AAR: Santos Ridge Evacuation


13th October 2005

FR: ENS Silvia Kostas
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson, CMDR Gillian K. Faulkner
CC: CMDR Carolyn Spree
RE: Evacuation of Site Kilo-One-Two


On October 9, 2005, a combined unit of marines and medical personnel were dispatched to evacuate all remaining non-combatants from Site Kilo-One-Two. Upon reaching the city of Santos Ridge, the convoy came under fire from two Raiders. The Raiders were damaged and moved off, but all but 3 vehicles and an armored tank were lost in the initial attack, with resulting in significant casualties to the civilians and damage to the remaining vehicles. Survivors and personnel took shelter in a nearby building while an environmental assessment was made.

Upon realizing the state of the remaining vehicles and the lack of transportation available to adequately evacuate the survivors, as well as worsening on-ground conditions and rapid encroachment by at least one company of enemy forces, CPT Ommanney called for Shattered Castle, and the marines moved to fortify their shelter in preparation for final evacuation.

On October 11, 2005, the unit received information that evacuation would occur that evening, but that it would not occur until after engagement with the approaching enemy forces, now numbered in the thousands. Position was successfully held until evacuation by air crews from Battlestar Orion arrived. All survivors successfully evacuated.




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