ALT #354: Rubbernecking at the Locals
Rubbernecking at the Locals
Summary: A group of Orion's crew converge on the tent city and market
Date: 26/Dec/2013
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Tent City - Piraeus
A temporary settlement that's popped up on the outskirts of Sheridan proper. Most of the population of a couple of thousand is housed in tents, though more than a few shanties made of a combination of sheets of scrap metal, plywood, and yes, even blankets and packing cardboard have appeared. Their area is in no way properly planned, and is largely impossible to navigate for those who do not spend considerable amounts of time there. At best, the areas seem to exist in clusters delineated by some sort of familial bond. (Taurans may well recognize these as rolga. Outsiders, good luck your first few times there.
AWD #354

One of the primary skills of any marine is the ability to do a handy bit of recon (or Recce - pronounced Wreck) when the need arises. As it often does. So mapping her way around the temporary settlement is as much a feat of orienteering as it is in mapmaking. This mapmaking bent is evidenced by the bit of paper that she's using in a notebook as she paces off the segments in the tent city. One marine, more or less, in the crowd isn't all that terribly noticeable.

Toby has spent enough time amongst the tents, and understands enough of the social conventions behind their layout, that he doesn't neede a map. He's noted the marine that seems to be making one though and since he's currently taking a break from his own labours down here his been watching for a minute or two. As her progress brings her closer to where he's stood he calls over in a conversational tone. "Hey, Marine," then tilts his head over towards one particular group of tents, "I think you missed a section."

Kapali sketches a series of neat lines on the map with additional measurements before she angles a look toward the man who's hailed her. "Aye, I know, but the trick to map making is to go as linear as possible. If I detour to the left or right I'll miss whole segments all together. Not," and there's a good natured grumble in her voice, "that these tents will stay in any one place for more than a day or two at a time anyway. But," and she rolls one shoulder in a shrug, "moot." Kapali's eyes narrow slightly, studying the area then back, "You know your way around here?"

Phin is dressed down in civvies for this particular venture to Piraeus. Not even his tags are visible, though if one is looking really closely they'll see the chain showing around the back of his neck, so they're probably just stowed down his shirt. He's wearing long sleeves, though he's minus a coat, so his arms are crossed to try and hunch his shoulders against the chill. He moves in a meandering sort of way through the tent city. Not spotting Toby and Kapali right off, but he's ambling in their general direction.

"Hopefully there won't be any tents at all soon," Toby offers, not yet moving from his spot, "it'll be too damn cold for 'em soon." He doesn't add 'and we'll start loosing people to exposure' as there are enough ears amongst the Minonas who do speak common. "We're hoping pre-fabs, you'd need to check with Major Holtz for details but apparently there's some down here, although we might need to go begging to Picon for more." He gives a shrug, to indicate that that is about all he knows on that, then nods to her direct question, "yeah, it's easy enough if you understand the logic behind it but," he then peers at her a moment before concluding, "I'm guessing you ain't Tauran, so don't sweat it." Toby is equally in civvies and there really is no sign of his tags at all, not even at the back of his neck. He does have a coat on though, and gives Phin a half questiong, half amused look once the pilot appears. "Cold Lieutenant?" he asks, a half grin forming on his features, "heard hard labour is good for that sort of thing."

Kapali makes a snort of sound, "I'm no Tauron, no. But my family has been in the construction business for generations. Everything there is to know about building something, or blowing it up," and she gives a gallic shrug to convey easy understanding. "Prefabs will do in a pinch. It'd be better to build a series of barns, to be honest. They'd house more people, be faster to go up, and the warmth of the groups gathered in the structures would keep them all warmer. Plus, they'd be able to share food and keep an eye out for each other. And come spring," she casts a weather eye slowly around and back, nods at the approaching LT, "Sir," said quite promptly before angling the look back toward the first man. "Er, come spring, they'll have the barns to use to store goods, crops, herd animals, etc. Shelter for large groups against bad weather and the like. More effective use of materials too, for that matter."

Phin stops abruptly when he's called to. Or when his rank is called, at least. He looks briefly surprised to have been addressed as such, but it's not like he's making any attempt to 'blend' beyond the lack of obvious military trappings. He turns, spotting Toby. "Oh. Shackleton. Hey. Is there work that hands'd be useful for? I haven't heard anything on how far progress had gotten on that." The 'sir' from Kapali gets a quick nod. He adds, "Hey, Corporal. I'm off duty so…never mind about the rank or anything. Truth be told, I've gotten the impression it's easier not to look like anybody who gets 'sir'd, if you're moving through this part of the settlement."

"Not doubting your credentials," Toby replies with a conversational shrug, "just saying there's a certain logic to how this play is growing that you ain't going to understand if you look at it like a Caprican, or a Libran, thats all." He listens to the remarks about barns then shrugs again, not his field, but he does offer, "pitch it to the Major. He's the guy you need to convince and if it's as you say I reckon he'll listen." Turning to offer Phin a grin he reaches into a pocket and pulls out a battered looking piece of paper, "let me see. You any good at carpentry?" He looks doubtful, then carries on down the list, "strong arm and back. How about digging ditches? Or perhaps helping out one of the firewood teams?" The comment about 'this part of the settlement' just gets an amused grin though, and a vague shake of his head, "don't believe everything you hear McBride," well, he did just say not to bother with rank and such, "we haven't had time to tell them all the stories about you yet."

"Of course, Sir," Kapali says promptly, one does not argue with officers, after all, when it comes to salutations and honorifics, now tagging 'Shackleton' to the individual who'd hailed her and McBride to the LT as names. "Which Major, do you know?" she wonders.

Phin lets out a soft "Heh" of a chuckle at Toby. He winces when Kapali 'sir's him again, but he doesn't try and argue about it a second time. "I could do either. Digging or firewood, I mean. Rather do firewood but, whatever'd be useful. I've got a few hours of leave, figured I'd get some non-recycled air." A pause and he asks, "I heard there was a civvie market down here. Either of you guys been?"

"Holtz," Toby replies to Kapali, a quick glance around shows said Major to be no where in sight so he turns back and points his thumb in Phin's direction, "his boss. Needed someone high-up to get this whole effort organised and he figured he was the best man for the job." He might have been helped to that conclusion somewhat, but the details are irrelivant at this point. A nod to the pilot then and a "yeah, surprisingly good considering, but expect to be fleeced if you walk in there speaking common." Another slight grin and he offers, "translation services available at a very modest price of course. Well, unless you're wanting your sheets warmed, that you can sort yourself."

Kapali detects the wince on the LT's face and unbends some of the enlisted-pride to say, "Without having name to call you," she doesn't Sir the LT again, "it's tough to know how to address you. I'm Penny Kapali, most just call me Kapali though." She angles a look back toward Shackleton, "And you're Shackleton, nice to meet you both. And no, not yet. Every time I have this area mapped something moves so I have to retrace it."

Phin looks a little surprised when Toby mentions Holtz is heading this up. "Really? Huh. He hasn't let us know about it. His squadron, I mean." But he shrugs. "Anyway. Firewood. I've got time to do that today. Is there somebody around leading a team or anything I can talk to? As for the market, yeah, I figured. I wasn't planning on buying. Was kind of curious to look, though." To Kapali, he smiles slight. "Phin McBride's the full name. McBride's fine. Like I was saying before, people here don't seem as…used to military personnel as the refugees from Picon, and I didn't want to…I don't know. Attract attention I didn't want, I guess."

Toby gives Kapali a brief nod in acknowledgement as she get his name sorted in her head. "And it'll keep growing too," he states to her, pulling his gloved hands out of his pockets, "there's about half again to come I reckon. About that anyway. You're likely better just getting one of the shuttle raptors to snap you a picture on it's way in or out." He assumes someone has a camera at least. As Phin asks about the firewood though he givesa brief nod, "stick around here anouter ten minutes or so and I'll do the introductions. Guy in charge today, Gaius, is off having lunch with his kids but he'll be back." A quick check of his watch and he states, "actually, might be ore like twenty, likely time to take a peek at the market if you want."

Kapali's expression is stamped with quite a bit of amusement, "I sleep warm enough on my own, thanks," dry humor evident in her tone of voice. "I wouldn't mind the translation services, though," she adds and casts a sidelong look at the LT. "I wouldn't mind a walk through either, for that matter. But I don't have much more than pocket change, nothing really worth stealing." She rolls one shoulder in a shrug, "That's a good idea," and another glance at the LT, "can you have one of your guys get a picture on the way up?"

"I emptied my pockets before I came down," Phin says simply, as to the market. "I'd kind of like a walk-through, yeah." To Kapali he nods. "Bet we could do that. One of the Raptors could do a fly-over on one of the bus runs to and from the planet. I bet one of the patrol groups might even be able to buzz it, if they knew to work it in. Give me the coordinates you need, and I'll pass it to the squadron leaders when I'm back on board. We could probably get you daily photos for updates and stuff, depending on how much info you need."

Toby looks mildly offended at the idea that pockets might be vulnerable to thieves, but that is muted somewhat by the realisiation that in Phin's case at least it might have been a practical concern for other reasons. He still turns towards the market though, figuring the others will follow. "Translations cost either a beer at Charlies, or a hours volunteer labour here for each half hour of work," Toby states, tone still conversational, "the latter is prefered, but I know some people are more pressed for time than others. Then to Phin, realising he hadn't replied to the remark about Holtz, "guess maybe Brass haven't approved it yet or something then. Pointed out that it needed someone these guys trusted, someone who speaks Tauran and someone with high enough rank to get shit done. Major agreed with me that that's a damn short list."

Market - Piraeus
The market, or what now passes for one. Really more like a place where the clever have set up shops, the hunters and gatherers sell their wares. You can find everything from hand carved trinkets to jewelry that was salvaged from pre-war days. But mostly practical goods needed by the survivors to exist. There are even a few that sell homemade alcohol.
AWD #354

"Happy to volunteer," Kapali chimes in, "I'm a marine, we tend to volunteer for things anyway." She gives another rolling shrug of movement before tucking the half drawn map into one of her pockets and tugging the wind breaker tighter to her body and zipping it all the way up to her chin at this point.

Phin shrugs, about Holtz. "It's not like pilots are engineers or doctors or social workers or anything, so we wouldn't be priority labor. Maybe it's moving in other ways. Just hasn't trickled down yet." He keeps pace a little behind Toby as he and Kapali are led into the market. He takes a long look around it, not exactly wide-eyed, but certainly curious. "Yeah, I don't need trade to volunteer for stuff. Probably helps out the civvies a lot, though. Kind of a way for them to get paid for their labor."

"That's what marines do is it?" Toby replies as he sticks his hands back in his pockets again, "I'd been wondering about that." He does however, give a nod as she picks her method of payment then, once they're into the market itself he turns to them and asks, "anything either of you are after in particular, or do you just want to wander? Layouts more fluid than the camp, but there are regulars who liek their spots."

Kapali laughs, a quick burst of sound, aiming a grin at Shackleton. "Yes, it's what marines do. We volunteer to carry half our weight in gear that was made by the lowest bidder while getting paid less to hump it into and back out of combat than the men and women who made the gear in the first place. We get shot at for a living, we routinely volunteer for the pleasure of doing so. And, personally speaking, I love every bloody minute of it. So, yeah," she nods again, "we volunteer. Now," she turns slowly from side to side, "hmm," and now pins the look on the LT, giving the officer the chance to set the course before they all meander.

Phin seems perfectly willing to tag along after Toby, for his part. "I wanted to see what all they were selling down here. But, like I said, I didn't come here to buy. Just wandering, I guess." He grins slight as Kapali talks about the Marines. "You aren't one of the transfers from Picon by any chance, are you? My brother got assigned to the Forty-Fourth Marine division there a couple months ago."

<FS3> Toby rolls Mind: Failure.
There's just something in Kapali's reply that grates against something in Toby's head. Even he isn't entirely sure if it's a specific part oft hat reply, or just the whole thing in general, but he's decidably uncommunicative for a few moments. This results in Kapali getting no reply at all as he turns instead to offer Phin's answer with a nod, then, hands still buried deep within his pockets he states to the pilot, "lets just do a loop then," before turning and setting off at a slow amble.

"Phinny!" The holler comes from some feet back, but Yggy raises a hand and waves with frantic eagerness, her smile lit up as her tall form starts slipping between people making the run of the market with surprising agility. She's balancing a little cardboard fruit crate along one arm, and upon arriving it appears to be apples. "Guess what I got." she says proudly.

Kapali has her hands snug in the pockets of the wind breaker she's wearing and does not immediately turn when another voice joins the throng of voices already in place. By and large, it's about as noisy in this market as any market could reasonably be. Which is to say, not quiet. It's the approaching angle of the woman from whom the voice came that draws Kapali's attention, that being to intercept the little trio just now arrived in the market.

"Ygs! Hey." Phin grins broad when he spots the ECO. His hands are in his pockets, but he raises his right to wave to her. "You shopping already? I kind of wanted to check out the trade situation before I tried to buy. Shackleton was going to show us the lay of the land." He does check out crate, though. If he has any more questions for Kapali about her knowledge of Marine things on Picon, he doesn't immediately prod for a reply.

Toby glances over his shoulder as he hears Ygraine's approach. The ECO gets a brief nod and almost a smile in greeting before he peers over and into the box a minute. "Mutant peas?" he makes a show of guessing, "hmmm, flight-sick oranges?" Seems his temporary funk has passed, although given there's now two officers present, no matter how off-duty they might be, he keeps his replies clean. That and he needs Ygraine's help with things still. "Like I said to this pair," he offers to her, "I'm happy to help with translations if needed, unless you're here for the sheet warming services, those you can barter for on your own."

"Pfft.' Ygraine says, dismissively, "Why buy that cow when I can totally get th'milk for free." And with cheerful air, she proceeds to hold out an apple to both men. Sorry, Kapali, she doesn't know you yet! She smiles wolfishly for Toby. "Barter's a universal language as long as everyone agrees what's valuable."

Kapali gives a quiet chuckle even as she answers the LT's question, belatedly, "No sir," instinct kicking in when she's distracted. "Transferred over from the Rambling Kimber, the unit needed another engineer," she adds before getting sidetracked by the sight, of all things, of some wood working tools. "Ooh, hello," she mumbles and heads towards where her eyes are leading her.

"Uh…" Phin almost says something when Kapali calls him 'sir' but, as she's departing, just raises a hand and offers her a, "Later." He snickers at Toby's comment about sheet-warmers, but doesn't comment on it. To Ygraine he says, "Shackleton was saying some of the booths'll trade for drinks at Charlie's or volunteer hours for odd jobs and stuff. I don't think I'd feel right taking payment for work from the civvies, but I guess any incentive helps. I was going to join one of the firewood gathering teams later. Got a few hours of leave to spend, figured I should get some air."

Toby keeps half an eye on the marine, just incase his translation skills are needed, but most of his attention is on the two officers. Grinning at Ygraine's comments he digs a gloved hand out of his pocket and takes the apple with a quick, "thanks." Giving it a quick rub on his sleeve, as it that'll help anything, he then takes a bite, chewing as Phin speaks. He then has to swallow quickly though, shaking his head at the pilot before he can eventually answer, "no, no. I charge beers at Charilie's, or preferablely volunteer hours for translating for you lot. Reckon some of 'em might be willing to barter for man-hours if you offered, but you'd have to ask 'em individually and such."

"Actually, come t'think of it, there is somethin' ya can help me out with." Ygraine perks suddenly. "I see ya got fresh ink. Ya know anybody around here reliable who's willin' t'do secular tatts?" Then, sidelong to Phin, "Frak that. If I'm gettin' inked, you're gonna come with. Ya promised, remember?"

Phin makes an "Oooh" sound. "Gotcha. That makes more sense. I guess you can say I owe you a beer later for the tour." He idly polishes his apple on the front of his shirt. Gets it clean enough for his taste, and he bites into it. "Thanks" he mutters, mostly after swallowing, to Ygraine. For the fruit, presumably. He grins broad when she mentions getting a tat. "You're finally going to do it, huh? Oh, I'm there. You still going to get a wolf?"

Toby considers that a moment then nods slowly, "if by secular you mean non-traditional then yeah, I can introduce you to a couple of people. No offense, but I doubt I'd find anyone who'd ink you in the traditional way, but some have two kits for pretty much that reason." Another bite of apple disappears and he adds, "you had one done before? Know what you want and all that?" Phin gets a glance as he mentions the word wolf, then a shrug to the mention of a beer, but it seems that the ECO has his attention for now. "Make sure you have a good idea in your head first, and talk it through with the guys first, let 'em know what you want and why. Might not seem it but the why is important, even with that sort it ought to mean something."

"More like I didn't want t'offend a sacred tattoo artist by askin' for a tatt t'begin with." Ygraine admits to Toby. "I know what I want, I know where I want it, and someone drew me a pic. And I can promise ya it means somethin'." To Phin, "Exactly what I'm goin' t'get. Someday we should get a pair though, ya think?"

"Is the Tauron technique that much different? Or is it just a matter of what kinds of symbols the inkers use?" Phin asks Toby. "I've got a couple, but nothing you'd consider traditional stuff." He cocks his head to one side at Ygraine at that last part, and doesn't reply to her right away. Finally he says, "Yeah. Yeah, I'd like that. I mean, if you like the way the one you want to get for yourself comes out. Should make sure the ink suits you." Still, he seems touched by the idea.

Toby nods along to those answers, they seem entirely reasonable enough after all. "Okay then, when we're done here and I've introduced McBride here to some hard work I'll take you to meet some people. You got the pic on you? Either way, talk it through, show 'em either now or when you've had a chance to get it and don't be surprised if they ask the reason. Knowing what's behind it helps.. " he pauses for a moment, struggling for words. "I can't think of an exact translation, don't think there is one, but you know how a musician can make something sound better by putting feeling in? It's sort of like that. That's the closest I can think of anyway." Phin's question takes a bit of thought to answer too. "Easy answer, the traditional method has a different needle, the inks are prepared specially and yeah the symbols all have specific meanings and such. It's not something that gets shared with, not to be too blunt about it, outsiders. There might be the odd exception to that, but in general? Ain't going to happen. Like I say though, some people have two kits, the second is just like any kit you'll find anywhere else."

Ygraine nods. "A'ight. I don't mind talkin' 'bout it, though Phin already knows." She looks between the two of them. "Any reason we gotta wait? You two got business t'get done?"

"I agreed to volunteer with a firewood team today," Phin replies. "Shackleton was going to introduce me to the guy leading it. When he's around." Phin's in no huge hurry. He must still be pretty early into whatever downtime he slotted for the day. And he's still kind of rubbernecking the market. He takes another bite of his apple, nodding to Toby. He doesn't press for more information about the Tauron inking process.

Toby tilts his head towards Phin, nodding at the pilots' reply then adding a bit of his own, "guy's having lunch, figured it better to wait than disturb hum." He too takes another bite of his apple, then glances to his watch, "likely not much longer now though, we can start heading back if you like?"

"Eh." Ygraine's disappointed, but not terribly. It's only a little longer. "Yeah, let's start." To Phin, "Ya in a hurry t'go pick up sticks?" There's a lazy grin, though she pauses to drop her duffle and stick what's left of the apples in it.

Phin crooks a grin at Ygraine. "You wanna come along, darlin'? It's going to be a blast. There'll be…trees. And chopping. Nothing but thrills." To Toby, he nods. "Yeah, I'm good to go. Thanks for the guided tour, such as it is."

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