AWD #055: Event - Rustlers
Summary: An assortment of crew ride out to the farmlands of Virgon to claim some cattle. They find more than cows.
Date: 02/03/2013 (OOC Date)
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Pastoral, with a lack of atmosphere.
Sat Mar 02

The small group is a rather motley one at that. Jumping from Picon are two ships - the Juniper Halo, a heavy Cargo vessel that has been reconverted for this mission to handle livestock and the Kalvin Orphus, JTF-NOMAD's fueling ship. As the two ships jump in between the orbits of Virgon and Hibernia, it may be the first time that many people get a close look at the two planets. Hibernia appears to be mostly intact at this distance - Virgon on the other hand, is not. Her axis is broken, the northern hemisphere of the planet is pockmarked and broken, shattered debris floating around it aimlessly, not just of the planet itself but if the fleets that had defended her. The split between the southern and northern hemisphere has become more pronounced, as the swirls of atmosphere around the planet are starting to lose their gravitational holds.

The southern half of Virgon is much cleaner than it's northern half. Only small marks mar its surface, but with the atmosphere dwindling, it may not last long. It is in this direction that the Juniper begins its descent, with the tanker heading towards Hibernia to assist with the refueling of the small fleet there. A few Raptors and Vipers are escorting both ships, just in case. One one of those Raptors is Zachary, with Eden in the passenger seat, her soil testing equipment is the cargo area of his craft so that she can make sure that grass is not contaminated and this mission is scrubbed from the start.

Eden has been quiet the entire time away from the Orion, trying to make herself as inobtrusive as she can. This is a military operation, after all, and she's just along for the ride and there's no sense in making herself stand out anymore than she already does. The view outside of the canopy's sobering which also adds to her silence, her expression as close to emotionaless as she can get.

[Into the Wireless] Zachary says, "Flight, Buzzkill. Halo has the Virgon flag. We're going to be dropping in on the Southern Half of the planet. There's a large ranch that was well out of the range of the cities on my last pass over Virgon - it's where we saw the cattle. We'll start there."

Flying escort for the time being is Luc. One could never be too much on the safe side just in case things turn for the worse after all. Having mostly kept silent until he hears the CAG contacting all the flight members. Glancing around and nodding to himself before he decides to reply.

Phin touched off in one of the escort Vipers, after the jump to Virgon was made. He can't help staring as he gets a full view of the broken planet. "Damn…" He keeps his muttering off the open comm line, of course, veering down along with the other planes. He might indulge in a barrel roll when he hits the gravity of atmosphere. He just might.

Ygraine is parked in the ECO chair of somebody's raptor. Probably Zach's! "Y'all just brought me along to rustle the cows, I know." she says cheerily, though the sight of Virgon does sober her up a little.

Blinking a few times as he sees the planet in front of them, Jason moves his Raptor forward with the others. "Home sweet home," he mutters, taking a few deep breaths as he works on keeping the Raptor where it's supposed to be at the moment now.

[Into the Wireless] Luc says, "Crater here. Copy that, Buzzkill. So far the situation seems calm and clear. So I am following you boys. Dolly, how is it on your side?"

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Crater, Dolly. Looks clear on my end. No sign of hostiles. Copy that, Buzzhill. Coordinates in. See you guys at the L-Z.""

There's a lurch in all the crafts as they hit the atmosphere — far lower than any instruments said that they should have. It seems the current cieling is only around 5,000 feet. Barely a mile of atmosphere left. As the ships comes rocketting over the southern half, the land scape below is still clean and crisp - though as they pass over cities, they seem abandoned - as if all life just stopped and went away. Decorations for Saturnalia are still on display in some areas, the large bonfires built but never ignited.

The city closest to the ranch is about fity miles away - it had an amusement park. A large Ferris wheel rises up above the city, along with roller coaster railings. All empty. All abandoned. There is a small country highway that runs along side their path. As they get close, the cattle are startled and start to run away from the group of ships. There is enough clear field and roadway for the Juniper to make her landing on, the ships doors lowering down as the crew prepares to start loading once the animals are captured and rounded aboard.

There is a large farmhouse, a two story affair at the head of the ranch, and an old vehicle parked out in front of it. Out from under the vehicle comes a dog that starts barking at the ships and such.

Zachary's Raptor lands some distance away, between the farmhouse and the ship and he glances back. "Milkshake, if you'll lower the doors so that Doctor Sheperd can start to test the soil, we can take a look around?" he suggests. It's cold. Far more colder than it should be for spring. And it's like being high in the mountains. The air is thin. Breathable, but exertion will easily steal one's breath away.

"Sure thing. Hopefully the cattle's wanderin' about and not stuck in the barn. And the dog seems alright, from what I can hear." She lowers the doors as requested.

The harness is unclasped and the 'guest' rises to her feet once the Raptor's set down. The time spent waiting for the ramp is time Eden spends on getting her gear together. "Let me get some readings first before anyone comes out," she requests to all inside, "so that way I can be sure there will be as little cross-contamination as possible." The readings she is having to rely on require pin-point accuracy, in her opinion, and it'll be hard as frak for her to get such if people traipse all over the ground.

[Into the Wireless] Zachary says, "Until Doctor Sheperd gives the all clear, everyone standby of exiting."

Once able to get out Eden exits quickly the Raptor and gets to work, moving as swiftly as she can so no one will be left waiting on her.

Luc does fly around a bit playfully, while keeping an eye out to the area. Taking in the sight. Once landed he does sit and way, looking towards cattle, dog, and anything else in the area. Just taking in the view.

[Into the Wireless] Luc says, "tac1 Buzzkill, Crater. Copy that, standing by."

Jason lands his own Raptor, glancing off to the ferris wheel in the distance. "You know, that amusement park there used to be quite fun," he remarks to the others in his Raptor. "My parents took us there once, must be about twenty years ago now…"

[Into the Wireless] Jason says, "Buzzkill, Stand-up. Standing by."

Phin does some spinning that's as more corrective than aerobatic as he noses into the very low atmo that's left of Virgon. Not what he was expecting, and it impresses on him even more than the visual broken-ness of the planet the frakked-ness of what remains of it. He lands not far from Luc, but stays in the bird for now.

Zachary shuts down the Raptor and moves to stand next to Ygraine while Eden runs the tests. "So, Milkshake. How do you apologize to a girl when you know you're right but she's right anyway?" he asks as the dog comes further out from underneath the vehicle and whoofs at the Raptor. It's a spotted affair, lean from lack of food, but still very much alive. It's spotted fur and sharp ears stand out as it sniffs towards the Raptor and approaches the Raptor and Vipers.

<FS3> Eden rolls Soil Science: Success.

Eden is lucky enough to get a few good samples right out of the gate, all of which read negative. "The soil's clean," she announces just before the dog comes out, the sight of which gets her to 'awwws'. "Hey, pup. Come here." A hand is extended, fingers curled in and palm down, giving the canine as little of a target as possible to bite onto if it decides to play rough. "Anyhow, it's safe to come out now."

[Into the Wireless] Zachary says, "Flight, Buzzkill. All clear. Let's round them up boys and girls."

Once told that the situation is clear Luc does take his moment to start getting out of his viper and looking around a bit once standing on his feet. Smiling at the dog, which is a little bit away from where he is currently standing. Gaze drifts across the area before trying to look to the others around. Gently biting on his tongue a bit, as if it is a piece of gum. "So. Looks fine here." He offers to no one in particular.

Ygraine comes down from the deck, popping off her helmet and spotting the dog with visible delight. She lifts a hand to wave at the vipers, first a hello, and then a c'mon. "This work's gonna be hella uncomfortable in our flight suits, but I suppose we'll make do. We just need t'make sure we don't dehydrate."

"Okay, time to head out then," Jason offers, leaving his helmet behind as he gets to his feet. Putting on a broad-brimmed hat as he moves for the hatch now. Who knows where he got hold of that one? He steps outside, looking around now. "Well, it's nice to be home again, I guess," he offers.

Phin pops the canopy, loosening the collar on his helmet and leaving it in his seat. And out he hops. His head tips up toward the sky. He has the sort of skin tone that tans easy, but he's acquired the space pallor of one who doesn't get much opportunity for it over his months on the Orion. The dog is noted, and eyed. He gives the thing a wide berth. It will not have opportunity to bite him, if he has his way. Ygraine is offered a wave and grin. "Going to try and milk them?" He jokes. Half-jokes. He's not sure. "Show everybody how you got your callsign."

"This is your type of work, Milkshake. Closest I got to this is when I helped my father butcher the product." Zachary chuckles. The dog sniffs at Eden's hand for a moment, but seems to be naturally drawn over to Milkshake, probably because of her nature with animals. It sits and it's tail wags back and forth in the dirt as if waiting for a treat from the blonde.

The cattle are still meandering around inside the large fenced in area. In a seperate fenced in area is a horse, his bridle and tack still in place, pacing around nervously at the newcomers as it whinnies a little.

Ygraine smirks at Phin. "Maybe." she says, "Some of the cows might be more comfortable if they got milked. Want another lesson? Remember, it's squeeze, not tug." She lifts her hands in a double squeeze-pump motion that is yes, kind of suggestive and dirty looking.

A quick glance around gives Eden opportunity to figure out what might be where with the important buildings like the barn being the most obvious. Stepping over to Zach, she points towards where the livestock's food is kept, her expression serious. "I will need one more sample. If the grain's gone bad then we won't be able to use the cattle." Contaminated feed more often than not results in contaminated animals. "Walk with me, please?"

Stepping off of Buzzkill's Raptor, PO Saint James adjusts her helmet into place and adjusts the lighter load of medical supplies than what she normall carries. Fatigues are definitely different then her full out gear and she draws a breath. The fact there is no fire or otherwise worry yet brings a smile to the PJ's lips and watches as the other pilots begin to pull themselves out. Boots hit the ground and she dusts off her pants and gives a look to the doctor slowly giving them clearance to move about. She adjusts the sidearm and then the rifle on her her shoulder.

Luc offers a wave to each of those starting to come out. Chuckling a bit at the words between Phin and Yggy and grinning at the hand gesture. "Ah, now I know. Not done this before." He offers in a playful tone and keeps his grin as he wanders a bit. Just taking a look around the area. Spotting Jason with the hat does make him smirk a bit and almost getting a cocky look, "Coming prepared I see."

Phin smirks back at Ygraine. Not that he outright rejects the idea, raising his hand to do a very wry copy of the squeeze-pump gesture. He doesn't do it right, but he kind of tries. He looks over at Jason when he remarks on being back home. Like he wants to say something, but can't come up with it, quite.

Ygraine takes off her gloves and bends knee near the dog, to see if he'll come over to her. She laughs a little at Jason. "Can ya ride, or do ya just wear the hat because it makes ya look dashin'?"

"Well, it would be the last one there," Jason replies to Ygraine, before he adds, "They tended to use a stunt double for the riding scenes, unfortunately." Looking over at Luc, he offers a bit of a shrug, "Always be prepared, they tell me."

"Of course, Doctor." Zachary offers, as he moves to walk with Eden. She shouldn't be offended, it seems he doees this when he's in command in the field. "Milkshake, take the boys and start rustling up the cattle for the ship. Petty Officer, you're with me and the doctor." he says as he turns to walk towards the barn with the other two.

<FS3> Ygraine rolls Animal Handling: Success.

The dog comes up to Ygraine, sniffs at her hand, licks it once and then rolls over on his back to demand a belly rub. The magic is still there, apparently. The barn is on the opposite end of the complex, and Zachary's group walks towards it.

Ever get that feeling you're being watched? Ygraine, Phin, Jason, Luc, roll alertness to find out!

Afton gives Zachary a nod, "Yes, sir." She adjusts the straps of her gear and does not arm herself. So far nothing seems out of the sort and she looks to the two Sheperds before drawing closer, continually sending a glance around. She smiles to them both and brings up the rear. Green eyes flicker back towards the group of viper jocks briefly.

<FS3> Ygraine rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Jason rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Phin rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Luc rolls Alertness: Success.

There's a flash of sunlight glinting off of silver gunmetal from a second story window. A rifle being trained on the group that is approaching the cattle. A man holds the rifle steady, but has not pulled the trigger. But, he has not announced his presence either.

Zach's hand is taken after a few yards. It's done as automatically as he calls her Doctor now, something done out of habit. "The cattle will be quarantined once they're brought back to Piraeus," she explains conversationally. "If we had the time I'd test them here but I know that's not possible." The closer they get to the barn. "I just hope they aren't sick. I'd hate to have to put them down," she whispers, trying to keep the sadness from her voice.

Ygraine notes the flash, even as she is rubbing the dog's belly. "Guys," she murmurs to those assigned to collect the herd. "You see that? There's someone up at the house." Looking up toward the window, she tenses.

Phin eyes Ygraine and the dog, still keeping his own distance from the thing. "Get to do all your own stunts now, man," he comments to Jason. "Maybe you can ride him when we get him back to Piraeus. Seems like it wouldn't be fair not to give him a lift along with the cows." A smile and, "Hey, Petty Officer" is offered to Afton, when she looks toward them. But that flash of sunlight distracts him. And he freezes in place, posture suddenly very stiff. "Yeah, Yggs. I see it. Guys. This place is not so much deserted. Dude looks armed, too." He doesn't do anything so obvious as point, but his gaze is focused straight at the guy with the rifle in that second story window.

Jason nods a little as he hears the words, looking ahead while not fully to the window with the person in it. "So it seems," he replies to Phin and Ygraine, before he raises his voice a bit now. "Nice day, isn't it?" Loud enough so all nearby can hear, maybe even the person with the rifle up in the window.

There is a smile and small wave to Afton as she looks their way. Though having looked towards the window as well, in time to see a shadow of some kind, makes Luc nod to the question that is given from Ygraine. "Yeah. Saw something alright." He says and keeps his eyes on the building now. Hearing what Phin says and he does start to move a bit. Wandering mostly. "Seems to be good news to see people still around then." He offers with a shrug. Keeping a normal and decently calm appearance. "So. Want us to approach or stand by? Talk?" He asks, perhaps mostly trying to get it to Zachary, since he is in charge, or at least to one close to him. Keeping a conversational level on his voice as to not really raise it too much. There is a grin and a nod to Jason's words though. "Indeed. Quite nice."

When Jason speaks up, it is loud enough for everyone to hear. Zachary glances over his shoulder to see what he's talking about, but it's not too long before there's a call out from the house.

"It was a nice day, until a bunch of raiders showed up on my front lawn to steal my cattle. Would you mind getting back into your little ships and getting off of my land?" the voice calls out, even as there's a few more voices that murmur out within the dwelling.

Afton and Eden may make the note now of noises from the barn, as if someone was caught off-guard and now they too will here the clicking of safeties being taken off weapons as they are brought in to bare as well.

"Grandpa, they're all wearing the same uniform! They can't be raiders. Or Cylons. Right?" a young voice calls out from another part of the house.

It takes a moment but Afton's hand is on her sidearm and flicks open the strap. Drawing it out, she doesn't aim, but keeps it pointed at the ground as her own safety clicks off with a definitive sound. Her eyes flit towards the barn and she steps forward, trying to get between the two Sheperds and the barn. "Sir, Doctor. Step back please…little by little." She still does not aim but instead looks prepared to if the need arises.

Oh. Well, this is just a lovely development, no? Eden releases Zach's hand and steps forward, prepared to be the voice for their mission. "I'm sorry we are intruding upon your land, sir. We didn't realize that anyone lived here. My name is Doctor Eden Sheperd. If we may, might we please have four breeding pairs of your cattle?" There's no mention of why they're needed or where they're planning on taking them, of course. "And if you'd like, I can also test your grain for you, make sure that your cattle aren't getting sick on you." Here's for hoping that Grandpa is both generous and practical. They really do need those cattle and she also needs to get to the grain stores to test them.

"Cast." Ygraine makes a hand motion to the dog - a specific herd dog command to send the dog out and about, as she straightens. "We're Colonial Fleet." she calls out. "This world is dying, ya know what don't ya? Virgon is coming apart. Ya should let us help ya."

Phin keeps his right hand well away from his sidearm. His left is raised, slowly, to flash a 'peace' sign toward the house. It's all very Scorpian surfer dude, so who knows if the gesture translates. "No toasters here, folks!" he calls. Apart from that, he lets his betters do any of the initial talking. Eden stepping forward, though, earns a "Whoa" and widening of his eyes.

Afton's doing her job, and Zachary gives it every respect it deserves as he settles his hand on his own sidearm. "Careful, Petty Officer." the CAG warns gently. "We're friendlies!" he calls out towards the barn, dealing with that side of it - which leaves the Viper sticks and Ygraine on their own with the old man and whatever else may be inside that house. As Eden speaks up, Zachary settles a hand on her shoulder and his expression tenses as he yanks her behind him and Afton. "Let the petty officer do her job." he hisses at his wife.

The dog accepts the command and moves away from Ygraine, towards the Raptor and settles under the deck to await her return. Good dog.

The old voice from the house calls out, "You don't think we know that?" he says loudly. "It's because of people like you that it is!" Oh great, this may not go so well. However, there's a second voice from the house, that seems to override the other voice. "…what are you offering in trade?" he asks.

"Thomas, this is my land, my cattle! You can't just give them away!"

"Father, be quiet and let's hear them out!" comes the callout. But noone is lowering weapons yet.

"People like us?" Jason speaks up with a bit of a shake of his head, "What do you mean, good sir? Aside from those of us that are normal hard-working people from this very colony, that is." Okay, maybe normal and hard-working might have been stretching it, when it comes to his family, but still.

"What the…don't manhandle me, Major…" Eden's protests are made at the same time he pulls her away, the way he does almost getting her to trip on the uneven ground. Thankfully she keeps upright, that sparing her from the indignity and the humliation of winding up on her backside in the dirt. "Fine. You deal with it." A hand is waved and she sighs.

Since most is said by Ygraine and Eden, Luc mostly keeps his hands visible and nods about being Colonial Fleet. "Indeed. Just trying to do what we can to help." He offers and keeps his eyes on the old man. Hearing the talking and raising a bit of a brow. "We are doing the best we can. If you decide to stay, then we can't force you to leave." As for trade, he does glance around a bit. "Got any injured? I think we have what we can to help." He suggests, as well as nodding to Jason's words.

"We got a science type here who can make sure th'food and th'cattle ain't contanimated." Ygraine calls out. "And…and if ya got heifers farrowin', I might be able t'help get 'em some relief. An' ya might consider if ya maybe want t'consider gettin' that youngster th'hell off Virgon, we might be able t'accomodate if ya want." The last is stressed pointedly.

<FS3> Afton rolls Alertness: Success.

Eyeing Eden carefully, Afton lifts a brow. "Doctor, I suggest you back up a step." She says and is not at all liking where this i going. Her head lifts and as Zachary pulls her back, the PO keeps her gun pointed down. The others all chiming in keep her quiet, making her eyes dart and assess the situation. Her lips thin and she chews on the corner of her mouth. "We are armed as is protocol for the military." But more people are talking and the PJ straightens up, looking at Luc. "Major, how much room do we have on the Raptors? Can we fit cattle and some passengers?"

"We got a safe place your animals, and yourselves, can be taken care of, you want to go," Phin calls. "No toasters there, either."

"May not want to advertise that right away, sir." THis is said to Phin as he offers a place. "We don't know what we got here."

"Now you are all just sharing blashphimies! The Lords and Ladies prophosized our doom, and now it's here. The colonies have been cleansed, and the scavengers will burn!" the old man calls out.

Fortunately, it's not the old man that is armed. Instead, the door opens, and a man of about 40 steps out on the patio. There's a rifle in his hands, but it's aimed at the ground, not at anyone. "Everything was destroyed. There is nowhere safe." he says in more plain terms than his father. "But we're willing to trade." he says. "And we've been feeding our animals the same stuff since it all came down and eating them as well. We're fine." he comments. "Tell me what you're wanting to offer."

Eden is not here to negotiate terms so just remains quiet, probably much to the relief of the CAG.

"Some paces are still safer than others." Ygraine points out. "If ya want to stay til Virgon's end, that's your own choice, but that little boy I heard, he didn't have one until now. We've also got a medkit, and anti-rad medication if ya think ya might need it." Ygraine's racking her brain to try and offer choices.

Phin winces slight at Afton's remark, and shuts up. Oh yeah. Top secrecy. Cylon clones. And such. He does leave the 'peace' sign upraised.

"Whoa, hey, wait!" Zachary says as he finally gets Eden back and the CAG lifts his voice. "Before we start offering anything, can you give us a moment, please!" the Major calls out. "And we won't point guns at you if you don't point guns at us." he comments, before he turns his attention to his unit. "Everyone on me." he orders flatly.

Aftont looks to Ygraine and nods faintly before she glances to Zachary and steps closer. "Sir we could offer my medical supplies, food rations, water…perhaps some ammo and guns. I would like to check them over and then see if we can't offer a ride back to Piraeus with us. But we shouldn't just offer that straight out." This is said once everyone is close. "Do you mind if I go look them over. I will hand you my weapons."

Jason shrugs a little bit as he hears what's being said, looking around for a few moments. Offering a bit of a smile and a nod to the man with the rifle. He then hears Zachary's words, heading over in the man's direction now.

The man at the patio seems to relent. "Everyone guns down! Let them talk. We're negotiating." And the weapons from the barn an that second floor seem to lower as well.

The doctor follows, coming up on Afton's side. "I don't know that we have anything to give that's worth eight cattle," she points out, Eden voicing her opinion. "Cattle are not cheap and are even more expensive during times like this."

Luc oddly enough keeps a bit silent before he starts to move towards Zachary as well. Keeping his eyes on the other people that are here. Watching as the weapons seem to be lowered. Then looking to those in the group, "So."

"Never bartered, have ya, Eden?" Ygraine talks out of the corner of her mouth. "Don't make out like it ain't worth it. They'll ask for more than we have." She raises her voice, "Our medic wants to give y'all a look over, make sure y'all are okay. Ya willing t'let her?"

Phin strides over toward Zachary. "Apologies for speaking out of turn, sir," he says low. "Wasn't called for. Just thought…this planet is dying, and all those people are going to die soon too, sooner or later. Which you guys all know so…" He shrugs, contrite.

"For all we know, these could be skinjobs left here just in case someone did show up." Zachary points out quietly to the group, his voice barely above a whisper. "Afton, you check them out, but be damned careful. Eden, go with her. They know you're a doctor, they don't know what type. Ygraine, you have the best experience with barter - what's the rate for cattle? We can offer our weapons and all the emergency supplies we have - but I do not want to have to explain to the TACCO why we left a perfectly working anything down here. Understand?"

With her instructions, Afton pulls off her rifle and her sidearm, handing them over to the first person to take them. "Very well. Doctor Sheperd?" SHe asks of Eden and then takes a step back from the group and lifts her hands into view as she begins to lead the way towards the man on the porch. "Just want to come in and check you over. I am a field medic with the Colonial Fleet and this is Doctor SHeperd. I wanted to offer to make sure you didn't need any assistance." She says and then glances to the other woman.

Thank the Lords that Eden has a bit of first aid training to play off of otherwise she'd be well and truly in trouble. Can not 'play doctor' without some kind of know-how. "Right." She falls into step beside the medit, muttering under her breath, all of it in Aquarian until they get within earshot of the farmers. "I am Doctor Sheperd. We can look and make sure you're alright."

Luc listens and nods, "Understood. If you do not mind, sir, I would suggest someone keeping close to Ygraine. Perhaps someone with the med team? The two left stay with the ships?" He offers and moves to standand watch as Afton and Eden starts on their way. Seeing what Zachary decides as well.

"I'd like to stay with the folks here, sir, if it's all the same," Phin volunteers readily, though Luc's general idea gets a nod.

"Y'all are so chivalrous, but it ain't like I ain't perfecty capabe." Ygraine mutters, then asks more loudly, "Can I come sit on y'alls porch and we can talk about it?" If her accent is a little thicker now, it's ony subtly so.

Luc chuckles and shakes his head at Ygraine's words, "We should still stay in teams of two at the very least. Even if chivalry could be taken out of that." He shrugs a bit.

"Alright." Zachary says with a sigh, as everyone is volunteering for everything. "Crater, you're in charge. I'm going onto the Halo to let them know that we're delayed and to contact the Hibernia group to get them started. Ygraine, work your magic." And with that, he gives a last worried glance towards Eden and a mouthed 'stay safe' as he moves to board the Halo and talk to its commanders.

Jason smiles a little as he listens now, waiting for the moment to see how things are going now.

"Just enjoying the outdoors, Yggs," Phin says wry. He will stick with her if she goes up to the house, her capability aside.

The father steps aside to let the Doctor and Medic within and then gestures to the porch swing for Ygraine. "Pull up a chair, lass." he offers. "And sit a spell. I imagine you don't get to do that often?" he asks her.

"Much obliged." Ygraine says with cheer, moving to sit down on the porch. "To be entirely honest, most of my job involves bein' on my ass, but I grew up on a farm on Leonis. We were a good a dairy. This place reminds me a lot of it. Don't mind Phinny," she indicates the viper pilot, "He's a good friend and we're supposed t'look out for each other. "So let's talk. Ya should know I got a limit t'what I can offer, but I'm sure we can work somethin' out."

Luc nods as he let the CAG move along and eyes shift to the others. Nodding as he let Ygraine and Phin move along while the doctor and the medic disappears inside. Leaving him with Jason for the time being. "I would suggest trying to keep an eye on things here. PErhaps try to see to what is happening inside so that all is well." He suggests and seems to mostly keep an eye on the various people for now. Perhaps holding some worry for the two that went inside.

Eden follows Afton's lead. She doesn't say much of anything except the periodic attempt to carry on her part of the conversation so she won't accidentally say the wrong thing and ruin it all.

Once Eden and Afton are inside the home, it's obvious that a small family lives here. A boy, about ten is in the kitchen, coloring as he was told to do. His mother, the farmer's wife sits at the table. As the the Doctor and Jumper come in, she rises to her feet. "Oh, we haven't had company in forever.. welcome." she offers quietly. "There's two more of us. My oldest boy and his girlfriend were over in the farm. She was visiting the day the bombs fell." she comments and glances out the window. "Everyone's dead, aren't they?"

The father leans back against the wall and nods. "I know that one of you offered a way out, but I don't think that's the way I want to go." he admits. "I flew Raptors in my short time in service. I wouldn't mind if you left us one so that when it does get worse, we can go our own way?" he asks in suggestion. "My dad's right. This is our land, but I'm not a fool. I know we will have to go eventually."

"Ma'am?" The last question causes Afton to pause and she glances to Eden. "No, not really. Some places have been hit harder, but we are fighting back. Tell me what happened exactly and do you need any assistance medically? Sickness and so forth. Tell me who is exactly all here and how long you have managed to keep this place as it is." The PJ offers a faint smile and pulls out of her pack a small kit and hands it over. "Keep this, its got pain meds and basic antiseptics for injuries."

Phin finds a piece of wall to unobtrusively lean against while Ygraine and the farmer talk. He does offer the man a polite, "Hey" when Ygraine tells him not to mind him. He stays well out of the actual barter discussion, though the request for a Raptor arches his brows up a tick.

Ygraine shakes her head. "I'm sorry, sir. We need our raptors. There are still a few places that the Cylons haven't gotten to, and th'fight is still goin' on. But there are other farms we can try if there ain't anythin' else ya think we can do. And like I said…we might be abe t'save your boy. Would that be worth a few?"

Eden shakes her head and smiles at the woman, reaching out to touch her hand. "I don't think everyone's dead," that the best answer she can give. "But right now we shouldn't worry about that." Afton's got the medical bases covered so she merely watches, carefully observing the medic so she can act if needed.

"There's only us - my father in law, but he's on his deathbed. Crazy, I think. My husband, me, Elijah and his girl, and Jacoby. My youngest." the farmer's wife reaches up to take the offered pack and lets out a breath. "And we're all that's left." she says with a sigh. "If you can keep my boy's safe, I'll be forever grateful." she admits quietly.

Outside on the porch the man reaches for his pocket and takes out a last cigarette to stick in his mouth to light up. "Got anymore of these? You can keep the dog if you got a pack." he says with a laugh. "This is my last one. Anyway. Alright, worth a shot to aim high. You just looking for breeders like the woman earlier said, or you wanting more than that? I'll give up the eight for that one girl's rifle, and all the rations you have on board, plus you take my two boys and a girl. Got a couple of pups that tend the fields, they just had a litter. The youngest quite fond of them. Might have to take a couple with you." he shrugs.

"Who'd you fly with, if you don't mind my asking?" Phin says to the man on the porch. "No worries if you don't want to say. Hard to trust people right now." He still keeps his nose out of the bartering talk, though now that it doesn't involve Raptors anymore he looks less skeptical.

"We'll take all the kids." Ygraine promises. "Even if I gotta hold hold 'em in my lap the whole way." Which she may well have to. She raises her voice, cupping her hands to project to her fellow airmen: "Hey! Any of you yahoos got ciggies?"

Jason keeps quiet for the moment, looking around rather carefully for the moment. Eyes drawn over towards the horizon for a few moments, before he hears Ygraine's words. "Got some in the Raptor. One moment." Turning to head back inside his Raptor now. People might know that Jason doesn't smoke himself, but still, having a pack around in case others need them is a good idea, right?

"We can try, ma'am, but we are not here for long. We were wanting to pick up some cattle but then we found you as well. So you know every one of these people here, yes? You have lived here all your lives?" Afton continues her line of questioning and offers a smile at Eden before she clears her throat and pulls off her water canteen and then some rations of food. "Here, this could help too and let me get a look at my pack." She starts to unsling it.

The more Eden hears the more her heart goes out to the woman, her feelings playing across her face. Afton will undboutedly be able to see it and tell that this is putting her through a bit of emotional conflict. "I can talk to the Major. See what he suggests." Looks like they're in for a crowded ride home if the CAG agrees to bring everyone who is being asked to be brought back with them.

"Flew with the 516th, local." the farmer says as he accepts the smokes once Ygraine hands them over. "Alright. It's a deal, then." he says as he lets out a breath. And with that, he lifts his voice. "Elijah! You and Callilily get out of the loft and come on over, you're going with these nice folks. You too, Jacoby."

In the kitchen, the woman's hands fly to her mouth, but she's nodding. "I pushed two of them out of my nethers, because of one of the others, I better know them! And Cally has been friends with Elijah since they were both in grade school. Thank you she says gratefully." Rising up, she kisses her son his head and tells him. "You're going to go with these nice ladies, okay?" she says, and shoos him along, tears forming in her eyes. "Thank you so much." she whispers again.

Back on the porch, the two teens arrive, the disshelved posture of their clothing suggesting that they were doing a little more than checking on the grain levels. "As you say, paw." he says as he moves to join with the others.

"Nice," Phin says with a little nod, as the man gives his old unit. "Never did any time in Virgon airspace. Must've been sweet to fly in, though. Wish I could've felt what the atmo drag was like before…everything." Shrug. The teens get a small wave. Hi.

Ygraine smiles. "Thank ya kindly." she says, holding out her hand for a shake. "What's the dog's name?" she can't help but ask, because oh hey, they're taking him? Her? Too, now.

Afton gives a nod, leaving a few more things before pulling her pack on. The PJ offers a smile. "We will do what we can, but we need to speak to the Major. Ma'am, give us a few minutes." She turns then, slipping back out of the house to find Zachary and share a bit of information with him. She nods to those on the porch before heading for the Major.

"Excuse me, please." Seems like everything here is going well and there will be no bloodshed, that more than enough reassurance for Eden who goes to talk to the CAG. Once he's found she will give him all the details including numbers and the ages and names that she caught. "Looks like we're in for a very crowded ride," she concludes the giving of information with.

As Luc hears the calling he does look around a bit. Starting to move a bit. Looking to Afton and Ygraine as they have been dealing with the negotiations from the looks of it. "How has it worked out? The CAG is of with the Halos and is just speaking with those for Hiberia." He explains and will gesture for where the CAG is while he is keeping by the vipers and raptors.

The farmer looks out to the cargo ship. "You all were expecting a lot more." he says, and considers. "How's Hibernia?" he asks, glancing towards the moon planet. "My wife's family is.. was up there. If you can take us there, I'll let ya take whatever you want, as long as you leave my dad supplies to live off of. He ain't gonna be much longer, and I think I want my wife to be happy more than I want to live that dream. We can rebuild there, right?"

"I think we can do that. We'll need to strip everythin' non-essential so we can get as much cattle in as possible, the cargo ship can jump without us on ahead and we can jump y'all to Hibernia." Ygraine says thoughtfully.

Jason returns a little while later, with the pack of cigarettes. Moving over towards Ygraine, he hands it over to her. "You asked for this?" he asks, after a few moments of pause now, offering a nod and a smile to the farmer and the rest of them there. "Hello."

"Don't have many details on the sitch there," Phin replies about Hibernia. More or less truthfully. "We're hoping to figure it out while we're hanging around this planet. Can't say much but…there are people left, though. Not just us, not just your farm. Worth a shot."

Now the farmer shakes Ygraine's hand. And finally, he comments, "Spot. Dog's name is spot." he comments. And with that and the agreement made, the group can finally start to get to herd the animals onto the Halo and prepare for whatever they have decided as Zachary finally comes back down. "Hibernia groups found some interesting stuff, folks." he comments. A smile is offered. "Everything taken care of here?"

"Aye, sir. We're welcome to take whatever we want, but the teenagers and kids are coming back with us, and we're dropping everyone else except the elderly man onto Hibernia." Ygraine seems pretty pleased with this bargain. "I reckon we can put th'kids on the freighter with the cattle and jump 'em straight back t'meet point, and the raptors can proceed t'Hibernia if you're so incined."

Phin moves off from the farmhouse, once all that's done, approaching Zachary with Ygraine. "The man said he used to fly with the 516th local, sir. I don't know if Command has any records on that sort of thing back onboard, or how much is left on Picon that the folks there could verify, but we get a fullname and serial number from him, could be some way to verify who he and his people are." He shrugs. He is skeptical of the utility of this, but it seems worth passing along.

Luc's words catch Afton's attention and the woman furrows her brows. "I see, well I am not going to be making any calls on possible passengers til I speak to the Major. He knows your aircraft better than I do." She admits and glances back to the others a moment before starting to head in the direction the DCAG is in. She nods to Luc though, shoulder her back and adjusting the straps.

Zachary nods to Phin. "Remind me when we get back, I'll look up the information when we do." he says, and glances up as Eden and Afton come out of the house, and the relief is palatable on his features. "Alright, Milkshake has the plan, load them up. Looks like we're heading to Hibernia from here!" he calls out, "Put them in with Stand-Up's Raptor, he should have plenty of room."

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