AWD #486: Scuttlebutt and Raider Drops
Scuttlebutt and Raider Drops
Summary: Marcus calls Knox up to the HQ to discuss recent incidents and planning for Leonis and Scorpia.
Date: 20/10/2016 (OOC Date)
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Marcus Knox 
Battalion HQ - Orion
The headquarters room is the primary command location for all Marines associated with the battlestar or accompanying fleet ships. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery - as well as clocks indicating the current time in each colonial capital city. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, at a minimum, though it tends to be a hive of activity during duty hours.
07 May 2006 AWD #486

Having heard the rumors of his platoon sergeant not setting the best example on the ship, Marcus has sent for Knox to meet with him in Battalion HQ. Set behind one of the desks, he has out a file on one Crewman Shackleton and is going over it as he reads over the information on hand.

Knox got the call that Marcus wanted to see him in BHQ. He was already in his cammies so he heads that direction. The guy still has original unit patch affixed with his Airborne tabs above it. He wasn't on his way anywhere in paticular so he doesn't have anything with him. He heads into the office and glances til he see's Marcus and heads on over. "Hey el-tee, heard you wanted to see me, sir." He stands at a relaxed parade rest in front of the desk.

Glancing up from his reading, Marcus offers a tight-lipped smile. "At ease, Sergeant. Well, judging from how you look and that this poor summabitch isn't in the morgue or sickbay, I'm going to assume that the rumors that you were in a brawl on the Obs Deck were poppycock." he says as he folds his hands over the file. "I understand this Crewman's been a thorn in your side since the war started?"

Knox takes the 'at ease' and takes a seat in the chair with it. He pulls it close and leans back, ankle over a knee. The assumption actually gets a low chuckle and a nod. "Aye, sir. Ship scuttle, el-tee. No brawl. We had a short conversation." The point about Toby gets a single-shoulder shrug off him, too. "Me personally? He was a long time ago. I'd say he's been more of a problem for Sergeant Ynyr and some of the other Marines lately. I make it a point to avoid contact. The two of us can be polarizing, sir. It doesn't do anyone any good for us to get into a fight and that's how I figured any future interactions would end. Sometimes its good to be wrong, Lieutenant."

"Good, I wanted to get the straight shit from you before I get into this. What we're about to talk about is for this room only and not to leave it." Marcus advises as he considers the Sergeant for a moment. "Major Gray advised me that you have experience piloting the heavy raider we have captured over on the Iron Pilgrim." he starts. "Are you willing to fly her again for a mission?"

Knox nods easily about the line item being settled. Bit there's more surprise about things not leaving the room. "Understood, sir." He doesn't move his posture, though. Same relaxed demeanor. "Well technically I stole the heavy raider from Caprica. I can fly it, but I am not combat proficient. That needs to be absolutely clear. Point A to Point B, sir. Its got weapons but my person, Knox, has never used one like that. The more proficient Sixes are back on Caprica. What did you have in mind?"

"That's what I needed to know." Marcus says, as he considers. "We're breaking from ANVIL, in a way. Command wants us to make contact with resistance under Captain Wells on Leonis, and Major Fuentes on Scorpia. I currently having the Major seeing a way we can jump into the information network and get the latest intel on where they are to set up a meet and greet. The suggestion on the table is that you hand pick a team to fly the Raider onto Leonis to make the meet there." he finally explains. "This isn't a confirmed mission yet. What I want from you is a three man team you know you can rely on. And who you would pick to lead the team into Scorpia."

Knox's brow furrows a bit with that information, like maybe he were to disagree with it, but he looks down at his lap, folding his hands there. "Sergeant Flynn is going to be my pick on a team-lead on both counts. She's the most experienced NCO we have except myself." He taps his thumbs, looking at them in thought. "On Leonis, I'd push Rakes annnnd Kapali. Scorpia, Anderson and Angelis." The guy looks back. "Rakes is Leonesian. At the least its her home and she will be able to bluff as needed. She's also a JTAC. For Scorpia? Gray Anderson is Scorpian so same thing goes there and he's been getting experience with radios. Angelis and Kappa are capable in fire support roles. For a three-man team on each, that's my recommendation." He nods with the last before looking back. "If you don't want Randy on both, I'd recommend you go, sir. I can hold down the platoon while you're gone, el-tee."

Rubbing his temples for a moment, Marcus considers Knox. "Is there a concern I need to know about for why you are reluctant on leading either mission?" he asks, his brows furrowing in thought. "I know you're a Six, but at the same time, these men look towards you for pretty much everything, and they rally around you like no other. It's why I'm putting you in charge of their leave while I am unable to attend." He nods slowly. "So what you're saying, if I'm reading you right, is that you don't want boots on the ground for either mission?" he asks, a touch of confusion as he considers his platoon sergeant.

"Reluctant? No, sir. You asked me to select three people for each. I'm willing to lead either one as needed, but I also need to fly these operations. If I'm discovered on the ground or killed, they're all stuck there and will likely be in serious shit. If that happens and they're captured, whatever they are there to discuss is going to be found out. Just facts of life, sir. …Sure, I could download, but I have no guarantees I could steal a heavy raider in time to get back to Leonis just to rescue them." Knox says it all casually. "If I'm reading this right, then covert is the name of the game. I'd give them legitimacy to be traveling with them, but a skinjob and humans is high profile - at least it was on Caprica. Bad juju, sir."

"Right.. I'm sorry, Sergeant. Wasn't doubting your balls, I know they're made of depleted uranium. You have to remember, I've never lead a mission like this before." Marcus admits with a sigh before he nods. "Will you need an ECO or Raptor pilot for any of these missions? The Leonis mission may not require your services for piloting, we're considering an orbital drop at the moment." HALO even, maybe. He makes notes on the notepad next to the file as he worries on his bottom lip. "Sergeant.. they're good people, right. They know their jobs." he doesn't ask, he states, mainly to reassure himself. "I'll see which mission I could possibly go on. I don't want my people doing anything I can't do myself - except shore leave, apparently." there's a little chuckle at that. "I think that's all I have at the moment, I just mainly wanted to feel out your thoughts on piloting that heavy raider again after the Major brought it up."

Cooper shakes his head. "Negative, sir. Heavy Raider is a one-man operation. I can interface everything. It'll be a long series of jumps since we need to establish total secrecy. I also will need a ship to ferry us towards Colonial space in order to take off. I can't know the coordinates to Piraeus, sir." Which is something any light cruiser could be tasked for easily, most likely. "I would ask Sergeant Flynn which one you should take, but I would suggest Leonis for you, el-tee. If I remember, the Scorpian ground commander is special forces. She'll know a battle-hardened individual when she see's them. Flynn will fit that bill well and it will go further. No offense intended, sir, but tell Flynn that's my suggestion." He slowly rises from the chair with the coming dismissal. "HALO's are fun if you've never done one. Scares the hell out of you to step out the first time. After that, gravity does the rest. Its a beautiful view, sir."

"I'll make sure to include that in the operation specs, Sergeant. For Scorpia, there will most likely be a landing involved. But I'll let you know when we have the information on where we can set up the meet and greets." Marcus says, and chuckles. "I've only done one jump qual, and that was from an old trainer. I may need to get up to speed on it, to be honest. Among other things." He's not afraid to admit his greeness. "I'll keep it in mind, Knox." he says with a little laugh as he settles back in his chair. "I'll get the message to Ommanney that there's no meat to the rumor of your rumble on the Obs."

Knox nods a few times in understanding. "I won't ask. Just tell me what I need to know when it gets time. I'll make sure it gets done. …You're right. These are damned good people. I'd take a bullet on P for any of them." A skinjob way of saying he'd put it all on the line. "They need to see you leading from the front, though. This will help unit cohesion, sir." The guy takes a step back and chuckles to the last. "We talked about religion and what it all means. For what its worth," there's a gestured hand to the file, "paper only says so much. Shackleton's Tauran, sir. Cans wiped the planet. He's got a lot of anger and I think a lot of it is just towards getting back at who is responsible. He's done some damage and hurt a bunch of people, but it doesn't mean he's a bad guy. We're all frakked up from this war, all in some pretty personal ways. As someone who has stood in front of a tribunal, judgment can be really hard - especially from the people you have to live with. Those people not understanding you makes it all the harder." He sketches a two-finger salute. "Have a good night, sir."

"I don't want to be a desk jockey el-tee." Marcus admits. "I'll see where I can fit in. Thank you sergeant, have a good evening." With that, he returns the salute to send Knox to amble on his way as he returns to his own paperwork.

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