AWD #349: Saber Updates
Saber Updates
Summary: Kelsey and Gloria catch each other up on the Saber SAM project, and talk strays to what was found at Ragnar.
Date: 05/06/2016
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Battlestar Orion — Deck 1 — Offices
Except when the gun batteries are firing, the offices aboard the battlestar tend to be a quiet area where sailors and Marines can get their work done as needed. However, there are several closed-door offices, with small windows, lining the walls in addition to unclaimed cubicles that run down the center of the long room. Anyone who has paperwork that they need to do and would prefer to do it someplace quiet can come here at all hours of the day or night to accomplish what they require space and peace to complete.
AWD #349

Kelsey has been a busy girl. She had been tapped for the recon to Ragnar Anchorage and rumors are that they were hours overdue. SAR was about to launch and go look for them when they returned home with the JG piloting, not Captain Saint Claire. But Kelsey knows she needs to update the Petty Officer. Already knowing her day is going to be swallowed by paperwork after last night, she's staged up in the Offices and sent a runner for Gloria. When the PO3 finds her, Kelsey has secured off a closed office are usually reserved for classified materials discussion. There are three big stacks of folders on the table, a Jane's 'All The Colonies Warships', another with 'Capital Ships Weapons', and a couple other books. One of them looks disturbing like a Tactical Logbook - the kind with 'Do Not Remove From CIC' written all over it. Literally for the inside cover. But Kelsey is in her tanktops and green trousers, hair pulled back into a ponytail while she works.

Gloria knows all about how late the Ragnar team was, she was on DRADIS when they expected, but had gone off-shift by the time they actually arrived. When the runner comes she's luckily off-shift once more, and takes a few minutes to swing by her rack to grab the information she herself has compiled since they last spoke. "Lieutenant," she greets respectfully as she enters, setting her files down on the table, "glad you made it home. Had us worried for a while."

Kelsey chuckles a little, moving a few folders out of the way. "Yeah. The recon didn't go as planned. We found way more than we wanted to and I still have no idea if I'm glad any of us went or not." The words are wry and dark, but she tries to twist them into a little bit of humor. "Before we mentioned more about that, let me just let you know what we've got cooking so far." She looks over the whiteboard to her right and the star chart tacked up there. It's not the colonies or anywhere nearby - but somehow familiar. "Right. Sabers." Her eyes go back to Gloria. "I tapped Nate from Ordnance. He's a bit distant in some regards but the guy isn't a dope. I've got him working on possibly working up a new missile that will help us kill the system from a long way off. Not sure how we might work the terminal guidance yet but that's his baby. We're thinking it's only going to be deliverable from Raptors just because it's gonna have to be a big bitch."

Gloria pulls out a pad of paper from one of the files, a pen from her pocket, and takes a seat. "PO Fallon?" she checks, confirming she has the right Nate before she starts making notes. "I'll check in with him and see if he needs anything resource wise," she states then points to the folders she brough, "analysis of prevous engagements, and the most recent maps of known locations. They mostly seem to be clustered around your usual sort of targets. Factories, landing fields, works. A trio are of note though, in that they have two sets of defenses, but I have no further intelligence at this time as to what they might be, and why they have earnt those extra resources." Since there's nothing much more she can add there she asks, "I'd also like to see if there are any destroyed units on Picon we can take a look at, hands on as it were."

"Yeah, PO Fallon." He's got a bit of a reputation as someone who will never get promoted. But Kelsey seems to have faith in him and a former Deck member and current JG might hold some sway and hope for the guy. "When I brought it to him his eyes lit up. Tough to turn down an offering to design a new way to kill your favorite enemy." Kelsey steps to the side and finally drops into the chair, flopping a bit. "yeah, targets like that make sense. They want to make sure we have a hard time hitting anything they consider important. The ones off by themselves are a different ball of yarn. These systems are big and probably a pain to move around. So if they are placed somewhere with nothing around, then we have to ask what's nearby or worth protecting in the area that we don't know about." What Gloria said. "There should be a few destroyed sets on Picon. I seem to recall a raid by the Marines to blow up one site. It was bloody, though. You might want to ask Major Fairfax about it and see what he comes up with. It was a good while ago, though. I'm not sure what might still be available at the site."

"Oh," Gloria replies, "sorry, thats not quite what I meant. Those six sets are guarding something at those three sites, I just don't have any intelligence on what the blobs on the recce photographs represent. It's something we should probably find out, but I don't think I can get away with tagging it as high priority at the moment." More notes are taken regarding picon and she nods, "I'll talk to the Major once we're done here. There might not be much, but we won't know if we don't go look. I'll see if I can swing Fallon onto the roster for the jaunt as well, let him see what he's up against."

"Ah, okay. Sorry. My misunderstanding. My brain is in ten different places today. And no, let's not try to put anything high priority right now, eh." A little of her Pican way is speaking slips out. "Yeah, if he can dig out the notes for what happened to the site then it should have the location. I seem to recall it being-" She tilts her head. "Maybe around the time of that prison break. Maybe." She rubs her face and looks back. "Also, I've got something else for you. I want you to hunt down my new ECO, Ensign Lana Westbrook. They're pairing the two kids together. She's fresh out of high school and the CAG thinks I can keep her alive long enough to learn something. She's working on a code project with the Rhinos. Sit down with her and see what she's looking at. I don't know if she needs help but she's nineteen and has been an officer for about a month. She could probably at least use a friend to look over that stuff with."

"I'll add them to the recce request list," Gloria says, "well, I'll flag them as something intel might want to consider looking at at least." A note is made to do just that before that trio of sights is put on the conversational backburner. There's a faint rise of her eyebrow as the second project is mentioned, then she nods once, "Westbrook. Can do Lieutenant. It's been a while since I've had to code in anger, but it's one of those things that doesn't really ever leave you I've found." There's excitment there, a mix of being let loose with skills she doesn't get to utilise much, and the prospect of getting to work with the rhinos. "I'll see her straight sir, and do you and her want to doing the trip to Picon? As you're involved in the project I suspect it'll be easier to get past the CAG as a self-contained team."

Kelsey nods, seemingly agreeable to the whole idea. "Yeah. Lana is good but she's new. So far she's been shaping up pretty solid. I need to see her in combat, though, and put her through some paces. Take her out and let them shoot a few SAMs at us. The sims aren't cutting it." Says the girl with the reputation of getting Raptors blown out of the sky from underneath her. "As far as the trip to Picon, I'm not sure. I'd like to, but I don't know that I'll be able to. I just got thrown something expedient priority. I'll help you with this one once I've got some work on this next thing." The young JG stares at the folders and the stuff spread on the desk. "You know how we were two hours late last night?" Her eyes move to the logbook and she slides it out from underneath a couple photos. "I'm in here setting up an investigation room." The logbook is the Tactical Officers book. It's -never- to leave CIC. Big no-no. But the location is wrong. BS-75 Galactica. That can't be right. There's no other battlestars left. "Galactica is docked with Ragnar. It's a tomb. A few of us have been tasked to find out what happened to it and where it went after Warday."

Gloria isn't exactly old, but she knows what Kelsey means and nods once, "I'll take care of her for you sir, see what we can get from those old darlings. Although I'll leave you to the SAM dodging if you don't mind," she does after all, get space sick just looking at a raptor on bad days. As for the rest, well, the log book being here gets a frown as soon as it's recognised, and she's about to say something when it becomes apparent that it's Galactica's, not Orions. She takes a moment or two to process what's said before her practical brain kicks in, "is it powered? Supplies and munitions? Are her Raptors still docked?." Then, on a slightly differnet tack, "you'll want to pull the hard drives from CIC, they'll give you a record of what the ship's systems were doing, data logs, comms and the like."

Kelsey listens to the questions and props her head up with her palm on her cheek. Gloria can tell just by looking at the pilot that what they saw wasn't good. "Reactors are cold. Nothing is functional, not even auxiliary power systems for critical systems." Like life support. "We didn't have time to check the magazines or supply decks. We were able to check one hangar deck. The few craft left look like they've been through months of warfare." Her hand drops. "The port side flight pod is gone, just frakkin gone. It wasn't blown up, I'm positive of that. The damage looks like something ripped it off from the hull." Her eyes go back to Gloria. "CIC is wrecked. The flight computers and FTL systems were pulled out and shot execution style and then smashed. The whole ship is a warzone and its apparently they didn't want anyone taking the ship…" Something makes her frown, but she shakes it off. "Blood everywhere. If it ever flies again it'll take months. I've never seen anything like it. I never want to go back and it's looking like I might have to."

Gloria frowns at first, but then as Kelsey continues her expression slowly morphs through disapointment and even horror at the scene described. "I…" words fail her briefly as she blinks, and takes a look at the log and such infront of her for a moment while she struggles to collect her thoughts. "Frak." Yeah, it's not eloquent, but then sometimes that's not what's called for. "I don't know what to suggest then sir, sorry." She carefully avoids asking about bodies, blood and warzone being enough of a description for her, "I hope you find out what happened though, quickly, and if I can help, let me know."

Kelsey shakes her head. "Yeah, I don't think anyone knows what to do yet. Right now I'm just in here putting up a study area with what we have. We don't even know what we have yet." Kelsey stares at the folders, then the log book, and pulls the latter closer. She stares at it then puts it aside. "We may need you on this. For right now it's just going to be a few of us looking into it. There's the possibility that they went looking for Earth. We heard a recording that seems to indicate that may have been their goal before returning. I'm not even sure I want to think about that sort of trip."

"You know where to find me," Gloria replies, expression grim, "just let me know. Unless or until then I'll keep working on this, and the rhinos." Then, a pause, before she asks quietly, almsot incredulously, "Earth? Really? I.. I mean, I know the legends, but -Earth-? They went looking for it?" She's not sure if she thinks Galactica's brass were nuts or visionaries, but given what Kelsey has said of the state of their sister ship she's erring towards nuts.

"Yeah, stick to the SAMs and Rhinos for now. Keep your focus on those two projects and we'll grab you and and when we need you. At this point I wish I could focus on those. Even if I could show you the photos, you wouldn't want to see them." Newp. Kelsey stares at the stellar chart on the whiteboard. "That was the claim. They went looking for Earth, didn't like what they found, and they came -BACK- to warn any survivors not to continue the search. I don't know what unnerves me more: What I've seen or what we don't know. But yeah, anyhow, grab Lana and check in with Nate. If neither of them can deal with help at the moment, let me know."

Gloria shudders faintly, she tires to surpress it, but is only partially successful. "Lords preserve us," she mutters, then follows Kelsey's gaze to the stellar chart. "Is that their route?" she asks, then quickly follows with, "no wait, I shouldn't ask, sorry." Forcing herself to turn back to Kelsey she gives a single slow nod and pushes herself to her feet. "I'll get right on those, and let you know of any progress. Good luck sir."

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