Lieutenant Rourke "Shaft" Stavros
Rourke5.jpg Stavros, Rourke
LT AirWing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Raptor Pilot
Age Sex
30 M
Hair Eyes
Black Brown


A recent transfer from Picon, Lieutenant Rourke "Shaft" Stavros is a Raptor driver that was brought up with the 'liberation' of Picon. He's served with Spree at ANVIL since the war started, primarily as a Raptor and sometime Predator driver. He was brought up as part of the transfers under the command of Captain Arrington on AWD 301.

RP Hooks

  • Picon, Born and Raised - Father was a shipbuilder, mother worked the dock restaurants.
  • Picon Resistance - Was there since the invasion, served in a good number of battles under ANVIL and Spree. His Raptor was affectionately known as 'Jallopie' because of how many times it had been patched up and sent back out.
  • Bartender - Did you try one of his weird concoctions?
  • Divorcee - His ex-wife was a socialite in the Caprican circles and a darling of the Fleet brass.

Recent Events

Date Event Relevant Log
AWD #301 Transfer to BS-114 Orion N/A

Service Record & Medals


Recent Logs

Total (posted) log count: 15.


Total (posted) memoir count: 0.


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