sagittaron.png Sagittaron
Ancient Name: Sagittarius
Population: 1.7 billion
Patron God: Zeus
Capitol: Tawa
Major Cities:
Acheron River
Pyramid Teams:
Sagittaron Archers

Current Status

Sagittaron is a nuclear wasteland. There is a military-enforced quarantine around the planet and even entering the atmosphere is forbidden.

Pre-Leap Status

Sagittaron was heavily nuked and is considered a total loss, if not currently then in the very near future.
For more information, see: Colonial Conditions.

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The Church of Kalebian Justice (aka. The Valos Massacre) — Knox

The two decades before Warday a man by the name of Kaleb Orinous founded a church outside the small city of Valos on Sagittaron. He preached about the coming end of humanity and that Zeus would rain fire from the sky and 'smite those who do not bring offerings to the Gods'. He claimed that those who worshipped would be spared beneath the surface of Sagittaron for they knew how to live without the modern medicines and defense of the so-called 'protection of the military'. He had claimed that the Cylons were not abominations but were the will of Zeus and they would herald the ending of mankind, striking down humanity when they had committed the Final Sins — a vague series of events that were to immediately precede the End of Times. The initial members of his church were people who had fought during the Cylon Rebellion and their children. Over the course of twenty years, they had unwitting corporate sponsors and legitimate businesses all over Sagittaron to help support the steadily increasing growth of their compound which eventually swallowed the town of Valos. Children grew up on this compound, had their own families, and an entire generation was sucked into this 'truth'.

There was nothing too special about this type of cult as there were already several of these across the Colonies with a variety of claims and beliefs, however the one at Valos was larger than the other dozen combined. At its height, just before the charges were filed, the Church of Kalebian Justice had more than 3,700 members. Final estimates put a precise number at 3,781. But after a series of unexplained disappearances of children in the nearby town of Fisini, the local police began to put together clues that there was a very possible connection to the cult. He filed notice with the Colonial government and was informed that they were currently under investigation for not just tax evasion, but numerous weapons and drug violations. The local police was ordered to stay away. They did until one the police officers lost her daughter to the disappearances. The chief formed a posse, armed up in tactical gear and rifles, and they drove out. They were allowed onto the compound and forensics shows that the vehicles had just started approaching the compound when a heavy machinegun opened up on the trucks. One of the officers, it is unknown who, was able to get off a radio call for 'Officers Down!!' amidst the gunfire before all contact was lost.

That was all the prompting needed. Colonial and planetary law enforcement descended on Valos, swarming the outside of the 100 square mile compound. They were met with highly accurate sniper fire and it became evident that the cult members were not going to deal with law enforcement and they were simply too well armed and there were too many. CMC Special Warfare teams were onsite and they were consulted. The result was the recommendation that at least one Battalion would be needed. to retake it and the kidnapping victims would likely die. 4th Battalion, 12th Marines landed 48 hours later on the orders of President Adar. They developed a plan was developed while negotiations continued. Impasse after impasse was reached over two weeks while Marine special forces teams prowled the perimeter and conducted reconnaissance through the interior. Things were stagnant for 18 days before a brief firefight opened up when a Marine sniper saw a scoped rifle taking aim on a group of Sagittaran politicians. In the ensuing firefight, a Senator and his aide were killed by what is believed to be an RPG that struck the truck they were taking cover behind. The exchange of fire was barely over when Adar was informed. He'd had enough. The order came down to send in the whole Battalion and special warfare teams.

Marine Force Recon went in first via HALO and took silent control of the building containing the hostages and then they set up to defend. Once they were secure, the order came down. It started as airstrikes and artillery fire across a four mile front. Armored Fighting Vehicles rolled through the area followed by infantry. The fanatical fighters kept up the attacks for seven hours and even managed to knock out a few tanks. They ended up fighting down in a small bunker complex beneath the main buildings and in pitched room-to-room combat. In the end, only three hundred surrendered — mostly children and young/pregnant mothers. Kaleb Orinous' body was found at the end of the corridor in what was described as a Throne Room with twelve girls between 15 and 19 years old, all of them having poisoned themselves and their children.

The political fallout was enormous, but Adar never backed-down from the decision and took full responsibility for the outcome in which 64 Marines and more than 3,400 cultists were killed. Privately, its rumored that it has caused him serious personal problems, but in public the President has maintained that it was the correct course of action, having said, "We cannot allow religious terrorists like these to take our children with impunity. If we simply leave them alone and walk away, then that is a precedent that not only I will have to live with, but as will future Presidents. The Colonial Government will not ever stand by or bow to terrorists like these. Ever." And so the Adar Doctrine was born.

Characters Involved

LCPL Bear McBride


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