AWD #022: Scaredy Shakes
Scaredy Shakes
Summary: Ygraine comes to Zachary with worries about her new assignment.
Date: 28/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Zachary Ygraine 
CAG's Office - Battlestar Orion
An office not like any other..
28 January 2005

Attention CVW-11:

Under the recommendation of Sgt. Knox, Ensign Ygraine "Milkshake" Vashti is hereby granted the following:

A) The Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape Badge
B) Ensign Vashti is assigned to CVW-11 as a qualified Survival Training Officer

As training officer, Ensign Vashti is qualified to train in survivial techniques and to report to CAG on results on such training for evaluation. If you report to her for training, her word is to be taken as if I said it myself. She should be your first contact for Survivability training - but Sgt Knox will remain to assist if Ensign Vashti is unavailable.

Congratulations, Milkshake.

Major Zachary "Pie" Sheperd

Rap-atat-at, there's a knock on the door. "Sir?" It's Ygraine. She sounds a little wigged.

It's a terrible thing to be the only DCAG left standing, because you have to do your paperwork, the CAG's paperwork and everything else. Zachary glances up from his latest pile of work and glances up. "Milkshake? Come in!" he responds, and when she enters, he gestures to a chair. "I got your menu request. Unless I find something suitable on Piraeus, you'll have to live without escargot." he comments with a smile. "What can I do for you?"

"Sawright, sir. I shot for the stars, y'know?" she says, cheerfully, but it's absent-minded. "Sir about making me the head trainer for SERE training?" She sounds a bit fitful. "I'm not qualified like that in the slightest, sir. I did that assessment with Sergeant Knox to determine viability to assist him, not to lead the training myself. He's way more qualified and I don't want anybody to get killed because of me."

"Oh, right." Zachary opens up a side drawer, withdraws a small box, and underhands it to Ygraine. "Your badge, by the by." he says, and then considers her question. "Hmm. Well, tell me, Ygraine." he asks her conversationally. "What do you believe your duties to be? Maybe I can help you clarify what I want out of you?"

"As far as being survival officer?" she asks, eyeing the badge like she's not sure if it will turn into a scorpion and sting her. "Make sure the Air Wing has all the resources they need to know how to survive in a variety of environments in the event of a crash, and that they're trained up as best as can be allowed for."

Zachary nods. "And your position as survival officer is to make sure that stays up to date." he explains gently. "There's over 300 people in the air wing, Ensign. I do not expect you to hand-hold them and take them out into the wood and train them individually. What I expect of you is to share your knowledge. To learn more about other situations. I would do this myself with my own SERE qualifications, but I don't have the time. If you would like my instruction manuals, I'm sure Eden put them where I can find them." he points out and studies the young woman. "Instruct. Teach. Share what you know and what you learn. And then, if you see someone that's struggling and needs extra attention? You can tell me to bump them to Knox. The Seargeant is currently our lone JTAC, so he has a lot of training on his own plate as he tries to find someone to train up to assist him with his primary duty. I just want you to disperese information and assess what you can. You're coming up on your promotion date, I'd like to see if I can increase your bar size."

Ygraine looks at him sidelong, and it is very apparent that she is genuinely fearful that she is going to frak this up. It's the first display of underconfidence she has ever exhibited. "I'll try, sir." she says. "But I think that Knox was prepared to fit the Air Wing's training on his plate to begin with."

"Ygraine." Zachary is patient and calm. "I am asking you only to focus on survivability at the moment. The rest I will talk to Knox about. We both need the go-between, and I am asking you to be it. If you feel you cannot do it, tell me now and I'll withdraw it. But I have a feeling you can do this."

Okay now there's a little bit more determination. "I said I'd try, sir. If it turns out I can't, I expect there'd be no shame in coming to ya and telling ya as much so it can be handed over to Knox."

Zachary offers a smile as he sees the girl's confidence pilot light get a restart. "I can agree to that. I'll get you my survival books later, Ygraine. I have confidence in you. I rememeber when I was handed my first big assignment, it scared the Hades out of me too." he chuckles. "A secret, between me and my maybe sister-in-law? This position still worries me. And I won't even tell you how many times my wife suggested that I reconsider, but she supports me nonthless. And I will support you too. Don't come to me just to quit. Come to me if you need help or just want to talk as well. Do you agree to those terms?"

"Yes, sir." she says. Oh, she's still terrified; she's just not allowing it to shake her nerves so bad she won't even try. "I'll do my best." She really well. Some people say that with an inference of limitation; Yggy says it because she really will try to the best of her ability.

"Just show that same confidence you show when you're talking to a new pilot, and I'll know you'll be okay." Zachary says, and rises to his feet, going around to sit on the desk proper. "And try not to go biting the heads off every ECO that suggests an interest in being a pilot from now on? I know it gets under your skin, but I don't need infighting. Alright?"

Ygraine's nose wriggles in disgust. "I'll try. I suppose it's better if they can't see the importance of what they do, that they do something else." Keep telling yourself that, Yggy: the girl who was told she wasn't a good fit as a viper pilot.

"Just remember the chain of command. Nico does outrank you. Even if I appreciate the passion for your work, Ygraine, next time, take it down a notch. Understand?" Zachary says and shakes his head. "Trust me, the idea that an ambulance driver leads the Viper sticks as well doesn't cause me any end of ribbing. But I let it slide. Why?" he looks around and back to Ygraine. "Because we're from Leonis, and we can kick any of their asses, if it comes to it." he winks at her.

Ygraine smirks. "Understood, sir." Whatever she plans, if anything, to do about her ribbing of Dash, she keeps it to herself. Possibly wisely so.

"Alright." Zachary says and offers a chuckle. "Eden's planning on increasing the Ag Center. I think we need to start considering finding things we can reuse for sustainability. I remember seeing in the recon that there's still animals roaming the southern half of Virgoron. I've submitted a plan to head there with a cagro ship to round up what we can. If your pilot isn't around, mind ECOing with me, and using those farm girl skills to help with the round up if it's approved?"

Ygraine lets out a laugh. "Well, sure. We didn't do a lot of rustling in the dairy, but I can keep my seat and I know how to keep 'em calm. What are you gonna use for transport? How're ya gonna account for waste, and feeding in transit? Not to mention if any of them are dairy cows, they may need tending if they get full uddered. Ain't good for them to stay that way, y'know? And you might also want to consider equipment if they're milkers. It can be done by hand, but." She leaves it hanging.

"That's why I just asked for your help, Milkshake." Zachary chuckles. "I plan on using one of our heavy cargo ships, or one of the Marine Assault ships - they won't notice the smell." A grin at that. "Then you can come along as the official advisor, I'll just use Booboo as my ECO. I'll let you know what the brass decides and you can help me flesh it out. I don't have anything else. Do you?"

Ygraine shakes her head. "No, sir. I gotta check in Rutlii and the sensor scan upgrade, but other than that, we're good. There's no rush on that project, but I got my finger on it."

"Copy that, Ygraine." Zachary nods. "Thanks for your help. I really do appreciate it. I should get back to the mountain before it overwhelms me." he mutters, turning back to the piles of paperwork.

She grins, glad it's not her. "Yes, sir." she says, and out she goes.

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