ALT #350: Saturnalia 2005 - That Which Survives
Saturnalia 2005 - That Which Survives
Summary: Another year has passed, another Saturnalia has come to Piraeus. The crew of the Orion celebrate.
Date: 21/12/2013 (OOC Date)
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Sheridan Hall — Piraeus
Doubling as both the auditorium and movie theater, the Mess Hall on Piraeus is a long structure that's just wide enough to fit three lengths of table out on long ends and still provide a walkway between. It can seat several hundred people at once, as well. At the end farthest from the door is the serving area and beyond it the kitchen. Most food here is better than what the Navy eats aboard ships, but then there are a large number of private contractors on the planet with their own dietary requests. Most of the military personnel seem to prefer it. The Mess is open at all hours and is available to cook whatever is needed. Between meals there are snacks and sandwiches available but little else unless someone has brought something they wish to have cooked.
AWD #350

Saturnalia its a rather odd thing to be celebrating now, so close to the anniversary of war day — celebrating here, on a strange planet, far from what was once home. But in times like these, it's best to cling to the good moments, which are few and far between. In the mess, the smell of food and drink are pervasive, as well as frequent bouts of laughter and singing (the excellence of which varies considerably, depending not just on the voices of those singing, but their varying states of drunken-or-not-drunkeness). There's a few musicians accompanying them with varying degrees of success and skill, and the effigy of Saturn is placed resplendent in the center of offering, token objects tied to his various straw and timber bits as well as laid around him in tiny piles on the small deck that will be used to carry him out for burning later in the evening.

Neko strolls into the hall, immediately shedding a black leather jacket and tossing it onto whatever pile is serving as the place for coats. She's decked out in a leopard print dress that has absolutely nothing to do with the military, and matching leopard print shoes that shove her height over the six foot mark. "Happy frakking holidays!" she hollers, to everyone and no one, as she starts looking for a drink.

Captain West arrives with his wife, Quorra, the former wearing a turtleneck sweater and tweed pants, the best of whatever leave clothes he had with him on war day. He has two wrapped packages under his arm and he's given his wife a truly horrific knit scarf that he's obtained from somewhere in keeping with the practice of humorous gifts. "I brought a bottle as an offering for Saturn." he says, to Quorra, as they come in, "A small one. The big one is for us." He winks, and continues inside.

Alexandra wanders quietly into the hall, following Captain Pipe, er, West, and looks at the interesting selection and decorations. She doesn't have anything that appears to be a gift or present, apparently she's just here cause it's a party.

Toby is, by this point, already quite drunk. Not plastered, not by any means, but certainly merry. With the mass of bodies nd the warmth they generate he has his sleeves rolled up, revealing a fresh new tattoo near his left elbow, or at least, his fore arm below his elbow is wrapping in cling-film, so it's probably a new tattoo. This might not be eactly how he's used to celebrating the holiday, but he's going with the flow for now it would seem. Then, as Neko heads past on an obvious mission he returns her geeting with a cheerful, "Sol Invictus!" before taking another swing of whatever it is in his cup this time. He hasn't dressed up, but then he's one of thsoe that doesn't have the luxury of a full off-duty wardrobe, so he's in the same gear he's been in while working with the Minoans. It (and him) are atleast clean though.

Leightner comes in with Jena at his side. He's wearing his longcoat over the layered civilian clothes. It's his only non military clothing, but he's comfortable. Jena on his arm, gets a squeese as he looks to her, grinning, "Io, Saturnalia." He grins, his accent making it distinctive as he moves in.

Quorra likewise donned the best clothes kept in the back of her locker for such occasions, a bright cherry red low-neck dress with full skirt (in case any opportunities to dance come up, naturally!). The scarf that is a gift from her husband clashes in quite an ugly way with her fine apparel but she wears it as proudly as if it were a mink stole.

The feast of Saturn — god of the calendars and the seasons, the god who turns the wheel of the year. A god of the harvest in a land so plentiful, there are no slaves, and everyone can feast like a master. It is not exactly the sort of thing that comes to mind when one thinks of the CAG, with her prim upbringing and her penchant for formality. But with privilege comes obligation, which in this case means showing up and putting at good-natured smile on her face while she gets poked at and picked on by her crew. Thank all the Olympian gods that there's booze, as Franklin is probably going to need some. Fortunately, she's already found the punch and is well into her second cup.

"So, what's good?" Neko asks Toby, sidling up in his general area. In theory she's asking about beverages. Given his state of merriment, he seems like a good one for advice on that subject.

If it hasn't become apparent by now, it seems that Major Holtz only has one civilian outfit, and he's unsurprisingly wearing it tonight — jeans, t-shirt, and bomber jacket. Luckily, the tall, powerfully-built Viper pilot wears the outfit well. Unlike Neko, though, he doesn't discard the jacket on the way in. He enters alone, surveying the room for a moment or two. His traveling eyes pause almost imperceptibly on the CAG for a heartbeat before his gaze moves on, and he stops to exchange quick greetings with the squadron leader of the Templars before moving further into the hall.

The lowest man on the squadron pole walks in with a big smile, the feast of Saturn is his favorite time of year. There's nothing like having a big meal with your kith and kin (even if that's just his squadron). He looks around and then smiles when he sees Holtz and Atalanta and heads over to where they have set up the food. He grabs a plate and says, "Dayum! They really outdid themselves with this."

"This," Toby replies with a grin, holding his cup up in a sort of salute/acknowledgement to Neko as she asks. Then, peering into said mug a moment eh frowns slightly, as if deep in thought, the says, "homebrew, one of the DRADIS techs I think." He keeps an eye on the new arrivals, but then, in a perfect delayed reaction, peers back to Neko again and asks suprisedly, "hey! aren't you…?" Yeah, her name, it's gone.

West moves over towards the wooden icon of Saturn, first things first. He murmurs a prayer as he takes a small bottle of what must be beer and offers it over, hanging it at the statue's (crude?) wooden feet with a bit of twine. Then he turns and kisses his wife on the cheek, and says, with a broad smile, "I'm thirsty." With that, he goes to find a few glasses of punch.

Walking in beside the Corpsman, Jena is wearing jeans and a white t-shirt with a leather coat over it and patches handmaid by Leightner sewn onto it. One of her hands is in a coat pocket and her blonde hair is left down and falls down over her shoulders. Her other hand is tucked into the bend of Leightner's arm. "Mmhmm," she agrees almost non verbally.

Quorra presses her palms together at her chest and closes her eyes while murmuring her own brief prayer. She lifts her head and open her eyes just in time to receive her husband's kiss. "I'm thirsty too," she smiles at him. "Use the largest punch cups you can find?"

Alexandra isn't dressed civvie at all, just off-duty. Does she even possess a civilian suit? hard to say. She grabs a beer, and moves over to West. "How goes?" she asks, avoiding the whole whether she should say Sir or not. "Haven't heard about the big booms lately?"

Leightner looks to Jena, smiling as he leads to get a couple of the punch cups, offering one to Jena "Here we are. Seems we're jus gettin started." He winks to her and looks about at the group of people, no King yet. hmm.

Right as Darius comes up to her, Atalanta makes this awful face. Is it him? Well, maybe. More likely, it's whatever she's drinking. Far from the finest Leonese wines, it seems that whatever it is that's in her cup smells an awful lot like paint thinner, mixed with juice. It's probably best not to ask, which she doesn't — not even when one of the grunts who talked her into trying it starts cracking up at her expression. "Knight," she says with a rough cough. Whatever that is, it burns going down.

"Homebrew?" Neko doesn't quite turn up her nose, but she looks skeptical. "Somebody needs to liberate a liquor store on Picon. There must be plenty of top shelf booze left in the worlds." Still, she gets herself a cup of moonshine and gulps it without any further complaint. She notices the peering from Toby and stands up straighter, kind of preening. "Aren't I what?" she asks with a mischievous smile.

"Oh! Happy Saturnalia, Chief." West says, when he's stopped by the punch bowl, a bit cup in each hand. He tilts his head for her to take the few last steps with him so that he can hand one off to Quorra, "You mean about the Cylon project? There have been a few advances, but actually I've been working on something new. I'll have to come see you about it some time soon." A pause, "Or maybe it would be easier if you just came to my office, instead."

As the CAG coughs, Darius pats her on the back and smiles, "Easy there, don't want to choke on all the wonderful spread the crew's put on." His eyes shine as he shakes her head and says, "Happy Saturnalia Sir!" Extremely cheerful, probably well deserves the nicknames he has: "Helios", "Hayseed", etc. He glances around and then sees his smile dim when he realizes that Mahasti isn't around at the moment and he grabs a cup of said punch and without thinking downs a whole cup in one gulp.

Toby takes mock offense on behalf of said tech, "hey! It's good stuff." Strong, but still with flavour and not too heavy. About what he wants really. He then takes a moment, struggling for her name, before giving up wit a shrug. "Sorry, never payed too much attention to anyone who wasn't a Bull," a grin and a pre-emptive shift to protect his left arm from any incoming retaliation, "never really saw the point."

"Happy Saturnalia," Quorra offers the unfamiliar Alexandra, smiling amicably as she lifts her punch glass in toast. The geologist takes a sip and glances aside at her husband in search of an introduction.

Jena follows where Leightner leads her, taking a moment to look around at the others gathered, noting a few familiar faces before she turns back to accept the cup after drawing her hand out of her pocket. "Yeah, seems so. So, what happens at these things anyway? I've never made time to come to any before."

With her eyes watering and her sinuses threatening to clear — hey, lock-hooch will do that to a woman, but at least it's not toilet-wine — Atalanta manages to choke out, "It's Franklin. Really, Franklin's perfectly alr—," a cough. "Right tonight." The CAG eyes Darius sideways as he downs an entire glass, waiting skeptically to see if she's going to have to pick him up off the floor or not. Or at least get the poor boy some water to get that burning feeling out of his mouth.

He turns back to smile happily at the CAG just as the alcohol hits and he coughs and says just as roughly, "Wow… what… is in this…?" He wavers on his feet a bit and his smile grows, "Franklin…? That's… that's a lovely name… where are you from?" The alcohol seems to have made the Ensign bolder, bold enough to maybe even flirt with the CAG (he'd probably do so in any case, no fear in that one)

Leightner nods, "Well, traditionally, the entire structure of authority is cast aside and the King of Fools rules. Someone who is given authority, and generally we have role reversal, making fun of the superiors." He smirks, pulling out a heavy cold weather hat with thick white interior lining and heavy ear flaps, and hands it to her. "And exchange funny gifts." He says with a smirk, "This is yours. And it'll keep your head warm." He takes a drink of punch and nods, "Right. nice punch." He exhales.

"As the matter of fact, yes, I am…" Neko starts in what's clearly a practiced spiel, but stops at Toby's actual reply. Eyes zeroing in on him. It's not quite a glare, but it's close to one. "Only time I ever cared about the Bulls was when I was kicking their asses up and down the hardwood." She pauses, for proper dramatic effect, and then states, "Nekora Soun. Was of the Picon Panthers. But you'd best remember me from the Hades Vice. Delta Conference lead scorer, four years running. Not that I like to brag." Love to brag would be more accurate, from the way she's going on.

Holtz parts company with the Templar SL and moves towards the table where the alcohol is laid out. He passes by the punch bowl, instead pulling out a pocket flask and filling it with some clear yet suspiciously strong-smelling liquid from a mason jar — undoubtedly a holiday contribution from someone with a still. He's in time to see Darius down a glass of punch in one gulp; smirking, he pounds the ensign on the back in greeting and encouragement. "Down the hatch, boy, down the hatch."

Holtz parts company with the Templar SL and moves towards the table where the alcohol is laid out. He passes by the punch bowl, instead pulling out a pocket flask and filling it with some clear yet suspiciously strong-smelling liquid from a mason jar — undoubtedly a holiday contribution from someone with a still. He's in time to see Darius down a glass of punch in one gulp; smirking, he pounds the ensign on the back in greeting and encouragement. "Down the hatch, boy, down the hatch."

Toby spots Leighter over by the punch, and then, a fraction of a second later, Jena too. Waving a hand briefly to try and catch their attention he calls over cheerfully, "Sol Invictus mate!", then raises his cup in distant toast to the pair. As Neko gives her spiel he moves to chink his cup with her's and offers a "well then, Nekora Soun, formerly of the Picon Panthers, formerly of Hades Vice, Sol Invictus." A drink, "and I'm sure you've got a spot in the Bulls someday, if," another drink, "if thigns had been different."

West realizes that there is someone that his wife doesn't know, and so makes the introductions, "Senior Chief Alexandra Martin, Lieutenant Quorra West. Quorra, Senior Chief Martin." He sips some of the punch, and his eyes widen a little bit. "Whoa. I hope we're all able to see after tonight."

Jena laughs, releasing his arm so that she can tug the hat on since she was holding the punch in the other hand. Once it's in place, she exhales by blowing her bangs out of the way, the fringe beneath the edge of the hat. "Thanks, but I didn't get you anything, cause.. I didn't know." Catching the wave from Toby, she returns the wave, "Hey Shackleton!" So, she doesn't say Crewman like usual, leaving rank out of it. There's also a wave to Neko. Jena's a Pyramid fan.

Alexandra just looks a little lost, and smiles at West. "Very nice to meet you" she says with a little bit of a strange look on her face. "I made sure all the slash was up to minimum standards. We have reps to maintain, Mr. West. Mrs. West, a pleasure to meet you." she smiles wanly. "Make me an appointment and I'll venture up to officer's country for a bit."

A little late to the party, Gideon keeps to the sides as he arrives, trying to not make a big entrance. He's humming some sort of tune and seems to be in good spirits. He's mostly kept to himself sense he's been on the Orion crew, but hopefully after tonight that'll change. Once he's found a parking spot he'll head directly to the refreshments.

"P-J!" Neko yells at Jena with a broad grin, when she spots the wave. "And medic. Yo. The hooch isn't bad, for something that was probably made with engine cleaner." She sorta toasts with Toby. Or, at least, she gulps more booze when he drinks. "Yeah. The whole bombing of planets by killer robots kind of frakked up the season. So, you play, or were you strictly a spectator? Also, what's your name?" It just occurred to her that she hadn't bothered to ask the deckie that yet.

"Franklin?" Holtz says to the CAG, brows furrowing slightly. "Dunno if that works for me. I mean, come on, Franklin is a boy's name, yeah?" he says in complete seriousness. Or at least it seems serious, until it becomes apparent that he's trying hard not to smirk as he says it. He sniffs at the CAG's drink. "Where'd you find the jet fuel? That ain't the punch, is it?"

"It's 'Lieutenant West' or 'Dr. West,' thank you," murmurs Quorra following a light ahem, a pointed look given to Alexandra. Then she gives the punch a try and makes a face. "Well Seneca, at least you saved the large bottle of beer for us!"

Leightner grins to Jena as she pulls the hat on and nods, "Don't worry, luv." He looks over and waves to Toby, nudging Jena briefly before wandering in that direction, Toby and Neko. "Oi ye two Aye, fine vintage o forced distilling." He looks at Jena muttering, "Not really, but does the job." He takes another drink, slight grimace.

The Ensign in question oofs and nearly is sent flying by the whack from Holtz and manages a thumbs up for him as he slurs, "I don't know what that is… but I'll have some more!" He actually giggles then and reaches out to get another glass of the now (even stronger) punch and raises a glass and calls out, "I'd like to propose a thoast!" He sways a bit as he moves to the center of the room and says, "I know I'm only the most junior around… and that we've all suffered losses and stuff and that maybe we've all had our hangups, but I just wanna say…" He ctops and thinks about how best to put it, "No matter what happens, all we have, is each other… everyone here, those who couldn't come becuase of duty assignment and the civillians we protect… we're what's left of human civilization. I guess what I'm trying to say is, no matter how much the Cylons have hurt us, we're still here, and we're still going to be here. Our spirit hasn't been crushed, and though it might be hard to find any joy… I think we all should remember that we're alive… and that's a very GOOD thing and that we should focus on that, rather than all the negatives. My pappy used to say dying is easy… it's living that's hard…" With that he raises his glass and says, "So here's to the Orion and the Fleet! We're still here and we're still FIGHTING! HAPPY SATURNALIA EVERYONE!!!" He downs the glass whole again, coughing before he staggers and falls against a table, ending ass deep in food and mutters, "Food fight…"

"Took some of the enjoymentout of it certaily," Toby states to Neko, "but it's not like it wasn't obvious who was going to win. I mean, with our line up? Bulls all the way." A grin to Jena, then back to Neko, shifting his cup into his left hand so he can offer his right to shake, "Toby Shackleton, deck. Sadly my profession career never took of on account of being a slack bastard. Played for the Techs at Site Anvil for a while though, before I ended up here." Peering at Leightner's drink a minute he then points over to where he acquired his, "try that one, very nice. Homebrew, one fo the techs from Deck 2." A glance is given to Darius as he yells, but then he just shakes his head and turns back tothe others, "that normal? Must admit we used to do things a bit different where I grew up. Still got shit faced though."

There's a blink from Atalanta, and then a bright laugh. Her Caprican accent is crisp, distinct, and rather decidedly upper-class, but to an off-worlder from the backwoods of Aerilon, they probably all sound the same to him. She's about to reply when he staggers forward, and raises his glass in toast. "Here here!," she calls, unable to stop herself from laughing as he goes crashing down. She makes a real go of it though, cupping her hand over her mouth to try and hide the fact that she's actually, yes, laughing. To the point her face is turning a bit pink, though that might also be the result of what she's drinking.

Alexandra looks irritated. "Certainly, Doctor. I would never want to be disrespectful at the Saturnalia! Why, that might mean someone was having a good time!" she nods to West, and wanders towards the stronger drinks. She looks over at Toby and shrugs. "I guess everyone's welcome at Saturnalia"

Neko puts down her drink briefly to grab Toby's hand and pump it. "Oh, you're a mechanic? Can you make the Raptors fly smoother? Damn things still make me want to hurl every time I've got to take one. I mean, I keep that kind of thing in check, because I'm hard-core like that. I'm just saying, wouldn't mind a first-class shuttle or two for drops." It's hard to tell if she's serious or not. She picks up her cup again when Darius starts talking, happy to have a toast as an excuse to down more. Then he ass-plants into the food, and she just starts laughing. Loud, hearty guffaws. "Your spirit just crushed that platter, Sweet Cheeks!"

"Enjoy the party, Senior!" West calls after Alexandra, still seeming in good spirits. He shrugs at Quorra, "Eh. I drink the drinks as they come." So, he gamely pinches his nose and takes a bigger gulp, his face almost immediately going red.

The Ensign blinks up at Neko from upside down and then starts to turn bright red and mutters, "Oy vey…." He starts to try and get up, slipping on some mashed potatoes and faceplanting into some plum pudding

Leightner looks to Toby, then in the direction he indicates, nodding, "Ya? Nice one." He says, marking the location. ALWAYS listen to the Deckies on the Shine producers. He looks over at Darius as he makes his proclimation and nods, then grimaces as the man goes down in a wreckage of food, closing his eyes, and sighing. "..air wing.." He looks to Neko and chuckles. He'll finish his drink properly before getting any closer to that mess.

Like Atia, Holtz too can't help but laugh at Darius' exclamation and his subsequent collision with the table as the major drains his flask. Unlike the CAG, however, he makes no effort to muffle or conceal his snickering, which turns into an all-out guffaw of his own when Neko favors him with yet another new nickname. He's just drunk enough by now to find the whole thing quite amusing, instead of just rolling his eyes as he normally might. Finally, though, he takes pity on the younger pilot, taking a few steps over and roughly yanking him to his feet. Holtz moves to hand him a napkin… but seeing the state of complete disarray Darius is now in, and the complete inadequacy of a single napkin in a comparison, he snorts. "Go clean yourself up, yeah? And mind my jacket."

"Oh I'm not worried," Jena smiles as he leads the way to the others. "But it doesn't make me feel any better about it." She shoulder checks him. She hadn't tested the punch yet, but at the offer of the other, she smiles. "Thanks." Leaning in to Leightner, she smiles. "I'll go get us some of the home brew. Be right back."

Neko smirks at Leightner's aside. "That typical?" She doesn't seem bothered, still sniggering. She didn't come for the food anyway. "Umm, to living on and stuff." With that, she finishes her moonshine in one gulp. And promptly pours herself another.

Alexandra turns, and looks at West from where she's pouring herself a drink. "Well, I guess you don't want to call me by name either"

"Sadly no," Toby replies, expression not really being one of remorse, "I can work on stopping them from bursting into flames though, if that'll help? Also the pesky oxygen thing, I keep that flowing. Smooth ride though? That'd be the airframe lot most likely." Once he retrieves his hand he downs the remainder of his drink and points his cup towards the very brew he's just recommended, "my cup is broken and I must fix it! Anyone else need a refil?" It seems though, that Jena has somewhat beaten him to it, so he just tags along with her, "Sol invictus Cruz," he offers, cheerfully, "or did I already do that bit?"

The Ensign's yanked up by Holtz and now bright red and says "Uh… yeah… right… I'll just go into the head for a bit…" He takes the napkin and tries to step carefully out of the mess he's made, swaying dangerously as he heads to where the bathrooms are. He gets about 10 feet before he faceplants and this time doesn't get up… loud snores can be heard eminating from him now.

It's when he lands in the pudding that Atalanta is just completely done in. Ohh, gods. Covering her mouth with her hands does absolutely nothing whatsoever to help — she's actually got to turn away, rubbing at her now watery eyes. And here she thought it was just the hooch that was going to bring on the sting of tears tonight. "Sweet cheeks," she mutters, or tries to, between laughs. Poor Darius. Looks like that one may stick.

After getting something strong to drink, Gideon surveys the party, looking for anybody he might know. The only one he sees that he remembers for sure is Atalanta, one of the first people he had met when he arrived. He gives her a friendly wave before taking a seat, still humming his tune happily.

Leightner smiles to Jena, watching her go for some better alcohol, then looks to Darius and his grand exit, of ten feet and immediate drop to the floor and snoring. He laughs, and looks at his cup, before taking another drink. Looking to Neko he shrugs, "Sorta typical, depends on the pilot." He nods, and smirks.

Alexandra grabs a heavy scotch and start to sip it. At least it's taped on label says "scotch"

Jena glances back and winks at Leightner as she and Toby make their way to the 'good stuff' nearby. "You did once, but the same to you." She grins, walking at his side. Noticing Gideon looking around, she offers a wave. She knows most of the airwing since she works with them most. "So, when would you like that rematch on pyramid?"

Toby pours himself a drink, then offers to do the same for Jena. "Rematch?" he replies, glancing back to the pair they left behind, "lets make it interesting, lets try and make it a proper game. You can have Ian, I'll have Miss I Never Actually Played For The Bulls But Apparently I'm Good Anyway, and then we can pick the rest as they come. Hows that?" Perring at his beer, he decides to make the best of all the effort it's taken to walk these few paces and empties his cup down his throat before filling it again. Turning to head back he gives Gideon a nod, but not really recognising the man he just offers a smile and yet another "Sol Invitus mate," before glancing back to the PJ, "did I tell him that already too?"

Ohhhh, dear. It's like a comedy of errors — a rather confused young lieutenant from CMES, red-cheeked and ruffling through the offerings and gifts that have been left stuck to and under and around the makeshift wood-and-straw effigy of Saturn. Meanwhile, there's a a cluster of what would've been, a year ago, fresh-faced young privates straight from finishing bootcamp with the CMC. At the center of them, currently receiving a slew of high-fives, is the cackling theif, holding up the King of Fools' crown triumphantly, waving it around for all of his buddies to see. He hasn't plunked it down on his head, though, as there seems to be some debate going on… something about "hotties". This isn't going to be good.

Neko snorts at Toby. "Honey, anytime you want to get out on the court, I am there. I'll show you how they drill it into the hoop like a Panther." That was probably still about sports. Probably. She's starting to get bright-eyed and loose(r) as she gets deeper into her cup. She cranes her neck toward the dude-bro waving the crown around, cackling some more.

Jena does the same. Just to catch up with the others. She'd been to Charlie's beforehand also, so she was sporting a pretty good 'feel good' at the moment. When hers is refilled, she gestures back to Leightner. "One for him too, if you don't mind too terribly?" Thinking about the game, she smiles. "Yeah, sure, I'd like a proper game if you can come up with enough that would be interested. I guess even two on two is good." She chuckles. "Ah, I don't think so." Tilting her head, she gives him a suspicious look, but it's more playful. "Sounds like you have had a few already."

The Ensign continues to snore, drooling on the floor as he mumbles something about "Floating… corn… Colonel… assault haystack basestar… Yes sir… zzzzzzzzz…"

There's someone Gideon had met once or twice, Jena. He gets up from his seat, drink still in hand as he walks over to where her circle of friends are meeting. "Jena." He offers with a smile, giving the others around a wave. "Hey, I'm Gideon Helios, ECO."

Leightner looks over to the activities of the guys with the crown. ooh, the Kings crown finally makes an appreance. He keeps track of that thing, suspiciously as he drinks, chuckling.

Toby uses his free hand to point right at Neko. "You," he calls back with a grin, "are on." Grabbing another drink for Leighter he starts to make his way back, smiling to Jena as he does so. "I'll see who's still feeling alive tomorrow, drum a few extra bodies up and we'll have a bash. It's been too long." As for the comment about having had a few, well, that gets nod and another grin, "one or twwwwoooo," he replies, then nods to Gideon as he passes Leighter his drink, "nice to meet you mate, you up for a game of pyramid tomorrow? Or frak it, why not tonight, when it gets quiet here say. The courts aren't far and I'm sure we can find something to use as a ball." Drunken pyramid. THat couldn't possibly go wrong. COuld it.

There really is nothing quite like the face of a young officer, put in charge of some ceremony for the first time, positively panicking as they screw it up. The man's expression is absolutely priceless. He could've been the bumbling neighbor on some farce aired on Tuesday nights at 9PM, on CapTV 4. Where did he put it?! Ohhhh, Lords and Ladies, someone down at CMES is going to be laying into him tomorrow. It'll be the perfect complement to his hangover headache…

"Hi Gideon." Jena greets, but doesn't introduce him since he had done so. She grins at the challenge issued and accepted between Toby and Neko, she nods her head towards the others, indicating Gideon should follow. "Tomorrow? Ohhh tonight? You betcha. I'm game for it. I can't promise to be very good at it, I'm out of practice. Haven't played since we had our match." She just shakes her head to the latter and as the three approach, if Gideon had indeed followed, she introduces. "Ian Leightner, this is Gideon. Gideon, this is Leightner, Shackleton and Neko. Neko played professional Pyramid. She's a star."

"Go on, man!", comes one of the voices from the cluster of Marines. At least one of them is eyeballing the Neko-Toby-Leightner-Jena cluster with a lecherous grin and a look of challenge in his eyes. "I dare ya!" Any minute now, someone's going to call someone a chicken and start making clucking sounds. And because it's the good ol' boys of the CMC, them's fighting words. Especially when it comes to girls. Well, Cylons, too. But mostly girls.

Neko looks down at Gideon (she's tall in those heels) and smiles wolfishly at him. "Helios, huh? So, you're a sports fan?" But the CMC boys distract her from leering at him, and she turns her head to bark at them, "Get on with it, frakkers! You're slowing down prime drinking time."

Leightner smiles as Jena and Toby come back, looking to Gideon, "Gideon, a pleasure, Mate." Whoa, heavy Virgonese accent, very thick. His grin is genuine as he exchanges glasses and grins to Jena, then looking to the group with the crown. this could be bad. Iphigenia is going to flay someone alright.

West finishes his punch - his nose still pinched, and goes to get another one, "I'm falling way behind on the drinking." he says, to no one in particular. Hearing Alexandria call out to him, he shrugs, and says, "Oh, right. Sorry, force of habit. I'm Seneca, then." It's supposed to be that sort of party, right? He gets another cup of punch, hoping maybe a little <Insert your favorite Colony here> Courage will help him loosen up.

Toby lifts his still full cup in a vague acknowledgement/salute to the hecklers, then takes a swig. "Sol Invictus lads," he offers to them cheerfully, but beond that he'll let Neko's reply stand as he turns back to the group closer to hand. He's spotted the poor CMES guy, but it doesn't mean a huge amount to him for, as he's previously stated, he grew up celebrating things a little differently. He's curious enough to ask Leightner though, "what's up with that poor frakker?"

Well, that definitely does it. With a devlish grin and a few shoves, the boy with the crown — yes, he is a boy, maybe ninetween or twenty at best — comes staggering out of a sudden break in the cluster, veering towards Neko with his very best strut. It is not, thanks to the amount of pruno he's had, particularly impressive. One hand plants on her shoulder, like he's about to spin her around and lay a big wet one on her. But cheap talk and liquir courage only last so long, and there's a brief second where this clueless 'oh-shit' look comes over his face. There's a beat, and then he clumsily plops the crown onto her head, announcing loudly, "All Hail the Queen!". (Nice cover there, Gilligan.)

Leightner starts to answer Toby when Neko is crowned Queen of Fools and Leightner lifts to the cry, "All Hail the Queen!" Okay, we're rolling with this. "Queen of Fools, the only recognized authority this evening."

Jena returns with Toby and moves to Leightner's side once more, sorta leaning into him for a moment, a light hug. "So, it's you and me against the professionals in a match later. Hopefully they'll both be too drunk to beat us too badly." Hearing the calls, she glances back with a smirk. "Sounds like the party has definitely started." Doing the same, "All Hail the Queen!"

"This doesn't strike me as a good night to be trying to 'stay caught up' on the drinking," murmurs Quorra as she puts aside her unfinished cup of punch and then asks Charlie's bartender for a glass of water. The geologist wrinkles her face in distaste when she spots Darius face-down in less that pleasant condition.

Neko gawks at the CMC boy when he crowns her. And then, after a split second's reflection, lets out a loud, high-pitched, "WOO! All hail me, bitches!" That will maybe be her official name for her 'subjects' tonight. Her first order of business is to lean down and plant a big, mack-y kiss on the kid who crowned her. She will have more orders when she's done with that, which won't be long. He's not that lucky.

A game of Pyramid? Hell yeah! "Of course I'm in." Gideon replies to Jena. "I warn you though, it's been… quite a few years sense I played, and I was never particularly good to begin with." He grins at Toby, nodding in confirmation. He's down for some pyramid. Looking up at Neko he tilts his head slightly, squinting at the woman. "I've only really played recreationally, was always more interested in attending concerts." He nods to Leightner, "Ian, pleased to meet you." He offers his hand out to shake, turning his head to watch Neko be crowned the Queen of Fools. "This is either going to be very fun, or a disaster." He mutters, chuckling softly.

Leightner shakes Gideons hand, nodding, "Both." He says then looking to Jena, "I can't play pyramid fer shite, luv. Gonna get mauled." He grins, "More alcohol will make it alright." He looks to Neko, and grimaces. "Here we go. She's about ta go mad wit power."

Alexandra just looks amusedly at the saturnalia, and drinks more "scotch"

Toby raises an amused eyebrow at Leightner's response, then lifts his his cup again too. Tilting his head over to Jena he offers quietly, "she's definitely on my team, you can have the flyboy though if you want." Taking another drink he adds what is likely an obligatory wolf-whistle as Neko 'thanks' the lad then, grinning like a look for a brief moment he nudges Leighter gently with his elbow. "Hey, man, did I show you? COuple of the Minoans have the art with teh old ink, so I got a new one!"

Holtz looks over his shoulder at the commotion surrounding Neko, raising his flask with a murmured "All hail the Queen" before moving to refill the thing. After all, the flask doesn't hold much. And Holtz is a thirsty sort of guy. His reservoir refilled, he makes his way through the crowd until he ends up near Toby and the surrounding cluster of people. "Allright, what'd I just hear about flyboys?" he says with mock sternness, before noticing Gideon. He squints at the unfamiliar man, asking, "You're new, ain't'cha?" Well. New-ish, anyway.

Jena straightens from the lean in on Leightner and tips her head back, downing the entire contents of the drink. "Sounds like a plan, man." That to Gideon. "You're on my team." Waggling her brows at Toby, she offers a quick nod. "You got it." A smirk to Ian. "I don't care, you can learn." As the Queen kisses, Jena looks amused and steps away, back towards the punch. She was far enough gone, she didn't even care about the taste now. And she could avoid the Queen this way too!

Neko adjusts her crown atop her head when she's done macking and pulls over a chair, climbing up on it so she can address her 'court.' She's got pretty good balance on those heels, but it still looks precarious. "What the frak is up with the band? Fellas! Your Queen commands. Give me something I can shake it to. Everybody has to dance tonight! If you don't dance, off with your heads!" She probably doesn't have that kind of authority. Still, the amateur band does start playing something more rocking at her 'orders.'

Ohhh, look! Sloppy drunk kisses. Because there's nothing quite like the sort of kiss that involves someone having to wipe drool off their face when they're done. The poor kid just kind of gawks at Neko. And then he grins, like he just won the lottery. Somewhere in the waves of "All Hail the Queen!" going up are the cheers and jeers of his friends — because just like chicks go to the toilet in herds, dude-bros can only hit on women in wolf-packs. It like a law of nature or something. Needless to say, he's going to get drinks… well, handed to him all night. It's not like anyone's paying.

"Well, in that case…" Gideon says partially to Leightner, but mostly to himself as he downs the rest of his drink quickly, going for another one. If Neko's macking is any indication on how the rest of the night is going, alcohol will be his friend. Nodding to Jena he thumbs up. "Sounds like a plan!" Then Neko has ordered everybody to dance, and he quickly looks for a piano. If he's playing he can't dance!

Leightner grins, and looks at Tobys inkwork, "Oh, Aye? Classic Tauran Tattowork?" He looks a little closer, and nods, grinning, then before he speaks the Queen commands a Dance, and he looks around straightening and moving to find his Jena. It's time.

Toby glances over his shoulder as he hears the now familiar voice of the major. "Hey.. er.." he pauses for a moment, not entirely sure just how to address him, then skips that step altogether and going stright to toasting with booze, "Sol Invictus!" Then, to the actual question he tilts his head towards Gideon, "sorting pyramid teams for later, me and Queenie vs Cruz, Ian and your lad here so far. Want in?" A glance to the young lad and he adds, "I'd drag him along too, but I doubt he's going to be in any state." As opposed to the rest of them of course. Puhing his sleeve up a little so Leightner can see beneath the clingfilm, it turns out to not be of the traditional Tauran style, but infact his toast of the evening in a band that encompases his arm an inch or so below his elbow, with a solid line banding above and below to demark it. Noting the corpsman moving off at the order of a dance though he glances round, checking out his options. Holtz, or Neko. Holtz, or Neko… "Hey, Queenie, dance?"

West doesn't really listen to Quorra's advice, getting a second big cup of punch and taking a big sip. "It gets better the more you drink." he says, with a grin. "At least, after you kill all the taste buds and the lining of the throat. Then it's totally smooth."

Kazimir arrives from the Living Complex.

Where did the CAG wander off to after her fit of giggling at poor, poor passed out Darius? To a corner of the room where there's a few chairs, to try and catch her breath, lest she end up in one of those infeneral giggle-loops, where the only the to laugh about is a complete inability to stop laughing. Unfortunately for her, it means she's missed a fair part of the action, and now has to navigate her way through the crowds of warm bodies to try and see who, exactly has been named the Queen of Fools — and whether or not she should be hiding from one of the squadron leaders possibly issuing royal orders.

There has to be a piano somewhere on Piraeus that somebody could've rolled out here, so Gideon can slide in to try and play it for awhile. Neko won't try and behead him just now. It's Saturnalia. It's a party. There's lots of drinking, still some food on the tables that Darius didn't knock down, and the effigy to Saturn hasn't been dragged out for burning yet. There is more revelry to be had first. She descends from her dais/chair, picking up her drink again and finishing what was left in her cup. She grins at Toby. "Only if you keep calling me Queenie." She grabs his arm and drags him out to get her groove on. But not before catching sight of non-dancing Atalanta and yelling, "DANCE! YOUR QUEEN COMMANDS IT!"

Catching the thumbs up from Gideon, Jena echoes the gesture. "You better get you a partner, the Queen commands dancing." After getting her refill, she sips the drink. It's not as bad as she had… "Oh hey Ian.." He had found her alright.

Kazimir has been barely visible for most of the event, presumably hiding in the background somewhere and trying to avoid the majority of the revelry. But he's here somewhere, at the back, away from the newly crowned Queen and the more enthusiastic celebrators. But at least here, in so far as anyone ever wants to see lawyers anywhere.

"We can figure out teams when we get there… I imagine we'll loose a few people before the night is over." Gideon responds to Toby as he spots a piano. Relieved, he strides over to it, sliding onto the bench, grinning as his fingers lightly feel the keys, It's an /actual/ piano! Not some electric imitation. His fingers get in position as he begins to play something snappy and upbeat.

"Sol Invictus," Holtz echoes Toby's toast, before smiling thinly at the deckhand's momentary confusion. "Just 'Holtz' will do fine," he says. "I left my rank at the door, same as everyone else, yeah?" He shakes his head slightly at the invitation to the game. "Nah. Pyramid's a young man's game." What's this? Holtz poking fun at his own age? He must be drunk indeed. "I'd have to get physical to keep up, and someone'd probably just get hurt." He smirks, and the grin gets only wider as Toby passes over him to ask Neko for a dance. He can't blame the other man; he'd have picked the pretty girl over the grizzled pilot himself. Instead of finding a dance partner of his own, though, he looks around the room for a moment before heading off towards the sidelines. "Gotta find the little major's room," he explains.

Alexandra finishes her drink and wanders over to the bar to get more, avoiding attention from the "queen". She doesn't need that sort of thing today.

Leightner grins to Jena, "Hullo thar, love, May I have this dance?" He asks, taking her drink, and taking her hand setting the drinks down smoothly as he pulls her to the dancefloor, just grinning at her madly as he starts to move with her to the music. They have to dance, it's a royal commandment and everything, but he's enjoying it.

Someone has to fly patrol while everyone else is drinking and partying themselves into a stupor. And tonight? Bennett drew the short straw. Or volunteered, possibly. Either way, it's not until well into the festivities that she steps through the doors to the mess hall, huddled into her fatigues, combat boots, fuzzy tuke and.. a much-too-short dress. The pompom on her hat is caked in frost, and she spends a few moments in the doorway shivering, and stomping snow off her boots as she takes stock of the place.

West finishes his second drink, and then walks over towards Quorra, "Want to get some air?" he asks, "I feel like a bit of a walk, and it's pretty stuffy in here. Maybe the cold air will help."

Toby is not it would appear, one of nature's natural dancers and the dance floor is not his natural habitat, he is drunk though, and that seems to count for something. Coordination not so much, unwillingness to care, quite high. "So," he starts to Neko, attmetping not to stand on her feet with his boots, "Queenie, marine right?" A quick glance to Holtz and a grin, "sure thing, Holtz," yeah, thats wierd, "catch you round."

Jena is suddenly sans drink, but when Ian takes her in his arms and moves her onto the dance floor, she's just drunk enough not to protest it. Instead, she wears a lopsided smile and twirls around once, coming back to meet him, that hat looking really goofy on her head. "You owe me a drink, you know." The words are followed by a wink.

"Good thing you gave me a scarf," Quorra smiles and adjusts the wool muffler around her neck as she pulls her coat back on. "They'll be bringing Saturn outside soon for the bon fire, that's the part I want to see anyway." She hooks her arm around West's ready to follow his lead.

Neko is, admittedly, not paying enough attention to her 'court' to really enforce her 'dance or death' proclamation. She waggles her fingers at Holtz as she heads off to dance with Toby. "You know it, honey," she replies an affirmative to Toby, about being a Marine. "I work heavy weapons, mostly. I am all about the big guns. Reminds me of playing point." She shakes it club style rather than trying for something more refined or complicated. And more like she's performing for the crowd than doing anything involving her partner. But she keeps in Toby's general vicinity while she does it, at least.

Leightner dances, more like playing on the dance floor as Jena spins and he catches her, swaying as he holds her to him, grinning down to her "Oh, I'll get ye a fresh drink." He says, kissing her briefly before breaking to continue to dance.

"It is a truly ghastly scarf, too. I'm very proud of it." West responds, offering his wife his arm and, once she's taken it, walking towards the exit to go get some of that air.

West leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

Quorra leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

So it has been ordered, and so it shall be. There's a blink, and a bit of a wide-eyed stare as Neko shouts her dance-or-death decree at Atalanta. There is an exaggarated, mocking bow — the sort with a practiced grace that speaks of possibly of prep school or Virgan relatives or possibly both. But the trouble with dancing is that she has exactly two options — find a partner, or make a show of herself. Green eyes scan the room in search of a familiar face, lest she end up in the arms of that absurd Marine boy, or one of his dreadful friends…

"Pretty big gun on the back of a raptor," Toby replies with a faintly wry smile, "you ever end up using one of them? Very satisfying kick you know." Okay, so guns might not be his forte, but he has taken out a few centurions with said door guns. That's just about used up all his conversation on that score though so he flits back to pyramid, "how long were you pro for?" Small tlak, thats what you do when making a prat of yourself on the dance floor right?

The time he's spent away from the piano hasn't seemed to dull his abilities as he expertly plays the song from memory. He bounces around happily as he surveys the room, glad to be of use. He spots Atalanta, giving her a smile and a nod. Normally he'd wave but… his hands are kind of busy at the moment.

Bennett sidesteps around the departing Wests, and shadows them a smile on their way by. Then her hat is tugged off, leaving a halo of dark, damp, frost-crackled frizz around her face. It's mostly ignored as she makes her way toward what counts as a bar here to place an order for 'something warm, please'. Holtz is spotted a moment later, lurking at the edges of the action, and she calls across to him, "Are you going to stand there all day, or ask a girl to dance, sir?" Her grin is sly, and there's a slightly suggestive twinkle in her blue eyes.

Kazimir is in a very similar predicament. Find a partner, or…well, who knows. And the JAG officer is of course too law abiding to consider just not dancing. The Queen said dance, so one must dance. Atalanta's bow catches his attention, speaking of a similar background, and after a moment he actually approaches her. "May I have this dance?" No indicators of rank are used in his speech, but there's a very respectful timber to the bow that accompanies the request.

"I had a decade in the league, give or take," Neko says as she spins. She must have some practice doing this sort of thing in heels, after some drinks, as she doesn't even wobble. "Played a little college ball. Left after my sophomore year to see if I could make it in the pros. Got drafted first round." And she's proud of that, too. "Raptor guns, huh?" She looks vaguely impressed. "Haven't had the pleasure. So, how many toasters have you capped with one of those things?"

Well, Holtz was headed off to the sidelines. But Bennett's call grabs his attention, and he swivels his head to regard the blue-eyed Raptor pilot… and those legs that her skirt is doing very little to conceal. "Depends," he replies slyly. "Know where I can find one?" But then he grins in her direction and advances on her, offering her a hand as he moves back towards the dance floor.

Toby looks impressed at the recitation of her career, then can only really shrug. "Hard to say," he starts, then almost forgetting himself adds, "Queenie. Quite high up, kicks up a load of dust and shit. Took out the frakkers that almost got Squire though." He holds up his hand, which he then notices is gloved and grins to himself. Pulling said glove off with his teeth he shows a rather knarled looking scare on the back of said hand, "frakkers didn't thank me for it I can tell you." Yeah, it's battle scar o'clock, but at least he's not yet drunk enough to be taking his shirt of to show her all his ink.

Enjoying just being able to have fun and dance, Jena laughs when he spins her around and catches her. The brief kiss surprises her and she winks playfully. "I should maybe slow down on the drinks if I'm going to try Pyramid after. What do you think?" As the others partner up, she looks around and notices the pairings with a grin.

Holtz's smirking grin only widens at the expression that passes over Bennett's face. He pauses just long enough to shuck off his own jacket and place it on the back of a chair before taking her hand and leading her to the dance floor, his smile softening to match her own. "Not terribly much," he answers with a brief shake of the head. "Though it's good you came along when you did. Our newly crowned Queen may have had me put to death if I hadn't found someone to dance with," he adds with a barking chuckle.

Kazimir seems emboldened by Atalanta's reaction. Taking her hand he leads her out onto the floor. For all that she is mocking noble manners he seems entirely serious. "I trust you are well this evening?" He enquires as the dance begins.

Neko laughs at Toby's reply, but it's an appreciative laugh. "Death from above, huh? Niiiice." She checks out his battle scar and grins wider. She's the sort of chick who digs scars, clearly. "If you're a good subject, maybe later I'll show you where I got hit on Picon." She says it suggestively, so it probably wasn't her hand. She continues to bounce throughout the song, though she's starting to eye the effigy to Saturn thoughtfully.

"Put you to death?" Bennett repeats with a slight upward tick of one brow. "That seems a bit harsh. Condemned you to a week of cleaning out the marines' head, I could see." There's that inclination to lead again, once they find a relatively unoccupied spot on the floor, but control is relinquished once more with a fleeting smile. She's no professional dancer, but she does know how to move. And how to watch a man like he's the only one in the room. "Really though, I have not seen much of you around the wing lately. I had worried you'd been transfered out, even." Is she actual upset by this thought, or just putting it on? Hard to say.

Tobymishears amid the music, and looks faintly baffled for a mometn as his ears tell him that Neko made a pass at a planet. There is a moment of realisation though, a fairly obvious one given the level of intoxicants in his system and he nods back, holding his hand up gain, "that was Picon too." Spotting her glance going elsewhere he turns his head and notes the effigy as well. "Getting ready to burn it eh?" he asks, "tell you what then Queenie, I never was much one for Saturn myself, so I'll go grab us some beers, find a ball, and meet you and the sickeningly cute pairover there," a tilt of his head towards Leightner and Jena "at the courts. Hows that?"

As the song he plays comes to a close he surveys the party once more, wondering if he should play another or if the 'Queenie' will give out different orders. His eyes spot Neko and though body language he asks if he needs to play another.

"Quite well, now," she replies, her smiles softening to something more since. "It seems you've saved me from certain death. If you hadn't come along, the Queen surely would've been demanding my head for defying her orders." There's a beat, during which she settles her hands into all of the places that they're supposed to be, 'rocking' music or not. "Aleksandrov, isn't it? We've met once or twice before, but I can't recall if it was here or on Caprica." The accent, it seems, has not been wasted on her. On the contrary — Atalanta's quite the connoisseur of Caprican accents, and displays all the appreciation that only a connoisseur can.

"What can I say? The horrid whims of the monarchy," Holtz replies with a flippant shrug. His hand settles into place around her waist as they move in time to the music. He's not much of a dancer, but he's got the reflexes and coordination that go along with being a good pilot, and the band is at least playing something up-tempo, so he does a solid job of keeping up with the lithe Raptor captain's admirable moves. "I could say the same. Where you been keepin' yourself lately?" he asks. "I ain't goin' anywhere. Have been spending a little more time planetside lately, though." Which shouldn't be entirely surprising, as the planet is not only home to his daughter but now also the Minoan refugees.

Leightner continues dancing with Jena, being exactly as sickeningly cute as Toby thinks they are. they are simply happy in dancing together and enjoying the music and not caring about anything else till orders are bellowed from the queen.

"Aleksandrov, yes." Kazimir smiles seeming quite pleased with the way the dance is working out. 'Rocking' music it may be, but they will dance in the traditional style thank you so very much. "And you of course are Franklin." Said with all the respect the name commands. "Caprica, I believe." A pause. "It's my pleasure to have kept the Queen from demanding your head. Such a head should certainly stay where it belongs."

Neko makes a 'wrap it' kind of gesture at Gideon. He can finish his song, but she apparently has other whims now. "Sounds good, honey," she says to Toby with a wink. "If my royal duties allow. Leadership's a bitch." Speaking of, she stops grooving and clears her throat to yell, "BITCHES!" again. "I'm gonna need some strong hands to haul old Saturn out to get lit up after this song. Let's burn stuff!" That's probably as much about the intricacies of the holiday ceremony as she's really processed.

Bennett seems amused, but doesn't comment further on the Queen or her whims. Nor does she cast her gaze about to find the lady of the hour, for the time being; those bright blue eyes are fixed unflinchingly upon the big pilot she's dancing with. Step, step, reverse, swing out. And on her way back in, her hand slides up his shoulder and trails around the back of his neck so she might have an easier time of whispering something to him. Laughter as she resumes dancing, and if her dress skims a little too high when she turns, she doesn't seem to notice. Or care. "Planetside. Your little girl is planetside, right?" Her smile stays warm, but loses some of its teasing edge.

Alexandra moves over to the Saturn, getting ready to haul it out of the party on it's own merits.

Leightner pauses in his dancing with Jena, and they laugh at the Royal decree, Leightner moving to help with the soon to be bonfire outside.

Toby offers a mock bow in return, "as you wish Queenie," then steps away while she makes her latest proclaimation. Eyeing the table of yet unclaimed drink he grabs a few bottles of whatever it is that comes in bottles then makes is way over to the door so he can go find a ball for the post-party fun. He dose pause in the doorway though, and holds up one of the open bottles in salute to the hall, then calls a final, "Sol Invictus!" before he's gone into the darkness.

:does as ordered, giving a dramatic bow after he's stood up from the bench. "Pleasure to be of service." He says to Neko, if she can here him. There's a sarcastic edge to his voice, but he is happy to be back behind some keys. He'll grin at Toby as he heads out, giving the man a wave as he starts walking over to Saturn.

Holtz colors briefly at the words whispered into his ear. Or is it maybe just at seeing Bennett's skirt flare up like that? Could be either. Or both. Whichever it is, there's a noticeable twinkle in his eye as he pulls her back in, giving her a final twirl-and-dip as the song begins to wind down at the Queen's order. There's a nod a moment later. "Yeah," he affirms with another slight shrug. "Can't keep her up on the ship, so. She's stayin' in the living complex with Wescott's grandmother."

"I am rather fond of keeping it attached, I will admit," Atalanta replies, lowering her voice every so slightly — as though she were letting him in on some secret. "Call me vain if you like, but I really do think it would spoil my looks if I were to go without it." The smile that accompanies her 'revelation' is a coy one, and unabashedly so, even if her green eyes are a bit hazy rather than bright. Though she slows her rhythmic swaying in Kazimir's arms, her feet never quite come to a halt, nor do her hands return immediately to her side. "It seems Her Majesty has spoken." A hint of disappointment? Damn. She does love dancing.

Neko gives Gideon a little two-fingered salute, followed by waggles to Leightner, Alexandra, and anyone else helping with Saturn. She's not going to carry the thing, but she'll supervise. "Out front, fellas. Uh, somebody, get ready to light it up. Your Queenie commands it." She clearly enjoys saying that. The chaplain's services has flunkies on hand outside who will ready some torches to be passed around, so everyone can get in on helping with the burning.

"It would rather spoil them, yes." Kazimir agrees, his own voice lowering at the coy 'revelation'. "And it would be a shame to spoil such lovely ones." He, too, seems disappointed when they are called to order. His feet and hands do not hasten to obey. "It seems She has, yes. The law is a harsh mistress at times. It is a pity…I so rarely get the oppertunity to dance anymore."

The decree seems to stir Bennett out of her own little world. Eventually. She's about to answer Holtz, possibly on the subject of his daughter, when they're informed they're to be lighting things on fire. This time, her smile is an anticipatory one. "Oh, this is the best part. I mean, it does not come close to dropping a raptor in a hot zone with zero-zero visibility, but it is a pretty good rush." Winking, she curls her hand around the back of Holtz's arm and attempts to draw him along with her.

Leightner takes his place in luggung the effigy outside and setting it up. Oh yeah, this is how he's celebrated for most of his life, he's got this down. He lets the CMES flunkies take over when they move in.

Holtz, too, looks eager for the burning of things. "Or low-altitude combat maneuvers in a Viper in atmo," he agrees, not quite being able to avoid a bit of airframe partisanship, but there's a slight smile on his face as he says it. There's a lingering glance around the room, as if he's looking for something or someone, but he readily allows Bennett to lead him along in the wake of the effigy as it begins its journey towards the exit. His jacket is left where it is; sure, he may only be wearing a snug-fitting t-shirt, but after all, they are about to light a very large, very warm fire.

With the newest decree, Jena had followed Ian out with the others and for once isn't in the thick of things, but standing to the side, drinking from her cup as she watches Ian hauling the thing with the group.

"But there is tradition to consider," Atalanta reminds him, her expression a mask of false gravitas. Clearly, she's teasing him — though it might be difficult to detect, were it not for the very slight twitch of what's threatening to become a downright cheeky grin. "What do we really have left, if we don't keep to our traditions? Certainly not our heads, and it'd be a shame for you to have gone to all the trouble of saving mine only to have it hacked off now. Counterintuitive, you might say. An outright waste. Though it's a difficult decision — dancing, or keeping the axe off our necks." Hers, in fact, inclines towards the departing crowds, with the effigy on their shoulders.

Bennett grins at the one-up from Holtz, but is polite enough — or not yet drunk enough — not to counter. And she, on the other hand, is not above snagging her fatigue jacket on her way by. That skimpy dress is not going to do much for her out there, massive bonfire or not. And then with a small smile, and a touch to his shoulder when he gets that distracted look about him, she slips away to help with the effigy and is quickly lost to the milling Colonials.

Alexandra kinda finishes up, and heads on out. "Goodnight everyone"

Kazimir considers Atlanta and her almost cheeky grin for a moment. "Well….I would have a fairly hard time swaying any court martials with no head to speak from." He agrees. "Although…if they all leave, they won't be aware we are in here dancing. Because they will be out there." He, too, is looking towards the crowds however…following her gaze as the effigy is hoisted high.

Alexandra leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

Neko doesn't help carry the effigy, but she does leg it outside with those that are. She can't help but let out a "Whoa!" as the cold air hits her. She didn't bother to go dig for her jacket. Not that she'll need it, once the fire is going. She waits until the effigy is settled by Leightner, Alexandra, and the others carrying it, then makes a grabby-hands gesture for a torch, to help set it ablaze. There are plenty making the rounds by the time the crowd gathers around the thing, so everyone can partake in the burning.

Gideon walks out with the rest, enjoying the festivities. He's whistling the same tune he was just playing before, fingers emulating the keys that would need to be played on the keyboard on his jacket. He takes notice of Neko's shiver, and a smile crosses his lips. "Do you require warmth, Queenie?" He asks, bowing again like the loyal subject he is.

Leightner moves back and takes a torch from a flunkie, moving to Jena, grinning as he moves to her, offering a torch, "Want to help the burning? Traditional." He grins to her warmly.

There's a laugh, which is even more rare than her smiles — at least when she's in uniform. "I would expect a lawyer to argue in favor of a man who's committed treason and sedition, but never argue for it. Are you sure you aren't a rebel, too? It'd be a dangerous combination, somehow who can argue against the law and win. And to think," Atalanta quips. "You look so entirely unoffensive. Who would've guessed I was dancing with the most dangerous man in the room?"

Someone passes Bennett a torch, and she in turn passes it on to the Queen, frozen fingers fumbling with it just slightly during the handover. Poor girl must be freezing her ass off, though she looks to be having a good enough time not to notice it. Yet.

As it happens, Holtz may have made a mistake leaving his jacket inside. He's not generally accustomed to cold weather — being from a warm-weather planet and all — and he's shivering a bit, his hands jammed into the pockets of his jeans as the torch is passed along. He's bearing the cold in good spirits, though, at least for the moment.

"I am not sure what I am, tonight." Kazimir laughs softly at the quip, canting his head as he banters with Atlanta. "Of course, I think that's rather what tonight is about. Not being what you are." A pause, as though considering. "A lawyer must argue for the law, yes. But the law exists to give us an approximation of equity and justice. So when the law itself is unjust…one must decide to argue for or against it." A pause, and then a qup of his own. "And I feel it most unjust to have my dancing time with you cut short."

Neko turns to look sidelong at Gideon, once she's rid of her torch. She winks at him. "I like you," she decides, at the bowing, and leans over so he can place the jacket around her shoulders. She's going to keep enjoying this lordship thing while it lasts. She watches the flames grow around the effigy of Saturn, her expression actually getting a touch serious, beyond the alcohol and the girlish enjoyment of fire.

"I'm quite a good servant. Very diverse in many different capacities." Gideon winks at Neko before he removes his jacket, placing it around her before taking a few steps back. "Lets light this bitch." He says as the flames begin to grow. Enjoying the heat now that he's without his jacket.

Jena accepts the torch with a bemused smile, looking between Leightner and the others. "Sure," she says a little hesitantly. "Why not?" Getting into it a little more, she waits for the Queen and the others to make the first move before walking forward hopefully with Ian, to follow along with the tradition. "Thanks for the dance," she murmurs to him, feeling the warmth on her face.

"Now you're simply flattering me," she accuses him, without hesitation. Of course, that doesn't mean that it isn't working. At her absolute worst, the woman can be like one of pampered and pedigreed cats — and not the least bit inclined to hide it. "Fortunately for you, I'm entirely susceptible to such underhanded schemes." That doesn't stop Atalanta from nodding towards the door, though, and wrapping her arms around herself in order to try and ward off what will doubtlessly be the almost-winter chill. "Well?"

Leightner joins in in the lighting of the effigy with Jena, leaning close to her, "Anytime, luv." He murmers as he watches, enjoying the holiday with her.

Kazimir seems quite at home dealing with the pampered and pedigreed cat types, smiling broadly at her words. "Dangerous, and now an underhanded schemer…you have such a high opinion of me." He teases, before nodding in agreement. "Well, you seem set on seeing the fire. So if you would join me?" His arm is offered, and if accepted he'll lead her out that way.

When Leightner leans in close, Jena wraps an arm around his waist and hooks her thumb into his beltloop. "I had a fun night, Ian." Tipping her head to rest it against him.

Bennett, meanwhile, has been quieter than is her norm. She's got her hands shoved deep into the pockets of her fatigue jacket, shoulders nearly to her ears as she shuffles her booted fight to ward off the cold. The glow of the burgeoning fire lends an almost ghoulish cast to her solemn features and blue eyes lost in some recollection or another.

"I'll just bet you are." Neko kind of leers at Gideon. Though she's still more wistful right now than anything else. She's not making anymore queenly proclamations for the moment, simply watching the figure of Saturn as its consumed under the Piraeus stars. With the jacket, the crowd, and the bonfire, she's not cold anymore.

Leightner grins to Jena, and nods, "Me too, love." He murmers as they stroll off into the evening to get back to the ship eventually.

As the effigy is set alight and the flames begins to spread, the flickering light reflected in Holtz's eyes, the cold leaching into his bones finally begins to dissipate. He pulls his hands out of his pocket with a content sigh as the heat begins to radiate, and stares into the flames… though at the distant look in his eyes, his mind seems to be elsewhere as he stands in silence, watching Saturn burn.

Gideon puts his hand out towards the fire from the Saturn, warming them up a little. Bennett catches his eyes out of the corner, he gives her a friendly wave, she being one of the few people he recognizes.

Bennett catches and returns Gideon's smile, and then her lashes drift to her cheeks and her foot-shuffling eventually stops, and her lips move in a silent prayer. To Dionysus, perhaps, or only to Cronus himself. She'll linger for a time before returning to Orion, no doubt. And she might even behave herself.

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