AWD #278: Santos Ridge: Do you Mine?
Santos Ridge: Do you Mine?
Summary: On the morning after the airdrop on Santos Ridge, Kostas discusses how best to utilize the mines sent in one of the drop crates. Many of the Marines are running on fumes after weeks of hard fighting, little sleep, and far too little food.
Date: 11/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Nuked husk of Santos City, Picon
Ruins in Santos Ridge where the Marines are bogged down by the Cylons, trying to protect a bunch of Picon noncombatants.
October 11th, 2005

With the drop of blankets and warm clothes and ammo and explody things, perhaps there's been a little lifting of spirits, even if tummies are probably growling quite a bit at this point. Kostas is up a couple of hours before her shift, though she's been sneakily assigning the most wounded shorter ones and assigning herself and the uninjured slightly longer ones to make up for the difference. She's sitting on one of the busted old office chairs with a group of the more rambunctious children - though now they've slowed down considerably out of hunger and cold - playing a game of some kind. Trash queen tiddlywinks, it'd appear with some rusty paperclips and a cracked plastic cup. It keeps them moving a bit without expending too much energy, and beats the restlessness—and allows some of the mommas to get some sleep. There might be a bit of trashtalking too, with words coming out of small mouths that might earn Silvia a kick in the ass from some of the other women later. Still, when it's almost time for her to get going, she playfully cuffs the boldest kid gently on the back of the head and looks both ways before divvying up the last of the ration bar she managed to snag between them. Then it's up and at 'em after making sure other eyes are on the kids. Hey they're useful for heat too - she feels warmer than she has since they made the jump.

Kostas grabs her rifle from her sleeping area as she passes, it gnawing on a sucker stick that's long since had the sucker devoured (hopefully by her). Chewing on something kinda eases the rumble. She moves over to where they've been assembling before switching perimeter duty, rubbing her gloved hands slightly to ease the numbness.

Lleufer had taken a stim last night to get through his watch and early this morning dumped his worn out ass to try and get some sleep. A bit warmer and better kitted out, yeah, spirits are improved even if most stomachs are as empty as they were yesterday. Ynyr slept like the dead until he's roused, muzzy or light headed when he rises but he sits up and has taken his boots off to dry out dampness in his socks, rubbing his feet. His face is a little drawn and he tightens his belt against gnawing hunger but he says nothing. The rifle wound to his neck is at least better, closing up. His gaze finds Kostas and he idly watches her before he resumes rubbing his feet to warm them.

Kostas peers out of the lookout area, grabbing a crumpled paper that's fallen out of someone's jacket or just been shuffled around in all the excitement last night. She scribbles a few times on it with a scavenged pen to get the ink flowing and then starts to outline some kind of rough sketch, frowning at it as she glances back now and then to the crates with the ammo and mines and other funstuff. The paper stick dangles from the corner of her mouth like a cigarette. Maybe by this point she actually wants one. She taps a finger one one part of her drawing and then another, scowling slightly and pursing her lips before lifting her eyes from it. It's enough to catch Lleu's gaze, and she nods once in greeting to him.

No change of socks, so Lleu leaves them off and puts his boots back on without them. Just until they are bone dry again which won't take long. He gets up and tries to smile a little thinly at Kostas, "Sir, you or Captain Ommanney figure out where we should place those mines?" Ynyr takes a few stepsut closer, idly curious what she's sketching though half his attention is on scanning the cityscape around them, studying it and the approaches to their location.

Sleep, that's been an elusive thing these few days they've been down here. Fischer looks like he's been trying, but not quite succeeded. Getting to his feet, he stretches a bit, before he looks to his rifle, checking the weapon for a few moments again now. Hearing the others, he starts moving in their direction, a bit slowly.

"Workin' on it. Layin' a field's too risky, if we gotta change course, 'r th' birds do, t' get us th' fuck out've here." Kostas switches the stick to the other side of her mouth deftly. An ex-smoker, maybe. "These buildings are shit. Thinkin' maybe it'd be a better idea t' rig a couple t' blow where them big groups been coming from." She points at her sketch—which appears to be a pretty accurate layout of the immediate area. "It'd slow 'em down. Dunno that we got anough boom boom ta bring one down an' make 'em climb over an' around. And that too limits our options for escape." She indicates a few marks on some of the buildings, a larger area for a potential field. Once an EOD, always. "We been lucky so far. But if that big ass group come down before Prince Charming do, we in deep shit. Maybe buy us some time, though." The movement catches her eye, and she offers Fisch a grin. "Mornin'."

Ynyr listens to Kostas and nods, "Yeah, can't really burry them easily. Almost everything is paved but there is a lot of loose debris they can be hidden within, obsticals moved to direct how they can get to us by foot." They've all had insufficient sleep and not nearly enough rations for weeks now. Not to mention shortage of water the past few days or none at all if your canteen ran out early yesterday as Lleu's did. Man his size needs a lot of calories to keep going and with all the physical effort, the cold, and being wounded it's clear he's pushing to keep on his feet. "I think the plan isn't to try to go anywhere now but to wait for extraction so … if we can … reduce their options of approach and mine those… " Kostas is the EOD expert so Lleu trails off, conserving his energy rather than continue speaking. His mouth is very dry.

"Thanks for not adding the word 'good' in front of that greeting, sir," Fischer replies a bit lightly, shaking his head a little bit as he looks around the area. "How are we doing today?" A brief pause, and a sigh.

Ynyr listens to Kostas and nods, "Yeah, can't really bury them easily. Almost everything is paved but there is a lot of loose debris they can be hidden within, obstacles moved to direct how they can get to us by foot." They've all had insufficient sleep and not nearly enough rations for weeks now. Not to mention shortage of water the past few days or none at all if your canteen ran out early yesterday as Lleu's did. Man his size needs a lot of calories to keep going and with all the physical effort, the cold, and being wounded it's clear he's pushing to keep on his feet. "I think the plan isn't to try to go anywhere now but to wait for extraction so … if we can … reduce their options of approach and mine those… " Kostas is the EOD expert so Lleu trails off, conserving his energy rather than continue speaking. His mouth is very dry.

"Thanks for not adding the word 'good' in front of that greeting, sir," Fischer replies a bit lightly, shaking his head a little bit as he looks around the area. "How are we doing today?" A brief pause, and a sigh. (recent poses)'

"May have t' move to th' extraction point if they can't wedge in here for some reason. Dunno. Gonna think about it for a bit, then we give it 'r best shot, neh?" Kostas shrugs, loosening her canteen and holding it out to him. "Trade ya," she grins. She's smaller, without a scratch on her. Hey, at least with the cold weather the reek of so many unwashed is at a minimum. Not that they've not seen worse. "What, th' air ain't brisk enough for ya?" She winks at Fischer. "Tryin' t' hold. Think we gonna place them mines t'day. Dunno how well they'll help us, but some's better'n none. At least we got some fresh meat now too."

Lleufer eyes Kostas, her keeping her spirits up kind of nice, despite all. He's seen how wonderful she is with those kids. His mouth thinned, Lleu accepts the canteen, "Thanks." He unstoppers it and takes a sip, slow to swallow it, then a second light one before he closes it and hands it back to her, "You're kids are gonna need that." At least his mouth isn't so dry.

Brina comes stumbling in from somewhere, looking like shit warmed over. Her rifle is slung over her shoulder but her hands are not empty as she's fumbling to open a vial and then pours out a pill into her palm once she manages to accomplish that. The little white thing is eyed then before it's dry-swallowed, the stim made to go down the hatch without the benefit of water to lend a buffer from the bitterness. Shuddering as the taste hits, it looks like she might be trying to keep herself from gagging upon it.

Fischer nods a little bit, as he hears that. "Always good if we can stay a bit safer before they get us out of here," he replies. With a brief nod and a smile to Lleufer and Brina as well. "And some fresh meat is good too, sir," he adds to Kostas.

"Let's hope not, Ynyr. Already gave some t' that mean lookin' old lady who been helpin' an eye out, poured it in 't theirs. Tough old bitch, that'n. I'd put a rifle in her hand if we had an extra one an' she wasn't so shredded. Rest's for us. If I'm out on patrol and you see Varis wake up, we gotta make sure he gets some too." Kostas nods with satsifaction as he takes a sip, accepting back the canteen. When Brina stumbles in, Kos holds the canteen out to her. "Don't be hurlin' out a perfectly good stimpill, now." Meanwhile, she's still frowning at her map, chewing at her stick. "Oy, Ynyr. Take a look." She points to the two streets that lead to the building where they're holed up. "I think they been comin' down both. We could mine the shit out of *this* one." It's the most clear of the streets, which would be nice to have open, but then again, it means it's not a cakewalk for the canners in either case. "Thanks t' Ommanney's call in, we're gonna have air an' artillery t' help. If we only gotta worry about one direction. Might make it easier. Rather not get flanked if we can keep the fuckers out an' I think that will. But we'd need 'em all. If it's airlift or bust we could spread 'em around. 'S a matter if we wanna concentrate and know where they're coming from, but not soften 'em up after they figure it out…or if we spread it out and hit 'em anywhere they comin' for all-around defense."

Just returning from some of the civilians, offering help where she can, Jena comes in where the Marines are. Her breath puffs out in a fog with every exhale until she enters with the others. Her canteen is still around her and as she watches Brina dry swallow a pill, she walks over and pulls it off and offers it to her, a sympathetic expression in her eyes. "Is there anything I can do for anyone in here?" Just trying to make it easier on those who are already so tired. Her rifle is slung around her, her pack on her back carrying a whole variety of medical supplies, each pocket serving a purpose. She doesn't sit or lean, just stands there, looking around at the others.

What did Fischer say? Lleu gives his fellow a rather blank look, something about fresh meat. Not processing too well here. Instead of saying anything, he catches sight of Brina stumbling around which reminds him he should hit a stim too. Ynyr fishes one out of his kit and likewise pops it into his mouth without saying anything. That's breakfast or lunch, both, whatever. A lot easier to swallow it without such a dry mouth and he doesn't want a canteen back again. At what Kostas says, Lleufer reaches his hand down and draws his own sidearm, presenting it grip first and barrel down to offer it to her, "I've not been using it. Take it, give it to whomever among them is most fit to use it." If Kos will take it, Ynyr digs out his two spare clips for it and hands them over too. If nothing else it's a bit less weight he has to haul around and be glad to be rid of it. He pays attention to what the Ensign says and nods, "All right." Too much effort to add more, save it for working.

There's a grin at being offered not one but two canteens. "Thanks," she says sincerely to both while reaching out for the first one that has been held out, that being the Ensign's. A quick sip is all it takes to get that horribad taste out of her mouth and the container is given back to Kostas. "Did we lose anyone else last night?" It is a question Brina's loathed to ask but she should know and, in fact, has made it a point to try and keep herself somewhat in the loop despite not being in a position where such knowledge is necessary. Jena is given a smile and then Lleufer's given a thorough looking over, that resulting in her shaking her head sympathetically. "You look like how I feel, Sarge."

It takes him a long moment to process and think about what Kostas has said about their mining options. Lleu gives Jena a nod with a barely there smile for greeting, "PJ," but he still doesn't know the blond's name. "I'm fine." he answers to Brina before directing his attention back to Kostas's notes, "I think mining one approach is the better idea. Leave us a way out, or our own people a way in. We can cover it best with the TI-107 and the extra .50 cal where we don't mine." It'll be the Captain's call to make but Kostas's idea seems a good one.

Fischer nods a little as he looks around. He hasn't taken any pills yet, it would seem, as he looks between the others now. Keeping quiet as he listens to the others, letting out a brief sigh at some point now.

Mallas has been sitting to the side, quietly stripping and cleaning his light machine gun. There are any number of tasks he'll ignore if he can get away with it, but keeping his weapon in good condition isn't one. Imminent death is a good motivator. The Private leaves the talk of tactics to the officers and non-comms, sparing only an occasional look at those involved in the discussion. But people offering up water? He has something to say about that. "Hey! I know I'm not as perky as O'Connell, but I could use a hit of that too."

Kostas does indeed take the sidearm from Lleu, including the clips. "I'll see if it works for 'er. If not, I'll bring it back," she promises, and then nods to his words. "Yeah. I think that's the best way ta go. Pretty sure th' old man will agree too. Esp. if we thow in a few missles for him t' play with," she grins. "Bet if we weren't freezin' our asses off, might've even gotten a fist bump outta him after last night." She nods to Jena. "Think we as good as we gonna be. Little worried 'bout Varis though," she says of the sniper, and then shakes her head to Brina. "Dunno, O'Connell. I didn't hear nothin' this morning, but not everyone's up yet, with the civvies. Shocked as hell if we don't lose one in particular though." She doesn't even look at Mallas, as she tosses her canteen to him. "Just a sip." she says gruffly. Goddamn kids.

That's all Jena needs to walk from Brina to Mallas and offer the canteen, except she hesitates just then as Kostas tosses hers. Lleufer's nod is acknowledged with a kind smile. "PO Jena Cruz. Jena or Cruz work as well as PJ or PO. Hey you, has even been known to get my attention as well as Medic. Anything you need that I have is yours, or anyone else who needs it." Like Fischer, she hasn't had any pills, but she's been down here less time and she's got gear, prepared for these colder conditions, since she's been dropped into even colder ones before.

The Sergeant isn't exactly believed but O'Connell doesn't say such, instead just nodding in response to his reply to her. She finds a place to lean, listening and very glad to not have to be the one to figure out the logistics. "I'd offer to help but I think I'd just get in the way."

Mallas sees Jena turning his way, and then Kostas' metal canteen clinks across the floor near his leg — he has his hands too full with a barrel and a cleaning rod to try and catch it. Wearily setting his work aside, Mallas retrieves the canteen and unscrews the cap, pouring a swig of water into his mouth and swishing it around before he swallows. Securing the cap again, Mallas calls out to Kostas as he tosses the canteen back to her. "Thanks, sir." Then he notes in a tone of mock-disappointment. "Guess we don't get to start drinking our own piss until tomorrow."

'One in particular though' makes Lleu look back to where he knows Jax has been laid up, but then he's looking for Captain Ommanney. "Someone hurt bad? I thought Jax was doing a little better." Ynyr gives Jen a smile and as he doesn't have to be moving around, Lleu takes the opportunity to sit his ass back down and rest while he can instead of standing around. "Glad you and yours could come down and join us, Cruz." The Marines of course have been at this since the Invasion started down here, with little food or rest. Lleu glances to Kostas, admiring her wirey strength and determination but then, she was with Spree's Resistance before joining them. Ynyr rubs a hand over the beard that's growing in over his lower face after the past few days. "Snow, Mallas. Don't touch any standing ground water you find though as it may be pretty radiated. But we can melt snow and a day or so of drinking that won't kill us."

"Why'nt you start, Private, an' let us know how it go? You c'n close yer eyes and think of Meatloaf surprise day at th' mess," Kostas replies, as she snatches her canteen from the air as it's lobbed. "I'll take some of 'em who's less tired, O'Connell. Unless ya want us ta get more practice w' gun barrel cauterization," Still, she musters a wink. Growly and unapproachable in normal duty stations, trying to prod everyone to high spirits in the field. Odd bird.

Fischer shrugs a little to himself as he listens now. Pausing as he hears Mallas, he shakes his head a bit. "If you'd want, you could probably start right away. More water for the rest of us?" Shaking his head a little to himself, as he turns to look around again. "Crappy piece of rock…" he mutters, almost angrily. It sounds like it's meant for himself.

"Yes, Sir. I figured that was about the status of the situation." Still, Jena doesn't allow any grimness or stoicism, there's a fire in her eyes, a blatant hope she wears like a shield whether she voices it or not. Stay positive, if not for herself, for those around her. "I checked on him again last night after he was hurt again, took care of his newest wounds, changed a few bandages on his old, got him wrapped in some warmer things to keep the blood flowing." About all she could do at the moment. Looping the strap of her canteen around her, she positions it back into place, keeping the rifle back in its place of priority. Lluefer's words bring a smile tugging at her lips. "Glad we could too, Sergeant." Looking back to Kostas, she indicates her rifle. "I could do anything you need me to do, shoot, provide cover, assist.. anything."

"Have you been taking the stims," comes a casually poised question, it asked to everyone in general while she looks at Lleufer directly. She's distracted from waiting for the response when Kostas speaks, what she has to say causing her to shiver at the memory. "I think I'll pass, sir."

Sergeant Ynyr's suggestion gets a skeptical look from Mallas, but the Private just shrugs and admits that there are worse things that drinking slightly-irradiated snow. "Beats piss, I guess." And the chorus of offers for him to go first with the whole urine-drinking gets a loud counter-complaint from the Private. "Yeah, yeah. Grunts up front. You don't think I know the drill by now?" Still muttering to himself, Mallas starts to re-assemble his Zasta M80. Brina's question about stims gets a quick shake of the head from Mallas.

Lleufer manages to crack a grin at Mallas, "If you can manage to reach it, enjoy yourself. Pretend it's a soda fountain." With cream. Damn Marines. It cheered him a little to toss the banter. As all seems quiet just now, Ynyr shifts his rifle in his hands and starts to take it apart to field strip and clean it. It's definitely gotten a bit filthy. Pale eyes flick up at Brina's question and with a glance to the others, Lleu gives her a nod though he frowns, "Couldn't … stay on my feet last night without."

The ensign nods once to Jena's report, a pleased smile on her face. "Wouldn't hurt t' have some cover," she admits. "And I sure as hell ain't gonna say no to a PJ on standby just in case. We don't got a lot of time, so we doin' it as fast and clean as we can. Not tryin' to be particularly stealthy about it either, if th' goal is to herd 'em, so it won't take long. Should probably get started ASAP though." She walks over to the window, spits out her stick, and turning back to the group. "Those that need ta rest should do it. No need t' do all things for all folks. I'll take 5 volunteers who feelin' chipper now for an' hour, and a couple on standby if someone gets shaky. Keep in mind being rested up for tonight is more important, at least's far as I can see, because if folks wipe 'emselves out on this and we not ready for th' horde it ain't worth shit. But we got to get a move on."

Fischer listens a bit thoughtfully now, letting out a few deep breaths, before he looks between the others. Keeping ready to move if needed, it would seem.

Brina is not exactly shy about volunteering but this time she finds herself quick to shake her head. "Sarge would be pissed if I went and wound up blowing people up, sir. I will pass." Kostas did say 'chipper' and Brina's not exactly feeling such, the many hours of being awake and such having done wonders to take its toll on her. The answers about whether or not people are taking stims gets a nod eventually, her expression less than pleased. "I guess it can't be helped if we have to," she eventually muses out loud.

Used to pushing herself beyond the usual for endurance, Jena nods, hitching up her pack and tightening it. She walks over, placing the canteen by Lleu's feet, leaving the water for them for now. "Count me in. I'm good to go when you're ready." Just awaiting word.

Lleufer is cleaning his rifle. Nothing super thorough but giving it a quick once over, "Lemme finish this, somebody let me have a bite of MRE, and I'll come." He really does mean one bite - it'd be a lot more than he's had in days. Ynyr goes to putting his rifle back together once he's cleaned the barrel with a boresnake.

So, Lleu is coming. Jena's lips twitch and she just picks up her canteen, securing it to herself again, seeming to have the worst luck with it today. Once it's secured, she prepares to head out with the Marines.

Jena's canteen is stalled if she'll allow him. Lleufer puts out his hand, "If … you'll let me, MRE's stick to the throat." Not easy to get down without a sip or two, though you can bet her pretty backside he won't hog her water, far from it.

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