PWD #23: Revisiting The Poison Pen
Revisiting the Poison Pen
Summary: Petra returns to ask questions about where his mysterious pen pal letter was found.
Date: 13/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Fusion Reactor — Deck 4 — Battlestar Orion
The reactor compartment is built purely to be functional, not aesthetically pleasing. Entering involves passing a posted Marine guard as well as a small maze of hatchways to get to the constantly-manned reactor control room. From there, one can overlook the actual reactors, of which there are two, that are encased within their own ceramic domes. Piping runs from all over the ship to this area. The reactor room itself is accessible via catwalks and steel-plated grates.
December 13, 2004 (PWD #23)

Lieutenant Melody Kelso works down in the primary reactor and handles something incredibly complex dealing with fuel delivery and how it is transferred to energy. Today she's in the control room as the supervisory Lieutenant on duty and watching over a team of enlisted who are down her monitering. Its not exciting duty by any stretch — unless of course something goes wrong. Then you're fighting so that you don't get vaporized first. Thusly, most of the people who work down here in this room tend to be either very high strung or just well past that stage of their career and have accepted that their body vaporizes at a particular temperature. Looking like an orage popcicle in her gear, she's leaned against the back wall with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth that could probably use an ashing.

Petra isn't usually down on Deck 4, so while he doesn't look like he doesn't know his way around, a blue uniform around a crew of mostly orange tends to make him stand out like a tourist anyway. So as he makes his way into the reactor compartment, he's watching his step and staying out of technician's way while he hunts down the Lt. that had the present for him a couple days ago. When he finally spies her holding up a wall, he weaves around another body or two to approach her, "Lieutenant. Do you have a moment? I've got a couple of questions I wanted to ask you real fast, about the other day."

The Lieutenant looks over. She might be pretty under all that gunk on her hands and face. The smoke is plucked out and she taps the excess onto the metal flooring. "Yeah, sir. Arman, you got the deck til I come back." Like she's about to call attention in a room like this. The woman makes her way out of the control room and off to the side hallway leading up. Once someplace a little more quiet, she hangs an arm, via hand, from an overhead pipe. "What's cookin, Major? The other day?" A pause and recognition dawns. "Ah, right. The letter. Someone sweet on ya, sir?" she asks with a smirk.

Petra follows the Lt out, ducking his head to avoid said pipes, and offering a small affirmative nod of his head when she asks about the letter, "Not…exactly. Someone's being a bit of a smart ass and I was hoping you'd still remember finding it juuuust in case there was anything unique about it. Was it just…sitting there in the stairwell like someone had dropped it there? Wasn't in any wierd position or anything?"

"Aw. Damned shame sir." The Lieutenant grins and leans against the wall a little. She takes a drag on the smoke, eyes needling a little for a moment past the smoke and she blows it downward out of her nose. "Nothing too unique, sir. Just found it sittin on the stairs. I was comin up to head back and get rack after dinner. I was workin first shift in the morning. Saw the name on it and brought it by on my way to grab a shower. It looked like it had just been dropped and it had been kicked out of the way. But I'll tell ya sir, its a good place to drop a joke like that. Shhhhyeit." Her Aerilonian accent touches just a bit. "Couple hundred people coulda walked by that thing. Or maybe two or three. Good way to keep it anonymous, my guess. That's why I figured it was someone sweet on ya, Major." She beams up at him. "Mama said that it was the secret admirers that were the most charmin. That is until they weren't a secret no more. Nobody thinks about the ugly side of /why/ they're keepin secret. Like that network datin. Don't sit right with me."

Petra smirks at the first comment, "Unfortunately no, though if that was the case, I might still be coming down here to ask you the same questions to find out who it is." He considers for a moment, chewing on the corner of his mouth in thought, and nods in agreement with her statement, "You're probably right, and since we dont have security cameras in the stairwells…" but its that last bit that has him shooting her a more curious looking, "Network dating? How do you mean?" He might already know what she's talking about, but assuming never got anyone anything interesting.

The el-tee grins. "See, sir? I always hoped that if I hit Major that I'd still have the gigles to get curious about secret love letters. Good on you, sir." She winks and shrugs to the rest. "Oh like how all them fancy rich people advertise those phone lines where people can call in and chitter chat. Keep it local an stuff. Momma said it was for hussies and gerthy boys to slobber on each other's ears. But my best friend Trinda? She did one. And she fell in looooove with this guy from Delphi. Well she's Gemenese and its a quick hop on over. She went on over there, found him, and boy was he not what she was expecting. Yikes, Maj! I'm just saying that, you know, secret admirers are usually charmin until you meet them. I mean, if they were all adoreable and super cute and charming, then why the act? Why send the letters? They're hidin somethin and its usually ranker'n cow dung on yer boots in temple, if you know what I'm gettin at, sir."

Petra scrunches his nose in amusement and shakes his head, "Probably why the Navy frowns on it on ship, so we dont end up having those kinda things come up, but yeah…I get your drift." He pauses again and seems to accept that for the time being, "Alright. Do me a favor though. You find another one of these laying around, take a good look around at the time, see if maybe someone's watching you pick it up, that sorta thing. I'll owe you a big favor if you do, deal?" he tugs his vest down to straighten it out, standing up a little taller while he waits on an answer from the Lt.

The Lieutenant nods along, smoking her cigarette the whole time. "Course, sir. Though I'll do ya one better. I'll talk to some of my people an see if they saw it. There was a whole passel of us at the Mess that night comin an goin. I'll see if anyone saw anythin and let ya know. Soun' good, Major?"

Petra thinks about that for a second and nods, "I'd appreciate that. I know its like a herd of animals tromping through there every evening, so I wasn't holding up much hope, but if there's a chance someone saw who did this? Just keep it on the down low for me…I dont want this clown to know I might be on to them. Fair enough?" He tilts his head slightly to the side, half turning to go as he asks that last question.

The eltee gives him a thumbs up. "No sweat, sir. I'll talk to the boys and girls and see what they say. I wouldn't hold out hope, but there ya go. I'll let ya know what I find out, sir. Hope she's worth it." The woman just winks.

Petra laughs as he turns to leave, "Lets hope she isn't having fantasies about murdering a Major, right?" and with that flippant observation made, the man in blue slips out of the reactor compartment, heading back towards his Deck 2.

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