Staff Sergeant Brice Reynolds
reynolds.jpg Reynolds,
SSGT Marines
Station C Co, 3/8th
Position Military Police
Age Sex
34 Male
Hair Eyes
Black Brown


Brice is a rather intense individual in the sense that he has that subtle potential energy of a man who is going to dare you to hit him just so he has an excuse to let it go. He's well-disciplined, even-tempered, and speaks quite eloquently with that stereotypical Libran calm. When he wants to make sure something is understood, he tends to enunciate every letter of a word very clearly so there is nothing lost.

Enlisted at 20 after two years of college, the only reason this man has yet to make Gunnery Sergeant is his occasional stubborn attitude behind closed doors with officers. As a Marine, SSGT Reynolds is one of the most reliable individuals in the Military Police but he lacks the time in service and rank for a Master-at-Arms position. Quite a few Marines agree that his temperament would make him an ideal DI for bootcamp, but his CO's have requested he stay out in the fleet rather than lose someone like him to the training program. His stated goals are to, among other things, be MaA of a Battlestar and eventually Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps — the highest ranking enlisted in the CMC.

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