Season Three Summation

Season Three starts with our heros attempting to find out just what One is up to on Libran. Turns out he's researching old texts, but his actions upon discovering their presense mean only partial clues can be recovered. Then a group is sent quietly to the Rally Point to see what can be found there, and when they come back far ealier than expected, with pointy ears and wierd eyes, while bringing along some new friends who look like Space Elves.. Well, things get interesting. The Arpay, are a race that has dedicated themselves to saving humanity from the machines, and offer various types of aid, as well as a long term evacuation plan for the colonies. Work continues on clearing the APF from areas they hold, although it increasingly seems to be driving them underground, and into terrorist-like activities.

Can the Arpay be trusted?
How will they react to the Lines?
Will the APF be hunted down and destroyed?
Will anyone get their happily ever after?

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