AWD #278: Santos Ridge: We Have a Plan
Santos Ridge: We Have a Plan
Summary: It would seem that a plan has been formed to rescue the trapped civilians and marines.
Date: 11/Oct/2013
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Santos Ridge — Picon
Ruins of the ground floor of an office building that's being used as a temporary base
AWD #278

Friday afternoon. The clouds aren't letting up. The snow has started again and this time its heavier. Its already built up on the ground outside and it shows no sign of slowing. The wind is even picking up. For most of the day yesterday, but especially today, the surrounding terrain has been an unending break of distant booms and rattles. Air ordnance is being delivered and occasionally a flaming aircraft wreckage comes down with it in the distance. But now, with visibility down to just over half a mile, those sights are gone. Just dull flashes in the distance. If they don't get out by tomorrow morning, they're screwed. The tank is out of ammo except for the fifty and half of the remaining trucks won't start. Its not looking good.

While Kostas has taken a party out to lay mines, Amos has been sleeping. It's not been great sleep, but he found a spot by the tank that was mostly out of the wind, wrapped himself up in a greatcoat and put his head down while he could. Waking once more he shifts the coat so it's actually a coat and not a blanket then moves towards the shattered front wall of the building to peer out, blowing hot air onto his glowed hands as he does so.

Brina's morale has been flagging lately. Sure, she tries to put on a brave front, especially for the kids, but truth of the matter is that she finds herself growing increasingly disheartened. The few who know her real well might catch onto it if they're looking out for such things among those present but otherwise it's all tired smiles, jokes and antics as per her norm.
Currently, Brina's looking out from a vantage point, keeping an eye out for attempts at ambushes.

There's the sound of someone descending the stairs, and through the doorway walks Knox a few seconds later. He looks exhausted and cold. There isn't a whole lot of shielding from the wind up there. His clothing is overstuffed with balled paper and he opted to skip out on the extra clothing with the explanation that he's fine and he can work through it. …Dude looks like an ice cube. But he has his rifle and radio with him, a long scarf wrapped around his neck and face. "Captain," he greets, looking like he has something to say. He hasn't been down in almost 24 hours.

Not having been one of the guys going out to handle the mines, Fischer has once more tried getting some sleep. Not quite succeeding, it seems, as he gets to his feet again now, grimacing a little bit to himself. Muttering something under his breath again.

Working in the cold is bound to sap energy pretty quick, but Kostas is amongst the most untouched as far as injuries go, so she's in pretty good shape all in all. She keep moving a bit, restlessly, some of that energy still spinning. Or maybe at this point it's survival adrenaline. As Knox comes down the stairs, she looks over curiously, though doesn't interrupt. There's a hand-sketched map on one of the makeshift tables, the notations of the mines marked in red. And a red pen behind Kos' ear…apparently she forgot to remove it when they got back.

Amos watches the snow fall for a few seconds, then turns to gaze higher, up towards the skies. He works to keep his expression neutral, but his heart sinks at the worsening conditions. They're not going to help the 91st's progress in the slightest. He's just considering heading upstairs to let his JTAC know to advise control of a need to concentrate on air options rather than ground when Knox's voice is heard. Can human-forms read minds? Brina gets a quick nod and an "Afternoon, O'Connell," before he turns back towards the interior of the building and the approaching Sergeant.

It could easily be any Six in the colonies coming down those stairs wearing Knox's clothing, but he knows it. He peels off the scarf to reveal that pink scar on his cheek. Eyes move to Kostas and he gestures her over before looking back to Amos. "Sirs, I've been in intermittent contact with the Orion. The ship has been quiet most of the morning while they were working on options I guess. Someone, and my guess is its a particular Intel Captain we know, has put something together." Knox isn't smiling. "Sirs, I don't think you're going to like it, but its a way out."

Lleufer returns from doing a shift of planting mines with Kostas. It took a couple of hours and now Ynyr comes dragging back looking pretty worn out. And even with extra clothing, damned cold. Snow dusts his armour and helmet as the Sergeant comes in under cover. Lleu is about to take a seat and see if his feet have frozen inside his boots when he over hears Knox. This Sergeant makes himself stay upright so he can walk closer to catch the news. Something about Captain Gray makes him thin his mouth and look wary.

"Sir." Amos is watched by the Lance Corporal for as long as he remains in her direct line of sight and then Brina is back to just watching. Despite having taken a stim not all that long ago she looks like she just might fall asleep on her feet, so tired that the drug is doing very little for her.

Fischer pauses as he overhears what's being said now, blinking a few times as he steps a bit closer, to see if he'll be able to hear some more. The words 'way out' seems to have caught his attention.

"Well at least one part 'f that ain't a suprise," Kostas says as she moves over towards Amos and Knox, rubbing gloved hands together as she does so. She glances over to Amos, and then back to the Six. "Guess it's good we only seeded one area, if this way out involves us hauling our asses somewhere." She looks over to Lleu as he makes his way over, sticking her cold hands tucked up under her armpits for what meager warmth they're going to get through the fatigues and armor.

Having gone out with Kostas and Lleu earlier, Jena is now back and walking over to stand away from the bulk of any drafts, dusting off some of the snow in a corner. Dressed for extreme conditions, the snow is still cold and she blows a little heat into her gloves to revive her numbed fingers. Brows arch at the words from Knox. "What?"

Amos glances across to Kostas as Knox gestures to her, giving her a brief nod of acknowledgement as well. As it seems like he's going to need to stand around for a bit, he shifts his hands underneath the coat until they're under his armpits again. He eyes Knox briefly, silently suggeting he should grab a blanket or something, then nods slowly. "If it involves getting our charges out of here before we're overrun then I'm not sure if it matters if I like it or not," he replies through his slightly shot-up balaclava. "Lets hear it."

Cooper takes a long breath. "The Ninety-First won't be here until tomorrow evening, sir. The snow is slowing them down. We're not going to link up. There's no way we'll make it." He hangs his hands off the straps of his pack. "Right now Anvil is estimating there's about five thousand Centurions on their way to occupy downtown. They'll be here in couple hours. That'll double by dawn. They're pouring over the western slopes as we speak. They'll be coming over the east around fourteen hundred tomorrow." He notices others are listening. He looks a little nervous about delivering this next bit. "They want us to hold in place, sir." That can't possibly be it. Right?

Lleufer has come to stand next to Brina, having noticed how worn she's looking. He listens, standing like a man who really needs to sit down and rest but is still on his feet. Sergeant Ynyr listens gravely and says nothing at all as the others speak. At the last Knox says, Lleu's eyes move over them all to judge reactions and then quietly, he puts an arm around Brina's shoulder's to give her a light squeaze, a 'buck up lass' kind of gesture. He doesn't say anything but waits to hear the rest.

Brina turns her head and nods, trying to give the impression that she's alright. What Knox says really has her anything but, though and she's quick to gawk at him. "Wow… uh." Ahem. Overwhelming numbers inbound and they have to stay put? Takes a second for her to realize that it is the best course of action but even then she feels chilled down to the very core of her being.

Kostas listens with pursed lips, considering. Her face hardens for a few heartbeats, but then she relaxes after a moment. Rolling her shoulders, cracking her neck. "So. We need t' hold out about 4-6 hours then? Or is there somethin' that's comin' between now an' then." She relaxes her arms, dropping hands down to squeeze fists slowly. "Or…we seein' how many we can take with us?"

This isn't how Jena had imagined it all ending, nor does she imagine it now. "We do what we have to do to survive." It's all she says, it's all she's done her whole life. Survive, save people. She says little else, but there's a fire ignited in her eyes.

Amos nods slowly at the news of the 91st. He'd guessed as much himself and he keeps his expression carefully neutral and impassive as Knox confirms it. The cylon numbers he digests in silence as well, then takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly at the final words. Taking a moment to look around the marines, the civilians and the trucks he squares his shoulders a little and offers another nod of acknowledgement. "Just as well really. If this plan involved a hike in these conditions then I don't think we'd make it." Yes, turn round the shitty news and make it sound like a positive, although he doesn't go so far as to rub his hands together in glee and loudly proclaim a target rich environment. "You'll want to let them know about the mines the good Ensign has just laid down," he states, taking a mental leap that he hopes is intelligence inspire, no cold impared, "I assume they want us to keep a El-Zed clear?"

"We hold this place?" Fischer looks a bit thoughtful as he hears that, glancing between the others. Nodding a bit as he hears the Captain's words, before he looks over at Jena. "Surviving sounds like a good plan," he offers her with a nod now. "Besides, I'm not allowed to die yet." There's a ghost of a smile as he says that, but it's gone almost as soon as it came.

A muscle ticks in Lleu's jaw, a flicker of anger in his eyes but mostly, he's resigned to their doing whatever they have to, and are ordered to do if they can't come up with a better idea to save themselves and their charges. Absently he rubs Brina's far arm before he leaves her be, then coughs into his gloved fist. Gah, been coughing a little bit the past few hours. Despite being so worn down, he doesn't look ready to give up, hell no.

Knox nods about the LZ and continues, "Cap, they're gettin' serious, but the air defenses are just too thick. Without real heavy support, they aren't getting Raptors in." He looks to Kostas and shakes his head. "Hopefully it won't come to that, sir. Hopefully. I'm not ready to leave my post here with Charlie Company." He clears his throat. "Like I said, Command is getting serious. They're bringing everyone to this party. Everyone." He sniffs and looks around and then back. "Kings Bay, Subic Point, Cape Jackson, Cygnes, Seradontis, Valeho, Durbitz… They're joining the Saloo and Pennibacker for naval gunfire support. Right now they're all recalibrating their gun systems for Picon bombardment and having to coordinate through Saloo Fire Direction Center." The JTAC swallows. "They're going to lay it down thick, sir, and have an airborne JTAC calling it in from a Raptor. Meanwhile they're planning to land Raptors here with all hell raining down and get us all out. Just one problem, among many, sirs." Knox clicks his teeth. "They Cylons will be here in a few hours. They'll need that long just to get into position and calibrate their systems. We're going to be fighting. Heavily, sirs."

Kostas mmms. Though there's something that troubles her about something the Six says, she keeps a handle on it for now. "Better'n tryin' to get everyone out on beat up trucks. Why th' hell not," she says. "Nicer ride back too. Works for me. One way t' keep warm while we waitin'."

Comfort is something Brina is more than willing to take when it is given to her and Lleufer's 'rewarded' for his having done so. It even helps pull her out of the worry everything else has settled onto her shoulders. "We will be ready for them," gets announced eventually, her confidence returned.

Every ship in the fleet. "They're risking the whole shebang, the whole operation, everything on getting us out?" Humbled, worried, not for herself, but for the Air Wing that would be coming in hot. For the Orion and all the other ships listed. "Is this operation worth… everything?"

Amos gives Fischer a quick nod in reply to the question. "Yes Corporal, we hold here. This is Shattered Castle, not Birkenhead Drill." Falling quiet again as Knox details the plan one eyebrow raises ever so slightly as the list of ships goes on. Impressive. Once all is said he lets it settle in his head a moment, then turns to look outside again. "We need a landing zone then. All those who didn't go with Ensign Kostas, you're with me to get that sorted. We'll prep what we can now in advance." Then to the aforementioned Kostas, "work with our two fleet Captains on getting the civillians prepped and ready to make a run for it once those birds land. They're the priority, then Sergeant Varis." Then back to Knox, "you'll be co-ordinating with the airborn JTAC I assume?"

Lleufer finally speaks up, keeping his baritone low and directed to Jena, "Not for us, for Picon." He draws a slow breath, not sure if he can feel his feet when he tries to wiggle his toes inside his boots, "We can't afford to loose what we have gained now. There's no going back, not enough resources to try again. So we must stand and it happens to be now."

"Aye, Sir," Kostas replies immediately. "I'll check with Nadir as well t' see how many need assistance in carryin'. Too bad we couldn't find a cart." She shakes her head in disgust, though probably directed more towards her failure than anything else. "Mallas and Fischer kept an' eye on the place while we were mine plantin' Sir. I'm sure they're more'n ready t' assist with the zone clearin'."

"If they are bringing most of their forces here, we end up taking out very much of them while getting ourselves back to safety." Fischer speaks a bit quietly, before he nods a little bit. "I like that. Means a shorter time until…" Trailing off again and looking away briefly, one hand going to where those photos are kept now. Taking a few breaths, he looks back to the others now. "All ready, sir," he offers to Amos.

Knox looks to Jena. "Close, PO. Not everyone. Its most of the force we have stationed around Picon, though." Back to Amos, he shakes his head. "No, sir. That's going to be the aloft JTAC's role, sir. Too many cooks in the kitchen and I'm wiped. I'll be out in the open landing the Raptors but I'm here for the firefight, sirs." He looks to Kostas with that, also. "And yeah, beats trying to hoof it. At least this way if things get too heavy and we're overrun? Well." Knox shakes his head. "I'm not getting taken alive. Artillery will be close."

Amos glances around for Mallas and Fischer as Kostas notes them as his helpers. The corporal's summary gets a brief nod, anf doe a moment he can't help but wonder if this place is going to get nuked a second time in the near future. That's not for out-loud speculation though and he focuses on Knox once more. "Alright. Grab a coat or something and either put your head down for an hour or come join us outside." He gives the six a very faint nod at the comment about not being taken alive, he has similar feelings but again, they're not for speaking out loud.

As Lleu corrects her, Jena offers him a brief nod. "Yes, Sergeant." Though she falls silent again, the concern about risking so many all at once. "I wish we could have taken out some of their heavier artillery before the Wing comes in." Knox also gets a nod, but it's almost a flinch at the confirmation. "Sir," she transfers her gaze to Amos. "I'll help. I'm dressed for it and I'm trained for these conditions. Also, I'm not tired or weak." Already moving towards him as if he had already accepted. Looking back between the others, she offers. "Anyone need the canteen first?"

"So say we all, Sergeant Knox," Kostas replies to his final words. "Got a feelin' most 'f the civvies gonna feel the same. Tough bunch," she grins, a mote of pride in it. Though perhaps, with a raised brow cast in Ommanney's direction, she might be thinking along similar lines herself. "Any final preparations you want Ynyr and I t' take care of while you out there, Sir? We'll make sure that there's cover as well."

Knox is looked at sadly and then Brina turns, going to get a little downtime. Best to do so while she's able, her head too fuzzy and noisy to be any good for anything right now. A corner is leaned into once found and she pulls her jacket closed tighter.

Ynyr thins his mouth and gives a faint nod to what Knox says about not being taken alive, but doesn't mention that whole Knox might survive downloading and escape boxing, but none of the rest of them have that possibility. Lleu is about to turn and go off for that hour to rest himself, about to say something low to Brina when he catches Kostas's words. He stops to see what Amos orders.

"I think I need an hour to rest, sir," Knox tells Amos. "Thanks. Been running aircraft for about thirty-six hours." Apparently even skinjobs have their limits. He turns, speaking into his radio and moving off for the stairwell again. No wind, insulated, he's probably too tired to care what he is sleeping on.

Fischer just nods a little bit as he hears what's being said, preparing to head out with Amos and Mallas now. "Let's get this done, sir." Glancing around at the others, offering them a nod now.

Amos gives absolutely no indication at all that he's noted Kostas' brow as he turns to answer her questions. "Keep us covered, we'll set out as close as we can outside, no point in making the run and further than it has to be, but do sing out if one of us strays to close to your handiwork." Knox gets a nod and tehn he turns to his work party, "right then, lets get this done."

So much for going to warm up his feet. Ynyr nods, "Yes, sir." Lleu digs out his stims and pops one to keep himself live and turns to join Kostas at providing cover and if needed, direction, to those who will be working.

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