonial one.

Colonel Io sees a cadre of peers gathering, but simply stays in her place. Though the lines in attendence do get her attention for a moment, before the call for attention. Aside from the lines serving on the Orion, she's never seen any other lines before. Not in social settings, that's for sure. The call to attention prompts Robin to perform a Colonial salute.

Squared away in her rarely used dress uniform, Kapali stands with other marines in attendance, her expression solemn and gravely serious as the ceremony begins. Her eyes skim around those assembled, as much to take in all that there is to see but also to imprint the expressions of those around her in her memory. All before she turns her eyes back toward the freshly formed graves, her jaw setting slightly, a muscle along the left side of her jaw flexing - visibly - just the once before the marine locks it down again.

Elias' attention is primarily on the two skinjobs, watching their reaction to the proceedings and taking note of their apparently familiarity with the words. Then his eyes go to the detail when attention is called, and the Major offers a Colonial salute. It is a gesture made with a respectful precision he doesn't normally afford.

Gray is also wearing a dress uniform that he hasn't worn in…quite a while. His face is somewhat impassive…he's in an unusual position, really: On the one hand, this is a memorial service for two fellow soldiers, one of whom he did his best to help carry the body of to their escape flight. That makes it a painfully solemn occasion. On the other hand, his mind is in a total knot after the last few weeks, dealing with all of the holes in his knowledge about Piraean culture and the like, so there's a corner of his mind trying to process all of this. He offers both salutes, though for obvious reasons the Colonial one is more precise due to experience.

The salute from the Piraeans slowly falls away to their sides. Carrack looks over to Yonas and gives a simple nod. They both move to kneel beside the coffins and the wooden lids. With even more precision and without a count, they silent lift the lids and place them onto the wooden boxes. They both then come back to attention for three seconds, then perform another facing movement to look to those in attendance. "We require ten volunteers to lay these two warriors to rest." There's three ropes under each casket, a length for one person on each side. "Or four to lay them one at a time."

The Five looks to Rance, and Rance looks over to her. The guy shakes his head slowly, a gesture of 'Do not walk over there,' followed by a glance to the MP's. They might have something to say about her approaching Majors and Colonels without permission. He might be better received than she, but he understands his place with the Fleet.

While Amos is happy to volunteer should there been a shortfall in numbers, Toby wastes no time in stepping forwards. Not that he rushes mind, but his step is unhaltering, purposeful. Noting the ropes on the ground he eyes any others who volunteer and attempts to set himself opposite someone of approximately the same height as him.

Randy steps forward, but pretty much won't balance anyone out with her height. Still, she doesn't seem to care. That's what clenching one's teeth is for. She stands by a rope, waiting for the others to form up. She won't stop carrying them till they're at rest. This, is the follow through for a respect that started before, but she carries with her a different bearing this time around.

Kapali moves when Randy does, a single glance having swept toward her fellow marine the moment Kapali had seen her move. She shares a single, wordless nod with Randy as she moves to the other side, standing by the rope as well.

Gray also steps forward, taking up a position somewhat awkwardly opposite Toby. He's /very respectfully/ going through motions he doesn't wholly understand, but he's going through them all the same out of respect…with a look that, to a well-trained eye, says 'please don't let me frak up'.

Once they have enough people Carrack calls the steps out, one at a time. Including when to sidestep. For a group that hasn't performed it together before, its done as well as could be done. The coffins are lowered carefully, inches at a time, until they lay flat on the bottom. The people in the center pull their ropes up to their sides. Carrack and Yonas then step over to the piles of direct and take a handful of terra. They whisper their own words and toss the dirt across the coffin at the bottom. Carrack nods to the others, "Please, one handful to the one you lain. Any words you wish to pass as well. Well-wishing is common." He and Yonas step back to the front and wait.

Elias leaves the first choice on pall bearing to the Marines — those who served closest with the dead Piraens. And the Major ends up staying where he is as the required numbers are filled. He watches the ceremony with some interest, silent and respectful.

Randy waits her turn. Then she kneels down to scoop up a single hand of soil. She moves to douse the coffin with dirt and kneels once more for a few moments of silence before she murmurs something softly, unintelligible. It sounds a little like it might be Aquarian. Then she rises and moves off to the side to rejoin the gathered folk, only then discreetly dusting some loose grass from her uniform.

Taking a good handful of soil, Kapali dusts it gently onto the coffin, letting the clumps and fine grains of dirt drift through her fingers until the last bits are dusted between her palms. Without the words to speak, she simply offers a deep nod before stepping back with the others, hands clasped behind her back once she resumes her position with the other marines.

Gray reaches down and scoops up a hand of soil, quietly mumbling a wish of good luck to them…and lamenting that he hadn't had the chance to know them better as well. With that, he tosses the dirt onto the coffins in a rough imitation of the other two.

Being near to the dirt piles, Amos moves forward from the coffin he'd been carrying and takes a handful. Stepping back he moves round to the footend, straightens, then tosses the earth down into the hole. Once his hand is empty he mutters, "Hades watch over your passage," then snaps to attention and salutes in utter silence for a moment, before turning away and moving to rejoin Elias.

Toby doesn't seem to care that there's a marine as his oppo. There's lots of marines about, and he hasn't even punched any of them yet. Must be a record. His mind is on the Piraeans though, and in turn he steps forwards, collects some soil and turns back. His voice is low, but not whispered, when he speaks words that are certainly not colonial standard, and that most will likely recognise as beingin Tauran. By the look of concentration on his face he's trying to pull them from some long disused corner of his memory, and he does stumble over them a few times, but then he opens his fingers and lets the dirt drop before he attempts as close as he can manage to a Piraean salute.

When the rest have said what they wanted and spread the terra, Carrack stands between the two graves and looks back to everyone. "Neither of them have any living blood relations. Typically here we ask the decedent's family to cleanse their hands and then whisper words to our warriors as they pass by the graves. Given that this is the case, I think you all for attending. I am unsure about the customs of the Colonials, but we are required to drink in the honor of those we lay to rest. However given the impending combat operations I think we may skip that." He nods to everyone. "Thank you, again." And he moves off to shake hands. First Rance and the Five, the latter who looks quite shaken with what she's just seen, before he moves on to the others. Yonas stands alone to the side and just looks down with a saddened expression, almost apologetic.

Grass crunches lightly underneath Randy's boots after Carrack brings the service to a close. She moves to approach Carrack in turn and shake his hand, mimicking the custom he uses for that as well if it differs from their's. Words are not things that come easily to her lips, so instead, she just moves off after sharing an intense look during the hand shaking process.

Amos had made some poor supply clerk search the fleet for some zero-alcohol wine, but apparently none was to be found, or none in time anyway. Noting that Carrack is moving to their 'guest' he turns to Elias and says quietly, "well that went about as well as could be expected. Does any of it give you any great new insight?" It's not a facetious question, he does seem at least moderately interested, but it's more small talk than anything else.

With the formalities over Toby dusts off the remains of the dirt from his glove and watches Carrack for a moment or two. It's Yonas he pays most attention to though, as he's on his own and quite obviously struggling. Heading over he offers a gloved hand, "I'm sorry they're gone from us, but I trust they've found their rest." There's a silent 'at last' which he almost verbalises, but in the end manages to keep back. "I know it's not the same, but there are some of us here who can never go home either. It gets easier though, I promise you. It never hurts less, but it gets easier."

Kapali moves along in Randy's wake and only after offering a hand shake to Carrack does she rest one hand on Randy's shoulder briefly before she hooks both hands behind her again.

"Mmm," Elias responds to Amos' observation with a neutral sound. As for new insight, he doesn't seem terribly keen. "The Lines seem to retain some memories of their customs," he says to the Marine officer. "Which may help convince our new friend there to believe more of what we have to say. Given the time frame? Every little bit helps."

Yonas looks over to offered hand from Toby and nods a little. He takes the hand after a moment and gives a firm shake. He's seeming to understand the gesture from the colonials. "Yeah. We also can't say our normal words properly either because they rhymed in our own language. Not in what we speak now." He looks back down to Kammar's coffin. "I heard they glassed some of your planets. I guess that's similar. Might be easier if they were all dead. Which they are. But they aren't. I don't like being two of the last of my own. Neither did Miri." He stares at the box. "I'm just sorry we didn't have more of our own people here for a proper guard detail. Its no way to be sent. Best we can do, though."

Meanwhile Carrack continues moving through the group, continuing to shake some hands. Its a hard job, buring your own people and officiating for them, but he handles it with as much professionalism as he can.

Meanwhile the Seven and Five are sharing some muttered words. The Five looks less than amused and Rance looks her up and down with a fairly disgusted expression, then walks away from her over towards Elias once all that is taken care of. "Major." A look to Amos. "Major. Man, yall grow in trees around here."

Gray offers a quiet nod as they file out, respectfully shaking Carrack's and Yonas' hand. "I…I wish I had something more I could say. I'm…sorry for your loss." The look on his face is wholly sincere if slightly lost, and his words are slightly awkward, the unease coming from a rather dramatic cultural disconnect that he's unable to bridge but so quickly. Once he's done that, though, he makes his way over to the officers; he hangs back, waiting for an opening, and offers a salute once there's a convenient moment for him to engage.

"She certainly reacted to the symbol on my armband," Amos replies quietly, so their ocnversation does not disturb the solumness of the event, "and their unifroms." He tilts his head faintly towards the Piraeans. "I didn't get the impression that she could place where she knew them from, or why they were familiar though, just that she somehow recognised them." As Rance approaches though he drops quiet and lets Elias handle the conversation.

"I've only spoken with a few of your people," Toby replies, "but from what I can gather and generalise, they'd understand. In so many things it's the thought and the intention that count more, in the things that matter at least." And from his tone, he's classing this as something that matters. "I don't actually know how many of my own people survive, a few thousand perhaps, scattered about. The largest group is on Piraeus in fact." He knows hwat he wants to say, but struggles to actually work out how to say it for a few moments before he decides to just stumble on as best he can. "I was speaking with your Captain a while ago, comparing old tales. I don't know how much you've picked up on faith here, but most follow a group of Gods, a few, a tiny few, follow a single God. I don't know how it all fits together, how one leads to teh other, but your Captain and I suspect that that God, my God, appears in your legends. The mortal who slays a bull. So while you might think you're the last of your own, some things have survived, and they will continue to pass on."

"Yes…" Elias says to Amos. "I'm sure she has any number of questions. I wonder how she'll like the answers." He then takes his turn shaking hands with Carrack, giving the man a nod and a few simple words to go with it. "Thank you. We appreciate the … extraordinary lengths you and your comrades have gone for us." He's just turning back to Amos when Rance comes over, and Elias sees his fellow officer leaving the Seven to him. "So it seems," he says for the man's jest, mustering a thin smile. "You are Rance, correct?" Just to be certain. "I … didn't expect to see you here. I assume it's urgent."

Yonas stares down at the casket still, gloved hands resting on the butt of his rifle. Any in attendance who have seen the apparitions may suddenly recognize him from those experiences. Seeing him paling around with a female.. Kammar. But he listens to what Toby has to say. "I guess. We just- You want better for people you respect and care about." The part about a single God, has him glance over and look at Toby. There's some recognition there, but not a lot. "I've heard the story but I'm not extremely religious. Sorry. Never really believed in much." Which is probably one of the reasons this whole experience has so-unnerved him.

Rance nods. "Ayep, that's correct, Major Grey. I'm Rance and yeah, its urgent." His stance hasn't changed, looking fairly casual. "First, you need to know that waking the Three's made the difference. Two and Eight were won over by it. But I've got answers from Four, Seven, Elevens, and Twelve." He glances to Amos, then back. "You've got 'em. All of 'em. Waking Three was the best damned move you made. But I gotta tell you, they are going to do this regardless but they asked me to bring back something to you." He reaches up and pulls off his sunglasses, pushing the wraparounds up onto the top of the ballcap, intending those there to see his eyes. "One is lost to us. We all now it. But we're begging for leniency on the Fives and Tens. We have no way to get to them. And I don't mean that like we won't go through with it if you can't. I mean we're really begging you. If you don't, sir, then you're condemning them without even giving them a chance. Please. Can you try to do that for us?"

"Yeah, I know," Toby replies in a voice that's suddenly weary, "any you feel like you've failed because you couldn't." He looks down at the grave too then back to Yonas as he says quietly, "it gets easier." Not really know what else to say to the man he offers his hand again, "Toby Shackleton, I work as part of Orion's deck crew. If you ever want a beer, or to vent, or even just get drnk and share memories, come find me." And with that said, he moves to give the Private his privacy.

Elias turns to face Rance as the Seven speaks, listening closely. The young Major's expression remains fairly guarded, but some might spot a hint of relief for the first part of the man's message. Then his mouth tightens at the request, and there's a quick glance toward the Five in attendance. Elias considers a moment, then gives a nod. "You can thank Major Ommanney and his people," he tells Rance, nodding the skinjob towards the Piraen soldiers, "and our friends here, for the Threes.

Elias turns to face Rance as the Seven speaks, listening closely. The young Major's expression remains fairly guarded, but some might spot a hint of relief for the first part of the man's message. Then his mouth tightens at the request, and there's a quick glance toward the Five in attendance. Elias considers a moment, then gives a nod. "You can thank Major Ommanney and his people," he tells Rance, nodding the skinjob towards the Piraen soldiers, "and our friends here, for the Threes. As for your other two sisters … we'll do whatever we can." The present Five gets a longer, considering look before Elias asks Rance, "Are the Tens all on Libran?"

Colonel Io starts to mosey over towards her colleagues after paying her respects, ever so proper. Just like a Virgon to adhere to tradition, even if she never even met the Piraean soldiers. She comes up just in time to begin overhearing Rance's words about the Lines. Her brow furrows slightly in thought, though she remains silent, on the edge of the small group.

Rance nods. "Oh I know. You've got a whole lot of the Lines who want to shake the hands of those Marines. The thing is, all the lines know. Not just the ones who have seen the light. They all know the Ones have been lying to them. They're starting to realize they need to download to get the big picture." He follows Elias gaze over to the Five, who still looks a little shaken but whats transpired here but is watching them. "Thanks, Major." Rance looks back to Elias, "Yeah, the Fives and Tens are being pulled back to Libran when they can. You shellacked the frak out of the Cylons and they're not sure if they want to listen to us anymore because One lied to them too about the Threes. But theres a bunch of transports flying all over the place and scrambling a bit, plenty of them heading to Leonis. Word on the download is that One is trying to fulfill a promise in order to keep his graces in with the cans. Its why he's dead to us. Nobody likes to lose a brother but when he throws in with the badguys, blood doesnt mean shit. He's just another bad apple."

Standing just within easy listening range, without actually crowding anyone, Kapali is just a spectator without anything to ante up, but is avidly listening.

Elias gives a quick nod of understanding for what's happening with the Lines. Despite the chaos and danger implied in Rance's description, the TACCO's face remains fairly impassive. "I'm sure One has his reasons," Elias says in a matter of fact tone, "But yes … he does seem to have made his choice." He takes a deep breath, then slowly eases it out, mulling things over as he studies the Five. Decision made, he waves the skinjob woman over. But then Elias turns immediately toward Robin and Amos. "Colonel, Major. Can you arrange for a ship, a raptor, and Marine detail to go to Piraeus immediately? The same protocols as before … though we can dispense with the overwatch." After the other officers have had their say, the TACCO finally turns to the skinjob woman. "Five … if we're going to save the rest of your line, and the Tens, we're going to need your help." It is not exactly phrased as a request, though it is not a demand either. He simple assumes she will agree to help. "There isn't much time."

As Rance speaks, Robin listens carefully, not giving much away with her reaction. Though when Elias inquires after a Raptor, Robin nods. "Of course Major. You'll have it." She doesn't bother to delay, seemingly already sensing the urgency after putting two and two together quickly. She takes her leave immediately, pausing only to murmur something to Major Ommanney about some clutch detail concerning coordination.

"Sure has. Given that I'm speaking for a lot of people here, I'll just tell you that we want a piece of him, too, when this is over with. By the way, your plans for the bases on Aerilon? Should come off. Its gonna scare the pants off a lot of people." Rance steps to the side when the Five is gestured over. She does move with her guard detail and looks to Amos, then to Elias. "Save my line? What are you talking about? Seven?" She gives him a dirty look. "What the hell is going on here." Looking back to Elias, "I'll go. I'll even cooperate. But I'm only going because you all rescued Three. Whatever that trickery was with the video.." She knows it wasn't staged. No Five would make such a thing. "I'm curious and also rather unhappy about being-so."

"Thank you, Colonel," Elias says to the CAG, and then he lets her get to business arranging the passage. He has to set up the passenger. A moment is taken to nod to Rance when the 'Aerilon bases' plan is mentioned. "Good. We're counting on you." No pressure. And then there's the Five. "I could try and explain it to you," he tells the woman, "but you wouldn't believe me. So we're going to take you to see for yourself." And then he just needs to pick out a few of the Marines and get Amos' approval … ah. Gray and Randy he recognizes, so Elias waves them over, including the Engineering Sergeant Kapali, who happens to be nearest. "You three. Tahiti detail."

Randy looks up from her silent contemplation and over when she notices Major Gray motioning her over. With quick trot, she's back over near the Major. "Yes, sir." She glances at the Five, and then looks at Rance, trying to figure out if he's one she knows. She looks doubtful.

"Yes, sir." Gray salutes in acknowledgement to the order and falls in with Elias. He then turns to Rance and offers a soft smile and a handshake. "Good to see you again…circumstances aside, at least. How're you doing?"

The Five looks dubious but willing. "Alright. Just be aware that other Fives are waiting for me to return and if I do not then-"

Rance cuts her off. "Five, just shut up for a minute." He lets her look indignant. "I said the exact same thing with my line when we went out there and I feel pretty stupid. Besides, you have nothing to threaten them with. Nothing. Not a single line is going to help you if you frak this up. All you have to do is go with them and sit on a beach for a couple hours."

Five just eyes Seven with enough cold weather to freeze a fire in place. "Fine. Then I'll comply." She looks back.

Afterwards Rance reaches out a hand to shake Grays. "Whats the haps, man. Sorry to meet back up with you at a funeral but seems like this is just the way it had to be. Glad to see you got out of the Rocks without too much lead in your diet."

Colonel Io returns to step up to the Major's side and simply say, "Transport's secured," and she gives him an ETA and other pertinent details. Then she slips away from the group to go catch a shuttle back to the Orion. She's got stuff to do!

Gray grins back to Rance. "Yeah, I've heard it's a cultural tradition of some sort to run into random people at funerals. It could be worse…if you get high enough in rank you wind up with 'working funerals': Everyone comes together to mourn because it's one time they can talk and nobody's going to question it." Beat. "Yeah, not /too/ much…" he offers, raising his right hand for Rance to notice the scarring. "Wouldn't be a good battle without a scar to show for it, though. And you should've seen the shipyards go down! So, what've they got you doing now?" he asks.

With the Marines reporting, Elias gestures Randy and Gray to take over escort duties. "You're relieved," he tells the Picon MPs. "But I need to borrow your restraints and hoods. Tell Commander Spree that Major Gray needed her guest … elsewhere." Sprees does outrank him, so he may be pushing the envelop here a bit, but that's not stopping him. And then Elias is about to try and respond to the Five when Rance cuts in, and seems to have it well in hand. One less thing for the Major to worry about, so he leaves that to the Seven. And there's quick, grateful nod to Robin when she has their ride all set up. "Thank you, Colonel. See you back on the ship … I hope."

"Indeed Major Gray," the Colonel says over her shoulder before getting out of earshot.

Randy nods to Elias and takes up he escort duties. She has a sidearm holstered, though no rifle with her. Still she steps off to form up the rear guard on the Five. Her thoughtful look is stripped into something more innocent and inquisitive, though the faint melancholia hasn't left her eyes. She takes the hood and restraints transferred to her by one of the MPs and keeps them in her opposite hand.


Rance gets a good chuckle out of Gray's words. "Yeah, you notice how you don't see any rank pins on my t-shirt?" Uh huh. "I like it better just being good at what I do and only listening to the people I respect. For now. Given what I've seen you all pull off, I might sign up." A finger lifts and aims up at his beard. "Only if I get to keep this. I'll be frakked on a landmine 'fore I lose my soupcatcher." He just grins with it. "Nice scar. Hot damn, that looks like it hurt. For me? No idea what I'm doing now. My last requests were to report back here and beg for the lives of Five and Ten. Everything is already set in motion. There's no way I could stop it now if I wanted to so… I dunno. I was thinking about sitting in Orion's CIC tomorrow, crackin' a beer or two, and watching the fireworks. You?"

Gray grins. "Like a bitch." He listens as Rance offers his ideas for tomorrow…and grins wickedly. "Frak, that sounds like a blast. If we can get in there, I'm game." Next day's combat duty be frakked.

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