AWD #263: Reunion
Summary: Kostas and Toby come face to face for the first time in months. It's not the greatest of reunions. Devlin tries to help, Warren less so.
Date: 26/Sep/2013
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Mess Hall — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #263

Warren pushes into the mess hall in his dress greys. The viper jock's first destination? Coffee. Yup. Coffee, the delicious life blood of the wing. He fills his cup first, and takes a sip before finally glancing around the place.

It's around change of shift o'clock, you can tell that, cos those going on shift are cramming in what food they can before reporting for duty and those now coming off shift are grabbing what they can to pick them up after the long hours that seem to be the norm these past few days. Toby appears to be in the latter catergory, for he is followed by that distinctive tylium smell that indicates he hasn't had his post shift shower yet. It does appear that he's washed his hands though, as they appear clean enough as he selects his meal and then turns to look for a seat. Fortunately, there's a table just emptying so he heads there, before anyone else has the same idea.

Kostas looks like one of those coming off, at least from the faint crease lines of a headache being fought off that furrow her brow. She has some ink stains on her fingers, and maybe a little smudge behind one ear, like where it would be if she'd run her hand through her high and tight. She mutters a little something under her breath, though falls silent as she falls into line.

Devlin's managed to get in a shower and slip into some less-scattered looking clothing since the last time he saw Toby. He's cleaned himself up enough, but that lip still has the angry swollen look of someone who got on the wrong side of a thrown punch, or something. He steps through and into the mess while looking around at the ones already gathered. Food will make him better, or at least, that's probably the thought that a lot of people have in this place and so it is that his lips pull upwards in a smile, albeit a rather scary sort of smile because of the injury. He leaves his hands at his side as he gets in line and gathers a tray, already talking to the woman in front of him because he's terrible like that, "Hey, any idea what sort of wonders they've got for us today? I hear we have mash as the protein!" He manages to make himself sound excited about it.

The captain, now equipped with coffee, starts moving through the room once more. But ah something seems to catch Warren's eye, and his path diverts, heading over towards the knuckledragger who just sat down. He takes a sip of his coffee as he comes up beside Toby, "Crewman."

Toby sets his tray down on the table, his arse on a seat, and starts inhailing his food. He's hungry it would seem and for a few moments the contents of his try seem to be just about his entire world. Once he's taken the edge off his appetite though he slows, even at one point stopping entirely to take a drink. He glances up briefly as Warren arrives and gives the pilot a brief nod, "Captain," raising one eyebrow as if to check if there's anything the captain is wanting or needing. It's then, as he takes in the room behind the captain as well, that he spots first Devlin, and then the marine infront of him. It takes a moment, he's even starting to look away again when recognition hits. Frak. Oh fraking frak. Gesturing quickly to the seat opposit him, he figures if Warren sits there then he might remain unnoticed and he ducks his head back down again, seemingly to concentrate on his food once more.

Kostas's head cranes around as apparently someone's talking to her. Helpfully, she rises on tiptoes to try to see around the person in front of her, squinting slightly. "Dunno, Sir," she tells him. "Though, shit, ain't had nothin' that wasn't th' bomb here, you know?" She grins, a flash of white teeth in her tanned face. "Beats quarter rations and playing 'guess what's in the can'." Her tone is affable, and as the line moves forward, she takes a scoop of everything, though no seconds. She doesn't notice Toby, just yet, with the ECO between her and the seating area, and….food! Lots of it! Being dished on her plate.

Devlin nods to Kostas, chuckling slightly around the lip which makes him look like he's talking out the side of his mouth, or has a perpetual lisp, "That it does, though sometimes you get rewarded with something decent in that game. I mean at least you get to see what they're serving you here, doesn't mean you still get to know what it is though." Devlin winks and then looks up at the cook, noticing the awkward sneer and he shakes his head, "Oh come now, you know I'm kidding, and you've heard a lot worse. I'll happily eat all this food without complaint, you know that." With that, he's helping himself as well, filling his plate and tray with assortments and enough to feed himself and then some, before pushing away from the line and heading towards the tables.

Warren raises an eyebrow at Toby's rather suspicious behavior. He glances over towards Devlin and the Marine a moment, "Friends of yours?" He shrugs taking a seat for a moment, and another sip of his coffee, "Regardless, I did manage to come through on my end of things and I brought my viper back all in one piece. Didn't even scratch the paint of it. Granted I can't say anyone else managed to come back like that, but I did bring you back one Viper in working order. Probably would have been more, but the Cylons that we didn't have enough missiles so decided to give us a few."

Keeping his head down, and making a valient effort to clear his plate in record time, Toby figures that moving to switch sides of the table so his back is towards the servery is a) just likely to draw attention to himself and b) leave him faceing a good majority of the room. As such, his plan is simple, step 1) eat quickly, step 2) leave without being spotted and step 3) get back to the bearthings and come up with a longer term plan. Still, hopefully Warren will act as a decent line of sight blocker for the first stage at least. "Yeah, I saw that, thanks," he answers inbetween mouthfuls, "there's a few that're going take a lot of work." A nod to the missile comment and he adds, "how gracious of them."

"Is it trout?" Kostas asks, peering at the main unidentified offering. "One of them docs said she likes to make it. Sounds like a vegetable or something, or one of them fancy word for balls or eyes or some kind of other stuff that needs a fancy name for people to eat it." Still, it doesn't sound like that would necessarily put Kostas *off* it either! As Devlin peels off, she pauses to grab a mug of hot something. Then she too is walking towards the lines of tables, looking here and there for open spaces. Her dark eyes naturally fix on the few open seats around Warren's back, his companion still mercifully shielded. Her boots scuff a bit ominously as she starts to walk over that way, though.

"No it's a fish, and it could be, all thie fish has a sort of similar look," Devlin replies to Kostas' inquiry. His head shaking sadly as if suggesting it's better not to ask. He laughs lightly however as he looks up from the line and towards the tables, spotting a rather gloomy Toby and a Captain, "Ah Shackleton!" Devlin exclaims as he sees the man over by a… Captain. Well that should be interesting, says Devlin's eyes as they pan over Warren. He moves closer and carefully slips around the table to stand at the end, looking down at Toby, then to the captain, "Captain." He comments.

"Yeah we thought so, but we also thought we should replentish their missile supplies. So we gave a few back," Warren says with a smirk and another sip of his coffee there. He shrugs, "Yeah our birds got beat around a bit. At one point it was harder to fire and not hit a raider than not. Made it a bitch to find the right target though." He does look over poor Toby questioningly with his suddent turn to eat faster than a viper flies, but he's inturpted by people ariving and people adressing Toby and himself before he can ask the man questions, "Lieutenant Jay Gee. Don't believe we've met before."

Oooooo fraking fraking fraking fraking frak frak frak. There's a definite wince from Toby, and he tenses visibly as he hears Devlin call out his name. "Frak," he mutters quickly and sharply before glancing up to look straight at Warren, possibly his only salvation in this. "Sir," he says quickly, but still almost under his breath and most definitiely not looking towards the approaching pair, "you need to know, right now, that there may be about to be trouble." He's still talking quickly and his voice starts to show signs of real concern. "There's a marine coming up behind you. I know her from Picon where a load of her mates took issue with me. It's why I ended up here, before it turned bloody. I don't know what she's doing here, but she's heading right our way." It's only then that he dares to see how close she's got, since Devlin has given him away so thoroughly, grip reflexively tightening on his cutlery as he does so.

"Durnst, Devlin, new Bear on the big can of Orion, Sir," Devlin replies to Warren's comment and looks to Toby, "See, they're everywhere, probably here to ask you if the birds are fixed yet," DEvlin winks at Toby and then chuckles, looking at the table, then notices that the crewman is actually not doing too well and he arches a brow, and before he can speak, there's Toby's reply and his eyes widen, setting the tray down on the table he does a quick turn in the direction of Kostas, trying to at least deflect any possible anger, what with his scrawny backseat self.

Kostas grunts appreciatively at the vocabulary expansion. She's bobbing along quite merrily, for a marine anyway, but blinks a bit as Devlin names a name. Her smile fades, replaced by…caution. She purses her lips slightly, gaze sliding around to search for other seats, as if in consideration, though her pause at least lets Toby get out his explanation, before she's in range of hearing it. However, no such luck on the seating front. She plops her tray by one of the open seats, at least it's the furthest one away form the deckie. "Captain," she greets, with a nod of the head. "Crewman. Glad ta see ya in one piece, Shackleton. This lot treatin' ya a'right?" Her tone seems to be genuine, though it's kept understated, calm. Like one might address a scared kid—without being condescending.

Warren almost entirely ignores Devlin as Toby starts about Kostas. He raises an eyebrow at that and glances between the two of them. Great. He takes a deep breath, "Just so we're clear, if either of you two," he glances between Kostas and Toby, "make me spill my coffee, or make me get my greys dirty in the next little bit there will be hell to pay. We clear?" He doesn't sound upset, angry, or anything other than 'seriously, i have something to do in a few mins, can you at least hold off on fighting till I'm out of the room?'

Toby watches, tense and utterly silent as Kostas sets her tray down. Her nod is returned with a very slow one of his own, one which means he doesn't have to stop looking directly at her at any point, or be any less ready to react if the midden hits the windmill. Devlin's reaction is appreciated, deeply. Warren's less so as he mutters back, hard and fast, "I shit you not Sir. I mean Trouble, capital T and bloody as in mine, smeared all over Picon." No that he turns to look at the Captain as he says that mind, oh no, he's not going to be stupid enough to do that.

Kostas raises a brow at Warren's words. There's a flash of annoyance that crosses her face at them, but she shrugs it off in typical jarhead style. "Whatever you say, Cap'n. Glad ta see some things don't change." She listens to Toby's words, quietly. "Sorry, Shackleton," she says quietly, ignoring the other two for a moment. "Listen, man, it's all right. 'Sokay. Ain't no dipshits better not hurt you here." As quickly as she plops down, she moves to stand up. "Guess my eyes were bigger'n my stomach, sirs. Nice ta meet ya, Cap'n. El Tee." She nods, and turns on her heel, pausing by one of the larger folks nearby. "You got room for more? Just forgot about a shitton o' stuff I got ta do. Be a fuckin' shame to have this go to waste, you got room for this?"

Turning, Devlin keeps his eyes on the two who seem to be at odds, but seems rather confused when Kostas is all polite like. This of course has Banjoman looking over at Toby with a sort of incredulous look, the sort of look that one gives those who may not be entirely right in the head. The look is followe by a shrug and then Devlin settles himself down with his tray, "Seems…" he starts as Toby continues and then he arches a brow. "Seems like there's a bit of bad blood between the lot, should we need a sit down, or a proper way to settle this?" He asks, though the question is just kind of tossed out there, rather left for anyone to pick up, as he carefully, and slowly opens his cutlery and starts to work at a piece of 'meat.'

Warren looks to Toby and nods a moment, "Well crewman, if she gives you any trouble? Let me know." At Kostas' statement he raises an eyebrow, "What was that Marine?" He takes a long sip of his coffee before standing, "I don't think I heard you." He glances up at the clock and sighs finishing off his coffee, "Actually never mind fortunately for you I have somewhere I need to be." There a glance to Toby, "She gives you trouble, come to me before you start stabbing, or punching people, alright?"

Devlin isn't the only one who's confused it seems, as Toby appears to be struggling to keep up with actual events as opposed to how they'd played through in his head. He's still watching the marine, and he certainly hasn't relaxed at all as he gives Warren a short, shallow nod to acknowledge his words. Once it's clear that Kostas is moving away though he starts to go back to shovellinghis dinner, but then stops himself as he figures that it's all change no and that he's better off taking his time, give her plenty of opportunity to find her way elsewhere before he himself leaves. It takes a bit, but he does eventually drag his eyes back to the table infront of him at which time he then gives Devlin a short nod as well, and a quiet, "thanks."

Kostas doesn't seem to find trouble finding various people to take care of the stuff on her plate for her, humans are awesome recyclers, yo. She finishes off her mug o'hot something without manners, while walking even! She puts both in the bins where they belong, her expression remote and closed, gait that of a controlled professional as she shakes it off and heads for the door.

Devlin's eyes travel to Kostas as she leaves and he shrugs his shoulders, "Well, probably better, I suppose, I'm not sure what's suppose to be happening, cause I honestly would get my ass kicked if she was going to start something. I tend to lead with my face, in case you haven't noticed." Devlin tells Toby as he raises his hand and points to his swollen lip, "Think we may have given her the impression that she's not welcome around here, which is only gonna make this worse.." He shrugs and quickly finishes off his 'trout' then slides his tray to Toby, "If I'm not back in twenty, call the president," he tells the Crewman, and pushes himself off from the table with a slight wince because of his side. He turns and gives a respectful attention like stance for Warren, but then he's going after Kostas.

Warren even though Toby doesn't say anything in return he nods to the man, and then Devlin as well before he starts to head out apparetnly trying not to be late to where he's going.

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