scorpia.png Scorpia
Ancient Name: Scorpio
Population: 450 million
Patron God: Dionysus
Capitol: Celeste
Major Cities:
Celeste, Argentum, Itauna City
Argentum Bay, Guardian Mountains, Scorpion Fleet Shipyards, Mount Tapimira, Yparana Rainforest
Pyramid Teams:
Scorpia Stingers, Celeste Storms, Celeste Lightning, Argentum Bay Silverstars

Current Status

The original evacuation of Scorpia after the war continued and was declared completed around the same time that the planet's weather patterns began to bring the airborne poison and dust and deposit it in the northern hemisphere. The northern half is still quite green and pretty to see from the air, but much of the groundwater is considered to be toxic. Resettlement, even if the colonies were not in the process of evacuation, would be close to impossible. The planet is considered to be a total loss despite minimal radiological fallout from the initial attacks. There are a pair of scientific outposts on the planet to study the effects of the environmental impact of the war and the crashing of the shipyards and ships.

Pre-Leap Status

The surface of Scorpia was lightly nuked. Most of the wreckage of the Scorpian Fleet Yards and the related ships crashed to the surface of the southern hemisphere, covering it in dead ships and debris. Cylons have two basestars in orbit to monitor the planet (3rd withnessed on recon, but jumped away). There are intermittent distress signals being sent from the southern hemisphere, which is mostly in ruin after the crash of the shipyards that skidded and exploded over more than one hundred miles. There are three basestars in orbit. The Resistance commander is Major Angela Fuentes, CMC Force Recon.
For more information, see: Colonial Conditions.

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