AWD #081: Schemes To The Future
Schemes to the Future
Summary: Kelsey, Maia, and Yggy have girl time. Zach shows up to commission Kelsey.
Date: 28/3/2013
Related Logs: Busy few days.
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Raptor Berths
Its where Raptors give birth.
AWD #81

Ygraine is in her bunk. She had a CAP in the wee hours, so she is comfortably lolling about in her berth, too excited to sleep. She's been smiling and faintly manic since last night. She's staring at the bottom of the bunk above her, laid out in a restful repose, but clearly unable to sleep, expression moving back and forth between smiling like an idiot and abject terror. Is she on stims?

Kelsey, in her own flightsuit, wanders in. She left to fly along on Yggy's relief CAP and is just getting back. Hair matted from the helmet, she seems to be in her own decent mood. Events transpiring around them be damned, Kelsey can still find her own reasons to smile. She unzips the suit as she steps through the hatch. Six weeks ago she walked in here for the first time nervous as hell. Now? Its home. "You know something, Milk, you gotta be careful with smiles like yours. People are going to make assumptions." She grins as she walks just past Milk's bunk to her locker.

For her part, Maia is just getting off duty so she's still dressed in her duty uniform, her sidearm holstered. Stepping through the hatch just after Kelsey, she stifles a yawn, moving on auto-pilot towards her own locker. Seeing the cheerful smiles it's a little contagious and Maia offers one in return. "Hey Shake, Squire. How are you both today?"

"Had a talk with Kurt last night, after Ceres apparently beat th'snot out of him." Ygraine tells Kelsey, sitting up in her bed. Oh, it's Kurt, is it? And shouldn't she be a lot more pissed about the whole Cylon kicking the crap out of him thing?

"Hey el-tee!" Kelsey says to Maia as she comes in. She flicks a thumbs up. "Doin good. Had a great flight. No problems, no mess-ups, even nailed my landing." Good days, bad days, they come and go. Kelsey's seems to be starting out well. She opens her locker and looks back to Yggy with a raised brow and an all-too-innocent look to her. "And how is Kurt?" Halo: Ding! "Other than getting punched by a meatsack, obviously."

Maia winks in return to Kelsey, happy to see people in a good mood for once since the mess hall massacre. Visibly relaxing, she looks between the two. "Kurt huh? That his name?" If she had known, she's just having a good time teasing the ECO about it. Offering a return thumbs up, she gives her a proud smile. "Sounds like you've got it all down. It'll going to be an honor flying with you. Get your own shiny Raptor next time huh?"

"He's gonna have a big ol' bruise the size of a heifer's ass on his face." Ygraine affirms. "But knowing him, he probably started it." The corner of her mouth quirks up. "We said it, Kelz." You know. IT. "I have never been more terrified in my life. Not even when I landed the Pred." Then she snickers at Maia. "How many people's first names in the Air Wing do ya not know?" she teases.

Kelsey shrugs. "To be honest, I'm pretty nervous about someone just GIVING me a Raptor. Cuz seriously, who gives someone a Raptor? I could GO somewhere," he laughs. Her mind is obviously on flying. "ANYwhere. So, like, its this insane mix of super excited and really nervous. I mean, worst case scenario? I get shot down. Again. I've already done it once so, whatever. But seriously! I'm gonna be an adult! Doesn't that freak anyone else out?!" she laughs, looking at them. They're both adults. So is she. Legally. But people grow up in different ways. Apparently getting pinned has become her own right of passage. She pulls the hairtie out and shoots it into her locker and almost misses what Ygraine says. Wait, whut? "You said-" Blink. "OH MY GODS!" Flying? Ignored. "Seriously?!" Kelsey grins and then she's angling in to scoop up Shakes in a hug. She has no choice in the matter.

"Fly anywhere huh? Where would you go first if you could?" Maia had never been shot down herself, nor had she ever even come close. There's a confidence in her abilities that comes with being lucky mixed with excellent piloting skills. Pulling off her jacket, she just listens a minute until she hears Ygraine confirm what the smiles were about here and last night in the Observation Deck. "Love.." she softly muses. "You know.." walking over to where the two are hugging, she grins a lopsided and silly smile. "I think that's so perfect. Proof that love lives on despite how crazy life gets. I'm so happy for you, Ygraine." The question about the first names gets a chuckle. "I admit to knowing most if not all of them." Her smile widens. "So you and Holtz, it's not like it wasn't so obvious after the last mission," giving her a wink. "I think we all knew before you guys would ever admit it even to yourselves."

Ygraine lets out a squeak as she is hugged in an awkward tangle arms and legs. "Yeah, we were kinda just both lookin' for a frak, y'know? And we've both got our boatload of issues. We expect we're gonna get a lot of 'About Time!' and 'I Told You So' and 'Saw That Coming'…but we ain't gettin' married or nothin'! We just said it, is all. And my gods, it's freakin' me out!" She gives Kelsey a playful shove and notes to both her and Maia, It's true, Kelz, ya could go anywhere. But y'all know what I wanna do? Piraeus is huuuuuge. And I need t'start schedulin' survival trainin' exercises. So I want t'get some region surveys on th'board. Just fly over unexplored Piraeus, get some readins' and scout some possible exercise locations for different environments."

"Dunno!" Kelsey says back over her shoulder, but she's focused on the Love. She grins happily and releases with the shove. She laughs and shrugs. "I ain't gonna say it! All I did was just say that there were signs. All you needed was to just do your own digging." She hefts herself up on the table to sit, legs swinging under her. "I'm so jealous! But why the freakout? Just go with it. All you're doin is just exchanging words and being honest with yourselves. I've got faith in you guys. If you didn't have issues I'd be more skittish but yeah girl! That's so totally awesome!" Kels claps her hands once and just beams a smile. "Well whatever you wanna do with flyin, I'm game. I wanna GO. Everywhere. Doesn't matter. Nowhere, somewhere, whateverwhere." Its a big galaxy.

"Then let me be the first.." Maia grins, direct and to the point. "It;s about time, I told you so and I saw it coming. Also, I will add my own. I am so happy for you, for both of you. You deserve it." Leaning against the bulkhead, she looks between them. "I get divorced yesterday and you confess your love. The circle of love is an awesome thing to behold, isn't it?" Her grin is genuine. When the talk turns to missions, she lifts her hand. "Count me in, and I fully intend on getting some serious time in the books and the sim learning a whole lot in the next several months."

"Well for one thing, hi, have you met Holtz's temper? There's a lot of guys who're gonna find themselves high and dry when I start turnin' 'em down, and ya know how guys get when ya take th'candy away. It don't mean much in th'long run, but some sure can be jerks. I told him t'let me handle it if somebody does act like a dick, but…like I said, he's got a temper." Ygraine points out wryly. "I ain't ashamed of nothin' I've done or who I did it with, but ya know." She tick her tongue out at Maia re: I Saw It Coming, etc, but grins. "It is kinda magical." Says the girl with rainbow hand power.

"Divorced?" Kelsey asks with a blink. "Oh! Oh, that's right. Crater. Geez, I always forget you two were married. Ah well. Doesn't work out. My parents always told me that if you find someone you love enough to marry, then you put everything into it. I don't really believe in it for myself. But I've also never been married so, you know, limited experience." Looking back to Ygraine, "Actually, no, I haven't met Holtz's temper. I tend to just kinda stick with my Raptor peeps. But I can see that. Some people gettin upset they're no longer getting what they were. Though if Holtz has this temper, I can't see anyone giving him hell. He'd probably clock them. And I'm with you on the regrets." Solidarity, yo. "I used to regret what I did with my baby daddy. But I think in life that things even out. If we wait for the payout on our decisions and keep positive, things will turn out for the best."

Ygraine looks over at Maia. "Y'know, I shoulda asked…is this an I'm sorry or a congratulatins moment for ya? Or an I'm-sorry-but-congratulations moment?" She looks sheepish. "Been kinda stuck in my own head since last night. 'Cept with Blackbird, who really just needs someone t'smack some sense into her, in my opinion."

"I only met his temper briefly in the Raptor that night after Kels dragged him in. Good job with that too, Kels, I'm not sure I ever told you. It was awesome." Though the rest of what Ygraine says does capture her attention. "Oh.. Yeah I guess I never thought about that before. So maybe they'll go out and find themselves someone to love too. Cause let me tell you, seeing you is an inspiration. I'm in no hurry to do it myself though, I'm finally free to do anything I want and now that I am, I have all these conflicting emotions. I want to be me for awhile, but then there's ah.." Grippa. Yeah.. She'd get her own I told you so from Ygraine if she confessed that one. "Someone I'm kinda seeing. I sooo am not in love though." And she means it. "And I have no intention on being in love either." She does a mock little door lock over her chest then tosses away the imaginary key. "It's a congratulations for me. Freedom." After a brief moment of silence, Maia looks back at Kelsey. "You have a baby?"

Kelsey quirks her brow. "Natasha? What's her beef?" she asks. Looking back to Maia, Squire shrugs again. "Thanks. But whatever. I figured I'd have to do something insane like that eventually. You get scared, you work past it. I don't think I was built for this life, but that doesn't mean I can't rebuild myself. Force it or just learn to fake it really well." She smirks, still swinging her legs. "Good on you, though. My mom used to always tell me that having someone is important. But, yanno, I'm okay. I'd like havin someone to drape on and talk to and stuff. But? If you can't be content by yourself, expecting someone else to fix you isn't going to solve your problem." Another bit of SageKelsey. The last has her nod, though. "Sure do! I've got a little girl, Melissa. She'll be four in June. She's ten days after my twenty-first." Proud momma. …Even if her baby should probably be referred to in /past tense/. Ahem.

Ygraine says matter-of-factly, "I don't see any point in lyin' 'bout Grippy, Maia. He's a sweet guy. Do ya think you're gonna be judged by people or somethin'? If anyone says boo about it, I'll sock 'em in th'nose, and Kelz would too, prolly. No one says it's gotta be a love thing. But look, it's pretty obvious, and th'only thing bein' vague and lyin' about it does is make ya look like you're ashamed, and ya got nothin' to be ashamed about. We're all family here, ya know, all up in each other's business." She then adds with a wider grin, "Congratulations! We should find a corner somewhere and celebrate. Gods, Kelz, can't wait til you're allowed back into CC's." Then, "She was goin' on last night about Ceres and Knox and how we're all doomed and none of us can see it but her, and how she's gonna, I don't know, run off to the waste of Scorpia or put a bullet t'the brainpan or I don't know what. Cuz th'millions of people who could be saved by her viper skills are less important than the fact that we've got some skinjobs on board." She shrugs. Cold, Ygraine.

"Tasha has some issues with the on-board Cylons being so readily accepted. I guess almost everyone does but no one feels so free to talk about it cause of orders from the higher ups. Or if you talk, you gotta do it around people you trust." Maia doesn't elaborate further on that, but looks at Ygraine and listens, shaking her head. She doesn't bother denying it anymore. "Who told you about Grippa and me?" For her to be so sure, someone had to have said something right? "He is a sweet guy yeah, but.. I don't know, I'm definitely not in any hurry for anything emotional with anyone. We only kept it secret cause I was married, not cause I was ashamed, but I've not been with Luc in four years. We were basically married in name only since then. Thanks for the congrats." Hearing the talk of Tasha though is sobering. "I know what she's got planned and I need to talk to Petra." Course she forgets to use the rank there. Looking back to Kels, she smiles at the mention of her kid. "She sounds pretty amazing. Bet you're proud of her."

Kelsey nods along. "I like Shake's outlook on it. Don't be shy if you're havin fun, especially now. So what? This isn't high school. If you're gettin some peen and the peen treats you well all around, what's to be concerned about? Its like worrying someone might find out what you like to eat from the mess. Sure, it says things about you and might cause some heartburn, but whatever. Its what you like." Kelsey gives Maia a big thumbs up stretched out in the older woman's direction. Looking back to Yggy, she GROOOOANS. "GODS!! I know, right? That was so stupid. I lay out one Chief Petty Officer, and suddenly I'm terrible. But that's kinda selfish of Natasha, right?" Looking between the two. "Why would she say something like that? I don't want them around, either, but I'm not about to cause an unholy war over it, martyring myself on the cause. I just don't want to be around them. I don't care who knows it, opinions don't violate orders. I feel like I'd be unsafe around them. I worry about you guys being around them, people I care about. I won't apologize for that. Its just who I am." The further mention of Melissa has her nod again. "I am. Extremely. She's everything in my world."

"Big difference between talk and mutiny. We can talk all we want, we can even register formal complaint. That's what Phinny's doin'." Yggy doesn't hesitate to point out. "It's hard on everyone. She doesn't even know Ceres or Knox, really. I spent an overnight with Knox in the middle of the frakkin' woods, just me and him, and we've been down there for survival exercises just me and him, a good bit. He reminds me so much of Gaheris it's crazy, and I gotta work my way through all the frakked up feelings that come with that. Don't get me started on Ceres. I can't decide if I'm more offended that she's a skinjob, or that she and her husband tried t'keep lyin' about it after th'jig was up." Then, "Ya were pretty obviously interested in each other at Colonial Day, ya know. It's an easy jump t'make." She's still not giving up Agrippa's confidence, though. Not his fault, that ambrosia loosened his lips. She goes quiet at the mention of children, not having any of her own.

"Yeah, I wasn't ashamed, he just wanted to keep it on the downlow cause of Luc. I wasn't in a hurry to hurt Luc either so it all worked out. We'll see what happens from here on out, I don't mind people knowing, but Alex might. I leave it up to him." The thumbs up gets another grin. "There's a lot of talk about what Knox said combined with the questions asked yesterday about the toasters. I guess everyone has trust issues, but Knox pretty much confessed that to kill them would be dangerous. For us. I just want to know why, if that was the case, wouldn't the stiff toaster in the morgue be dangerous to us too?" Maia shrugs again, but doesn't question it further, just gives Kelsey an almost stilted nod about her daughter.

"Yeah, I heard about Phin's project. I gotta hunt him down." Kelsey adds. "I want to talk to him, see if there is anything I can do. I know I'm not an officer and it might effect my getting commissioned, but its the legal thing to do and it beats flailing arms or crying about it." The remarks about Knox just have her shiver, though. "That freaks me out. I liked Ceres. I just…" SIGH. She has her own complicated feelings on it. To Maia, Squire nods. "I don't know. I think the whole thing stinks, personally. Like, I trust Petra? But them? No. Can we ever really know for sure they won't change their minds? They're not human. This is, ugly as it is, a race war. Its not about religion or resources or political fallout. We're fighting for our race to survive and, to be blunt, they aren't part of our kind. They will always be Cylons." Kels shakes her head. "Too many questions for me, not enough.. I dunno, 'trust' might be the best word."

"I know there ain't a good way to manage this, but I kinda wish Command coulda handled it different." Ygraine says. "I don't even know how. But I felt like I was being told I had t'accept them and what I feel - what we all feel - doesn't matter. I know they don't gotta give a crap about our feelings, but…guh, I don't know what I'm sayin'. Ain't like the military ain't made of ultimatums."

"Dolly made a good point that almost knocked me on my ass. "Ceres and Knox, they had to know it was coming. Their kind did, at least cause there were people who served with Redux years ago. She'd been planted in the Fleet for ages as an enemy agent. That's what Phin said. Years means before war day." Maia isn't pleased with the thought at all. "I'd like to be against them, but I definitely don't want to have a Cylon pissed at me either."

Kelsey nods sadly at Ygraine. "Sucks. I don't think anyone wanted this. But it seems kinda like what we are stuck with. All I want is for the people I care about to survive. Everyone would be nice, but I think that's sorta unrealistic." So she settles for the people she cares about. Looking to Maia, "Yeah, that's mind-blowing isn't it? I heard from this Chief that his girlfriend's bunkmate's bangbuddy that Knox has been around the fleet for like five years. That kinda crap weirds me out. They know this was coming back when I still giggled over boys and my biggest worry is that I wouldn't get picked for Varsity Cheer. What the hell, right? I don't like it. Something here doesn't seem right."

Ygraine lets out a shudder. "Frak it. I'll find us some booze, and later we'll go find somewhere Kelsey can drink. We'll celebrate Maia's divorce, my new fella, and Kelz just bein' generally awesome and th'Cylon problem can go frak itself. At least for a night."

"Five years. I hate that. They think it proves they are loyal to us. I think it proves they are good at lying and deception." Maia does look relieved when Ygraine lightens the subject. "You know, I think a party is just what I need and for just those reasons. Count me in, I could use a good drink. I've already done duty for the day, let me get some sims in and I'll be good to go. My party time is about to be diminished considerably."

Kelsey hears that from Ygraine and she laughs, swinging her feet once more. "Thank ya, Sistah Shakes! I'd be my honor to help you ladies celebrate," she says primly. "But I expects deets with the drinks! From the both of ya. Ygraine…" She shakes a finger at. "I wanna know everything tonight. None of this Glossing Over stuff. How am I supposed to romanticize my potential lovelife when I can't provide the vicarious context of your own luck, hmm?" To Maia, Kelsey nods twice. "I'm gonna change out of this gear, take an hour long shower, close out the flight logs for my pilot and I, then I'm going to be hunting down that drinkydrink. Where do we want to go? Pyramid courts? The weather is pretty nice down there. Gettin warmer overnight. ..Want me to see if I can find us some cigars to go with the booze?"

"Are we making this girls only, or are we invitin' the penii?" Yeah, Ygraine says it just like that: PEE-NYE.

"Let's make it coed, if you're both agreeable." Maia laughs at penii. "The new plural, I like it. Long as there's enough booze to go around, we can make sure there's enough guys too." Grinning to Kelsey, "I could use a change of clothes and a trip to the head for the whole.. beauty experience. My first full day as a single woman since flight school."

Kelsey quirks her brow to the suggestion from Ygraine, legs swinging under the table. She's still in her flightsuit after a CAP this morning. "Possibly." She skirts her eyes to Maia, quirking the opposite brow. She's in high spirits. "I thought it was a universal rule that if there were women and alcohol, men sort of flocked gravitationally. Isn't that a law of physics or something?" she asks with a laugh. The last has her grin and she hops off the table and climbs her ladder. A reach in and then back out, she dangles and hands off a bottle of shampoo coupled with body wash. "Take 'em or leave 'em. But I want 'em back after your self-pampering." Peach and strawberry.

Yes, Zachary still has a bunk at the berthings and he still makes damn good use of it, especially as of late. However, he's had to ask for a few moments and directions to track down someone. Entering the berthings, he looks around and immediately starts to make his way towards the small grouping. "Petty Officer Wescott?" he asks, looking towards the others. "Milkshake, Centerfold."

"Yeah I think you're right. Either way, we can make a party out of it." When the scented girly things are offered, there's an eager expression on her face. No chance was Maia turning that down. Still in her duty uniform, she straightens from leaning against the bulkhead and walks over, plucking the two from her hands. "Thanks, Kels, I'll bring them back." Snapping open one of the lids she inhales. "Mmm." Hearing the footsteps, she looks over and noticing the CAG, she snaps to attention. "Sir."

"Giiiiirl, you been hoardin' peach!" Ygraine exclaims in admiration to Kelsey, about to stand and crawl up to Kelsey's berth, but then there's Zach. Her enthusiasm is buffered way down. "Sir." she offers in polite greeting, dropping back to a seated position. He didn't call for attention, so.

Bottles passed off, Kelsey gives another one of those extended thumbs ups. "Enjoy it. Welcome to back to the life." The PO then looks to Yggy with a mischievious grin. "Got more, too. You think I went on an 18 month cruise unprepared? Yggy, plz." And its Zach! OHAI! Kelsey spots the CAG walk in and hops down off the ladder and sketches him a salute. "Sir. Congrats on the promotion and title. Very strapping, sir." She stands a little straighter, though. "Got me tasking for me, Colonel? Bring it on!" Kels has been having a good day so that enthusiasm is hard to quash outright.

The CAG's attention for the moment is drawn more towards Kelsey than the others. Though he is pointedly carrying a sidearm. "Thank you." The salutes are returned, and he offers a smile. "Yes. And it is a most terrible task indeed." he points out. "I was checking the logs this morning and realized that you have passed the graduation point for both your flight logs and your officer's candiacy training." he comments and offers Kelsey a felt lined box. "So, Squire, you have someone available to pin you as an Ensign, or would you perfer I hand it myself?"

It took some doing to fumble the precious bottles underneath one arm while her other offered a salute, but Maia managed it somewhat. When the salutes are returned, she relaxes easily into the whole as you were and holds the bottles in her hands again. Hearing the reason for the visit, her excitement brims over and she bites her lip to stifle an all girl victory scream. OhmyGods.. Fairly bouncing on her feet in excitement, eyes glittering with the joy of the occasion, she waits for the CAG to finish speaking. "Kels!" Now they all have a reason to celebrate!

Ygraine hops to her feet. "Awesome!" she declares happily. "Congrats, Kels! Finally, right?" She beams. "Hellz Kelz yeah!" Fistpump! And then she straightens properly, but her grin is still etched on her freckled face.

Jason has arrived.

Kelsey listens and as she stares at the box that whole thing slams down and she blinks. "Oh shit," she breathes, eyes wide. Some things sorta slip out. She stammers for a moment, glancing to the other two women and then back to Zachary. "Iuhweluhmuhhhh." Squire swallows, trying to do something insanely childish like squee all over the floor or turn to a puddle of goo. "I'd be rightly floored if you'd do it, sir. Don't really have my parents or my girl around. Not too sure I could stick 'em on, myself at the moment." This is it! ..and her hands are shaking, she's so excited!

"Of course, Ensign." Zachary says, and if allowed, he hands the box to Ygraine to hold onto while he opens it and starts with the removal of the Petty Officer tabs. "By the authority granted to me by Rear Admiral Jameson and Lieutenant Colonel Petra, I hereby promote you to the rank of Ensign and pilot in standing of the Gentlemen Ghosts." The former rank tabs are removed, and the Ensign ones are pinned deftly into place. "…congratulations, Ensign Wescott. I look forward to seeing you in the skies soon." With that, he offers a salute and a hand in congratulations. But he will be departing again shortly after that, with fifty other irons in the fire at the moment that demand his attention.

Ensign. "That's so awesome!" Maia who rarely gets excited over anything is definitely thrilled over this! Remaining silent during the words spoken by Zachary, she can hardly contain herself. "Ensign Wescott. Lovin' it!" There's a quick look to Zachary though and if he is leaving, she'll ask him for a few words. "Uh, Sir, could I have a few words with you at some point in the near future? It's important."

Stepping in from the outside, Jason looks a bit thoughtful as he moves further into the room. He comes to a stop just inside the entrance as he sees the people present and hears what's being said, before he makes his way further into the room now. Offering a grin in Kelsey's direction. "Congratulations. Well deserved." Looking between the others and offering them a bit of a nod as well at the moment. Pausing a bit as he looks over at Maia and Zachary, before he looks back in the direction of the newest Ensign.

Ygraine hops up and down and then once Zach walks away, swoops Kelsey into a bear hug which turns into a lift and twirl about. "Woo!" Because Woo Girl is Happy, and when Woo Girl is Happy, She Woos.

Kelsey becomes something like a stone, forcing herself not to smile and it just makes her look comical. Lips pressed together, trying really hard her face twitches as she grins with her eyes at Yggy and Maia. Once Zach finishes, she looks back at him with a proud smile and a lifted chin. She snaps her salute. "Thank you, sir," she tells him, then shakes his hand. "I won't let you down, Colonel. Thank you for the faith, even when my own was shaken, sir." A final nods given to him and as he departs, Yggy gets her up into a hug and she is flung around, "YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" she calls out.

"Of course, Ensign." Taking back the box with the old tabs, he hands over the box to Kelsey, and then Zachary is on his way out. "…sure. When I have time, Centerfold." Which right now seems very very hard to come by.

Zachary has left.

Jason smiles as he sees that reaction, shaking his head a little lightly now. Moving a bit over towards his own bunk for a few moments, to drop something off there, before he turns to look towards the others present again.

"Party tonight, planetside, so I am going to the head then dress for fun tonight, we'll party for freedom. Ygraine, freedom to love, Kelsey freedom to fly and Myself, freedom to just be me. Love it." Maia grins and heads towards the hatch. "I've got to hit the head, but I'll bring these things right back, Kels." Seeing Jason, she nods, "Party tonight if you're off duty!" Then as if dancing on air, she departs the berthings.

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