Lieutenant Sebastian Teague
Seb1.jpg Teague, Sebastian
LT Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position ECO
Age Sex
32 M
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown



Sebastian "Booboo" Teague is the son of one of the Fleet's most prestigious and popular Admirals, Amadeus Archleone, and Meridith Sue Teague, an enlisted that he had an extramarital affair with. Sebastian was born on Canceron, his mother having been drummed out to avoid scandal. Sebastian was raised in poverty on the grossly overcrowded world of Canceron in the megacity of Hades, and told his father had died before he was born.

More to come.

Service Record

Start End Rank Where Note
1992 1994 Midshipman CFAB Picon Flight School; ECO Pipeline
1994 1999 Ensign/Lieutenant Persephone Naval Base VAQ-935, "Spaceballs"
1999 2002 Lieutenant Battlestar Triton VAQ-82, "Grinning Skeletons"
2002 2004 Lieutenant Picon HQ, Picon Fleet HQ; VAQ-304 "Diamond Dogs"
2004 Current Lieutenant Battlestar Orion VAQ-121 "Gentleman Ghosts"


File Image Name Notes
Cole_icon.png CPT Aristides "Janitor" Cole Strange fellow. One minute he's dancing on tables for cubits, the next he's crawling into the laps of the clergy like an overgrown kitten and sleeping in the chapel.
Duke_icon.png MAJ Richard "Bumper" Duke Second DCAG. Not much to say. He apparently liked the skirts, maybe a little too much, and didn't stand up for his people as much as some people felt he should have. I dunno.
Holtz_icon.png LT Kurt "Storm" Holtz Viper jock. Nothing I've ever done has been harder than telling a man like him, the strong warrior type, that his home colony has been reduced to fire and glass. And watching him cry. A busted lip and a few bruises are a small price to pay to help someone grieve. Air wing is family.

Misc Info

  • Admiral's Booboo: Sebastian's father was Amadeus Archleone, a prominent and charismatic Admiral of the Fleet. In his day, he was the commander of the Battlestar Solaria and considered the golden child of the Fleet. He was also married to someone other than Sebastian's mom. It created a mild scandal, not the least of which was that Mrs. Archleone was a prominent Virgon heiress.
  • Smile for the Camera: Sebastian is an amateur photographer. That means he can sometimes be found prowling around with a camera, attempting to capture with camera what he sees with his mind's eye. The results, mostly plastered on his bunk, aren't actually that bad, and he's always willing to take pictures for people.
  • Insomnia: Sebastian rarely sleeps; He's always been a restless sleeper, but since the Fall of the Colonies, he's rarely slept longer than four hours even when he's not alone. Nightmares, anxieties, and an active mind tend to keep him awake and prowling the corridors of the Orion like the restless undead. Braaaains?

Logs and Memoirs

AWD #019: Kicking The Tires, Lighting The Fires- >Kelsey gets a lead on a possible new project from Sebastian before going for a ride in the sims with Holtz. _
(awd holtz kelsey logs sebastian social)

AWD #010: The Fight Continues- >SSGT Hall speaks with Lt. Teague, Dr. Nadir & Officer Kalum about the conditions on Picon, the fight continues! _
(awd hall kalum logs samtara sebastian social)

AWD #010: Bringing Zach Home- >After getting ill at the squadron meeting, Sebastian returns Zachary to Eden. _
(awd eden logs sebastian social zachary)

AWD #010: Event - Raptor Meeting- >Please replace this line with your summary. This will appear on the log repository page. _
(awd bennett cole event jason logs raptor sebastian thaddeus ygraine zachary)

AWD #009: Promotion Party- >The promotion party at Checkpoint Charlie's for the Air Wing on 1/14/2005 _
(augie awd bennett ceres cole eden holtz jason jess keller logs phin sebastian social tiptoft ygraine zachary)

AWD #008: Family Therapy- >Another day in the Fitness Center. And Sebastian decides to let Holtz be a big brother to him. _
(afton augie awd chase fischer holtz kalum logs samtara sebastian social tiptoft ygraine)

AWD #008: Of Fire and Blood- >Holtz asks Sebastian about the fate of his homeworld. He doesn't take the news well. _
(awd holtz logs sebastian social)

AWD #007: Recon of Helios Alpha- >Sebstian and Zachary take a trip to Helios Alpha to recon the planets and their situation. _
(awd logs sebastian zachary)

AWD #001: Playin' with the boys(?)- >Just because civilization as we know it is burning doesn't mean you don't have to eat. Or horse around in a vain attempt to distract you from the horrors of reality. A bunch of dudes (and Bennett) attempt to do just that. And sort of fail. Sort of. _
(awd bennett jason keller logs phin sebastian social tiptoft wake)

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