Rear Admiral Robin Io
Robin01.jpg Io, Robin
RADM Command
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Commanding Officer
Age Sex
62 Female
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Role ~ Notes
1983 Midshipman CFA Virgon Student B.S. of Astrophysics
1987 Midshipman CFAB Radix Flight School Viper Pipeline
1988 ENS Battlestar Solaria | BS-88 Viper Pilot VFA-##, 'TBD'
1990 LTJG Battlestar Solaria | BS-88 Viper Pilot VFA-##, 'TBD'
1992 LT Battlestar Solaria | BS-88 Viper Pilot VFA-##, 'TBD'
1998 CPT Battlestar Solaria | BS-88 Squad Lead VFA-##, 'TBD_wolfpack'
2001 CPT Battlestar Valkyrie | BS-41 DCAG VFA-##, 'TBD'
2002 MAJ Battlestar Valkyrie | BS-41 DCAG
2003 MAJ Battlestar Valkyrie | BS-41 CAG
2005 LTCOL Battlestar Valkyrie | BS-41 CAG Presumed KIA on Warday
2006 LTCOL Battlestar Orion | BS-114 CAG

Certifications & Qualifications

Qualification Date Earned Notes
Air-to-Air Officer 1993 Earned on the Solaria

Recent Logs


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