PWD #03: Round Two
Round Two
Summary: The questions never end. Wake finds Afton again.
Date: 3/1/2013
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Afton Wake 
Naval Enlisted Berthings
Something! BUNKS!
PWD #3

Sprawled out on her bunk, Afton is letting her hair dry out from her shower, dressed in her shorts and tanks as she looks over a small book of photos. A few letters are pulled out and open as she reads through them, idly enjoying the down time. There is a distant look to her eyes as she flips over a few of the photos and then pauses on a couple involving a young blonde boy with brown eyes. A hint of a smile takes her mouth before she moves on and continues through the next few pages.

Boots heard on the deck would be nothing out of the ordinary. Nor would the appearance of a male dressed down in the usual Navy green fatigues. There are literally, hundreds of them around, and specially in the enlisted bunks themselves. However, for Afton-this particular one, might not be welcome. Since the curtain is open and the PJ is focused in on the photos at hand, Wake doesn't wait, before he is coming over to where she has sprawled herself. She does though, get courtesy. Such as the hand knocking lightly to the side. "PO." And the Aerilon drawl that should give the Lieutenant away.

The knock causes her attention to drop to him and she blinks, staring down at him as she comes out of her thoughts. Afton pushes the objects together a moment and shifts, her top bunk offering her a higher vantage. "Sir…" She looks around past him and then furrows her brows. "Is there a problem?" Seeing an Intel officer again is not always the most wanted thing. She still looks somewhat tired but a bit more composed.

"Heard you've been having trouble sleeping." Wake says with a faint smile. "Hell, I could have told you that when I first saw you." he offers, before making a motion for her to come down. "Or..I can come up there if you want privacy?" He says softly. "I think you and I need to talk a little bit. I believe you know that as well, right?" One brow arches up carefully after that phrase.

The bunk is not a big space and Afton's eyes widen slightly at his offer to come up. She begins to quickly tuck her pictures and letters away into the small album. "As much as I would like to invite you up I think that would warrant quite a few rumors that we might not like, sir." She lets out a long breath, leaning back to tuck the book away in the corner and gazes down at him, trying to figure a way to swing out of her bunk and not hit him. One leg and then another slips free.

The Intel officer, does have the grace to step back from the ladder, and let her down. Likely all the close compartments and all, Wake's not phased by people that could possibly fall on him, at any time. "Rumors are a thing, I detest, PO. Absolutely detest." And he turns looking to the rather quiet bunkhouse. "But, I'll be sure not to take up much of your time, at all. And we'll look all liesurely too."

People not falling on him, right. Afton, not given the ladder, lands and struggles to keep from slamming her shoulder into him. "Excuse me, sir." But she straightens up quick and smooths her hair back. "Where would you like to speak? I can go grab my shoes if you do not mind waiting."

Wake glances back to the ladder, and then over to Afton for a moment, but whatever comment he has he doesn't state. Instead there's a lookg back to her as one hand moves to steady the PO, or at least help. "You're fine." he grunts out before he is looking to her. "Where are your shoes?" A fair enough question, the Eltee would argue. "There's a break room around the bend. No one is in there." Because someone has secret powers.

"Thanks, sir." Afton intones and motions to her locker, brushing past him. "Give me a sec and we can be on our way." The creak of the door sounds as she opens it. Hooking the sneakers out with her feet, she slips them on, bending the backs down as she doesn't bother getting them properly on at first before snagging out her sweatshirt just in case. She turns, squirming her foot into each one and nods, motioning for him to lead the way.

Wake nods, as he moves, already coming in the lead, but not too far that he can't keep an eye on the improperly shoe'd PO. Instead it's a quick jaunt out the door, and down the right, a glance to make sure she is following him. The break room itself is the size of a closet. Inside there's a coffee machine, a couple of chairs, and a book on a small assed table. All crammed in, neat. Like something from your grandmother's battlestar. He'd wait for her to go in, before he'd close the door behind him. Once there, it's a simple turn and look. "I know you've had trouble sleeping Afton." There, the first name given, before he's changing his stance. "And I can tell by lookin' at you, that something is weghing down on you…I suspect that's what has you walkin' at night." And with that he crosses his arms over his chest. "You wanna tell me what is eating you up?"

Slipping into the room, Afton gives him a look and then moves to find a seat. Sliding down into it, she is working still on one of her shoes to get her foot inside, the other one finally on. Green eyes lift at his informality and she blinks, shifting to sit up straighter. Watching him carefully, her lips part and she answers, "Bad dreams, sir, that is all." Its offered up like that. "Just not know the ones where you are powerless to do anything?" Yeah those. She shrugs her shoulders and clasps her hands together atop the table.

<FS3> Wake rolls Psychology: Good Success.

"bad dreams.." he mulls that over before he is looking back towards Afton. "I know which ones you mean. They call it riding the hag on Aerilon. She gets on you and paralyzes you. I've been there an had em. I had em after Valos." he states before he is looking back to her. His jaw tics just a moment. "But, I don't think that is the whole story. Now, here's the thing Afton. I'm not going to be reporting you to psych-and I am not going to let anyone else know about what we talked about in here." he says. "If there is somethign else there though-like I think there is. I need you to comply, and know that I will help you. I will do all that I can to do so."

Looking conflicted, Afton spreads her hands, pressing her palms to the table as he prods slightly. "That is good to know, sir, but…really they are dreams." She sucks in a breath as he says she needs to comply. Blonde brows furrow and green eyes seize on his before she rubs at her face. "I have had them the past couple of nights, same dreams, very few changes…you know? It's whats bothering me.." She chews at her lip and opens her eyes, looking down at her hands as she turns them, gazing at her palms. "Three of the Lords are on a dias before me..they tell me I know nothing, that a storm is coming and all will be purged by fire. Athena, Aclepius and Ares…my chosen patrons." She adds and then lets out a breath. "They fall, each crumbling. I am blinded by Athena's owl…poisoned by Asclepius' snake and then seered by Ares' fires…they drive me away, steal my senses and strength so that I can not do what I do best - save people. ANd people there are, voices everywhere, calling for help but I am always too late."

<FS3> Wake rolls Psychology: Success.

Wake rubs his jaw for a moment as he looks back to her. And there he's shifting in his stance.. "You talk to the chaplain about this?" Meaning the dream. "Mind you, I am no priest, or oracle. I can't tell you what that means.." He adds. "But,I know if you did go to the chaplain with that-she'd likely know the meaning behind it..I can only speculate. And being a lay man in those terms. I don't know." he adds and the falls silent. "Can I ask you another question here, PO?"

"No sir, I have not. I do not like to bother the Chaplain unless its serious and this is just a dream after all. I might just be feeling guilty is all." Afton motions him on and nods, "Of course, sir, that is what we are here for afterall." Putting those dreams aside and glad to, the PO looks up from her hands to meet his gaze.

"What are you feeling guilty for?" He asks as he watches her. "A dream is nothin' to be feelin' guilty about. But sometimes, as I've had a preacher put in me back home. Sometimes th' gods all talk through em. So sometimes-it's alright to bother the Chaplain about that.." Wake adds before he is shifting his stance. "Do you know anything about any letters. Either you, or your boyfriend, Sergeant Knox?" And there he looks back towards Afton. "And how do you feel abouy your roll in this crew-Do you know why you're with us?"

"My son…" There it is. "I left him with my sister." Afton continues and then leans into the table, playing with her palms, brushing her fingers across the opposite one. It is the question about Knox and herself and her head lifts. "Sir?" That causes her brows to furrow. "I don't think so. I mean I know just the rumors but that is is. As for Cooper, I could say the same. He keeps his head in his work most of the time, soft spoken. If he knows more he would have said something to me, I am sure." Pausing at the last question, she looks somewhat confused. "I am here to help in medical and make sure those projects on the ground go smoothly and no one is lost. I feel sort of glorified here really."

<FS3> Wake rolls Psychology: Great Success.

"You have a son." And there's a brief raise of his brow for a moment before he is looking back to her. "Alright then." He chews on that for a moment. "Tell me, then if you have a son. Why did you choose this mission?" He asks, before he is looking back to the PO. Only then does he turn and make for the coffee pot. He's already going to pour another one. "Would you mind me talking to him about these rumors?" And there he shifst for a moment. His eyes locked on nothing in particular. "When we were talking about the Reese yesterday." he goes back to that line of questioning. "You seemed guarded and aggitated." And he holds up a spare cup, a silent question if she wants some. "Since there's likely no one to bump into us here. Would you like to share more what had you reeled back?" A pause. "What your thoughts on the incident?" Wake cools a moment, once he has his own cup of coffee, poured.

"Yes, I do." Afton intones and watches him, drawing a breath. "This is what I do…sir. I like my duty." As to Knox, she shakes her head, "No, you are welcome to talk to him, sir. Not sure it will help you much though." A nod to the coffee offered is given and she lifts her hands, resting her chin on one as she considers that. "It was too far fetched a guess by those I went with and we didn't get what we needed. I heard…that it was blown up." She says softly and watches him. "Why? Why when there is so much that could be learned. Its frustrating when not every avenue is explored…perhaps you can tell me why they blew it up?"

"I am not at liberity to comment on that. As that's above my paygrade, PO." Speaking as to why the Reese was blown up. And there he turns bringing over a coffee. One set before her, as well as a pocket of creamer and sugar. And then he is sitting down with her. A sip of his own brew, before Wake is crossing one leg over the other. "How about, you tell me why, you think it was blown up?" And there he watches her for a moment. Chewing on the inside of his cheek he shrugs. "I like my duty as well, but why would you choose this 18 month tour, as opposed to a base job?" And there his brow creeps up. "Why do you think you were chosen for this outfit?" Thom probes.

<FS3> Wake rolls Psychology: Success.

"Of course, sorry for asking." Coffee is staken, drawing it closer to her and letting it warm her hands as she grasps it. Afton meets his eyes and she reaches out for the cream, pouring it into her cup. "I think it was nervousness, cover up…worry about paranoia amongst the military as a whole…and then the colonies by proxy. Easier to erase it than be asked questions." SHe lets out a long breath and shrugs her shoulders. "Why did I? Because I am recovering from a bad injury at my last station. This was suggested to me as a place I could recover with little incident and still be active duty." She studies him then, "Why I was chosenover the next person, I do not know. There are fewer of us jumpers but..I am sure there were others who were interested as well."

<FS3> Wake rolls Pyschology: Success.

Wake chews on that for a moment. "Which would make sense that you would stay aground." Wake offers before he is shifting in his chair. There's a glance before he is stretching out his legs again. A swallow of more coffee before he is looking back to her. "What is your opinion on it?" Her being chosen likely, as he doesn't push with thReese. he lets that sit there and float like debris in the conversation.

"I am glad to be chose, glad for the opportunity. I am injured though, I worry I won't be the best of help." She explains and shakes her head, "Not really any other way to feel about it. I am here and that is it." She finally lifts her coffee, sipping at the concoction. Fingers wrap aroudn it, warming her hands as she leans into the table, meeting his gaze directly. "Am I in some sort of trouble, sir? Either that or is this an excuse to get to know me better?"

<FS3> Wake rolls Pyschology: Failure.

Wake stares for a moment, before he is shrugging ever so slightly. "Don't know PO." And with that he is rising up from his chair. "I do not know." And there he offers a smile. "Right now I am trying to tie up some loose ends. Just something you said, struck me funny. That's all." he states before he is looking back to her. "If I wanted to know you better-I'd take you out for dinner. Despite regs and fraternization."

Nodding in understanding, Afton slowly rises as well when he does, hands resting on the table and leaving her mug alone. She offers him a smile back at the last. "I see, sir. I would say I am flattered but I don't think you asked me out yet." That being said she lifts her coffee and takes another drink and moves over to leave it out to be cleaned. "I hope you are able to take care of those loose ends and we don't have to meet like this again. It's definitely not high on my list of enjoyable socialization scenarios."

"Nor is it on mine." Wake replies with a look, before he's tossing his coffee in the trash. Once there he is reaching out and opening the door. A faint glance is passed back to the PO, to let her out. "As always, I'd appreciate if you'd keep this under wraps. I don't care for rumors. And I would guess you don't either as well." A glance down his nose, before he nods his head. "You have a good day, PO." Wake offers softly.

Slipping past him to exit the small room, she pauses just past the threshold. "You too sir…rumors are a rather unfortunate by product of being on a ship." Afton gives him a nod and heads back down the corridor and to her punk.

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