Colonel Samtara Nadir Stone
Samtara.01.jpg Stone, Samtara Nadir
Major Medical
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Doctor
Age Sex
52 F
Hair Eyes
Brown Hazel


In the realm of medicine there are nurses, medics, general practioners, specialists and surgeons. Dr. Nadir is a surgeon. Highly competitive, focused, overly analytical, driven with a need to be the best.

Post War

Service Record & Medals

Recent Events

  • 24/Apr/2049 (MD #182) Sam & Colt's son Kuirk, his wife Leda and their son Titus were rescued off of Picon.
  • 02/Feb/2049 (MD #101) - The fate of Picon and the inhabitants, especially the families left behind, is revealed after a series of carefully plotted recon jumps to survey the status of the colonies.
  • October 2028 (MD #00) - Col. Stone & Sgt. Stone are recalled to active duty status aboard the Orion, joining their son Latif who is already stationed aboard the Orion as part of the Navy Intel unit.

Recent Memoirs

Recent Logs


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