AWD #034: Salvaging Projects
Salvaging Projects
Summary: An engineer, a deckie, and a DC walk into a bar…
Date: 10/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Augie Torres Sera 
Engine Room - Salvaged Tylium Ship
The Engine Room of a Ship
10 February 2005

The Tylium ship has been in it's decaying orbit for a few days now. The docking coupling that is used to bring people aboard drops one into a hallway that shows the signs of battle. Bullet holes pock mark the walls, blast shadows are on the walls, and dried blood sticks here and there. It's only a short walk to the engine room, where Augustus currently is, frowning as he has the hatch of one of the engines open and is digging around in the diesel locomotive sized contraption. Near the master panel, everything is shut down, with yet more bullet holes and blood. Taking this ship was paid for in blood, and it's going to be milked for every drop of it.

When Sera arrives aboard, it's in her usual coveralls, coupled with a smattering of safety equipment — not the full hazard suit, mind you, but the woman isn't an idiot. Unaware of the conditions which she may find aboard, she's come prepared to deal with minor issues that may flare up aboard a half-dead and who-knows-how-damaged ship. Included among the gear is a pair of goggles strapped to her forehead, which means that — for once — her bangs are not hanging into her eyes. Instead, they're jutting forward like spikes, caught the trap of the elastic strap. On her way to the engine room, she's accompanied by a Marine, with whom she seems to be conversing quietly about the Centurions on board. "Thank you, Lance Corporal," she says as she stops at the door, concluding their conversation with a nod. It may give Augie some hint of her arrival, even before she raps her knuckles sharply on metal plating to let him know she's there. "Lieutenant Garrido."

The ringing of the metal plating grabs his attention first, and he glances up. "Ceres, dat ya? Yer early for lunch.." he starts to say, and then pauses as Sera speaks. The warm and full voice resets back into its distant cousin. "Petty Officer. Come on down, plenty of room." he says as he works on one of the couplings and frowns. "…this damn thing is seized tight. Like it ran for a week without any lubrication." he mutters and bangs against the piston with a mallet to try to loosen it free of the coupling.

There is, for once, a very slight smile that comes to her tan face — however briefly. "I see that engineerin' also maintain the fine tradition of fixin' it by bangin' at it with a hammer and swearin' until it gives up," she says dryly, before climbing over the lip of the hatch and stepping into the room. "Universal. Like death and taxes." There's a pause, and a faint sigh, and then the girl simply can't help herself. She has to open her big, fat mouth. "Would you like me to take a look?"

"Sure, if ya want." Augustus scoots back, bringing the light around so she can get a good gander into the engine. "I was hoping my first glance at these things when we were taking fire was skewed. But I think I was right, she's dead in the water. But at least her jumpers still work." he comments as he offers a ghost of that warm undertone. "I did all my cursing at it earlier. I'm sure round two will come once I get some chow."

The goggles get pulled down over her eyes before she, out of sheer instinct, drops down onto her back in the assumption that that's the only way she can get a good look at what she wants to see. Normally, it is. "Usually, if an engine seizes due to lack of lubrication, you're just totally frakked. First time I saw it was in a ground transport where the oil pan cracked and the dumb motherfrakker in the driver's seat tried to keep goin' without realizin' that he had about five seconds to pull to the side of the road before the whole thing'd drain." Already, the woman is muttering under her breath. Apparently, she has very little respect for people that don't know how to properly care for expensive machines.

"Well.." Augie frowns, "..from what we gathered when we came on board, she was getting warmed up to undock when the Cylons hit the station. Poor frakkers never had a chance to uncouple from the dock before they were dead, and the bucketheads just didn't bother to shut it down once they boarded it." he shrugs. "So they were running for nearly a month straight with no maintenance."

"…This is goin' to sound really stupid, but do you have any wax?," she asks, shoving her nose way up in there to get a squinty-eyed look. "Even a candle'd do, but I don't exactly carry mine around in my pockets. And no, it's not a joke." This is offered reassuringly, lest he think she may be messing with him. "I'm dead serious. Either I can pry this open for you with a torch and some wax, or I'll end up weldin' them together like a moron, in which case you won't be any worse off than you are now, anyway."

"Ya left yers at home?" Augie actually sounds slightly amused before he takes out a small tin of shoe wax and sets it against the side of the panel where Sera can easily grab it. "I don't polish my boots with it, so it makes a great greaser. But I don't see this one reviving ferever." he comments to her. "It's locked down tighter than one of those women with fifty cats and no life." he says as he positions the flashlight downwards for her to look through. "Which is fine. We can strip it for salvage and maybe seal them up to hold some more fuel when we couple her to the Boddington, if Command decides to go that route."

"That's why I came down here. I proposed an alternative to Lieutenant Colonel Petra and he wants a feasibility study from deck, DC, and engineerin'," she says as she reaches for the little tin of shoe wax and begins liberally applying it to the seized coupling. It's not going to fix the engine, but he might be able to disconnect the seized coupling, at least. Some ladies might worry about clean hands. Sera? Whatever. She just slathers it on there. "Torch?"

"What's yer idea?" Augie at least sounds like he's receptive to alternatives, even if he feels like he paid for this ship, as he passes down the small propane driven torch. He keeps the light steady for Sera so she can work on the damaged coupling.

She turns the flame on the torch down about as low as it can go and still light; after all, she's not looking to weld the thing together. Just warm it up, so that the wax melts and seeps down into the cracks that they can't reach. "Dismantlin' her entirely." A beat. "Or, well, not entirely, but breakin' her down into component parts that can be transported down to the ground. The tylium refinin' equipment can still be used that way, but the rest of her can be broken up into spare parts for ships that are still functional, hull sections and panellin' that can be used for buildin' materials, and the reactor. I helped install the one we have down on Sheridan; with two of them, we could run 'em each at 75% capacity and power two settlements that house six times the amount of people we've got now without riskin' either of them blowin'. Cause as it is, we've got one little town in one little sector on one planet what isn't crawlin' with Cylons. One earthquake? And the great hope of humanity is totally frakked."

Torres will find the walk from the coupling of the Tylium ship to the engine room disconcerting. Blood, bullet holes and shadows from explosions stain the walls, and it only gets worse in the engine room where the fire and repair team had been pinned down. The main console has a generous coating of dried Augie blood, but he's over talking to Sera.

She's below one of the large engines, he's above it, passing each other tools and ideas. "Pass me that spanner, I'll see if I can pry her apart while ya heat it up." he comments to her. "See, I was thinking we seal her up but good, take the provisions off the Boddington, set them up warehouse style down on Piraeus and then couple this to her. That way when we need to go out and salvage fer fuel and stuff, she'll still be useful. Perhaps we can compromise those. Think the sub-lights can be used fer power?" he asks her as they work. "I'm not sure how much draw the Boddington can take if we strip out the power source from here."

"You know how to welcome a girl," comes Torres' voice, one that's probably unrecognizable thanks to how seldom she comes out of the bowels of the Orion. Kind of like the Phantom of old stories, she's only seen on occasion to eat or sleep, the strange woman otherwise keeping to her work. A look around has her nose wrinkling and a hand coming up to cup the back of her head, her brow knotted.

She uses the others' voices to guide here to where they are, her own commentary kept to herself, silently spoken in her head.

The spanner it is, wiggled at Augie over the parts she's crawled under for the time being. "Wait. So you mean, like, settin' both tylium ships down on planet? 'Cause if we do that, then all fuel will need to be shuttled back up here, 'cause none of the fleet will be able to sidle on up alongside and take a draw that way. But if we set this thing down planet, we still have a jump-capable ship that we can keep in orbit for use, and another secure resource on Piraeus we only have to worry about riskin' if the toasters show up, in which case, we're frakked, anyway. Plus, then we don't have to waste time and personnel ferryin' fuel down to the planet, either, freein' up one of our cargo ships for, say, transportin' supplies and civilians back from the Colonies, when we can find 'em."

She drags her tongue over her lips, before adding, "Plus, we don't have to find a way to plunk this girl down planet without, you know, callin' a controlled crash of a fuel ship inclined to explode a "landin'", which is pretty generous."

"I didn't say that, Sera Jane." Augie slips and uses her name, since they are actually talking to each other and for a moment he forgets. "The Boddington is a provisions ship. Ya know, food and stuff like that. Things were going to need to salvage anyway, if we don't get the farms up and running soon." He gives her a brief frown as he works the spanner into place and strains, working to break away the piston as she heats it up. "I'm saying we couple them together into one ship where the Boddington serves as the master, and this tub's slaved to it to jump with back and forth." he explains as he looks down at her. "Plus, having the provisions already on Piraeus means if something does happen and we lose her, at least we'll still have her supplies." he points out.

As he hears the new voice, his brow lifts. "Aprhodite's sloppy seconds, who dusted ya off and set ya loose, Torres?" he asks as he lifts his head from his work momentarily to offer a smile. "Or did ya just want to see what I brought back with me this time?"

The exclaimation from Augie gets an amused snort from Anna. "Wanted to see it before you broke it," she jokes back, a hand already delving into a pouch upon her hip. "Besides. You will need my magic if you're going to be able to do anyt…" A spot of blood draws Anna up short, her head angling to the side when she looks at it. Lords, please let that be rust and not what she is assuming it is.

Swallowing hard, the tech goes back to what she was about to do and a few tools are pulled free, her free hand used to wave at Sera. Whether or not it'll be seen is left up to guessing. "So what are we looking at here?"

There's a non-committal shrug from Sera, though she does frown severely at the use of her name. Or, rather, at the use of 'Sera Jane'. Not many people call her 'Sera Jane' — at least, there's not many people she lets use both. "Honestly, Lieutenant, it doesn't really matter what I'd prefer, from a tactical standpoint. I'm not a tactical officer. I'm a deckhand. Lieutenant Colonel Petra has asked for a feasibility study from deck, DC, and engineerin' from a mechanical standpoint. Those are his orders and I intend to present him with one, at least from my department."

Either way, she scoots out from under the coupling, having done her part. Torres face is barely familiar, if at all, so naturally Sera does the most welcoming thing possible — she stares at the other woman for a few seconds with that stupid, 'I know I know you' look that springs up onto someone's features when they run into the kid from 10th grade English fifteen years later, but can't remember their name. "It's a seized engine couplin'. Wax should loosen it up, I hope," she offers to Torres, before finally giving up a smile.

Augustus chuckles and shakes his head. Judging by that thick bandage on his neck, it probably is what Torres fears it is. "Hey, hey, I try not to break things too much." he says as he glances down towards Sera. "We're at least trying to salvage these engines, but I think they're only good fer parts. Cylons didn't bother to shut them down when they killed the crew." he admits as he considers the two for a moment.

"Seinor Chief Torres, this is Petty Officer Rutlii. Rutlli, Torres. So now we have Deck, Engineerin' and DC in here and can talk about this proper, yeah? And then give TACCO the joint idea." he shrugs as he works. "Rutlii is suggesting we scrap what we can here and use it on the planet. I agree with stripping out the engines for Sheridan, but would perfer the ship intact to be slaved up to the Boddington in case we need to use her space to store salvaged fuel."

Torres nods to Sera when they're introduced but it's obvious her mind's already at work, the different options ran through as she considers everything. "I think scrapping the engies for parts might be a good idea but if storage space is an issue…" Her lips purse slightly. "If we can manage to keep it intact then I think it's a good idea but we should be prepared to tear this puppy down entirely if we can't salvage it."

A finger nail's gnawed on while Anna paces, little bits of here and there regarded at the very same time she continues to consider it. "Is this a job the three of us can do or should we start asking for volunteers?"

"It's a feasibility study that Lieutenant Colonel Petra asked for after I suggested strippin' her down to her component parts and usin' her reactor to power a second settlement to him. I suspect he'll be askin' for a feasibility study regardin' couplin' her to the Boddington, too, so that tactical has all options on the table to choose from," Sera says quietly, as she begins wipping the grease and wax on her hands off onto her coveralls. Classy. Once her hands are 'clean', she pulls her goggles up, too, once again using them to keep her bangs out of her eyes.

"Yeah, but I'd rather have us all in agreement.." The piston cracks open and cuts across Augie's knuckle and he growls in pain. "Frakkin gods damned piece of shit!" he rumbles and sucks on the bloodied and grease covered didgit before he slides down. "If ya want my honest assessment? This thing's only going to be able to jump. Not do much else. If it's too much trouble to couple it all together, that's fine."

"I'm just a wrench monkey so just point out what you guys need looked at and I'll do some assessing." The growl has Torres wincing, that being a sound that's all too familiar as she's wracked herself on numerous times more times than she can even count. "Don't hurt yourself, Augie," she calls out before finding something to help with.

"You'd have to find some way to ensure the full compatibility of all the associated systems to keep her in the skies and fully functional. I mean, assumin' you want to the two fully functional, instead of just strappin' her to the back of the Boddington like a giant piece of cargo. In which case, frak it. Just get the weldin' torches and make sure the FTL will still work with them both attached," Sera says, arching a brow mildly at Augie's swearing. The woman's spent enough time on deck to know the difference between a bit of ripped skin and a gusher that needs real attention.

"I'm gonna go grab some chow and yammer for a bit at Ceres. Ya two keep on going, and we'll talk more when I get back, deal?" Augie asks as he brushes his knuckles against his coveralls and heads towards the front.

Torres is having a lot of difficulty keeping her mind on her work, the spots of left over gore having quite a negative effect on her job. "Do you know what happened in here," comes a tentatively voiced question. "It looks like a…" Anna sighs and kneels down, looking at a piece of machinery closely. "It looks like a blood bath happened in here." Not the nicest of ways to put it but there's no way the question can be posed nicely.

"That was basically it, yes," Sera says with a frown. "At least, that's the way I heard it. There's about ten Centurions or so, that've left bits and pieces around. From what we can tell so far, anyway. No survivors from the original crew. We'll be lucky, if we keep findin' boats with people on 'em, instead of more toasters. There were only two, on the ship before this one. The Eleventh Hour, I think it was."

"That's not very hope inspiring, is it?" Slow, steady breaths gets Anna's nerves under control and then she's back to doing what she needs to do, inspecting part of a housing. "I am sorry I was distracted earlier, Rutlii. It's nice being able to meet more of the people I… well. I don't really see anyone, I guess. But it is still very nice to meet you."

"Ehh," she replies with a shrug. "It's not exactly like I'm shootin' rainbows out my eyes and sunshine out my ass when Garrido is around, so it wasn't like the warm welcome was entirely one-sided." She reaches up and tries to flatten down her hair, which seems to have developed a mind of its own after getting too close to the torch she was using. Frizzies. Frizzies everywhere. "Really, though, it's nice to meet you, too."

The mental image Sera brings about gets Anna to drop her wrench and laugh, that a full on belly laugh if ever there was such a thing. "Oh Lords…" The laughter lasts for a good twenty or thirty seconds before she can get herself under control. "If you ever do shoot sunshine and rainbows out of various orafices I hope I'm there to see it." The tool's gathered back up and is used to try and loosen a stubborn bolt. "This is going to take a while, isn't it…?"

"Probably. I mean, I honestly don't really know," she says with a sly, sideways smile. At least she amused someone besides herself, for once. "I work on small airframes, generally speaking, not full-sized ships. I just came up here to talk to the Lieutenant about the request that came down from Lieutenant Colonel Petra and made a suggestion about how to get that couplin' unstuck, which I've used down on deck before."

"There is quite a bit of difference between the two but some of the physics are the same. Or so I believe. Never worked on the Vipers or Raptors before. Always worked on the Battlestars." Speaking of stuck things, the bolt Anna has been trying to get loose just does not seem to want to give, causing her to grunt. "Would that trick of yours workin on this," she asks, tapping the offending piece of hardware with her wrench as she does.

"It might. I mean, it usually either works or fuses the pieces you're tryin' to separate together, leavin' you even more frakked than before. Basically, you take some wax of whatever kind is available and heat the part up. The wax melts, slidin' into the cracks you can't reach with your fingers or tools, and acts as a lubricant. Loosens it up for you," she advises, before pointing out Augie's shoe wax that he left behind.

"Hmmm." The wax is grabbed after Torres gets back onto her feet, her hands held to her thighs for leverage. "Lords, I swear my knees hate me every frakking time I do that anymore." Ah, the joys of getting up there in age. The wax is opened and looked at but she holds off on putting it on just now. "I will definitely give it a try. Thanks."

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