AWD #406: SCAMP Surprises
SCAMP Surprises
Summary: Dreyer and Gloria poke at the contents of the 'coffin' retrieved from Ragnar.
Date: 01/08/2016
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Dreyer Gloria 
Containment Bay - Iron Pilgrim
Converted Cargo bay, currently vented to space.
AWD #406

Getting on board the ship is easy enough, but there are triple checks on ID's before getting to the airlock chamber where the 'coffin' is. Inside, the thing is resting on a pair of bucks designed to hold it off the ground at waist level. It provides them access to the top and bottom without having to lean too far in either direction. A set of floodlights have also been moved in and turned on over the top to provide heavy illumination on anything that might be revealed inside.

Maneuvering in the sealed suit is no fun. Nor is hauling in the equipment with it. During the final check, as he waits on Gloria, Dreyer is staring at one hand as he flexes it slowly within the glove. "I hate how restrictive they are." And bulky, but that plays into the other. With a bag of various gear, the MP approaches the SCAMP. He's grimacing behind the helmet. There was that talk of 'probably' not booby trapped, after all. "Recording?" This, asked of Gloria, as he starts carefully going through his kit to make sure everything's in order. It would have been a pain to have forgotten something.

Gloria is largely trying to ignore the fact that she's in a sealed suit in a bay that's vented to space. If she just looks ahead it's fine, she's on a large ship, everything is fine. She didn't eat breakfast though, just in case. Keying her comms she notes for Dreyer, "Captain Tremaine's report indicates that there's no sign of any sort of booby trap, just the comms unit inside. She didn't try and turn it on, or investigate further though. Just closed it up again." No, instead the engineer had dumped it on her, but that’s officers for you. Glancing down to the camera on her chest she nods once, then offers a thumbs up as clearer confirmation. "Rolling."

There's a double-check that his own camera is recording and Dreyer tucks his tool bag in against the bunk leg nearest him. "Copy," he offers over the comms, moving to one corner of the 'coffin' lid. What he intends as a nod to Gloria to do the same… doesn't really work in the suit. "Help me lift this off." Even if it doesn't necessarily need two people, he opts for it anyway. Added security.

Gloria maneuvers herself carefully so as not to bump any of the gear they've brought in, then grabs a corner as requested. "Ready when you are," she replies with another nod, some habits are just too hard to break, then shoves, lifts and otherwise moves the lid on his mark. "Remind me," she states as they strain, "to do more gym time at somepoint. I think CIC is making me soft."

Once the lid is lifted off and settled, it gives the two a nice view of the interior. The 'nosecone' section of the metal is actually much thinner than the rest and looks like it is barely half a millimeter thick, if even that. Just inside the nose is some sort of glass dish with a power source shared between the SCAMP section and the front. The rest of it has some very precise structural components. For a communications relay system, it looks pristine. Everything is exactly in its place, just like a machine would design. But none of the wires are color-coded. They're all black.

<FS3> Gloria rolls Communications+1: Good Success.

Once the lid is off and settled, Dreyer snorts with a bit of amusement. "Careful. We marines take PT seriously." It's said in jest, but the man has been providing extra hand-to-hand practice and training for his brethren. Once the lid is aside, he returns to his gear… but doesn't collect any of it up. Rather, he leans over the 'coffin' and looks over the system. His gaze stops on the wires. "Frakkin' toasters." It's muttered, but the comms are active. It'll make it through.

"You reckon it's their tech then?" Gloria asks conversationally as she takes her first look at the device, "from what I gathered people weren't sure if it was Colonial or not." Not that she's party to the high level intel reports, but she has at least gleamed that much. Taking a slow walk the length of her side of the box she angles her camera so it can record the setup before they fiddle with it. "I'm guessing the thin end is to aid transmission and receiving?" It seems the logical guess, but it never hurts to get a second opinion from an expert. "I think," she then continues, "from what I've been reading around, that that bastard," she points to the SCAMP, "has been severely up-speced. And whatever it is that it's wired into," she points to a bulky object below, "is not something I've seen on our standard schematics." She peers over and down for a closer look, but is careful not to touch anything. "What do you make of the other assembly? Some sort of IRST? There does appear to be cooling tanks that would boost its sensitivity. Proximity sensor to trigger the SCAMP perhaps?"

<FS3> Dreyer rolls Communication: Good Success.

"Pretty sure a Colonial piece would have color-coded wires," Dreyer points out, gesturing towards the bundle of black. He does look over what she's pointing at, exhaling slowly. Canned air. Ugh. "Sounds about right. Wouldn't surprise me if they found ways to overclock shit like this." A pause, then: "I can't say for sure about the IRST, but…" Vague shrug, made more so by the bulk of the suit. "Makes sense. Weren't they targeted as soon as they picked it up? Could be why." He seems a bit hesitant to actually start interacting with the thing, but who wouldn't be? He does start shifting so he can find a good position for its control unit. There's a pause, hands held just above the container. "Means they probably know we've been to Ragnar. Damn."

Gloria seems happy to let Dreyer to the poking, or get ready to do it at least, although she does frown a little at the comment about Ragnar. "Would the SCAMP be able to transmit in any direction other than through the thinned side? If so, we might be able to find out from airwing what orientation it was found in. It's a long shot, but it'd give us an idea where it was transmitting to, if it transmitted." And then there's another question head on the heels of the first, "is there a log of transmissions do you think? Did we trigger it? Did Galactica? Did anyone else?" Placing both hands on the side of the box she considers for a moment, trying to place something that's bugging her, then she frowns, and peers at the box beneath the SCAMP again. "Sergeant," she asks cautiously, "are you familiar with the fleets FTL emitters by any chance?"

"It's a microwave system," Dreyer explains, even as he shifts to get a better look at the box underneath the SCAMP itself. "It can only transmit in the direction it's pointing. I can probably find out where it's been coded to and we can pair that with the details the Air Wing got. I glanced at the report. They had some good imagery and notes from DRADIS." But then he's exhaling slowly. "Not in any way I'd be confident about. Why?"

Gloria lifts her gaze from the bulky object beneath the SCAMP again and eyes Dreyer levelly. "They're used in our communications relays. It gets a bit complicated and I don't understand all the physics and engineering behind it, but they basically punch the signal straight into an FTL field that they produce. Could send the signal any frakking where, although we certainly usually do it line of sight for ease." She breathes out slowly, then grips the edge of the coffin a fraction tighter. "Thing is, I don't think I've ever heard of one this small, not by about an order of magnitude, so I could be entirely wrong, but that's what it looks like."

And Dreyer's comms training is for stuff in the field. Not the things that Gloria works with. Not quite. He frowns, glancing back down to the device. "Well, frak. So in theory it may not matter where it's pointed- it's just generating an FTL field to send it?" There's a pause, however, as he moves to circle the 'coffin.' Trying to get a better view. Perhaps trying to decide where to start. "Well. Then whatever is receiving it is likely just a jump away from where it was found, right? Or can comms fields go further than Raptors?"

Gloria reaches up a hand to rub at her head, only to be brought short by the suit. "To be honest Sergeant, if it's been miniaturised this much, I have no idea what might have been done to it's range. I think, going through this logically, that the range will depend on how long the microwave beam can stay coherent, and while I can't do the numbers off the top of my head, that’s generally a lot further than a raptor can jump. Now, since it's miniaturised, they might have lost some transmission power… but I'm on pure speculation at this point." As he starts to circle she steps back to give him room. "That might be a job for engineering to suss," she Halena, she can ditch it right back on you, "so should we start with the SCAMP itself? You said you could find out what's been coded?"

"I can try," Dreyer answers to the last as he puzzles through the other things to consider. "I mean, I can work on it based on what our units are like, but there's no telling if this one has been modified too much." And then he pauses in reaching for his bag to point at a port on the side. "I can't do anything with that. It's not any style of plug we use." He looks a bit defeated behind his helmet, but then chews a bit at the inside of his lip. "Wonder if anything's been pulled off that Heavy Raider that could help…" This, partially to himself.

Gloria frowns faintly at the news of the port, moving herself round to where she can see it, and also get a shot of it with the camera. "No idea," is all she can offer in reply though, "that's not something I've had to deal with thankfully. Is it still in the hangerbay do you know? I've always tried to ensure I'm flying from the other side if I have to leave the ship. Last time I went through its bay it stank the place out."

"Ah-" The report is out, but Dreyer hasn't looked it over. It may not mention their transportation to and from Libran. He gives a sort of sheepish look in Gloria's direction. "Not the one in the Hangar. We… have a Heavy. It's on Picon. But I'm thinking it might have equipment we could modify or use. We'd probably have to run it up the line. We'd need Knox to help with any modifications and he'd need permission to work on it." He's leaning back on his heels, frowning at the whole of it. "I don't want to start trying to take it apart or anything before I can at least try to run a diagnostic."

As it looks like they've hit a bit of a brick wall for now, Gloria does one more loop of the coffin to get a few extra angles of film, then nods slowly to Dreyer. "I can bounce it up to Major Grey. I've spoken with him regarding this briefly before so he'd likely appreciate the update anyway. Could you get me a paragraph or two I can give him as your expert opinion? I get something down too and see what he agrees to next."

"We need some Cylon equipment for this. I'm sure engineering could probably splice some shit together, but we need the right cable to begin with." And who knows. Maybe engineering will have a field day with it. Dreyer removes the camera from his suit to get a few good angles on the SCAMP itself and that port. "Expert opinion?" He manages to only sound slightly uncertain about that. Ahem. "I'll see what I can do, but I'd definitely say ask for Knox. He'd at least have an idea where we can start, as it were, I bet."

"I'll ask for him," Gloria agrees with a nod, "and our reasoning is good so I reckon we're in with a chance. Put it in your write up though, as you're strong recommendation." Eyeing the lid for a moment she asks, "you want this covered up again?" She half wants him to say no, as lifting the lid back up is going to be a hassle, but it would protect the contents from accidental damage.. Oh the hardships.

"Yeah. Best put it back." Just in case. Dreyer couldn't say just in case for what, but he's not taking precautions at the moment. "I'll… see what I can write up. Want me to send it directly his way, or to you for inclusion?" And then, yes, they'll get that lid back on and escape to where they can be NOT in sealed suits.

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