AWD #094: Reunions
Summary: The Holtz Family is reunited in Orion's Recovery Ward.
Date: 10/04/2013
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Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
AWD #94

Sam is momentarily moved to silence, that sort of emotional awkward pause as she works her way around it toward words that make sense. "I'm glad to have done it," she says quietly, "and I'd do it again. I was scared as hell, but name the place, name the time - and I'll wear body armor next time - and I'll do it again." She looks toward Morgan, feels a smile form, before back to Kelsey, "big armored car? big armored life saving car with guns and two kick ass drivers behind the wheel, so to speak. You guys are amazing, all of you. Thank you for getting us out of there."

Ygraine gets wheeled in. She's the lightest of her bunch of incoming, her flight suit top having been cut off of her, There's a bandage around of her arms, and she's sitting upright on the gurney as they wheel her in. "-get her, please? She's in the viper berths." she's saying to the nurse adamantly.

Kelsey nods slowly to Samtara, sitting in a chair by the bed. She's wearing her blues and looking smart in them. "I'm new, sir. I'm nothing special. But what you did stands out. I'll never forget that. I was just doing what they pay me for. Thanks for patching us all up when we come back for the harder missions, Doctor." She glances up as Ygraine is wheeled in and she slowly rises, looking at Shake with attentive eyes.

Ceres is a little after Ygraine, brought in as well and somewhat drowsy from the drugs running her system. Her upper right shoulder is wrapped a few times over and she's draped to allow it to rest without strain. They park her in one of the open partitions and quickly set her up with saline. The staff is methodical, professional, but they do not mince words. Once all is done, they are gone, leaving the section slightly ajar.

Morgan smiles and notes, "All of us played parts. The important thing is that the young lady and her son survived, and the cylons have lost some of their clout." He follows Kelsey's shift in attention to Ygraine, and then to Ceres. "No rest for the weary medical staff," he comments.

Ygraine looks to Kelsey solemnly on arrival, and then slowly, she grins, and the grin grows into a full on beaming smile. Success, from the look of it, despited her wounded arm.

Holtz is the last of the recent group of incoming to get wheeled in, but then again he also took the most punishment of any of the three. His leg's been stitched up, the bullet in his chest has been removed, and his myriad minor wounds — small cuts and the like — have been cleaned and bandaged. He's still a little grey, but he looks much better than he did right after being plucked from the surface of Picon. He's quiet as the orderlies wheel him in and place him not far from the others.

Sam is smiling at Kelsey, starting to draw breath to speak something in return before the door to the recovery ward opens and wounded personnel are being wheeled in. She start to push herself upright, wincing as she does so, face going pale as she braces one hand against the bed as she sits up. "What's happened?" she asks one of the nurses who pauses long enough to give a quietly worded but simple summary, indicating each patient in turn.

Phin has been waiting for word of the return of the Raptor crew from Picon, and any further word he could get on what it managed to bring back. So, when he managed to find out that Holtz was alive - and in some shape to be seen, hopefully - he heads in the direction of the recovery ward. In the company of 10-year-old Allison Holtz. "Told you they'd get him back," he says.

Ygraine looks over as Ceres and then Holtz are wheeled in. She says nothing, but the pair are watched like hawks, until Phin comes in with Ally. Then she leans back, pleased, and shifts so she can watch the reunion.

When Nadir shifts, Morgan can guess what that means. He shakes his head and stands from the chair where he was sitting beside her bed. "No you don't," he objects firmly. "For now, you're a patient just like these other people. So lie down and rest." He looks at the doctor, and then adds in a quieter voice, "Please. Allow your staff to do their jobs. Then you'll heal faster and you'll be able to help."

Redux does not have much of a view - if one at all, but the voice of Phin's is recognized. Who is talking to is guessed even as she tilts her head and back to get a look around the edge of the curtain. Alley is noted and she smiles to herself, though it lasts only so long before she looks towards the ceiling. A nurse steps back in quickly to take her blood pressure and Redux speaks softly, "Sergeant Knox…I would like to speak with him."

"I know. I know, I.. " Sam replies, and it's clear she wants to get out of bed and do the work that she's here for, the instinct right there but she manages a nod. "Ok. I'll.. just.. " indrawn breath slowly exhaled, "I'll just stay put for the moment and tomorrow we'll see."

Allison Holtz is, by and large, a serious child. Oh, sure, she's got her share of attitude, and a contrary streak a mile wide. But she isn't usually given to the displays of emotion one might expect from a little girl her age. There are always exceptions to any rule, though, and one of those happens when she sees her father for the first time since the Fall. When she lays eyes upon Storm, battered but alive and unbroken, she gasps loudly and runs to his bedside, throwing herself on top of him and wrapping her arms around his chest."I thought you were dead," she blurts, her voice and her composure cracking. "I mean, Yggy said you were just missing, but it was so long, and nobody was saying frak…" Her rapid fire babbling soon devolves into a hysterical noise that's half laugh, half sob.

The elder Holtz, for his part, sits up with a start when he sees his daughter, and despite the jolt of pain when she throws herself against his wounded shoulder, he gives no protest, only grinning as he hugs his daughter and tries — somewhat unsuccessfully — to hold back fresh tears of his own. "They gotta try harder than that to kill your dad," he mumbles back, eyes alight. "Oh, gods, Alleycat… I missed you so much."

"Hey," Phin mutters to Ygraine, staking out a place next to her where he can stand, kind of out of the way. And watch the father-daughter reunion, a smile slowly spreading across his face at the pair of them. "That's a frakking miracle, isn't it?" It's murmured under his breath, half to himself. He tries not to stare, as if even looking too much would be intruding on a private moment. That's when his blue eyes go to Ceres. The sight of her makes his smile moderate into something more thoughtful, and harder to read.

Aww, hell. Ygraine gets a little teary watching this, keeping perched on her own bed and giving the pair her space. She smiles over at Phin though, and gives hi a wave with her good arm. "Thanks." she says to him, grinning faintly.

The nurse promises to find him or have someone find him but is gone just as quickly as the other attendants. Ceres can hear the reunion, she does not need to see it and some part of her is still distant, still carried to that gaze burning a hole into the ceiling. She rolls that injured shoulder carefully to relieve some stress and her eyes dart back down, meeting Phin's gaze and lingering there, and then upon Ygraine.

Judging by the death grip she's got on her father, Alley isn't planning on going anywhere anytime soon, even if her father seemed inclined to let her, which he isn't. No words pass between father and daughter for a long moment; no further words seem to be needed. Kurt's watery eyes are fixed on the top of his daughter's head. For the time being, he has eyes for nothing and no one else, that lopsided, relieved smile still locked on his face.

Morgan nods to Nadir. "I know that doctors often make the worst patients. I know that you want to be back to work. But do wait, please," he requests. He watches the happy reunion and grins. Then he returns his attention to Nadir and he offers, "I'll go so that you can rest. I'll be back here soon, though." Then he stands reluctantly.

When he is on his feet, the nurse who just left Ceres heads toward him. "Sir," she calls to him. "You work with Sergeant Knox?" Morgan nods to her. Encouraged by the acknowledgment, the nurse glances back to the area where Ceres is resting. "Captain Garrido wants to talk to him."

Morgan assures, "Tell her that I'll go and find him now, then." The nurse heads back toward Ceres and Morgan heads for the hatch, after giving Nadir one last look and a nod.

Phin holds up an open palm to semi-wave back to Ygraine. Hihi. "You're the one who helped bring him back. Kid looks happy." He clears his throat. It might be a little dusty in here for him, too. He's not misty as he blinks back at Ceres, though. His eyes aren't cold this time. So there's that. Though he can't seem to decide what to make of her.

Ygraine holds out her good hand to Phin. Holtz is occupied, and she needs some human contact. From her expression she's hit the point where there are just too many emotions to process.

Now that she's sitting, she's going to stay seated, as laying back down will hurt more than sitting up did. She has the run down of the injuries but.. "What happened?" she asks, making the question to the room at large, her last intel telling her that Ceres was among the missing, and setting eyes on the Captain she gives a nod of greeting. "Welcome back, all of you," she adds.

The nurse causes a smile, but briefly before she looks over to the Doctor, "Sir, thank you. Two of us missed the boats, one of us not by choice." There is a glance in the direction Holtz is in and then she is pushing herself up to sit, careful of her right shoulder. There is a restlessness about her, one that has a hand plucking at the blankets of her bed.

Phin reaches out to take Ygraine's hand. He could use some tactile contact himself right now, with all the emotions in the room. He can't help but smile again as he watches Holtz drift off, with Storm Junior. "They said you bailed on Picon," he observes to Ceres. Not that his tone is accusatory. "Guess not, quite."

"No quite, no." Ceres says without looking up. "I heard about Holtz' bird going took a little bit to find him." She adjusts the lay of her blanket, still staring down at it thoughtfully, eyes narrowing before she lets out a breath and looks up to the two. Redux considers them, giving each a nod.

Ygraine returns the nod, squeezing Phin's hand, and in sudden rush of emotion, kisses the back of Phin's hand. Then she settles back and closes her eyes. She's going to fall asleep, and when she finally nods off, Phin can tug his hand free and head out when inclined.

Having heard she returned, Augustus actually finishes his duty rounds before he arrives, allowing Ceres to inprocess through medical before he approaches her bed. As his heavy boots echo on the deck, he approaches and comes to stand on the opposite side of the bed as she's looking at the others. "Ya know, if ya wanted a honeymoon on Pican, ya should have let me set aside the leave time fer it." he says, his smile tight and worried as he takes in his wife's condition. "Hey, hon." There's a slight lowering of that screen that usual keeps his emotions so wooden as of late.

Phin sits down on the bed Ygraine's chosen as she drifts off, not heading out just yet. The Holtz family reunion is an unabashedly happy moment, and he'll bask in it a little longer. There might be a flicker of surprise that crosses his face when Ceres mentions finding Holtz. Or something close to it. Not doubt, exactly. But it's something he's not immediately able to make sense of in his brain. "Looks like it worked out, though," he observes. A nod is offered to Augie, though no verbal greeting to the DCO. Another reunion he doesn't want to interrupt.

It's that rough voice that catches her and Ceres turns her head to look up the DCO, once more surfacing from her thoughts elsewhere. Its an odd thing, to see that warm smile curl her lips as her left hand is offered up to him, webbed and scarred still. "Augustus," she breathes his name and studies him. "I think I will wait on returning to Picon, please. Maybe in the future…" She rests back, allowing herself to. "I am sorry I did not come back right away. There was a pilot I had to go find." This is when her attention returns to Dolly, "It nearly didn't. We got lucky. Besides, he had a daughter waiting for him. No child should be without her parents."

Lifting his head, Augustus meets Phin's eye for a moment, before he offers a nod in return to the Jig, and then he smiles, taking his wife's hand in his own. Despite the fact that he knows she can handle a full squeeze, he instead cradles it in his own hand and presses a kiss to it. "I know, Ceres. Ya did what ya had to, couldn't ask to do any different in the circumstances." Leaning over to finally pay her a quick and proper kiss, he settles down in the chair next to her. "Don't worry, only stayin til I know yer asleep. Then I'll go get some shuteye myself."

"Yeah. She's a lucky kid. Hell of a thing, but that worked out," Phin mutters, looking away from Ceres, and to Holtz and his daughter again. "It's like a miracle or something. The people they brought back." Which he plainly thinks is strange, but there's no real suspicion about it. Not just now. It's hard to be too wary when faced with joyful family reunions. He falls quiet after that, thoughtful. He'll linger a little longer, but he'll head out eventually. Still semi lost in thought.

Nadir actually chuckles, having hiked the thermal blankets higher so that she doesn't shiver and chatter like an idiot, "Trust me, you're not the only one wondering at the sheer math of it," she says with a nod toward Phin. "The statistical probability is staggering. It's more Improbable than Probable, yet here we all are, all the same. It begs a rather large number of questions."

The kiss is lightly returned, dark eyes moving back to the DCO as he takes a seat. "I trust you have been keeping yourself in check." Ceres studies him before the mention of numbers and probabilities is brought up. "I couldn't find anything out in the command center…but my guess is they know who serve on the Orion and it was going to be a trap. For the crew."

"Yeah. I listen, whether or not ya think I'm a stubborn ass." Augustus responds as he is sporting no new bruises or visible wounds since they last saw each other as he settles back. "I suppose they coulda pulled our manifest from Fleetcom to figure out who's on board." he shrugs his shoulders as he considers for a moment and glances to Samtara. "Heard what ya did planetside. Damn brave of ya."

There's something in what Samtara says that makes Phin pause on his way out. Like he wants to ask the doctor something. But, whatever it is, it'll wait. Off he wanders.

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