PWD #15: Event - Saturnalia

The crew of the Orion and the citizenry of Piraeus celebrate Saturnalia.

Summary: The crew of the Orion and the citizenry of Piraeus celebrate Saturnalia.
Date: 21/12/2012
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Sheridan Hall, Piraeus
Doubling as both the auditorium and movie theater, the Mess Hall on Piraeus is a long structure that's just wide enough to fit three lengths of table out on long ends and still provide a walkway between. It can seat several hundred people at once, as well. At the end farthest from the door is the serving area and beyond it the kitchen. Most food here is better than what the Navy eats aboard ships, but then there are a large number of private contractors on the planet with their own dietary requests. Most of the military personnel seem to prefer it. The Mess is open at all hours and is available to cook whatever is needed. Between meals there are snacks and sandwiches available but little else unless someone has brought something they wish to have cooked.
PWD 15

Saturnalia is a thing that is happening. A lot of the planetside Piraeus folk are mingling throughout Sheridan Hall, and in the mess, the smell of food and drink are pervasive, as well as frequent bouts of laughter and singing (the excellence of which varies considerably). There's a few musicians swapping time with someone's jury rigged sound system providing music, and the effigy of Saturn is placed resplendent in the center of offering, token objects tied to his various straw and timber bits as well as laid around him in tiny piles on the small deck that will be used to carry him out for burning later in the evening.

Phin is at this thing that is happening. He's dressed downin civvies, which consist of denim trousers and a long-sleeved dark blue shirt. Presently he's standing a little off to the side, attention on the musicians who're currently playing.

The weather is cold outside, which inspires Daniel "Talkshow" Aios to wear a winter scarf around his neck on his way from the planet's housing complex to Sheridan's main hall. Slipping into the room with the olive green scarf around his neck, the pilot is carrying a bag under one arm containing what could only be assumed to be Saturnalia presents for those he's grown fond of. Avoiding the drinks at first, he crosses the floor in his expensive suit towards the effigy of Saturn. Stopping before it, he mumbles a few words to the statue and reaches into his bag and pulls out a small hand-carved idol in the shape of a young boy. He kisses the head of the idol and sets it on the collection plate.

Iphigenia is standing to one side chatting with one of the Piraeus ground crew. She's in a dress. It's white and kinda slinky and what happens when you cross what a priestess should look like with a priestess who wants to wear something slinky. In her hands she is gently carrying a laurel made of twigs and winter leaves; presumably to crown the King of Fools with for the evening…once divine inspiration strikes and she knows who it is. She's keeping an eye on the door, so newcomers are noted with an easy wave.

Partytime, right? Knox is dressing down for this because a human being can only stand fatigues for so long. Jeans and a grey t-shirt that advertises a famous brand of trucks and their performance section. Over that he's wearing his field jacket until he gets inside. Once there, the jacket is peeled off and tossed up on a rack before he heads over towards the effigy. Knox has something to stick up there?

Escorting.. or rather being escorted by Afton, Augie is probably the most out of place thing here at this shingding. "I still do not know how you convinced me this was a good idea." the large man says, a little bit of one of those thousand yards stares on his face. As it is, he's still just in his off-duty gear. Someone didn't pack civvies for this cruise. But hey, he still has the stetson on. Slung over his shoulder is the guitar case, so apparently he listened to Gen's advice.

Pausing at the entrance, he glances at his 'nondate' and takes her coat after he offers to do so and she accepts. And of course, as bland as Augie looks, Afton looks stunning. A rose colored corset hugs her tightly, framed behind with her waves of hair, and a pair of tight fitting jeans rest on her hips. Augie smirks, seemingly not phased by this either. "You can find me for that dance later." he promises her, and smirks, dropping his rank tabs in the bowl, and offering the parajumper a tip of his hat. Unless she drags him along, he'll try to inconspicously head for where the other musicians are.

Handing off her jacket, she grins at him, "You know you wanted to come." Afton can not help but give him a wink and then runs fingers through her long, undone hair. She pushes it back over her shoulder and gives a moment's glance around, noting the effigy and a few faces. The PJ leans forward to tap the edge of Augie's hat and then step in to place a kiss to his cheek before letting him sneak off. "I am glad I could convince you. No one should miss Saturnalia…go on you. I will catch you later and swing you around the dance floor."

She turns from her escort/escorted and heads slowly for the form of one Cooper Knox, a slow, purposeful stride with something like a predatory gleam in her eye. Or is that just amusement?

"Dolly." Talkshow speaks up to Phin's five o'clock. Having slipped through the crowd towards the man's position, he reaches into his bag and pulls out a small, wrapped box and offers it to the man. "I apologize for the bit of ambush, lad, but I've a small number of gifts to give this evening." He stops before his fellow pilot, giving the small box a wave. "It's…just a little thing, but you've been a good friend since your stay on the Orion and you're a promising pilot. I just wanted to show my appreciation."

Phin has a drink of something-or-other in a disposable cup, which he sips on while hanging near the musical act. The sound's not so loud that he misses Aios' greeting, though. "Oh. Hey, Talkshow." He bag, and the box the older pilot pulls out of it, get a look of surprise. "Seriously? Wow. Thanks, man. I wasn't really expecting to get anything, but that's cool of you. And thanks." He smirks. "I just almost cratered in the sims last night, which I guess is better than actually cratering." He takes the box, and will unwrap it.

"Dionysus' balls!" Exclaims Aristides 'Janitor' Cole, as the Viper pilot slips in out of the cold. He stomps his feet as if they've lost feeling the short jaunt from the taxi service to the Hall, clapping his bare hands together in much the same manner. He shrugs out of his Navy issue peacoat, tossing it amongst so many others that are starting to pile up in various locations. Just in off duty tanks and cargo pants is he, which are just as comfortable if not more than most civvie clothes (Hellooooo corset!).

Hearing Afton's voice, Knox turns his head with a smile and watches her, mostly just kind of staring from the offering table. He watches Augie depart and then looks towards the approaching PJ. "Hey there," he says quietly, extending a hand towards her hip. "Af, you look gorgeous. Top to bottom, magic." Yep, he's going to be stepping away from that table now. Whatever he had in mind is going to wait or… yeah.

Inside of Phin's box is a laser-cut folding pocket knife with a Colonial Navy logo emblazoned onto the handle. It's just the sort of thing that could be kept in a pocket or a flight suit…just in case, and has hundreds of practical uses to it.

Talkshow claps a hand down on Phin's shoulder in a brotherly manner. "You're welcome, mate. Welcome to the Strikes. We all crater every now and then, but you were keeping an eye out for your mates. You're one of us." He replies, lifting his head at the sudden exclamation from Janitor. A soft laugh escapes Talkshow's lips. "Bloody Janitor's a way with words, doesn't he?"

Augie says, "Sister Gen, many blessings to ya." Afton offers to the Chaplain. As he settles down, the DC considers her, and then leans in to have a few private words. "I looked over this music ya gave me. I can play it, no problem. But are ya sure this is what you want me to play?" It's just so.. so unlike her. Even in practice, it just didn't seem /right/.

Iphigenia offers the Piraen she's been speaking to a pat on the arm, and takes advantage of one of the construction managers passing out booze to pluck up a some. She's not in her cups, but she's definitely relaxed; the laurel with which she will come to crown the King of Fools rests in her free hand like an omen of Doom or Aweomeness depending on whose nogging it winds up on.

Petra nudges his way inside rather quickly, elbowing the door closed behind as he mutters under his breath about the cold. Stomping his feet a couple of times, it takes the older man a few minutes to be willing to discard the overcoat he brought with, and add it to the pile. Surveying the faces he's already familiar with, his first stop? Beverage. Need something to drink before attempting to be sociable.

"Sweet." is Phin's reaction to the knife. He opens it, testing the blade against a fingertip, but he doesn't wave it around too much. That would just be creepy. It's examined and then pocketed. "This'll come in handy. I never did get a decent one when I was on Picon." Cole's dramatic entrance earns a chuckle. "Yeah, he's a poet. Hey, Lieutenant!" That last is directed to Cole. Paired with a wave of one hand.

Stepping in closer to Knox, Afton lifts her arm without the satchel strung to its shoulder to rest around his. "Glad you approve. Its one of my favorite tops so it found room in the bag. Didn't know if I would get to use it. Its worth freezing in to see that look." She winks at him and then leans in, placing a chaste kiss to his lips before pulling away to begin rooting through her bag to find his present. "Here I Have something..for you…if..I can find it." Her brows draw together, furrowing.

"I do, and I will, later in the evening though. Hopefully a lot of people will get on up there and try to stump the band." Gen grins at Augie, adding with a gentle pat to his arm, "Beata Saturnalia, Augie." Liturgical language slash Old Gemenese? Still purdy. She absently bites the side of her lip, perusing the crowd. "They're here somewhere." she says musingly.

"Brilliant." Talkshow replies, raising a hand as well to gather Cole's attention. His eyes break off of his most recent wingman, and he starts to scan the room, coming to a stop on the form of Chaplain Iphigenia Arden and her ancient-styled dress. "Now, I trust you've passed all of your psychevals, so I'll leave you to it. I've more gifts to give and I should probably flee before Janitor tries to embarass me with something." With an upwards tilt of his chin to Dolly, Talkshow turns to head back into the crowd.

"Do your work, Sister. I may not be here for too long though. Me and these type of things don't mix well." Augie admits with a shrug of his shoulders. "You're looking nice.." he guesses that's the word, "…tonight." And with that, he settles in with the band, listening for what they are playing and then joining in.

A tray of liquor enchanced beverages makes its way past Cole, carried by a man wearing a toga no less. Instead of waving off the drinks as he normally would, he instead makes a little gimme motion. Instead of taking a disposable cup, Janitor merely scoops up the tray. "Allow me, good man! Happy Saturnalia to you, I relieve you of your duties!" While balancing the tray like a seasoned pro, Cole even does a little bow with a flurish of his other arm. With that, he's bounding off in the direction of Phin with a jingle jangle jostle of plastic cups. "Dolly. Refill." Before Phin can protest, Cole's plucking a semi-empty cup from his fingers and replaces it with a full one. "Where's he off to?" Janitor asks after the departing Talkshow.

Knox smiles, returning the kiss easily. But he tucks the arm around her waist and pulls her close with an easy smirk. "Approve? Hell, if I'd know you had that with you I'd have asked to see it sooner." He waggles his brow. But as the satchel comes around Coop glances to it and back up. "You know you don't have to get me anything. But I was going to wait on yours. I didn't want to bring it down here. I figured it would be better in private."

"Thank you, Augie." Yes, Gen's flattered, but not gushingly so, as she drains her wine and sets it to the side, weighing the laurel in her hands. Her grin is almost sly as she walks through the crowd. A few people seem eager for it, and some shy away, for with great power comes great responsibility, like demanding girls in miniskirts chug beer upside down.

Phin only 'protests' enough to gulp from his cup one last time before Cole takes it away from him. That, mostly, empties it. "Full service. Is that why they call you Janitor?" He turns his head to follow Aios' path. "Off to talk to the chaplain, looks like. This party's not bad. I don't really do the whole effigy thing, but it's nice to hear live music again."

Petra acquires for himself a cup of, well, something that distinctly isn't water, veering off course to approach Iphigenia and sort of in the direction of the effigy. A warmer smile spreads across his face while he waits for moment to gain her attention and greets, "Good to see you again, Sister," then takes a slow drink from his glass, offering a nod of it towards Knox and Afton while he glances around.

The bag under Talkshow's arm is getting thinner and thinner with every passing moment, and as he slips through the crowd towards Iphigenia it only seems to get smaller. A gift is handed to a flight technician, a mess-hall chef, and one tall, black-skinned member of the CIC crew. Smiling and nodding his way along, he finally breaks free within speaking distance of Chaplain Arden. His hand reaches into the bag, finding one of the last presents.

"Miss Arden." Talkshow greets her, just a little louder than normal to try to gather her attention. "Oh dear, you're carrying the laurel. Wielding the power of upon high tonight, are we?"

"The effigy! How could I forget? Here, hold this." For a second, it looks as if Cole is going to lob the whole tray at Phin in an epic 'think fast!' moment, but the viper jock retains possession of it, with a bark of laughter. "I'll be back. Drinks to serve, things to burn and all that. Bottom's up!" He makes a curved path, letting people pluck drinks off the tray he wields before coming to the platform. He digs in a pocket for a moment, pulling out what appears to be a lock of hair tied with a thin ribbon. Eyes closed, Janitor places a kiss on the bow and then tosses it amongst the other offerings.

Hmm? Iphigenia looks over her shoulder to see Aios and turns to face him more fully, beaming. "Good evening, Talkshow! You're looking very…tall, and dapper, tonight." She lets out a laugh. "Only until the Lords of Kobol favor me with the knowledge of who the Prince of Fools is, be they man or woman. Beata Saturnalia." She blinks then in surprises at the reach into the big. "Oh, did you - ? You didn't have to."

Petra watches Cole's sudden dart over to the effigy and blinks, muttering, "Oh, right." Seeing as how Iphigenia looks a little swamped at the moment, he turns to approach the effigy instead, reaching into a pants pocket with his free hand. Cole gets a faint smile and a murmured, "When that tray gets heavy, dont hog it, be happy to take over for you." With that said, he draws out a small, bundled piece of paper, regards it for a moment quietly, then tosses it in with everyone else's effigy wishes.

"Frak..what the heck. I can't find yours…" Afton seems to miss that he doesn't have her gift. But her reply comes swiftly, "Oh Coop, thats fine, I may have to wait as well." She sighs and lets the satchel close again, smirking a bit. "I think I hid it too well in the bunk." She then looks about, catching the motion from Petra. Her smile grows and she lifts a hand, waving to him. "Come, Coop, I have to hand out my gifts and I see a familiar face that has one I know I have with me." She takes his arm and drags him towards the Major. "Major…hey!"


"Beata Saturnalia." Talkshow repeats, casting a broad smile towards the Chaplain. Taking a moment to look her over and motion to the dress she's wearing, he deftly deflects her compliment as best as he can. "That's very kind of you, Miss Arden, this is just something I brought along for occasions such as these. You, however, look absolutely brilliant. I had no trouble finding you through the crowd, as you're carrying around a bit of an aura tonight." He stops and takes in a rather animated breath, glancing to the crowd around them as if to suggest he'd nearly died on his way through the crowd. His hand comes out of the bag with a wrapped package, which he offers to her.

Knox catches Petra's eye and wave and nods. There's an appreciative smile and he taps his temple twice in a two-fingered and sketched salute. Respect, even out of uniform. He looks on as people toss in their offerings and papers, his own distraction with it evident. But as Af draws his attention back he chuckles and nods once. "Yeah, sure Af. Let's do it. Lead the way. I'll do my best to be the dangerous man at your arm. Grr, n shit." He winks, not letting his arm off her waist until she moves off.

"O…kay." Phin gets the first syllable out while scrambling to balance his new drink in a way where he won't totally drop the tray Cole might throw at him. The second, when the man takes off with it. "Thanks for the drink." He sips the new one, shrugging to himself. It's alcoholic, therefore acceptable.

There is no further defer on Gen's part, she graciously says "Thank you.", and means it. "I'll tuck it away so that I can unwrap it once I'm back on board? Unless you'd like to find me a bit later." Some people enjoy seeing their gifts revealed to the recipient, she gets that. She then adds, "I do hope you get your wish, Daniel." She's addressing most people by their first names tonight.

Settling back to play the guitar, Augie finally starts to get into it, lowering his head so that the hat brim obscure his forward vision as eyes fall to the guitar. When it comes round robin to his time to lead, his tastes in music seem to skew towards Country and Classic Rock. He chews on the cigar at the side of his mouth, and glances up on occassion to see who's arrived, then back down again.

Petra blinks and glances around at the call of rank, arching one brow and grinning at Knox and Afton. He waits until the couple is a little closer to chastize in amusement, "I think you're pronouncing my name wrong. M a /r/ c u s. I don't see any Majors here." A low chuckle escapes his throat, "You two look like you plan on enjoying the party tonight. Good to see it, though I felt like I almost froze my hump off getting here."

"I would like that, to speak later, that is. You've an important purpose tonight, Iphigenia." Talkshow reaches to his wrist to adjust the lay of the expensive watch that hangs there. He turns to walk alongside her, offering to escort her and chat for a little bit while she seeks out the King of Fools. "So, is this the sort of thing that can be discussed? Are you just waiting for inspiration to find the King of Fools, or is there some sort of method you're employing?"

"I am impressed, Coop. Keep it up you will be able to naturally intimidate the wildlife in none too long." Closing that distance to Petra, his chastizement brings a laugh from her and she reaches forward with out hesitation to take him into a hug. Its a warm friendly thing that fits her personality. "Marcus then..I have a gift for you. If you don't mind…sir." She says the term of respect with a bit of wryness before her hand digs into that satchel and pulls out a long slender box wrapped in a simple brown paper and tied with a bit of opalesque box ribbon. "There you are. But as for enjoying ourselves, that is what this is about. You better as well."

Cole tilts his head slightly, "Sorry to hear you only have one hump, Marcus. Terrible childhood accident?" So what if he wasn't the one being addressed. Petra first offered to take the tray, afterall. Janitor balances the tray on the fingertips of both hands, bowing over it reverently. "I bequeath this great honor to you. Many happy tidings to you and yours." Without further ado, he passes the great responsibility of circulating booze off to Petra, thrusting it into his hands. "Besides. I have more important work to do." A hand thrusts in his other pocket, pulling out a headband fashioned with wire and bit of dangling mistletoe. Well, not mistletoe. It's a bit of brush from outside, but who's counting?

"Divine inspiration. Quite literally. I - " Iphigenia cuts off abruptly and stares at the collective. It is quite literally like somewhere, somehow, the Lords of Kobol just beamed a message into her brain. There's no light show, it's just sort of sensed. "—I have to find someone. I'll be right back!" And suddenly she slips and slides her way through the crowd, winding through people in a definitive direction.

"Oh bother…" Talkshow says under his breath as Iphigenia slips away from him. He quietly lights a cigarette and moves for the table with the drinks on it. Lucky enough that he is not the fool, he decides to clear some space between him and the laurel leaf, lest the King of Fools set sights his way. "…and thus it begins."

"You know any Leontine Blues, sir?" Phin calls at guitar-playing Augie. He's still half-watching Cole's antics, which he chuckles at.

Knox snerks at Af. "Keep it up, missy." But he moves along with her happily. With the Major's retort, he comes back with, "/Sorry/, Marcus," Coop laughs lightly. "I'll do my best to give you shit and bring you down to my level as often as possible tonight. Or something. Isn't that the goal? Give the ranking gents and ladies a hard time?" he says curiously, looking all too innocently at Afton. Back to Petra he nods. "Absolutely. Gladto see you down here with the rest of us. Never had much use for a ranking gent who is afraid to get down and dirty with the troops. Welcome." He offers his hand to shake to Petra with a friendly grin.

Lola swishes in wearing a perky ruffled skirt in stacked layers of grey. It hits her several inches short of her knees, but knee height boots mean only a few inches of thigh are exposed to the elements. A short sleeve wrap top is cut low enough to be interesting without being dangerous. A chunky necklace sparkles in the lights, and a bunch of black wraps and bangles run at least six inches up her arm. Sparkle, sparkle, jingle, jingle. She doesn't walk into the hall, she shimmies while progressing forward. Doesn't matter what the music is, she's dancing. A lumpy pillowcase is dragged along with her, contents a mystery, but kind of crinkly. Lo, cometh the Ensign with no concept of the horrors that await her in the belly of the beast.

Petra grins at Afton, and for a moment is a little caught off-guard with the hug, but accepts it with a soft laugh. The tray is accepted from Cole with a mock-overly serious bow of his head, "I accept this heavy burden for the evening, to ply my fellow crewmen and civilians with alcohol of their choice!" But then Afton is offering a present, which is enough to disrupt his little speech and blink, "You didnt have to…" but takes the box with his free hand while his smile recovers, "Thank you…" how he's going to open it with one hand? He hasnt thought that through yet.

Cole affixes the headband, sliding it back from his forehead so the prongs prop behind his ears. After a cross-eyed moment of watching the dangling flora and trying to adjust it, he seems satisfied. "Alright, ladies. Gentlemen. Who's first?" Arms thrown wide, he turns this way and that, fingers twitching inwards. "Come and get it."

Iphigenia has a cunning plan. It involves waiting for her intended target to finish with their current engagement, and once that's taken care of, and well, now he's just ASKING FOR IT. Iphigenia slides right on up to Cole, snags his collar, and tugs him in to whisper in his ear before laying a health smoocha-smack on him. She'll use the moment-of-stunned to plop the laurel on his head. Sneaky! It settles at a lopsided angle as she steps back and raises her voice, "Heed my words on this night of Saturnalia! For lo the King of Fools is amongst us, for all to obey! Hail the King of Fools!" She curtseys, like she grew up knowing how. Also, cleavage.

Pouring a glass of ambrosia, Talkshow looks over to Cole and salutes the man with his glass. Fully content to wallflower his life away next to the drink table, he taps the ashes of his cigarette into a nearby tray and flags down Dolly again. "Is it just me or—oh FRAK she gave it to Cole. Run." He turns towards the wall, trying to keep a low profile.

Strumming away, Augie considers for a moment. Everyone's busy mingling and chatting that yeah… why not? Nodding to the band, Augie switches the beat and cadence, and steps up to the microphone. That lovely gravelly voice that is so used to ripping through men with the greatest of ease seems to rest easy with singing, though he never bothers to look up.

"Roger was a Viper pilot, he flew so Zeusdamned fast,

Though he never saw combat, his mock training never put him in last.

Roger was a Viper pilot, he'd say he's number one,

Flying from the deck, he'd light up Cylons just for fun."

Phin gets an acknowledging smirk and nod as he chews on his cigar, and continues on with his own song,

"Major Pierce was a fireman, assigned to the Valkyrie,

I'll be a wealthy man when I get a cubit for all the things he taught to me.

Major Pierce was a strong man, strong as any alive.

It stuck in his craw that they made him retire at the age of sixty-five!


And some more guitar playing, before he finishes with gusto, before he settles back into his seat, playing a few more chords before slipping into a more Bluesy tune. That ditty is all of your Saturnalia present from Augie. "Happy Saturnalia, folks."

"Always giving them a hard time." Afton says to Knox, catching sight of Cole and watching Iphi take advantage. A chortling laugh escapes her before her gaze softens. Returning her attention to Petra, she reaches up to take a drink. "Open it as you will…" She says to him. "No rush….and you are quite welcome." She takes a sip of the drink, enjoying it as the music changes and she then hands her glass off to Knox. "We have a King of Fools…give me a moment.

As Iphi steps back, Afton works her way to Cole and grins at him. A finger lifts and she crooks it at him. "Hey there King…cant' pass up on tradition." She's devout, don't ya know?

What was that about fools? It would be that this is the moment where Lola was looking the other way during the crowning, and only caught halt of it. Maybe — yep, she's looking around to see where the mic is, and who's throwing some tunes. "Hey!" She throws up her arms in time to the guitarist's 'yahoo!' and probably bonks someone with her pillowcase of mystery items.

Cole looks taken by surprise that Iphigenia is the first to step up to the helm. He barely has time to register her words before lips meet his. As he goes reeling back with wind taken out of his sails, he lifts a hand to his head, finding it suspiciously wearing a leafy crown. "Frak me sideways with a chainsaw." No. "WAIT! That wasn't my first order of business." He gives a nervous laugh, which turns into a genuine chuckle. "Alright, first!" He clears his throat, so he can speak up eve more. "First…" Well, forget what's first, he's leaning down after one hand adjusts his 'mistletoe' so it dangles out from the crown of laurels, so he doesn't lord over Afton. Politely, he waits for the kiss to be bestowed upon him, instead of vice versa.

Requests aside, Phin seems to approve of Augie's choice of songs. His head bobs and he drinks, along, at least. Then the crowning of the 'king' gets his attention. "Oh, man." He sounds both wary and amused of what Cole's reign of foolery will bring. This is more incentive to try and keep a low profile. Though the 'Yahoo!' from Lennox makes him look up again, and grin.

Petra tears his attention away from Knox and Afton at the cheering, grinning when he sees what is for, "Hurrah for the King!" But then in a much softer voice, he bows his head at Afton, apparently reluctant to open the gift just yet, "Thank you, to both of you.." eyeing their drinks or lack of, he waggles his brows at both of them and offers another drink from the tray he's been bequeathed, before looking out for his next victim.

"The ways of the gods are mysterious." Iphigenia informs him. Possibly smugly. "Beata Saturnalia." she says to him, and to Afton, now moving in for the kill. With a smile utterly lacking in mischief (riiiiiiight) she starts off to leave the King to his own lordly devices. And wenches.

"Hey, if I don't do it then who will?" Knox offers back to Afton. He watches her for a moment as she moves off towards the King. "Careful. He bites." A long sigh leaves him and he looks back at Petra, tapping his foot half a dozen times or so with the music. "Want a hand, Marcus? Thing about bein at our level is we help a brother out." He offers to take the tray. "Here man, gimme that thing. Open the gift," he tells the Major with a nod.

Letting his cigarette sit in his lip, Talkshow puts his hands together for Augie's song. The light from above glints off of his wristwatch as he clap-clap-claps for the man's performance. Reaching to the bar, he gathers a glass of ambrosia and steps over to the stage and sets it down by the man. As he walks back, he takes a quiet puff from his cigarette and gives a pair of oh shit eyes to Phin. He nearly runs over Lennox when he does it, and gets a gut-full of Saturnalia presents from her bag. "Convict? Run. Just run. Trust me. Just run. Stay…away…from Janitor."

"Beata Saturnalia, Gen." Her smile is brilliant for the Chaplain before Afton gives Cole a wry grin. "A humble Lord, why does that not seem to fit you?" Afton grins all the more and steps in. "Clever choice…and congratulations, your majesty." She doesn't hesitate, reaching up to slide her hand to the back of his neck and drawing him in towards her. The kiss promises to be something brilliantly world turning with how she tilts her head, but last minute she gives him a warm, gentle peck on the lips. Amusement plays across her features before she gives him a wink. "Beata Saturnalia, my King. Go bestow your blessing on others."

Lola stumbles a little, and bonks Aios with her pillowcase as she turns. "Hey!" She pokes Talkshow in the chest. "I can't run. I didn't get a drink yet." She jerks a thumb over her finger. "Live music, gotta be booze too." She pokes the poor man again, halting his fleeing entirely. "Wait, you're a lieutenant." Lola straightens, lifts her bangle-braceleted arm, and says, "Talkshow, fetch me libations!" Okay, so maaaaaybe she got a head start before she came down here. More quietly, and out of the corner of her mouth she asks, "How come we're running from Janitor?"

"Wowza." Cole still replies as he leans back, inserting an appropriate waggle of brows as if Afton just knocked his socks off. "You're a lucky man!" He calls to Knox with a wink, no doubt catching the way his arm was around Af's waist moments before. "Now. Onto lordly business." Ari hooks out a chair with the toe of his boot and steps up on it. "Thank you minstrals." He bows in the direction of Augie and the other musicians. "My loyal Fools. First! Or rahter now, Second! The King needs a scepter." Be what it may that the crowd comes up with.

"Because Janitor is the bloody King of Fools and you don't want him to see that either of us have arrived. Come, I'll get you your drink." Talkshow motions for Lola to 'come hither' and he leads her towards the drink table. Looking over the glasses, he plucks one from the rack and turns so that Lola can watch him pour. "Alright, tell me when, but I advise you to find the other side of the room, which is exactly what I'm going to do for the rest of the night." He starts to pour, slowly, waiting for Lennox to tell him when. "Oh, and I've a present for you when you've a moment."

"He's the King," Phin supplies to Lennox's question, striding over to join her and Aios. "For the night, I guess. I don't usually do the whole ceremonial part of Saturnalia. What all does he get to do? Besides get people to kiss him and his silly hat." He drinks more, though he's far from done with his current one, so he doesn't ply the LT for a refill. Yet.

Aios says, "Dolly? While we're inside of this room we have to do whatever he says." Talkshow on-lines over to Phin. "Think on that. Whatever he says.

Continuing to play, Augie takes a moment to play the 'Coronation of the King' for Cole, and then back to the regular music. Sitting up on the stage with the band, he's not leading, he's just an interesting cog in it, with his stetson cocked and chewing on his cigar as he watches the Shennanigans unfold.

Petra reluctantly agrees to the tray being taken from him, murmuring his thank you to Knox…though he snags a new glass in the process. Able to focus his attention on the box finally, he carefully opens and stares at the contents for a second or three. There's even a faint bit of color that creeps into his cheeks - though with the way it warms up his smile, it doesnt look like that's a bad thing. Instead, he looks up at Knox and murmurs, "You're a highly fortunate young man, my friend," then looks at Afton, murmuring a more sincere, "Thank you…"

As befits the occasion, Bennett has left her rank at the door. Well, to be more precise: she left it back on Orion before hopping the shuttle down. Rather than her usual stuffy uniform, she's pulled out all the stops in her civilian wardrobe tonight. Red lipstick and polish, leather and gauzy fabric have been shamelessly applied, and the heels she's sporting bring her height to nearly six feet. Hands tucked into her fatigue jacket (apparently the only one she had on hand), a giddy grin turns her lips up at the corners as she strolls into the hall and takes in the merriment.

Lola sighs, and clack-clacks her way after Daniel in her heeled boots, since he isn't going to just fetch her drink. You can tell the exact moment she realizes what he just said about Cole, and the whole King of Fools thing really sinks in. Cole, who likes to hit the big red button when you're running on the treadmill. Cole, with the power to command the masses. Her pace quickens and she joins Aois at the drink table just as Phin angles their way. As Aios pours, she lifts her fingers, palm up. More booze. More. And more. "Fill 'er up!" She sidles a couple of steps over to Phin and gives him a shoulder-bump in greeting. "Did miss anything?"

"Don't forget it, bud! No rank in this house!" Knox calls back to Cole with a grin. He takes the tray from Petra and lifts a glass to begin drinking quickly. He nearly finishes it and looks back to Petra with a smirk. "Yeah, no kidding. She's the saving grace. Everyone'd be in a bad way without women like her." He glances to the box but doesn't make an effort to see inside. "Happy Saturnalia, Marc. May the New Year be everything we pray for."

"And who are you to deny the will of the gods?" asks Iphigenia, suddenly and sneakily at Talkshow's soldier, looking terribly pleased with well, the entire world. Who knew she had such a malevolent streak? (DIVINE INSPIRATION, OKAY?) She grins at the two ensigns, offering, "Lola. Phinn. Beata Saturnalia." Blessed Saturnalia in the liturgical tongue. She then adds, "Don't let Talkshow be a spoilsport. It isn't wise to deny the gods their amusements." Her grin is beatific, and possibly a little evil.

Continuing to play, Augie turns to the bad. "One more round, and then I need to take a break for a few and let the fingers cool off." he comments to the others. "Then we'll settle in for the next go round." Easily said, he turns his attention back to the instrument, his fingers brushing the strings casually as he helps provide the music, switching from Bluesy to more of a party rocking vibe.

Grinning up at Cole, she gives his shoulder a quick squeeze and steps back to watch him rise up on his self made dias. A snort comes from her and she gives a brief glance around for a scepter. Hmmmmm. She will try but she sees nothign in the immediate vicinity. Instead she turns at the words from Knox and Petra as she draws closer. Sliding her hands into the pockets of her jeans, she leans over and gives Petra a kiss on the cheek and sets back on her heels to settle in at KNox's side. "Marcus..Saturnalia is about faith…I figured you needed some passed on. When you finally take that retreat walk you wanted, pick up some stones and we will add them to it. Everything is from Piraeus." The PJ spots Bennett enter and she draws a hand out to wave over to Butch.

Who knows where it came from (and it's really best not to ask) but suddenly a plunger is being thrust into Cole's hand and after a moment of blinking he lofts it on high. "Fools!" He says with a bravado that has his voice an octave lower, "I order thee to raise thy glasses and follow me in a toast!"

Bennett spots Iphigenia amongst those congregating in the festive hall, and lifts her hand in a wave intended to be spotted above the crowd. She stops short of calling out to the chaplain though; hers is simply not the right timbre of voice to be heard over this much noise. However, she seems to be on the hunt for someone in particular, and sets off at a lazy prowl once she's got the lay of the land.

Phin bumps Lennox in kind. "Hey. Not much, but there's live music and decent ambrosia. And…Janitor torturing people, I guess, though he hasn't yet." He eyes her, and her sparkley accessories. "That's…a lot of bangles." His own civvie clothing is more in the direction of 'college town bar on a weekend.' And not one of the dressier ones. When Iphigenia sneaks up on Aios, and greets them, he offers her a little raised-cup toast. "Hey, Lieu…" Oh, no rank. So he just repeats, "Hey. Happy Saturnalia. Sweet party." He follows Cole's order, raising his glass all the way to toast…whatever the king wills.

"Beata Saturnalia, Iphigenia. Ooooone moment, please." Talkshow replies to the chaplain as he fills the ambrosia to the brim of the glass. He then carefully balances the glass in his hand and walks it over to Convict slowly as if it's made of sweaty G-4 explosive. It may as well be, as the likelihood of him spilling it over his wrist is high. Despite all odds, however, he perseveres and hands Convict her drink.

The drink order completed, he casts Dolly and Convict each a glare to be careful and then turns back to Iphigenia. Placing a hand to her shoulder, he lowers his head, shaking it from side to side. "I, like many here, am likely to provide the Lords of Kobol with plenty of entertainment. Janitor and I have been…giving each other a great spot of harassment over the com channels during simulator missions. Wait, a toast? Maybe he's feeling merciful." Daniel takes up his glass and lifts it to the sky in preparation for the King of Fools' demands.

"The night is young." Gen points out to Talkshow, and manages to snag some of the ambrosia floating by on a tray. She nods and murmurs a thank you to Phin, before raising her glass high and waiting for the toast.

Petra lightly draws the prayer beads out of the box, looping them carefully in his free hand as Afton explains. He slowly nods in agreement and offers, "I'll do that then, that's an excellent idea. Thank you, very much." Well, that calls for downing most of whatever that is in his glass, doesn't it, along with a moment of eye closing and a deep, relaxing breath, before he turns his attention and curiosity over to the King of the evening. Hey, you can't miss this. His glass is lifted, waiting to hear the king's demand.

Deciding to finish the the round with a flourish, Augie signals to the piano player to take over the main charge as he starts a rapid, repeating chord to keep up with her entnusiastic playing.

"Sister!" Lola calls, far too loudly for the few scant steps between herself and Iphi. She doesn't stand still, bopping to the music as it shifts to a more upbeat rawk. She drops her lumpy pillowcase to the floor, and nudges it under the refreshment table for safekeeping and later retrieval. Her bangles jingle every time she moves. When Phin comments, she throws that arm around his shoulders. "Beata Saturnalia," she echoes. She reaches for the drink Aios offers her with the other hand, and not once during any of this does she stop bopping. She sloshes a bit over her wrist, then leans over, ass still swaying, and sluuuuuuuurps a little breathing room into her glass. She doesn't even ask what's in it. Oh, toast. She raises her glass high, and sloshes it a little more. Don't worry, Phin. Whatever she's drinking will probably wash out of those fratty clothes.

With her glass in hand still, Afton can just smile at Petra. She doesn't say a word, thanks and your welcomes can go back and forth all night. Its enough. She raises her glass, peering up at Col with curiousity as she waits.

Bennett notes, finally, the 'crown' of 'mistletoe' on Cole's head, and dutifully plucks a little glass of some unidentified drink from a nearby tray. Sniff, sniff. Smells non-alcoholic. Sort of. Coming to a halt for the time being somewhere in the vicinity of Phin and Lola, she too raises her glass and awaits the 'king's command.

Aristides curls his free hand into a fist, pressing it against his lips as he clears his throat, preparing to give a toast to the Feast of Fools. "Here's to that which goes in hard and stiff and comes out soft and wet." With no drink in his hand, he hitches the plunger higher. "Here's to BUBBLEGUM!"

"What's yer first request, yer majesty?!" Augie calls out from the stage, letting the music tempo fall so that he can hear the request, and then they'll pick back up once they have their direction.

"Evening, Butch." Talkshow says quietly to Bennett as she passes, saluting her with his glass. As the toast finishes, he lofts his glass. "TO BUBBLEGUM!" He calls out and then takes a sip from his glass. Taking one final puff from his cigarette, he extinguishes it and looks to his watch. It's far too early for exit strategies.

Knox downs his glass with the cheers and looks around, noting that most people aren't looking. He steps idly away from Petra and Afton and over to the offering table. His free hand reaches into his pocket and produces a tightly folded slip of paper. The Marine's eyes focus on it heavily for a moment before he adds it to the pile and it vanishes within. A slow breath taken, he returns to the part and takes another glass off the tray he's holding.

Petra laughs at the toast, but just joins in with the call, "To bubblegum!" Rather quickly, the rest of his glass is drained, leaving the man rumbling in a pleased tone for a moment or two, then starts after that elusive tray. A fresh glass is needed. Spying Bennett on the way, it takes a doubletake to make the connection, but then with a raised brow, waves a hand at her from across the hall.

Iphigenia declares cheerily, "To bubblegum!" before taking a good knockback of her ambrosia, and wincing at the power of it. Almost tipsy priestess is almost tipsy - but not quite.

Oh, Cole. Bennett doesn't even bother trying to hide her bemusement with his choice of dirty joke; she tosses back the entire contents of her glass, swallows, dabs her mouth with the back of her hand, and slides the empty vessel back onto the table beside her. She winks at Petra when she spots him, then asides to Talkshow with a touch to his elbow, "Looks like quite the party tonight." Blue eyes finally find the man on stage with the guitar. And remain there, unwavering. "Would you believe," she continues to the viper jock, "that I got caught up in a meeting? I mean, who holds meetings on Saturnalia?"

"BUBBLEGUM!" Phin bellows it. As much as you can bellow that word. He laughs, balancing an arm around Lennox's shoulder when she links up with him. "Beata…whoa!" Her drink does, indeed, slosh his sleeve some. Not that it'll likely stain, dark and fratty as it is. "Are you always like this?" he asks his fellow ensign, still chuckling. "You can't possibly be trashed yet. It's too early." It takes him a second to notice Bennett's approach. But he does. "Oh, evening Cap…umm. Butch." He's trying not to 'sir' his betters.

In all of the insanity and mingling, Augie may have only caught a glimpse or two of those in the crowd. Instead, he's keeping his head down. He's a passable guitar player, but it's taking everything he has just to keep up with the change in rhythms. He tries to find a song somewhere that has to do with bubblegum, but it's only something about lollipops, that has no life to it. So back to the country rock he goes as he starts to wind down the first set.

Talkshow tilts his glass back for another pull of the ambrosia. His eyes lid almost dreamily while he savors the burn going down the back of his throat, and he instinctively turns his side towards the King of Fools so that he's casting the smallest profile humanly possible. "This is an amazing party, Butch, and look at you, you look radiant as well." He smiles softly to her, glancing down to his shirt to adjust his tie. "Iphigenia? Butch? Dolly? Is everyone well on their drinks? Anyone need a refresh?"

"Now, my friends and fools and friendly fools! We dance! Everyone take hands and make a giant chain. The leader of the chain shall be…" The tip of the plunger waivers over the crowd, dancing over the heads of all those gathered as Cole leads the charge of the festivities. "You! You there, MISTER TALKSHOW. It shall be /your/ job to lead this chain. Weave over and under and around, my friend. Maestro!" He calls for music. "Dance!"

It's on a lazy glance around, waiting for the toast, that Lola happens to notice the nearby Bennett. More specifically, she takes note of Bennett's snug leather pants. That's where her gaze is when Cole gives his toast. She blinks, tears her gaze away, then calls back, "Bubbleguuuum!" She doesn't answer Phin's question right away, because she's draining her glass, chin up, glass tipped back. She'd probably be just as enthusiastic about toasting to CHEESE BALLS or GREEN BEANS. Hmm. Where are the good snacks? "Sorry," she murmurs. "I can get that out." She casts a glance around, using Phin for balance, one arm still wrapped across his shoulders. "Not always like what?" In the same breath, she says, "Cap — er — Butch!" She holds out an empty glass to Aios.

"Tch," Bennett chides gently, at talk of refilling her drink. "I think I am at your service tonight." Though the way she says it, one would almost think she liked the idea. "What will you be having, ladies and gentlemen? I believe we have hooch, hooch, more hooch and.. something that smells corked." She sweeps her hand out, palm up, to indicate the 'selection' of drinks at a nearby table. "You too, Lola." Which isn't to say she's forgotten about Augie up on the stage, doing his best rendition of 'sunshine, lollipops and rainbows'. Oh, no.

Aios goes from pale to red in a millisecond as he's caught like a deer in the headlights of the King of Fools' demands. Eyes widening, he stands there dumbstruck as all of those eyes turn to him. HEE. His lips part in an akward, toothy grin to the rest of the room. Doing the only thing he can think of to cover his face, he quickly downs the rest of his ambrosia and grabs Iphigenia's wrist. "Beata Saturnalia!" He says to everyone in his immediate area, and starts to fight through his rigidity to loosen up and make this party a massive dance festival.

With the change and announcement of the dance, Augie nods. This, he can handle. And easily. As he does so, he catches a glimpse of a vision in white, but just misses it as he looks back down to the guitar to play the upbeat tempo of the Colonist's waltz.

"Uh, sparkley?" Phin finally lands on the adjective he's searching for, for Lennox. Though he's still grinning. "Oh, no worries. I've spilled way worse on this. It's an awesome color for bars." He's on point of asking Aios for another drink, but then Cole orders them to DANCE DANCE. He moves his arm down to reach for Lola's hand. And extends his other arm to…whoever might've randomly ended up adjacent to the other side of him.

Iphigenia seems delighted when she is grabbed by the wrist, and putting her glass down, snags Phin's, because it's there, and lets Aios take the lead. She's danced many of such rheels before, and this likely won't be the last time.

A grin spreads back across Petra's face as the King demands a dance chain, murmuring mostly to himself, "Oh, this is going to be an interesting disaster." The search for a new glass is forgotten about for the moment, his newly acquired preci..I mean beads…are carefully pocketed as he watches Talkshow and Iphigenia take off.

Oh, shame; the king of fools has spoken, and who is Bennett, but a lowly Captain, to refuse? Dance now, serve drinks later. She dutifully steps into line with the others, reaching for Phin's hand and Iphigenia's.

Left to her lonesome, Afton stands there, shifting on her feet and watching the glee play out. A glance to KNox near the effigy and she lets him have that private moment, that much needed time to oneself. Holding an empty glass is no fun and the corset wearing PJ starts to scan for something, anything to consume. She eyes Augie, playing away on his guitar and begins to cross towards him.

Lola cheers at Talkshow's expense, "Yeeaaaaa!" And tucks her empty on the edge of the table, leaving it for later rendezvous, "Be seein' you later, drinkie." Her fingers clasp Phin's as his hand finds hers. "I'd be happy to have you serve me after the dance, Butch!" She flashes a smile, then offers her hand out. With a look to Phin, she says, "Always a little bit sparkly, just most times it stays on the inside without alcohol."

Talkshow breaks just a little and the ambrosia starts to take to his veins. Leading the dance, he playfully slides the next few feet on his expensive shoes, and starts to bash away the tension that's had a permanent presence on the back of his neck for the past few weeks. A grin takes to his lips and he leads the dance towards Knox, Petra, and Afton, causing a wave that begins to overtake the dance hall. Lucky for him, he seems to have danced this dance before, and he gets caught up in the swell of bodies and the forming of ambrosia-sweetened sweat, losing himself to the mob.

Iphigenia started off with one hand in Talkshow's and the other in Phin's, but somewhere along the line Bennett gets in there, and Gen is just as happy to let the line grow and grow. There are spirals and dips and divets, turn arounds and going under (or over) arms, but at some point she has to break away, as her voice carries above the din. "I need four volunteers to carry the effigy outside!"

Eventually finding someplace to set the tray, Knox watches Af move off and looks around at the people dancing. He seems a little lost for a moment but when Iphi calls for volunteers he raises his hand. "Aye! I'll help." The hand turns to a thumbs up and he steps over towards the effigy.

"It's cool!" Phin decides as he prances about, the fingers of his left hand shifting from Iphigenia to another in the line of dancing crew, though his right makes some effort to stick with his fellow ensign. He even tries to raise his arm and twirl her. Which is more difficult in a dancing chain than it might normally be, but he makes the effort. "The Navy's mostly unsparkley, so we probably need it." He twirls himself to a stop when the chaplain raises her voice. He does not immediately volunteer for the burning.

Lola holds on for dear life, fingers locked with Phin's. She's wearing heels, after all, and just shot a tall glass of something alcoholic (nevermind what she already had). Oh, gods. Twirling. The blonde ensign goes with it, seeing as she's feeling pretty great, and spins halfway until she's dancing with her own arms crossed over her chest, back to the rest of the group. "Everybody needs more sparkles!" This requires a bit of dexterity, but she doesn't stop moving. She's clearly performed this dance before as well. "Yahoo!" She stops when Phin does, but a stumble keeps her body going. Timber!

Bennett, truth be told, isn't much for line dancing anyway. Though she does spin and sway and shuffle with the rest of them, switching hands with more than a few crew. Finally she's at the base of the stage, and bows out with a murmur of 'excuse me' to her current partners. A few strands of wayward hair are tucked out of her eyes, heels click-clacking on the steps as she ascends and approaches Augie from behind. The sneaky bird.

Once the volunteers are in place, the effigy is hefted onto their shoulders to be carried out into the snow. And that's just fine, as the dancing can simply follow them! It's fitting.

Afton finds a safe place near the musicians ot lay low and not be pulled into the living serpent that the Fool had started. Biting on her lip, she laughs a bit and watches Lennox take a spill, a brow arching as she snorts. After a moment, she manuvers herself closer to Augie, leaning down. "Care to head out, I am begging a dance when we get back in." She makes a motion, tilting her head to indicate the door.

Daniel can't rightly stop dancing, but as he disappears through the crowd to lead the dance, it doesn't appear as if he wants to. Something tribal surges through the pilot and the music gives him a brief moment of freedom. It's Saturnalia. He's millions of kilometers from home, and as the alcohol weaves its way through his bloodstream…he starts to have fun.

He weaves his arms through another lady's, a civilian he doesn't recognize, and drags her into the dance to follow the effigy outside so that they can watch it burn.

Noticing the change, the band changes, playing a poor poor funeral dirge for the effigy. As if. It's still quite rocking and cheerful. As Augie plays the guitar, he glances up and notices Afton. "I'll play them out, Afton, then maybe." he comments as he glances down. Giving her a slight grin and a bob of his head, the firefighter seems to be fully settling in at home, picking up the tempo as he does so. Glancing towards the spinning circle, there's that flash of white again, and he follows it, fingers dancing along the board and strings. That is, until Bennett turns and comes up the stage toward him. And those blue eyes that have been locked on him since she acquired the target. He may be pushing forty. He made be a hard-nosed bastard. He may even be an asshole. But the girl that has just pulled out all the stops and… it takes full effect as first the strings go off course with a screech, and then there is a suddenly loud pop, snap…


One of the strings on the guitar snaps, audibly and loudly, and curls up, smacking Augie in his hand. But that is not what illicts the next two words out of his mouth. They were supposed to be quiet, murmured as half-curse, half-prayer towards the girl.. no, not a girl.. definetly the woman in question.

"Aphrodite's tits, Bennett."

But that mic? The one he sang into earlier. Double edged sword. It amplifies, and carries the voice of the firefighter over the din easily.

Target engaged by Butch. Target.. destroyed.

That dance may have to wait, Afton. Augie, for the first time in probably.. forever.. is flabbergasted.

Once the effigy is set outside, Iphigenia has to sort of dance-push her way to the front. With the fading din of the music from the hall, she lifts her voice to sing once more as she is passed the torch. She begins to sing that song, her voice rich and throaty after alcohol has relaxed the muscles. It's the sung every year at Saturnalia, when the bonfire is lit. Most, if not all, will know the words, and she beckons encouragingly for all to join in as the torch is touched to effigy, which lights up with a WHOOOOOSH!

Knox, mostly involved with the carrying and little else, isn't really one for singing. Or anything too loud, generally. But its cold outside and he doesn't have a coat. Didn't get a chance tograb it on the way out. So when the bonfire goes, he stands near the flames and pockets his hands, staring down into the offerings and bits of paper while they burn. While people enjoy, the quiet Marine seems outside the group and content there, looking up to watch people and look for Afton every now and again.

Phin tries to slide his hand around Lennox's waist to steady her. He's a helpful guy like that. "Come on. It's time for the priestess to set stuff on fire. The gods are into that kind of thing, apparently." Said a little wryly. He doesn't seem to be tribally into the ceremony, exactly, but he is having fun. Almost in spite of himself.

Poor Afton. Poor Augie. Poor guitar. That.. really must have hurt. Bennett, of course, throughout all this spectacle — the guitar string exploding in Augie's face, the effigy going up with a thunderous roar of fire rapidly consuming combustible material — is eerily still. Her gaze shifts from Augie to Afton, and a flash of something like remorse skims her expression. She didn't precisely mean to oust her. "They are absolutely fantastic, from what I hear, Augustus," she tells him bemusedly. Her voice is kept low, and there's only a brief glance over her shoulder as shouts of revelry go up outside. "I'd like a word with you. Please." She steps closer, smiles apologetically to Afton, and holds out her hand to the grizzled fellow with the.. remains of a guitar.

Talkshow, not far from the front of the bonfire, stops dancing and turns to face the effigy. Eyes sharp and distinct, he gazes over the collective wishes and dreams of everyone present. Scanning the pile for something in particular, he's interrupted by a hand nudging against his shoulder. He turns and is offered a fresh glass of ambrosia, which he accepts. When he turns back to the offerings, the torch lights them on fire and the waves of flame reflect in his glassy eyes. He takes another drink, hypnotized by the quickly forming bonfire.

Distracted Augie is distracted and when that guitar snaps back in a vengeance, she leans in. "Hey, Augie, are you okay?" She asks out of conern, biting her lip and moving to get some light and make sure that string didn't do any damage. The dance is forgotten in light of the evil guitar. But her gaze lifts, following his, trying to pick out what he's looking at. Yet Bennett drawing closer hints at it all and Afton straightens up and offers to take Augustus' guitar. "Lady seem to want you…I can set this aside for you." There is a smile for them both, looking between.

Lola rights herself with Phin's assistance, flipping her hair up out of her eyes. She blows out a breath and brushes herself off. "Thanks, whew." A glance is cast to the stage at the snapping guitar string, but she just grins, wraps an arm around Phin in return, and drags her body close to his. Her hand settles on his opposite hip, finger going for a beltloop. "Kay, c'mon. Let's go watch stuff burn." She's delighted by the prospect, bolstered by the company and a little alcohol. "You're a good wingman, Doll."

Iphigenia will sing alone if she has to, but surely there are those in the crowd that do. The fire crackles and burns, casting heat on everyone's faces, and it's a good, peaceful transition of the wind up that Cole started. Soon enough things will pick up again, though. Saturnalia parties are built to last.

It was just one string. The guitar didn't totally exposed. Normally, by now, Augie'd recovered and said something along the lines 'Well, I don't know how they are, but yours are spectacular.' That doesn't come. Instead, he shakes out his hand from where the string snapped him and cut in, and frowns. A little bit of blood, but nothing major. "Yeah.. thanks Afton. Make sure the guitar gets back home, will ya, I need to restring it."

Accepting Bennett's hand with his good one, Augie moves to his feet and nods. "Lead on." he finally manages. The walk will do him good to get his senses back so that the advantage Bennett currently has isn't pressed too far.

Talkshow walks around the pile until he finds what he's looking for. Near the ground, covered in the fuel, is a small, wooden totem of a young boy. The carving job is terrible, but the outline is unmistakeable to be a human figure. He takes a moment to watch it burn and then tilts the glass back to his lips, draining half of its contents. The voices singing around him finally reach his ears, and he's familiar with the song. With a low, dirge-like voice, he starts to sing along with the others and walk back around the circle until he comes to a stop near the head of the group, next to Iphigenia. He stands near her, continuing the song.

There's really nothing that unusual about witnessing a member of the clergy in the throes of ritual induced ecstasy. It's the music and the dancing and the wine and the singing and the fire and it's all connected. But Gen is quiet about it, rocking slightly back and forth on her heels, staring into the flames once the song winds down and people start going back into the hall. The music kicks back up, drinks start circulating again, for folk to continue celebrating.

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