AWD #277: Santos Ridge: The Morning After
Santos Ridge: The Morning After
Summary: The night passes without Cylon intervention and stock is taken in the morning.
Date: 10/Oct/2013
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Santos Ridge - Picon
Ground floor of an abandoned office building being used as a makeshift base.
AWD #277

The body was removed quietly, but a blanket could not be spared to cover it. One thing that Gen has in plenty, however, are coins for the dead, and so the best that could be managed was to take the body as far from the eyes of the other children as could be managed so Gen could perform a proper final rite before the body is wrapped and left. The cold will keep it preserved and it will have to be dealt with later. The coin is of course, left with the body for the child's passage to the Fields. The shadows under Gen's eyes when she returns have less to do with sleep deprivation, cold, or hunger when she finally does return from the hard duty and she immediately seeks out Amos. "Captain." she says softly once she does, "We need to talk."

Amos has been taking his turn on sentry duty, crouched just behind one of the piles of rubble with his rifle slung across his chest and his hands under his armpits to protect his fingers. As the priestess seeks him out though he slips one up to pull down his balaclava a little, so he isn't talking to her through it, then offers, "pull up a pew, although you'll forgive me if I can not offer proper hospitality Captain."

Lleufer is seated near to Amos, watchful and also looking rather cold. Ynyr's been awake most of the night as things in the city have been happening, their own wounded to deal with, and efforts against the cold force most to keep moving rather than dare rest for long. Lleu has turned his head to study the Priestess he doesn't know and stiffly begins to push himself to his feet to give the other two some privacy. The wound at his neck has been cleaned and bandaged, not giving the Sergeant too much trouble, "I'll go check on Jax, sir."

Iphigenia does pull up the seat, and sort of leans against Amos. This isn't about invasion of space or comfort or inappropriate behavior, this is 'it's frakking freezing and just about all we have is body warmth'. The children are actually being encouraged to puppy pile for warmth, and there's nothing untoward about her attitude when she begins to talk. "We're going to meander like a confused flock of geese. If we need to maintain a certain level of formality, might it be easier to call me Sister? Or Arden. If not, Gen is fine. Iphigenia's quite a mouthful." She intakes a breath, exhaling through her mouth. It forms a little puff of frost. "I want to keep these children alive. And you need to keep your fighting men and women in the best shape that they can to do what they need to do. Which means there are some decisions to make. I would like to discuss our priorities and what we can do to achieve both goals as best we may, if you're amenable." Freezing, dehydrated, sleep deprived and starving, and Iphigenia is still discussing it all as calmly as if she were offering Amos crumpets and tea.

Amos glances briefly to his watch partner as Lleufer makes to stand, then shakes his head slowly. "Captain Nadir will be taking good care of him Sergeant. I need your eyes here for now." It's not all that long until watch change either, or so he hopes at least, not yet prepared to start rolling up his sleeve to check his watch. He shifts his weight slightly, as Gen starts to lean on him, but only so the setup is more stable and he certainly doesn't seem to object to the principal of the matter. He listens in silence, eyes scanning the skys mostly, although also the surrounding buildings as well from time to time, then nods slowly. "We do yes C.. Sister." It's hard, he's just so used to using ranks, but one title for another he can manage, given the circumstances. "I think you already know that I need you and Captain Nadir, when she isn't otherwise busy, to keep the civilians calm. Focused on anything but the situation." It's not a task he envies her, at least the marines are all professional soldiers. Keeping his hands where they are shivers briefly as a gust catches his exposed side and then adds, "I've asked for an airdrop, if they can get clear skies for long enough. Food, blankets, heavy clothing, water, but as of yet there's no word on when, or if that'll be."

It hasn't really been all that long since they've been here - not even twenty-four hours? - and already the exhaustion is settling in for one of the Marines. Staying up all night and then the kid dying has Brina looking tired and not just physically, the exhaustion also emotional. Coming in from yet another self-imposed patrol, she is on full-on auto pilot now, homing in to where the others are by voices.

It's just as well that he stands and moves his feet around. Lleu gives a nod, glances to the woman and says nothing at all. Ynyr adjusts his balaclava and bandana at his neck, caked with his own dried blood, and then swings his arms around to try and warm his hands through forcing more blood into them. He starts to walk around, keeping a sharp eye out, but also mindful of staying near cover. His gaze snags on Brina and he alters a few of his steps in her direction before halting.

"I wish we can depend on that hope, but sadly we cannot." Gen replies softly, "But I'm not telling you anything you don't know. My understanding is that Ensign Kostas will be leading some scavenging parties. I know we can't do anything about fire in the open, but is there any chance we could move deep inside a structure enough that a fire would have less chance of being noticed? Some of the children will have a better chance if we can at least keep them hydrated and warm, and unless people are keeping purification tabs amongst their gear we'll have to boil any water we access, or the snow if it comes to it. I was hoping if we check the strip mall we might even find some camping gear - sleeping bags, blankets. Do you know what manner of buildings are around here? Surely they can't all be picked clean."

Amos glances up towads Brina as she arrives back and says quietly, "get some rest O'Connell, that's an order. You're not on watch for a couple of hours yet, find somewhere out of the wind and get your head down." Given Lleufer seems to be heading in that direction he shoots the man a quick look, silently asking him to 'see to it' assuming he's looking the right way. Then it's back to the priestess and again he listens as he watches. "I'm hoping the Ensign will be able to get to the mall and have a look round, I didn't see a camping shop from the glimpse I got, but I won't claim to have had a clear and unobstructed view." He's silent for a few moments as he considers the other things she's said. "If we can find a location where a fire could be built. A stairwell perhaps, or somewhere else that is still enclosed, then you are right. I'll have people keep an eye out as they go and report back if anything is found. The snow though.. I think, Sister, it would be better to go thristy for a day or so then to start drinking that. This city was nuked, and while I'm no nuclear phyicist, if that's emitting alpha particals and we ingest it then thats a long and lingering death right there. If we get no airdrop, and the 91st are cut off, then we'll need to reconsider that, but not yet."

Even as the Sergent is on the intercept she's digging through her pocket, looking for a small tube of medical-provided meds she brought with her. The fact that she's even thinking about taking stims is distasteful and has bile rising in the back of Brina's throat but she needs something. "Yeah, I'll sleep later," she addresses Amos in return, careful not to call him 'sir' or by his rank while they are out here. Never know when doing so might be a bad thing so best to refrain entirely. Finally seeing Lleu, her face goes red and her hand is yanked out of the pocket she shoved it in, fingers curled around something she's got concealed in her palm. Right now all the Sister gets is a quick, jerky upward motion of her head that must be a nod of greeting. Or something.

Ynyr catches what Amos says as he turned his head to watch and listen. His mouth thins as he thinks about their problem, "Sir, there are dumpster shells scattered around. We could get a few of them inside, tipped over on their sides to make smaller shelters. Strip building insulation to line'm. Won't maybe be enough for even half of us, but at least give the children some protection from the cold." Lleu's attention slips back to Brina then, "O'Connell." He gestures to a place he's been using to stay out of the wind for short naps but still has a good view, "If you'll rest, I'll sit with you there. I can still keep watch." And well, they could share some warmth doing so. Even if Amos might … eh, give them a discomforting look.

Iphigenia is leaning against Amos in a way that suggests that Ynyr's idea about sharing warmth might not be so unwelcome. "I see your point." Gen acknowledges to Amos. "Shelter, heat, hydration, food - there is one other concern, and that's…we're going to lose more children, Captain. We can't break ground for burial and we can't burn them. I'm loathe to give up anything that can be used as a blanket for the living. The boy from this morning…we ended up taking the body some distance away and covering it with what we could. He has his passage with him, but we should have a protocol in place. I don't want the children more frightened, or worse, hopeless."

"Now O'Connell," Amos replies, quietly, but firmly, then gives Lleufer a nod as he notes the Sergeant is on it. Sharing body heat in this weather he has no issues with, so long as they don't go about wasting precious energy while they're at it. "Look into it Sergeant," he offers, with regards to the possible dumpsters, "let me know what you find. Might be worth going for the building insulation anyway though, start wrapping people in itif you can get big enough chunks, or get people to stuff it between their clothes if you can only get handfuls." His eye's can't help bu drift to the mangled wrecks in the street as talk turns to the dead boy and he nods slowly as Gen speaks. "I may need to leave that one with you I'm afraid Sister, although I'm sure some of the adults would help too. Have the old folk start telling stories, keep their minds occupied. A service might not go amiss, if you feel up to it. I can maybe lend you a couple of marines for fetch and carry, or escort, so long as it's for short periods but beyond that.. just let me know if there is anything you need." Then, dropping his voice lower, for the Sister's ears only he adds, "there is one more thing I need of you, if you can manage it. Be a hope to my lads too, remind them the Gods are with us and be their friend. Marines get frightened too sometimes, or upset. I can't do that for them now. I'm their CO, not their friend right now and it needs to stay that way if we're to get through this."

Once Lleu gets Brina settled in and does so himself she'll snuggle in against him, their size difference a bit less noticeable thanks to her having her armor and stuff on. A soft sigh is issued when she hears Amos' order, that not exactly settling well with her. When it looks like the others are not paying much attention she holds out her hand, showing Lleufer the vial of stimulants she brought with her, her eyes holding to his face. The question isn't asked but with the confusion that is easily read on her features it should be pretty clear that she's asking him if she should take them or not, this being the first time she has ever been faced with this. "This just might be lunch," she eventually murmurs. "Care to make it a meal for two?" Not knowing his view on such things, she goes out on a limb and offers him a pill as well.

"Of course." says Iphigenia softly, nodding her assent. "It's going to be hardest on the elderly and the very young, but I plan to pair everyone up with a buddy. If we lose more," When, Geni, not if, "I don't want it to be because someone wandered off. So hopefully that will help. And I'll make sure to make myself accessible to the unit. If we find food, will there be concerns about portion? We want your fighters fit, but…children. You might want to consider giving a few of the older ones some basic instruction in firearms. Soldiers start very young here on Picon." She's not trying to insist on anything, she's trying to weigh the scales.

Lleufer turns and walks over behind the bit of windbreak and settles himself in so he can keep watch, but also huddle down with Brina. Both of them are hurt, him more than she, but mostly because it's just damned cold. Ynyr puts an arm around the Lance Corporal and her voice draws his attention to what is in her hand. Lleu frowns, voice quite low, "No, not yet. Rest now, while you can. Probably be needing those by tonight or tomorrow for sure." Grim, he adds low, "Water is a problem. We have what's in our canteens but by tomorrow most of us will be out." Lleu doesn't bother mentioning food. That was getting scarce enough at Crandall to be worrisome even before this trip.

Amos leaves Lleufer and Brina too it, they're out of his line of sight and he trusts the Sergeant to still be keeping his watch. Gen gets a silent nod of thanks before he replies, "I like the idea of a buddy system, we'll just need to be ready to catch one if we loose the other." He's still using 'if' too. Positive thinking and all that. "Food, I think we will need to address and and when we get any, and of course with Doctor Nadir. I'd start on the basis of even shares, and then discuss levels of need with her to ensure we do the best we can with anything we get." The comment about firearms has him clancing back towards the Rapier a moment. "I think the Private said they had some body armour with them, I know I have my side arm which I'm unlikely to use, and we may e able to salvage others from the wrecks. A few extra volunteers wouldn't hurt, but we can't really afford the ammo to give them much, if any training before it kicks off again. I'll look into it though, see what can be done."

Brina is used to cold, being from Aquaria which is not exactly known for its tropical climates, but this? Between the cold and the wounds to her chest and leg she aches which has her about climbing into Lleufer's lap to get as close to him as she possibly can. "I will save my water for the kids." Her canteen is about half full so should last a few of the smaller kids for a little while, if they can be taught how to conserve. The pills are put away again and then Brina lets her eyes half-drift closed, not yet falling asleep but darnit if her body's winning the war she wants to wage against slumber. "Are you alright? And the others? Everyone's still alive?" That's asked about the Marines.

Ynyr nods to Brina, "Just remember we gotta keep our strength up to fight or we'll lose /all/ those kids. Not just a few here and there." Lleu keeps his voice down so that won't carry. He watches Brina's face for a moment, then directs his gaze back out at the city scape, "Jax is in bad shape. Doc worked on him though so if we can keep him warm, he might be all right. I got at least one person with him constantly though two, one on each side of him, is even better. He can't move around much to stay warm on his own." Marines got to look out for their brother. Ynyr doesn't tug at his balaclava or bandana that's stiff with his dried blood, "Yeah, I'm all right. We're all cold."

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