Captain Moira Rozzen
intent.jpg Rozzen, Moira
Captain Navy
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Intel Officer
Age Sex
34 F
Hair Eyes
brown brown


The stars have always called to Moira Rozzen.


Though average in height at 5'6", Moira Rozzen typically stands a few inches higher through choice of footwear. Traces of athleticism show in the leanness of her curved frame as well as the strict posture in which she holds herself. The thick fall of her chestnut hair is usually caught back into a ponytail, save for the swept forelock of bangs long enough to tuck neatly behind one ear. It does little to soften the severity of her expression which is anchored in the sharp wing of manicured brows and the strong lines of cheekbone and jaw. Her lips are full and her eyes are an intensely alert mahogany brown.

Recent Events

Note - these are based on IC scenes, may not be an accurate representation of ooc project progress and/or approval!

Project Contacts Notes
Sims Update Zachary, Holtz, Zander Need to finish touching base with Zander
Crossing the Armistice Line Phin, Petra Made coordinate recommendations for the venture, checked through Petra & delivered to Phin (most recent relevant log: Possible Points)
Refugee Records Petra, Knox Need to touch base with Wake re: ideas for Cylon screening best practices; some mention via Picon/Bancroft mission rec. mails
Picon Humanitarian Mission Afton, Iphigenia, Maia, Spree, Zander Completed. See Report and affiliated. 21 Feb 2005
Pulsar Signal Evaluation Myles regarding AAR H. Delta; self-note: also see Raptor passive triangulation

Education & Service Record

Year School Department Notes
1988 - 1992 Apollo University: Caprica Mathematics (BS); Comp. Sci. (minor) Graduated Magna Cum Laude
1992 - 1995 University of Virgon at Virgon City: Virgon Computer Sciences Master's thesis on electronic cryptography

Logs and Memoirs

AWD #058: Patterns in Pulsars- >Myles and Moira meet up to go over the basics of the pulsar-linked signal recorded in Helios Delta
(awd logs myles rozzen social)

AWD #057: Making a Stand- >In the late hours, Petra and Rozzen catch up and talk Picon, refugees, and the choice to stay and fight.
(awd logs petra rozzen social)

AWD #056: Coffee Break 101- >A morning on the observation deck with coffee, photos, and a few future plans.
(awd knox logs rozzen siska social zachary)

AWD #052: Possible Points- >Rozzen delivers spots of interest - such as they're known - beyond the Armistice Line to Phin.
(awd logs phin rozzen social)

AWD #049: Welcome Home Picon Group- >A few folks drop in to welcome Marcus and Kelsey home and meet the new person.
(awd emilia kelsey logs petra rozzen social zachary)

AWD #047: Tar Babies and the Price of a CAG- >Zachary and Moira discuss their differences of opinion on Picon while doing Laundry
(awd logs rozzen social zachary)

AWD #046: Foxes, Rabbits and Snakes- >Captain Rozzen reports in to the CIC after the mission to Picon to inform Admiral Jameson of what the team learned. Zachary and Wake are also there and they start hashing out plans.
(awd jameson logs rozzen social wake zachary)

AWD #046: Everything Falls Apart- >The third mission to Picon proves that not everything as it seems.
(afton awd iphigenia logs maia rozzen social spree zachary zander)

AWD #043: Reference Points- >Meeting over a map of Picon that the former is working on, Knox and Rozzen share philosophies
(awd knox logs rozzen social)

AWD #042: Fine Tuning- >On the day of the Aerilon retrieval, Agrippa is getting in some last minute training on the sims when Rozzen checks in to take a gander at the programming Zander has been working on.
(agrippa awd logs rozzen social)

Total (posted) log count: 19.


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