AWD #050: Romance in Space
Romance in Space
Summary: Rec room chatter about love, romance, and frakking.
Date: 25/02/2013
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Rec Room
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recretion location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into even thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
AWD #50

Thump. Thump. Rustle. Thump. Thump. Rustle. Petty Officer James Kalum's hands idley shuffle the deck of triad cards held in them, while his pale blue eyes stare off into the middle distance. A mug of coffee sits in front of him, and a half eaten plate of deer meat is pushed off to the site. He taps the deck on the table again to straighten out the cards, and then shuffles one more time. A few other members of the crew are in here, but for the most part the rec room is quiet this evening — offering little in the way of excitement.

Sera's arrival is proceeded by an all too familiar sound on a battlestar — the heavy thump of military-issued boots, owned by everyone from the lowliest kitchen cook all the way up to the old man himself. She pushes the door open with her hip, largely because both hands are currently full. The weight of a file box is balanced carefully between them, which really isn't the sort of thing one brings to the rec room. It's supposed to be fore recreation, after all. But judging by the look on her face, this a quieter place to poke through her paperwork than wherever she was before… ohhh, the joys of close-quarters living.

Phin arrives from the Recreation Hall.

With a bottle of water in one hand and a rather heavy stack of books tucked against her side, held in place by her other hand, Dr. Nadir heads into the rec room. It's a bit of a juggling act, keeping the notebook on the top of the books from falling free while working the hatch stepping through.

Ygraine is taking up one of the couches, watching the flatscreen there. It's a video copy of some teen-to-20something soap opera where everyone takes lots of drugs and parties and are constantly frakking.

Kalum's gaze focuses on the entrance of another crew member into the Rec Room, and briefly they take in Sera. Thump. Shuffle. Thump. His lips press together for a moment, and then the Pararescue Jumper speaks deeply. "Need a hand Petty Officer?" He asks, nodding towards the box in the Technician's full hands. He places the deck of cards down on the table in front of him, and then watches as Samtara struggles in with her hands full as well. "Lords, its as if no one has heard of a satchel…" He murmurs softly to himself.

Phin strolls into the Rec Room, in his off-duties, music player in his pocket, earbuds in. His head bobs and he heads toward the coffee pot. He pours himself some in a ceramic cup, muttering "bum bum bum" as he does so. Whatever he's listening to has a heavy bass.

Ygraine flails her hands in the air like she cannot deal with what is happening on screen. "No, Minnie, no! You can't kiss him when you're pregnant with Alo's child!" She leans forward, and shoves popcorn into her mouth. She totally has a bag of nuke popcorn, yeah. Nevermind that she's seen this a dozen times.

Sera blinks a few times, surprised by the offer. After all, about 90% of her job is shlepping that heavy box from one side of the deck to the other, right? But then she smiles, however briefly, in a show of thanks. "Yeah. Sure. I had to flee the barracks. My bunkmate sounds like a screech owl when she's goin' at it. Even my headphones couldn't drown that out," she mumbles under her breath.

Nadir laughs at the remark, though it wasn't meant for her, and drops the books onto the first empty table and draws a seat alongside it. She sorts the tomes in order of relevance, opens her notebook and takes one of the ball point pens out of her pocket. "Healthy lungs," she remarks, "though awkward social circumstances," is added while twisting the cap to take off the lid of her water bottle. She glances toward Phin, nods a greeting, then aims a look of amusement toward Ygraine.

The PJ just offers Sera an understanding smile. He rises up to his feet, and moves to take the box out of Sera's hands. "Yeah, well thats why I just try not to sleep in the barraks if I can manage it, and wait until I'm hunting down planet-side to catch a few minutes of shut eye." Kalum says wryly, nodding with his head for Sera to lead on. Ygraine's outburst garners a glance from Kalum here, and a quiet chuckle. "You know it doesn't matter, Sir…" The PJ calls out. "She's gonna give it up for adoption anyways, because her parents are never going to let her keep it."

Ygraine turns and looks over her shoulder. "Hey, Kal." she greets. "Naw, Minnie's ballsy, she'd run away before she'd let her parents make her give it up." Returning Nadir's grin, she lobs a piece of popcorn at Phin, aiming for his head.

Phin pops the earbuds out to offer Nadir a polite, "Hey, doc." And just in time to hear the chatter about screeching in the berthings. "I have never understood how people can do that," he opines, as he heads over to the sofa. "Like everybody can hear you." Not an idea that appeals. "Hey Yggs…" He snort-laughs when he sees what she's watching. "Seriously?"

Phin is hit squarely with the popcorn, while mocking her soap. "Hey!"

Smoothing one hand along the paper that is half covered with notes already, Nadir glances from face to face, mildly amused: "If you don't sleep in barracks, you're doing, what?" she wonders at Kalum. "Taking your bedroll and sleeping in empty corners, linen closets, etc.?" is wondered before Ygraine's words make her shake her head again, still amused at the vid and now the popcorn throwing. "Well, I don't either but I'm not a expert in this facet of psychology," she admits.

Hands now free, Sera spreads them helplessly and shrugs her shoulders, which are a bit too thin to bear the weight of her oversized coveralls well. "I can ignore springs squeakin' and the occasional noise. I mean, if someone's at least tryin' to be quiet about it, I can try to pretend I don't hear them. But gods, seriously. I'm pretty sure that even if you were down on Piraeus, you'd still hear that girl." At which point an exasperated sigh pours out of her, and she strides towards an empty table, kicking a chair out for Kalum to deposit her file crate. "Thanks."

"Her family will disown her though, and I don't know if she could live with that…" Kalum replies to Ygraine. "She's half Gemenese, and we take family very seriously." He says in a jokingly serious tone of voice. The PJ follows Sera to her chair, and flops the box down for her. He looks back over to Samtara then. "Doctor, I was trained to avoid capture by enemy forces, survive in the wilderness, and to go unseen behind enemy lines if I so desire…" Kalum says quietly. "Finding out of the way places on a Battlestar to catch some peace and quiet isn't too hard." A smile spreads briefly across his lips here.

"Yes, seriously. And don't be a baby, it's a piece of popcorn, not Holtzy's utility knife." Ygraine chides Phin. "Come sit down, maybe ya can talk me into changin' vids." She then grins over at Kalum, "You a fan?" And then to Sera, "Seriously, that's what pillowcases are for."

"Unfortunately, I'm not…" Kalum says with a laugh, as he returns to his seat at his table. "But most of the nurses in the Sickbay are." He offers a slight shrug of his shoulders here. "So, they talk about it constantly, and I don't even have to watch the show to know what is happening. It's why I pray for Pilots to go down so I can escape from there chatter." The Petty Officer is obviously joking here. "Years of special forces training, and I spend a good chunk of my day discussing who is going to be fraking who in the next episode… Damn waste of talent."

Zachary arrives from the Recreation Hall.

"You sure I can sit, or are you going to keep lobbing missiles at me?" Phin asks Ygraine. Though he does sit, sidling comfortably next to her. He's not too afraid. He even tries to steal some of her popcorn. She might note he's wearing a coin around the chain on his neck, in addition to his standard dogtags. That's new. A slight wince back at Kalum. "Tough, man. You should see if you can turn them onto something more in the action-adventure genre."

"That is rather.. well rude," Nadir replies after she finds the section in the top book that she's working with, agreeing with Sera's assessment of her bunk mate and lack of ability to use discretion. "Out of the way places on a Battlestar to find peace and quiet, maybe you can give us a chart," she suggests with another trace of a grin. "And is that pillowcase to smother her bunk mate with?"

"The smart thing to do there, Petty Officer," Sera says with an arch of her brow aimed at Kalum, "is to pretend you care. And then parlay that into a date with one of the cute ones." Wisdom. She speaks it. One hand, fingertips stained a near-permanent grey from grease, drags through her hair. Attempts at keeping her bangs at bay are futile, at best. The girl may as well try to carry one Hestia's moons on her back. At the doctor's question, Sera just laughs. Apparently, she was thinking the exact same thing. "That or stuff it down her throat, I'd think.'

Ygraine takes a hard look at the coin - she went to flight school with Peacock, but he was always more of a rival than a friend. Nonetheless, her brow furrows and she looks briefly sad - sad on Ygraine makes her look like a sad puppy. She shifts on the couch to give Phin room and use him as a leaning post. Physical boundaries? Ygaine knows not the meaning of such things. "Well, ya could use it to throttle her or suffocate, or give it t'her and just tell her to bite down next time she's gettin' a good frak."

Making his own way into the recreation hall, Zachary is carrying a box of rations. At least, that's what the box says. As he gives a glance around at the group, the CAG offers a polite smile as the major sets down the box. Inside are several.. well.. they were cookies. They're broken now. Scraps of chocolate chip, sugar cookies, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter. "My first attempt to bring to Teach - I dropped the box. So, help yourselves."

"I believe we are living in the action-adventure genre," says Kalum, picking back up the deck of cards, "and I suspect they'd rather watch this show instead." Thump. Thump. Shuffle. "As for the quiet place on a Battlestar, Doctor? It'll cost ya. I don't give up such secrets easily." He says with a laugh, before looking over to Sera. "As for dating the nurses? Don't we all know office romances never work… I'd rather avoid angry nurses, especially since I am likely to be in there care at some point."

"A wise decision," Nadir remarks, pointing the tip of her pen at Kalum with a grin before she eyes the box of cookies. "Oatmeal raisin?" is wondered, not quite but close to sniffing at the air. "The medical staff, after all, have all sorts of sharp pointy objects, like scalpels and needles and we're also in charge of the good meds. So, dating and then dropping a nurse.." she grins wryly.

"Mine's workin' out just fine," Sera replies, as she sinks down into an empty chair next to her big ol' box of paperwork. "Buuuut you make a fair point. Especially with the good doctor chimin' in there." One hand slips into her pocket, fishing out a somewhat crushed pack of cigarettes. The lid is flipped back; she frowns at how close to empty the thing is. Sooner or later, they're going to run out, and then…

Phin puts his arm around Ygraine without even seeming to give it any thought. His physical boundary levels are low with her, as well. "You think the Raptor guys'll mind?" he asks under his breath. There's sort of the implicit 'do you mind?', not that he says that. "I know you guys are tight. And generally think Viper jocks are morons." Half-smile. "Not that we prove you wrong most of the time." More audibly, he nods to Kalum. "True that man, I guess. Don't think I'd want to watch a vid of this one, though." The bit about office romances gets a very firm nod. Too right.

"I smell cookies. I heard cookies." Yggy declares, and then softer, just for Phin, "Naw. I…didn't feel right about doin' it myself, and we were in the same class. It's okay." Then she tilts her head so she's looking up at him with big blue eyes. Big wobbly wide blue eyes. "Get cookies for us, please?" Her eyes are SO BIG.

"So, what is the topic du jour?" Zachary asks casually, as the Major looks for a place to sit if there is one available nearby. He's not about to force anyone from a seat, so he goes to grab a chair from the triad table to bring over to the group. "And yes, you heard and saw cookies, Milkshake. You're lucky I had fumble feet tonight."

"Not saying it can't work, and certainly some departments are more conducive then others… Just… Needles…" Kalum winces here, and then shuffles the deck again. "Besides, with the work me and Afton do… You want to try to keep a level head, and sometimes its easier to do your job when you don't have to worry about having someone to come back too. Lets you do what needs to be done with a clear mind." The Petty Officer says quietly. "The conversation is about the benefits and pitfalls of romance aboard a battlestar, Sir…"

"That's why medical professionals and medical personnel, including but not limited to psychologists, surgeons, etc etc are typically - and by the rules of ethic and conduct and a whole list of other regulations - prohibited from rendering medical aid to family members or, and to expand the definition a bit, loved ones. In most cases it clouds judgment and makes the process more difficult for both patient and practitioner," Nadir explains as she turns the top-most page and continues taking notes. She fishes her reading glasses out of one pocket and sets those in place, "Kalum will understand this as much as everyone else in the room, if not everyone on this ship into act, but one of the things that gets drilled into our heads is the adage that we treat the one in front of us. Nothing else, no one else, matters. Why?" and she nudges the glasses nearly to the tip of her nose, "because to do anything else is to be distracted. Distractions kill patients. The one in front of you, it's that simple. But when the one in front of you is someone you care about, you second guess, you hesitate, and that - also - gets people killed." She sets the pen down now and rises from the chair to go eye the bakery box, "where did you get cookies?" she wonders.

"Yeah. I gotcha," Phin complies quickly with Ygraine's request, what with her sinister, big-eyed powers. He stands to go fetch her some cookies on command. And he'll get some for himself, of course. He offers no comment on the pitfalls of office romance. Though he does manage a "Hey, sir" to Zachary.

Ygraine sits up so she's peering over the couch. "Hey, sir." she echoes Phin, offering a greeting to Zachary. When Phin returns with cookies fetched, she practically coos in delight. You're a peach." she tels him, shifting so he can resettle. "I'd hate t'be a doctor with someone in family who's been hurt." she admits.

"I suppose I was fortunate that I ran CSAR." Zachary admits as he settles back in the chair. "It was easy to get off base to meet Eden for a rendevouz. I didn't really date that much on the few assignments I had on ships. Usuaully too busy with the medevac stuff or whatever project I was working on." To the Doctor, Zachary offers a grin. "There's this great bakery down on deck four, all the way forward. It's called 'The Linen Closet'. They make great canolis, too." then he chuckles at Ygraine. "My mother was a doctor, so was one of my sisters. Believe me, they brought too much of their work home with them."

Nadir is fishing out the oatmeal raisin cookies, "I'm a doctor, a surgeon and a scientist, I don't quite comprehend the concept of leaving my work 'at the office' since if I'm not 'at the office' I'm using my free time, what there is of it, to do the work that I don't have time to do while on the clock. Most scientists are of the same bent, most doctors as well, and I don't actually know any surgeons who leave their work at work either. Call it occupational hazard. But if asked to describe myself, not that anyone does that," she takes her seat again, "first thing I'd say is 'Surgeon' and then everything else. And.." she turns the next page again, "this is home, so I'd better keep up the work that I'm working on when I'm not at work."

"Most of my career was spent on and around Tauron during the recent rebellions. Large portions of the local populace was unhappy to see me. Dating was never really an option there." Kalum says with some dry humor. When Zachary mentions the 'Linen Closet,' he looks over to Nadir then. "Doctor, just so you know the linen closet is on my list of secret places." He says with a quiet chuckle. "Now, Lieutenant Nadir… I understand what you're saying, and none of us can really leave our work behind these days… But if this is home, you probably should steal a cookie from the cookie jar before the Major secrets them away."

Phin sidles back to up with Ygraine, and gets to chewing on his cookies. "I guess I copy that, Doc," he says to Nadir. "I mean, we get off hours, but they tell us to scramble then we bounce. Hard to feel like you're ever off right now." He smirks at mention of the linen closet. Again. No comments.

Booted feet find their way to an empty chair, propped up at a jaunty angle. It's hard for Sera to look like she's actually working, perched in that position, even as she does begin digging through requisition forms and inventory records. "Well. That certainly put a damper on things," the deckhand mumbles under her breath. "Weren't we talkin' about soap operas an' frakkin', like, five minutes ago?"

"There are a lot of linen closets on this ship." Ygraine remarks with a shrug. "Funny how suddenly they're so popular." She sees content enough to watch what's on the screen.

"Somehow I get the feeling the Linen Closet is also a euphemism, but I prefer not to think further on that," Nadir replies, breaking one of the cookies in half and holding it aloft - trophy like - for Kalum to see. "Have cookies, will travel," she declares with a smile. "There's a quote.. something about how marines don't expect to be thanked for showing up in places that no one else wants to go, but they go and do it anyway, for bad pay, carrying gear that was made by the lowest bidder, and they don't get thanked enough on the way out. Folks that need us to show up, be 'us' a marine or pilot or anything else, need us to show up when we do. And yes," she looks a bit chagrined, "that's my fault. Sorry. Go back to talking about noisy bunk mates, smothering them with pillows - though I suggest a sedative and some packing tape, but that's me."

"Give it five minutes, Petty Officer…" Kalum says smoothly. "We'll be back to talking about frakking soon enough. This is the Colonial military after all." A smile spreads across the PJ's lips here. "If we're not talking about frakking, then we're talking about how frakked up our orders are, how frakked up the officers are… No offense, sirs… How frakked up the food is… Or how frakking stinks to Hades in the barraks after taco night." He looks over to Nadir here then. "Side note, Sir… I really do use my secret hidden places for sleeping, or reading… Rarely for euphemism's."

"Beats the berths," Phin quips, about linen closets. Between bites of cookie. His attention also drifts to the soap opera, in spite of himself. "Didn't that dude die? Like…twice? Once where there was a whole plot about transplanting his organs?" He might have caught a few eps of this in the past. He might have. Though he's still in serious enough manner to give a, "So say we all, Doc" to Nadir.

"But no Doctor, I bake. And I bake quite often." Zachary says as he gets a beep and he sighs. "..if you will pardon me, it seems a CAG's work is never done." he murmurs as he rises to his feet. "As for a spot - I do admit that I appreciate that the shuttle to and from Piraeus runs daily." There's a grin at that as he starts for the door.

"Stop tryin' to pretend like ya don't keep track of it." Ygraine chides Phin. Then to Kalum, "If all you're usin' for is sleepin' and readin', that's a waste of a good ginger."

"If I make too much noise there.. Someone might sort out where they are, and I don't need the damn snipes sealing any of them up." He says with a chuckle. "Besides, I've been spending more and more of my days off down on Piraeus hunting. It keeps my skills sharp, provides the ship real food, and allows me time to be away from everything. Having Aft keep me company has been nice as well… Hunting is usually solitary buisness, but with the wolves down there… I'd rather not do it alone."

For whatever reason, with her cigarette pinched between her lips and her lighter halfway to her mouth, Sera gives Ygraine this sidelong glance. And then she just starts to laugh. It's a sputtering sound, which she soon swallows down. Without swallowing her cigarette with it, thank the merciful gods.

Waving one hand at Zachary as he heads for the door, "Have a good one," Nadir invites before fixing another long - and now curious - look at Ygraine. "I know I'm going to regret this, but 'good ginger'?"

"Look. It's on a lot when you have control of the vid player," Phin says to Ygraine, just a little defensively. "I don't watch it." He looks up, to assure the room at large - mostly Kalum and Zachary, "I totally don't. Anyway. It's sucked since they recast Evetida." Zachary gets a "Later, sir." And Sera a vaguely concerned look, until it's clear she's not going to choke on that ciggie.

Zachary leaves, heading toward the Recreation Hall [RH].

Ygraine points at Kalum. "Before he shaved his head for Afton, he was a ginger." she explains. "And if it weren't frat, I'd ride him like a pony." Matter-of-fact, without a trace of shame. And for him she notes, "You know I'm the one who killed the wild pigs that got roasted after the paintball fight, right?"

"I. . am equally unsure of how that answer relates but, in the same vein, I'm positive I don't want to know any more," Nadir decides after one of those awkward (for her) moments of silence. "I find that there's a lot of things I don't eel the intense urge to know once I've asked the question," admitted with a laugh.

"She's referrin' to red-heads, Doctor Nadir. Frequently pale in complexion, and occasionally freckled as a result," Sera says with a wry, lopsided smile. Yes, she's still trying not to laugh. "Specifically, in this case, I believe that Ensign Vashti is referrin' to red-headed men. And how she finds them very enticin'." See? She can use big-girl words, when so inclined. Even if there isn't a single 'g' to spare on Troy, for her to finish her words with.

"I heard rumors that it isn't fraternization if the Officer is on top, Sir." The PJ returns quietly to Ygraine, and then just shakes his head ruefully. "Either way my hair will grow back as, Aft's does." Kalum taps the deck again, and yet again shuffles. "Besides, I'm not sure of what I think of about romance with Pilots. They always seem to be getting into trouble, Sir…" A pause and a half smile. "By the way, how'd your arm heal up?"

The look Phin offers Kalum is vaguely sympathetic. Much as it can be, while he's occupied munching popcorn and cookies. And half-watching a soap opera he totally does not watch, for real.

Ygraine crinkles her nose. "Who said anything about romance? I just like a good time." But she does lift herself off of phin and sit up on her knees, turning to look over the couch. She extends both arms, displaying the now healed scars on each, and cranes her neck to the side so he can see the healed scar there, too.

"Aye aye, Sir." Kalum states with another laugh and a shake of his head. He looks the scars over carefully and smiles. "Not bad work if I do say so myself," he says proudly, and then drops the well shuffled deck on the table. Kalum rises to his feet here, and then straightens up some. "Sirs, do have a good evening. I believe it is time for my shift in the sickbay." He says quietly, and then moves to depart.

"Ahh," Nadir remarks, or - rather - replies, amusement in that single word as she turns the page that she's taking notes from and continues with the work at hand. Plus, there's cookies.

Kalum leaves, heading toward the Recreation Hall [RH].

"Uh, evening," Phin offers a wave to the departing enlisted. He also totally has no comment about Ygraine's bit about romance. Though he does tilt his head up as she shows off her healing neck wound. He half-smiles.

Ygraine settles back down against Phin and resumes watching. "Too bad he's enlisted." she sighs. "Because seriously. Like a pony."

"Like that'd stop you," Phin says wry. Just for Ygraine, of course. Not the room at large. "I mean. Not that I can talk." Muttered with more or less the required amount of self-deprecation." He puts an arm companionably around her shoulders again, eyeing the soap. "Whoa! When did that dude get an evil twin?"

Ygraine lets out a soft laugh. "Maybe we're just terrible officers." she teases. "Never gonna make it past junior grade."

Nadir frowns down at the books she's working with and sighs, rising to her feet, "Excuse me, I need to head back to the library," she says with a shake of her head. She scoops the books up, tucks the cookies into a napkin and then the napkin into her pocket before exiting - stage left.

Samtara leaves, heading toward the Recreation Hall [RH].

"Entirely possible, darlin'," Phin drawls, letting his accent slip a little more Scorpian than usual. "Oh well. Bright side. It's a war. They can't really afford to get rid of us. So. Job security." A hand is raised again, to offer a parting wave to Samtara.

Ygraine also lets out a lazy wave as well, saying, "Ya know, your accent's really cute. Are ya worried people are gonna think you're a hick or somethin'?"

"Y'think?" Phin considers that. "Huh. Nah. It's not that. Admiral Jameson's from, like, the hick part of Scorpia. Doesn't seem to have hurt his career. I don't know. Just kind of wanted to sand it off after I got to Leonis, I guess. Force of habit after awhile."

"Shame. Seems more important now t'be who we are, y'know? But if ya ain't that person anymore, it makes sense. People do change." Ygraine observes thoughtfully. Then, "Kelz came by, told me ya apologized. Good on ya," she mimics his accent, "Darlin'."

"Hope so. That people change, I mean. There are parts of it I think now I want to keep more than I have these past years, though," Phin says. As for Kelsey. He clears his throat. "Yeah. I mean…yeah. I hope it…I don't know. I did not handle that whole thing well, but I hope we can get to where we're OK. I'd like to fly with her without it being weird."

"That's as much in your pocket as hers. If you're put with her, just focus on the job and you'll be fine." Ygraine counsels. She then grins. "Ya should sing me a Scorpian song." she says.

"I can keep it handled," Phin says confidently. Her request surprises him a little. But he doesn't just shrug it off. "Like what? I mean, what would you want to hear? I am not doing that knock-off Yparana dubstub bullshit Dub listens to. That stuff is just wrong. And also, a total knock-off of equally wrong stuff they play on Caprican. It only plays for the Vernal Break kids."

Ygraine blinks. "Oh hell, naw." she says, wrinkling her nose. "That stuff's alright t'dance to, but it ain't for singin'. Didn't Scorpia have its own songs? Stuff everybody knew?"

"Yeah…" Phin trails off, thinking for a moment. "I mean, I was never much on that hardcore backwoods guitar stuff like Lieutenant Garrido likes. But Celeste had a decent alt-blues scene, if you knew where to look. Liked quite a bit of that." He closes his eyes for a second, like he's trying to dredge up a something. Head nodding along as he gets whatever tune he's going for worked out in his brain.

"She's got diamonds in her eyes, that she likes to hide. Seek and you will find, the hide and seeking kind. She's got ri-iings, wrapped around her precious things. And what the day brings, oh it's no surprise. Don't you ask me how I'm doing, when everything I do says missing you…Don't you ask me how I'm doing, when everything I do, when everything I do…When everything I do says I-I-I-I-I miss you." He does it with a slight twang, but not overpoweringly so. It suits his range, and would probably be fairly pretty with a languid guitar accompanying.

Ygraine's smile grows broader and broader as she listens, and when he's finished, she says with visible pleasure, "That was mighty fine, Phinny.

Phin might blush, just a little, but he does seem like he enjoyed it. "Thaks. I've still got a lot of the music files. Need to listen to them more. Will you…would you give me a Leonis one now?"

Ygraine considers a moment, and then begins to sing, her voice breathy and while on-key, not as lovely sounding as Phin's. "Pretty baby, don't you leave me/I have been saving smiles for you/Pretty baby, why can't you see/You're the one that I belong to/I'll be the embrace that keeps you warm/For you're the sun that breaks the storm/I'll be alright and I'll sleep sound/As long as you keep comin' around, oh pretty baby."

Phin seems to like it OK. He closes his eyes as he listens, half-smiling. "That's pretty, Yggs. Everything about where you came from always seemed real pretty." A pause and he opens his eyes again, trying to meet hers. "We're going to get back there. Got to, with all the people left on that world." Not that he has any sort of power over this, but he wants to believe that.

Ygraine grins in visible pleasure at that. "Thank ya. But I bet there's pretty things about Scorpia too, and one day you're gonna show 'em to me. Ya just couldn't really see 'em before." And then more solemnly, "I know we are. We'll squidge our toes in proper Leonis grass and lay on a sandy Scorpian beach someday. Promise." She holds out her hand, as if it's a bargain they should seal.

"Deal," Phin says simply. Shaking on it. Not that she has anymore power over that than he does, but somehow the pact makes him feel better.

She grins then, impishly. "I suppose Bear can come too." she proposes. "Maybe he'll be better at milkin' a cow than you are."

"He is definitely not better," Phin deadpans, grinning back at her. "We were not country folk. But yeah. That sounds good."

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