Captain Rhonwen Llywarch
Rhonwen1.jpg Llywarch, Rhonwen
CAPT Tactical
Station BS-114 Orion
Position JAG
Age Sex
47 Female
Hair Eyes
Brown Green


Rhonwen is a woman in her late forties. She studied law at the prestigious University on Libran. She received her undergraduate in Criminology, from there she went to Law school and received her graduate degree in Law, still not satisfied she went on to get a Doctorates in Law. While she worked on her Doctorates she worked in the Government as DA. Bored and in need of a better way to pay off her student debt she enlisted in the Military and entered JAG at the age of 28. She spent ten years with them before she was honorably discharged. She then went back into the civilian courts where eventually she earned an appointment as a young federal judge when she was forty three. She was on vacation when the city was destroyed. It took her some time but eventually she ended up on Spree's command staff as a lesion because of her direct experience with both Military and Civilians. She was helping at one of the bases held by the resistance that was hit by a Cylon assault. Massive casualties were the direct result, no few fatalities as well, and Rhonwen was counted among the casualties. Recently she was re-commissioned as a JAG officer.

Major Events

  • Born October 07, 1958

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes


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