AAR: Saber Site Strike


5th September, 2005

FR: CPT J. Amos Ommanney
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson, CMDR Gillian K. Faulkner
CC: COL Carolyn Spree
RE: Strike against CSAM714 Saber Site


Late on the 4th of September a small squad of marines was dropped fifty miles away from the target site. A combination of man power and appropriated civillian transport was utilised to bring the team withing strike range and the target was reached while still under the cover of darkness.

At this point the squad split into a light infiltration unit armed with explosive charges and a heavier infantry unit. The infiltration unit went in first with the aim of planting time delayed explosives on the DRADIS dishs but were spotted by sentries consisting of both centurians and the humanform model identified as Six. Covering fire was then laid down by the heavy infantry unit and parts of the infiltration unit while the charges were set and the dishes destroyed.

During this fire fight, the opportunity was also taken to disable the site's command post with heavy weapons fire. Several large explosions were also noted during the exchange of fire, these are theorised to be chain reactions of missiles detonating in their tubes.

Once all targets were confirmed as destroyed, contact was made with ANVIL for Raptor Evac and all personnel were transfered back to Orion.




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