AWD #559: Return to Libran
AWD #559: Return to Libran
Summary: The Marines who performed the last recon will be alerted that they will be returning to the same site, but this time for an assault. The fleet needs to know exactly what is going on there.
Date: Sun 1/Jan/2017 (OOC Date)
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The fleet only put boots on the ground on Libran once and it was as shocking as it was eye-opening to what the hell was going on there. The rumors were true. The citizenry were being forced to live in medieval conditions while the Cylons lived like walking Gods and peacekeepers. The only resistance fighters they met turned out to be unable to get any kind of communication off world. It was a nightmare. And the discovery that Tahbaw Mine Park, near Yorrick, was an encampment was concerning. Ultimately it hadn't mattered much, because who cared about finding Kobol. And then it was discovered in The Box that there were other enemies out there. Bigger than the Cylons. More concerning. Specialist Kammer had even noted how cute the Centurions were before she was KIA. Now there are bigger and more concerning implications that require a full-on assault.
Wed 19/Jul/2006 (IC Date)

The opening salvo comes from the basestar the Marines are riding on. Missiles leave every available tube on the basestar and seek out for the EMP shield satellites. Meanwhile over one hundred heavy raiders swarm off the basestar, several of them carrying the Marine landing team. Most of them take up an escort formation in defense as they all dive for the planet. The blue electromagnetic blanket over the planet flickers and dies quickly, though. A massive hole blown in it, the raiders use it and fly directly for Yorrick. Meanwhile, at the edge of the horizon on the southern hemisphere, there's a doubleflash and the atmosphere overhead clears of clouds. The pale white light takes a yellow and then orange hue as the mushroom cloud grows. The weapon must have detonated at a clear ten megatons - enough to not just destroy the site but catch any skinjobs who died as a result in the spreading EMP burst off the detonation. Its beautiful, even from hundreds of miles. But out ahead of them the Raiders are diving in on their targets. On the radios the Nines, Sixes, Sevens, and Twleves are piloting the ships down towards the surface and calling in, peeling off towards the ground and beginning their attack runs on defenses. The anti-gravity in these isn't as good so the Marines get jostled a little mroe than they are used to. <re for Gray>

Private Wescott is used to flying and being in control. She always sits up front. The last time she rode in the back of something it crashed. This is horrifying for her. Shitty gravity plates, unprofessional pilots, mostly surrounded by people she does not know, and wearing none of her survival gear. Aegis is forty miles and ten light years out of her element. She looks about fifteen years old under her helmet with the gear not properly tightened down for this sort of transport. She's swimming in it. The girl's eyes are shut and she's hugging her rifle. No panicked breathing or shouting, no tears, just a pilot who has had some rough trauma with doing this exact same thing before.

With his team briefed on the plan Amos had considered passing this mission off to someone else, but it's his homeworld, and the stakes are just that high. He's not fond of riding in the back of a raider, it feels wrong, but there's no way they could commit raptors to this, so there it is. Having checked his armour and gear before leaving he spends the start of the flight mentalling going over the layout observed last time they were here then, when things start to get close to the go he looks at the assembled marines infront of him. "Gentlemen," he starts, to get their attention, "I know I don't need to remind you of the importance of the inforation we're here to retrieve. We'll offer to accept their surrender first, once they're aware of the fate of their ressureaction facility, but I won't lie to you and tell you I expect that to be successful. We'll likely be fighting in confined spaces that they know well, so smoke and flashbangs will be you friends, frags will not. Assume any One is hostile, Tens are an unknown. We have friendly Fives on world, but we can not assume any within the complex are unless they clearly demonstrate so. If you come under fire, return it, with extreem prejudice."

Wow, the shit sure has CHANGED since Lleu went on extended medical absence. Riding in a Heavy Raider for the first time, though he'd almost been on the first mission that did so before his shit had hit the fan and taken him out of the picture. The Marine keeps strapped in as they are jostled about, looking around the inside of the Raider and watching the reactions of the others. Ynyr's never set foot on a god damn basestar before either. Lords of Kobol, things sure got turned inside out while he was gone. He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, ears sharp. He's a man not about to let himself start getting feaked and tense. Stay chill. Hey, there's Mallas! "Frak me but it's damned good to see you, Mallas. Been a long time. I hear you like the new toys." Amos starts talking and he shuts up to listen, then quietly shifts the order of his grenades around.

Seated beside Wescott and calmly doing another check over of her gear, because that's just how Kapali occupies her time before either jumping out of, falling out of, walking out of or in some manner exiting the vehicle while it is potentially still in motion. She shoulder bumps Wescott from time to time, shares a sidelong bit of a smile, "See what I mean about feeling like canned meat being delivered into a hot zone?" in a so quiet voice before she focuses forward on the Major, making a short nod once the boss is done speaking and tips her head slightly at Wescott. "You got this," in a low voice before she glances round to each member of their team, fixing faces and gear before moving to the next, on and around and back again.

Randy is sandwiched into one of the Heavy Raiders like a tiny armorded sardine with explosives strapped to its back. She's smart enough and properly trained (peacetime training ftw!) to have taken a special pack with cell dividers to help keep things nice and isolated from each other. No packing the charges one on top of another or some rookie bullocks. This mission has her /element/ written all over it. She's worked in and around mines before. There are guns. This is a mission. Everything feels right. Even if she's stuck in the back of some weird Heavy Raider bracing herself against the bouncing around. After being slammed about in the back of a Rhino, this is…well it's just a little different. She checks to make sure her ear plugs are slung around her neck. Whew. Could have forgotten those. As Amos talks, she gives him her attention, calm and zero-ed in. With Kapali giving Kelsey reassurance, Randy doesn't double up. She nods to Amos and verbally confirms his briefing with a, "Understood Sir."

Gray takes a deep breath as he processes the order, taking up the other seat next to Wescott. "We…we're going to be fine." The feeling he has right now is a wonderful mix of excitement, nerves, and so on. Not that being in a heavy raider is helping the nerves…it just feels /off/. And then there's the briefing. "Any advice on communicating with the Fives or Tens? That was…left out of the briefing for Leonis." And we saw how well that turned out, he doesn't add.

Mallas is sporting the new Piraen body armor and one of their rifles, but otherwise in Colonial uniform and kit, with a couple of flash bangs hanging off his vest for good measure. The Private's good luck charm — a bootstrap necklace with a trio of Centuion fingertips — is looped around his neck, and he after some initial complaints about having to ride in the heavy raider, he's mostly grim and silent for the ride in to Libran. Lleufer's greeting cause Mallas to blink at the Sergeant, and then he gives the MP a smart-ass grin. "Nice to be appreciated, Sarge." Whatever else he was going to add is cut off as Amos starts his briefing, and the Private turns to listen. And then he's gearing up to get off the raider. Assuming they make it to the surface alive.

The ride gets bumpier as they descend lower and get into thicker atmosphere. But the thicker air bounces the ship around as well, too. All round them, missiles are starting to rise up. Maybe they didn't bring enough Raiders? The pilot up front says something else about more radiological alarms from the basestar and the ground. Trading nukes? The ship on their right, carrying ten Marines, is just beginning a slow back right to come around on the target when it suddenly explodes. The SAM that hit it blows the thing in half and the unstrapped Marines begin tumbling out of the rear section, mostly on fire. Their own pilot doesn't seem to let it effect them and the Heavy begins diving in towards the craggy mountain range that several Marines on board will remember. Ahead of them, four Heavies scream in and fire off rocketpods across the mountaintop, gray smoke and yellow flashes denoting impact points. Pickup trucks explode, as does a generator at the site. It looks much like they all remember - except now part of it is on fire. "Ten seconds!" the pilot calls back.

Being an officer of the old fashioned variety Amos unstraps at the ten second warning and makes his way, carefully, to the hatch. First in, last out. "Time to look busy gentlemen" he calls, then starts with the more specific orders, "Kapali, Westcott, secure the landing zone. Flynn, Ynyr, check the camp. Anderson, Mallas, I want overwatch on the shaft enterance until we're clear outside." Then he readies himself to leap out as soon as they touch down.

Kelsey noddles several times to Kapali before she even tries to open her eyes. She looks over to the Sergeant and Kappa can see the worry on her face and in her eyes. She doesn't want to be alone and Kappa knows why. The girl then goes back to staring straight ahead and hugging her rifle tighter. Seeing the other Raider explode out the front windscreen, eyes wrench shut. No parachutes. This was stupid, Wescott. Real stupid. "I want to believe you, Corporal," Kelsey tells Gray, but she doesn't believe it. Ten seconds? Sweet Gods. Orders.. to clear the landing zone. She looks to Kapali for guidance on that one, planning to just stick close.

Kapali rises to her feet as she unstraps and settles her gear with one more tug, a bit of a wiggle of her shoulders, and is bringing the rifle around and up to bear as soon as the Major passes out the specific details. She shoulder bumps Wescott, again, once they're both standing, and hooks one hand on the strap that had secured her to the seat while they were in transit. "We exit the vehicle, sweep for enemy combatants, shoot any that look like they're ready to offer us violence, while everyone else spills out of the bird. Try not to shoot a 5, just in case it's amiable, but if it offers you violence, respond preemptively in kind."

Randy's breathing starts to get slow and deep. It's methodical as the heat comes in tearing up ships around them, something to keep her calm, like slotting into some macro-beat instead of speeding up with the rhythm of the battle they're raging through to land. She unstraps when they get the ten second warning and starts to line up at the hatch, spotting Ynyr and sidling up with him as soon as she gets her orders. Then she turns back over her shoulder to look at Kelsey, "You're in this. Give it your all. Kapali's good. Follow her lead. We operate in the moment. No regrets," just before Kapali starts to micro-brief Kelsey.

Oh boy. Things go from rocking and bumpy to rough ride indeed as the shit starts breaking loose all around them. Lleufer glances at Gray, whom the Sgt doens't know, then he smirks at Mallas. No time for chatting now. The 10 second warning is given and he waits, tensing as he's ready to stand and unstrap. A curt nod to the Major, "Yes, Sir." Yep, he has new rifle and armour himself that Lleu's not familiar with but no time like the presant to try it out. There's a brief glance to see how Wescott's doing and he nots her eyes sealed shut. Wonderful. She's not his problem at the moment. Ynyr is up, staggers with the hard bumping and puts a hand up to grab something to steady himself when he's by Randy's side, probably bumping into Flynn as they are jostled about. Calm, pale grey eyes focused on the hatch, ready to go.

For Mallas it's starting to look just just like the assault landing on Picon, complete with Marines dying before their boots his the ground. There's a flinch for the explosion that kills their fellows, and then a muttering under his breath before the Private starts to double check his gear. He knows the drill, and is already slapping a magazine into his rifle when the pilot calls out 'ten seconds.' There's a last glace toward their Air Wing mascot, and hearing all the advice being offered to Kelsey, Mallas adds some of his own. "If you're gonna get killed, try to do it on the ramp. So we don't have to carry you back."

The rear ramp doesn't lower hydraulically. Apparently they have an option for a fast gravity drop. The metal hits the rock and grassy mountainside with a heavy boom that shakes their boots. Outside, the air is frigid and below freezing with a heavy wind. But the smell of war is everywhere. The Marines know it well. Explosive powder from dropped munitions, the scent of burning metal, the natural sounds of churned terra and broken trees. The smoke in front of them is rolling from left to right, climbing uphill. As they move out, they can see that the mining entrance and camp is below them by about 100 feet. There are skinjobs running everyw, trying to put out fires while Ones are trying to get guns distributed. And the Tens. …But no Fives to be seen. Just a bit further up the hill the other Raider lands and drops its own ramp.

"Acknowledged." Gray then swallows hard as one of the Raiders takes a hit and Marines, on fire, tumble out the back. What he mumbles could probably only be called a prayer by courtesy…the look on his face is more one of anger…and then they land, and Gray pops his harness release and is on his feet, LMG swinging into position to provide cover as the others go charging out.

Kelsey does her best to soldier up. The last time she saw combat like this, she'd pretty much assumed she was going to die. That was then. This is now. The little briefings seem to help steady her. Mallas' remark does not. She pales and looks weak in the knees. A quick prayer is muttered with closed eyes and then- the ramp is open. She moves out with Kapali and ends up moving to take a knee, facing away from the group. There's a twitch of her shoulders and she leans forward a bit, trying to keep the rifle up as she looks down the hill. Nobody has to see her barf out of pure fear. Its embarassing af and Kappa is probably the only one that can see it clearly. She only gets a little on her boots and has to suffer the personal humiliation of wiping her lips on her sleeve. Yum.

Lots on the surface. Good in the long run, bad for a simple landing. Over all though, Amos would rather face them out here then in the tunnels so as he drops out of the back of the raider he's running forward a few metres then dropping down under cover. Trusting the marines behind him to adjust his orders to the situation accordingly he keeps his hea down for now and calls out as ludly as he can manage over the chaos, "surrender now! Your ressurrection facility is lost to you. You have been mislead by One, his lies have twisted your cause. The others, your Brother and Sister lines, have seen this, they are now in orbit, with us. Fighting alongside us. We have awoken the your sister Threes, they walk among us, One lied to you about them. Join us, be free, don't let him stiffle you."

The cold bite of the air that slaps against her face is just icing on the adrenaline rush that makes Kapali's expression a little fierce, her eyes a little shiney and just emphasizes one of the joys of being a marine. She hits the ground in tandem with Wescott and drops to a crouch, facing away from Wescott to cover her half of the 360. Wescott isn't the first soldier to hoik up her last pre-combat meal the moment the combat starts, and won't be the last. She does tap the canteen that's hooked to Wescott's gear, though, as a reminder, and remains quiet while the Major gives diplomacy a try.

Randy does not go rushing down that hill. As soon as the ramp drops, she's out after those on point and moving as she can to get to a vantage point over the camp while supporting Amos, careful not to get caught out too far from the main team. She holds her position after getting to some choice cover and waits out Amos' diplomacy, not saying a word. Instead she tries to trace where the weapons caches are based on distribution.

Mallas has the right of it. Coming in like this, feeling that breath of icy cold wind, knowing their comrads are already dying before they even get out. It's a lot like Picon. Lleufer Ynyr doesn't need to be thinking about that. The ramp humor makes him quirk his mouth, grimly amused. Then down it goes like a whore with a $20 credit chit. As soon as the ramp thunders down, Ynyr moves out with rifle in hand. Smoke is helpful as he gets out, does a quick look to orient himself and the situation, looking for cover. He sees the camp below them - 100 feet is nothing, but being a little higher isn't nothing and could be helpful. So he goes for cover, if there are trees, rocks, anything to take up a good firing position. "I see skins!" Lleu's never seen a One before but he's viewed Elias's memos, "One's are handing out weapons!" He's ready to start shooting, pin them down in that camp much as they can until told to do otherwise.

After his advice to the pilot, Mallas is too busy getting ready to disembark to note the effects of his less-than-helpful remarks. He hits the release on his straps, clambers to his feet, and stacks up with the others to charge down that ramp. The Private turns to follow Gray, keeping with the machine gunner and looking for a good firing position to cover the 'mine' opening in the mountain side. He holds his fire for the first few seconds, but he chambers a round and sights down on the skinjobs nearest the entrance. It does not look like peace has much of a chance.

Gray is on overwatch…and after Leonis (and with more than a hint of competence on Amos' part) he's not going to do /anything/ to frak this one up. That includes chiming in…or shooting before being shot at. He notices as Kelsey misplaces her lunch, but makes a point of /not/ noticing. He picks out a few possible Ones as targets before choosing one to aim at for the moment as he makes for the most convenient cover to provide his directed overwatch.

The Raiders take off again quickly as they landed. The other landed squad fans off to the left down the hill, moving towards a flanking position. They are preparing to engage. Beneath, there's more of the Ones scrambling. But with the Raiders lifting off, the camp begins to go very still. The Ones and Tens down there seem to understand they are caught in a pickle here. Engagement ranges are down towards minimums and whatever happens here is going to be fast. There's no worry for Amos going unheard, either. Thirty meters is a joke to should across. But there are people exchanging glances. Female heads - the hair moving. The Ones hold their positions and begin trying to set up a blocking defense. There's gestures for the Tens to get back inside. A few Ones move that way including a Ten, but the rest of the female skinjobs don't look so sure. The hesitation might be just about to cost them their lives. Seconds pass. Nothing happens. Its just like Mitterrand. The Tens are looking at each other and at the Raiders in the sky. Humans can't fly Raiders and there's more than a hundred of them. The Ones just look pissed and about to lose their shit.

Kelsey is doing her best to breathe deeply and not hyperventilate. She barely notices the cold, but the smells are unmistakable - even if more or less new to her. Especially the barf. Death from embarrassment when Kapali nudges her. But the water remark gets a sigh of relief. Water is sucked down then spit out, meanwhile wide eyes watch what is happening below. At least she hasn't shot anything or anyone yet.

Kapali doesn't raise her voice beyond just barely enough to carry, but she pitches her voice to the Major, "Sir, maybe they don't know that the threes can have kids. At least, our Clara did. Might be a game changer." Kapali keeps her eyes trained on the surrounding terrain, watching the skinjobs scurry into position, even tracking the path one of the One's take, itchy trigger finger tapping against the side of the rifle instead of doing something preemptive, sharing another of those light taps with one gloved hand to Wescott's shoulder, "Steady on, everyone has a job, we're all on target."

Lleufer doesn't notice Kelsey barfing. His attention is for not getting dead outright, cover and set up. Laying prone with his legs slightly akimbo, his hands steady the rifle and sight down it's short length. The Aerlion has his helmet secured down, snug, eyes on the enemy scurrying slightly below. Picking out the different model skins. Breathing normal as he listens to the sound of the Raiders taking off above and Amos's shouting for their surrender. Senses alert, Ynyr waits.

"Put a few volleys into the enterance," Amos notes to Gray and Mallas, "discourage that group but don't shoot them unless you have to." Just across the bows as it were. "Everyone else, sight up on the Ones as I don't expect this to remain friendly for long. If they fire, take them down, but try not to hit any Ten who isn't fighting back. "You were not created by the Cylons," Amos calls, "he lied to you. It might not mean much to you now, but you are from Ys'ral. Your Brothers and Sisters have been home. Your Sister Fives, they learnt the truth. Join us, and we can free you from his lies." Once that's said he readies his own rifle. The Tens he might convert, but he has no such hopes with the Ones so makes ready to fire on one of the closest.

Randy readies herself for any kind of order, and sure enough, Amos calls it in. She takes aim on one of the Ones distributing weapons, careful not to destroy the cache that might /help/ possible friendly Tens in the split-second future. Or explode bullets indiscriminantly since there's probably an ammo cache nearby. Sitting tight, she waits for the tense micro-moments to unfold, silently sending a prayer to those beyond.

<FS3> Amos rolls Presence+presence: Success.

Now that the shit is about to hit the fan, time is precious, and Mallas doesn't waste it. He's just a grunt, so he'll leave the talking to the officers and NCOs. Instead he flicks the selector on his rifle to burst and starts to sight in on the balding head of whatever One seems to be giving the most orders. But after hearing Amos' orders the Private shifts his rifle and aims high, well above the skinjobs' heads and into the entrace of the mine. And as soon as the Major is done talking, he fires off a short burst. BRat-tat-tat.

Gray does as directed…but it's not so much volleys as it is a pair of single shots that he lets out from his sidearm. Pop. Pop. His rounds are the equivalent of…well, /something/ more valuable than gold…right now. He is /not/ opening fire with bursts of Piraean Special Reserve if he's not going to kill someone or something with it, and the order to fire actually gets an askance look.

The quick bursts at the entrance doesn't deter the Ones. The few that were already moving just move faster. They scurry inside and leave a security group outside. The continued shouting from Amos doesn't seem to be causing serious problems in terms of driving the Tens off. There's just more rapid movement from them. "Where the frak did you hear the name Y'sral?!" one of them shouts back, incredulous. "Did you find it?" another calls. Its working. The next is shouted rapid fire, "We request asylum in the Twelve Colonies of Ko-" Gunfire erupts from the interior and a One walks right at the shouting Ten, emptying a full auto rifle into her body and head. The Tens turn on the Ones and the Ones pivot to engage the Tens. The Tens don't carry themselves at all like soldiers and most cryout, dropping rifles when the firing begins in full.

"Engage the Ones," Amos calls, just incase his troops were in any doubt, "we're granting that asylum request!"

Kapali pivots slightly, bringing the rifle to bear and trains on the One that emptied the rifle into the Ten that asked for asylum. Sometimes the point and click interface is designed and works as intended.

Kelsey does what Kapali does, and turns a bit. Everything is happening fast and all he knows is people are dying. Safety off. She tries to find something to shoot at.

The order is given, not that they really need it. Lleu sees the Ones turn on the Tens and start opening fire. Killing their potentual allies! Murdering the Tens, really - they aren't even combat models. So Ynyr opens up on the Ones. He's been taking aim on one particular who hasn't gotten out of his line of sight and he opens up with a careful burst. Braced for the unfamiliar rifle and suped up rounds that may have a harder kick than he's used to. His shoulder can take it but the Rifleman wants to make his shots count, not waste ammo he may not be able to replace. All hell breaks loose as the sound of firing opens up below them and then up the slope as well, beginning to rain down pain the CMC way!

Randy opens fire on one of the Ones she's been tracking. Who knows what he's doing. Is he trying to guard a weapons cache? Is he just regrouping with his fellow Ones to mow down the Tens? It's totally unclear at this point, but the rage all over his face makes him a lovely angry red-faced target. Randy's demeanor is cold, unflinching as she opens fire in a burst from her Piraean rifle.

Gray takes a deep breath as the Tens flip and the Ones flip out, switching back to the LMG as quickly as he can. "HEy Mister Secretary!" And he opens with a slew of bursts coming respectably close to 'full auto', aiming for the Ones by the mine entrance while trying to /not/ hit any Tens…well, at least as best as he can with a spray-and-pray. "Fuck you!" …or spray-and-swear. That works, too.

Mallas' first burst is fired, and then he sees the situation go to Hades and decides to shoot the One that steps out of the tunnel to kill a Ten. "Here we go again," he grumbles. A quick sight and fire and there's another burst thrown into the growing carnage. And then another. No sense sparing the ammo when there are targets in the open.

<FS3> Amos rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Firearms: Success.
<FS3> Mallas rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Randy rolls Firearms: Success.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Gray rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Gray rolls Firearms-1: Success.
<FS3> Gray rolls Firearms-2: Success.
<FS3> Gray rolls Firearms-3: Good Success.
<FS3> Gray rolls Firearms-4: Success.
<FS3> Kelsey rolls Firearms: Good Success.

"Take your time, lead the target," Kapali's voice is low and pitched to carry to Wescott as she, too, keeps plunking away at the Ones that are still up and in the mix. "Avoid the 10's unless you see one breaking ranks," she adds in that same low voice, her hands steady on the rifle she's holding. Exhale, shoot, new target, exhale, shoot, new target, and repeat.

"We have found it," Amos replies, in the hope it rallies the poor Tens caught by the Ones' guns, "your Brother and Sister lines have been." Not that talking is his main focus right now mind, as the first One he was targetting goes down he lines up on another, one that looks winged but is still firing at a pair of Tens. No. None of that. A short, sharp burst is sent downrange, then, as it occurs to him, he adds to the Tens, "take cover!" Obvious to his troops perhas, but maybe not to them.

Kelsey seems to actually try to listen to Kapali. It isnt easy through everything. In fact its nearly impossible. But somehow her body manages to listen and do what Kapali tells it to. Leads, breath, squeeze. Bang. Kelsey's first round hits a One in the neck and he goes down, clutching the bleeding wound. She then turns and fires another, hitting a One in the chest. Two for two. She furrows her brow, expecting this to be harder.

Randy's burst shot is, unfortunately, non-fatal. Most of the burst lodges into the One's shoulder, leading her target too hard. One goes into his chest but it's no kill shot for sure. She keeps her sights trained on the One as he staggers and moves to regroup. Nope. Nope. She bursts again, this time hoping to have adjusted, but in these dips of the mountain, there's always a chance for a gust of wind to come in and frak up your shot a little. If she can take this guy down, it should help cover the Tens in their time of need…gods willing.

Gray grins as two Ones go down pretty much straight out from his shots (well, at least as far as he can tell) and three more at least get to feel his pain. Staying on overwatch, he continues trying to pick out targets (non-injured before returning attention to any he's failed to knock down permanently)…though after the initial volley he pulls back on his rate of fire as much out of caution as out of ammo conservation.

Lleufer's shot hits the One he was aiming at but doesn't take the son of a bitch down. Staggered, but still up. Hit the One in the upper arm, not the chest. Ynyr breathes normally and on his next exhale he's firing again to try and finish the job. He has to check himself, waiting for his target to be clear again as a Ten scrambles in the way. It's Chaos down there, screaming and firing at close range. Hopefully those Tens have enough sense to be running for cover, scattering away or fighting.

Mallas' first shots drop the One he was aiming at, but he puts a few more rounds into the skinjob for good measure. "One down," he says with a smirk. Then he makes a quick dash to duck behind some rocks, getting a few meters closer to the camp before firing again. Shifting his fire to the mouth of the mine tunnel, Mallas aims at muzzle flashes and shoot to suppress, rattling off another burst.

Kapali skims a sidelong glance toward Wescott, sees the furrowed brow, and hazards a guess, "Making ones into zeros isn't as hard as it looks, from here?" she shares a brief, downright cheerful, gleam of a grin before focusing forward again. "That's the thing about a firefight, sometimes it's scary easy to take lives," never quite pausing long enough between carefully measured shots to cause a real delay in the rounds aiming down range.

The firing on both sides is furious. The smoke down in the encampment is hard to make out detail through as certain things are starting to burn more heavily. There's still movement down there but the flank MArines on the left open up one more time. A fast return fire and the movement stops at the entrance to the mine. That's when the cries for help start. The pained female voices of the Tens who were wounded, or those crying over what just happened. Despite the violence of what just occurred, the Ten's just cut the umbilical. That kind of pain is hard to deal with. "Gods… MEDIC!!" one of the flank Marines calls as they start to clear through the camp.

With the camp seemingly clear Amos beckons his troops forwards, down the hill. "3/8th, you know your stations," he calls, "I want overwatch on the enterance, we're pushing in." Then, to Randy, "Flynn, you and Kapali were inside the tents before, find the first marine you can from the flanking party and tell them where to find the documents worth saving, then meet us at the enterance. We can not afford to let them get entrenched down there, and out support team can handle things up here." He wants to stay an dtalk to the Tens, save the research, and all that stuff, but they have to move quickly, or it'll be carnage int he tunnels, so he alters his own course towards the mine itself, taking up a position in cover behind a crate nearby until his squad is all assembled and ready. "Everyone else, change out to a fresh clip and be ready for contact."

Gray moves positions, taking up overwatch over the tunnel entrance instead of the camp as a whole, ready for whomever…or whatever…comes out of it. As he does, he checks any Ones for signs of movement, kicking guns away as he passes them out of yet another over-abundance of caution.

"Aye sir," Kapali is up and moving as soon as the Major is done detailing what the next phase of operation don't shoot the allies. She taps Wescott on the shoulder, "With me," and swaps out the clip anyway as she moves. "Always reload when you have a chance, even if you still have rounds left in the clip you're using. Never know when you're NOT going to have time to swap to a fresh clip. It's the pre-planning your own survival thing," she explains as she leads the way toward the tents, sharing a nod with Flynn along the way and waves down one of the nearest not-needing-a-medic marine to join their little troupe.

Randy doesn't take her eyes off the field of battle. She listens to Amos while keeping her rifle at ready. "Affirmative!" she calls out and then locates Kapali to meet up with her before they start scrambling down the hill. "I'll cover your descent, just in case. Then I'll come down after you guys. Solid?" Her breath is even, but has picked up since the beginning of the battle, especially after her little trot over. Assuming Kapali is amenable to the plan, she waits to do her part.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls First Aid: Good Success.

He's not a medic, but as soon as Amos waves them to move in, Lleu gets up and cautiously makes his way down the slope. With eyes and ears sharp, he stops by a Ten that's been hit and pulls her behind cover. "Lie still. We have medics to help." Until one is handy, Ynyr takes a minute to pull out his own kit and open up her clothing to slap a gel pad in place to slow external bleeding. Not much else he can do, not being a Corpsman. "Think you are going to be all right. Glad to have you with us." He tries to offer her a smile. He keeps an eye on her though in case she tries anything stupid as he works on her. Then a light pat to her shoulder and he takes his rifle back up, "I gotta keep moving." Lleu needs to head towards the entrance to form up with the others on Amos's orders.

Mallas is back on his feet as he hears Amos' orders, but he keeps his weapon raised and trained on the mine entrance as he moves towards the camp. The spent clip is ejected from his rifle and a new one snapped in its place as he moves. There's a glance aside at a wounded Ten as the Private passes, but he is no medic and orders are clear. They'll have to wait. Assuming he reaches the mountain-side outside the tunnel, Mallas puts his back against the rock and prepares for the first breach.

There were probably a dozen Tens in the encampment when bullets started flying. Now there's probably four of them unwounded, sitting on the ground trying to absorb what just happened or trying to save other members - an odd thing to see for a Line that hasn't been awakened. Maybe there's something important. A few of the Marines are trying administer care while they can. A couple of them are beyond hope, though. Some of the tents have started to burn with the growing fire, too. For documents, its a mad dash to try and save what can be.

At the tunnel entrance, they can all hear the echoes of Ones shouting deeper within. There's intermittant gunfire as well. A couple screams. Tens. The floor of the entrance is all flat rock and dirt with a large puddle on the right side. About ten feet in there is a lit staircase that decends. But just before that is some kind of huge metal frame where a door had once stood. …the mystery doesn't persist, though. As if it had been sitting there for years, a heavy armored door two feet thick is laying on the mountainside about twenty feet from the entrance. But there's no gunfire coming out at them.

With the other marines tending to the Tens, and what documentaion can be saved, Amos takes one back at the camp, then sets foot into the tunnel. "Same drill as before," he notes quietly, "shoot Ones on sight, only engage Fives and Tens that prove hostile." Not that he's expecting any of them at the moment, but it never hurts to ensure everyone is working on the same base assumptions. Lifting his rifle up to a ready positon he takes the wall opposite Mallas and starts inwards, pausing at the top of the stairs to check for ambush below.

Lleufer tries to give some encouragement for the Tens to help each other as he makes his way through and towards the entrance. He hunkers down with the others, "Hopefully we can evac them out with us, after." If any of them are going to get out of this alive. Ynyr blows out a breath and ejects his clip to swap it out to a fresh one. His light colored eyes peer into the darkness ahead of them. "Understood and ready." He gets up and carefully begins to follow, going along the wall with rifle up, careful.

Once the marine is called from the other team, Kapali details what needs to be done and does a brief marine-marine introduction. "There's papers and all kinds of documents in those tents. Every piece of paper needs to be secured and packaged up and RTB intact. If you've got a GoPro get it turned on when you're in the tent and image EVERYTHING exactly as it is before you start shuffling and moving stuff. Sometimes WHERE something is in relation to the other stuff that's there is key to figuring out something we'll need to know. If there's maps, image those too. Grab a spare team member and bring 'em along with, many hands make light work." She grabs the marine by the shoulder for a moment, "Don't risk the data. Divide it among the wounded being evacuated and get it off this rock." This accomplished she taps Wescott on the shoulder again and hustles back to join the rest of the team to begin the next phase of the operation: Dungeon crawl, listening intently as the Major outlines the mission objectives and the not-to-shoot instructions before he leads the way forward.

Mallas sneaks a quick peek around the corner and into the tunnel. "Frakking Stairwell just inside," he relays. Great. Looking across to the Major who takes the opposite side of the tunnel, the Private is expecting to be ordered inside. Seeing the officer move first? That causes him to blink in surprise. "You're out of your mind, sir," he offers to Amos, then moves in along side, his rifle raised and trained on the stairs.

Gray takes up a position behind Mallas and Amos, providing his directed overwatch as he approaches the door while they go in. The directions get a nod…it's good to hear again, all the same, even if he's heard it already.

Randy adds to what Kapali says after she peels away, "Favor speed and retention over accuracy. That tent there we /know/ has good stuff in it. Send troops towards the closest tents on fire from that point. Work the perimeter in. Be careful." She then joins up with the rest of the group at the mine entrance in a fast trot. She pulls her rifle up to ready position and slips into formation.

Peering down the stairs, they go down about fifty feet, then turn. There's nothing OSHA about this place. The lights along the ceiling are the same strung contruction lights found on a job site. There are no handrails. The stairs appear to have been carved out of rock and over the last several milennia have shifted and cracked with quakes. There is also a lot of water down here, keeping the footing treacherous. Its easy to see one bad step and the person breaking bones all the way down to the next landing.

When they reach the next, the stairs turn again and they can see where the roof had collapsed but been cleared out. There's still small pebbles around and the overhead shows a small cavity from the collapse. Another fifty feet, and its becoming more clear this place is not a ship. It really is a mine. Kind of. When they hit the bottom, however, their feet hit poured concrete that feels brittle with the water damage - but stable enough for now. A landing with a defensive position that's unmanned by the ones. No guns, just a set of concrete blocks designed to give the defenders inside the mountain extra time. Time for what? Ahead? The mineshaft continues on and curves in a lazy right hand turn in a descent. On the walls are ceremonial iron torch stands still bolted into the rock.

<FS3> Amos rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Gray rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Mallas rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Good Success.

"Maybe I should retire Private," Amos replies in a faintly amused tone, "you want to take my job instead?" Without waiting for a reply Amos starts carefully down the stairs, each step is cautiou, but not overly so as to slow everyhting down to a crawl. Once he reaches the bottom he takes cover initially behind one of the concrete blocks, waiting for the others to join him. "Cameras on," he orders quietly, "those towards the rear, take a moment to record everything you can." Then, once he's activated his own, and given them all time to do the same he orders, "Anderson, Mallas, you're first." Positioning himself behind them he lets the others fall in and starts the group moving onwards.

Gray switches his camera on at Amos' direction. He's looking around carefully as they head down the stairs…but instead of Ones lurking around corners or anything like that, he sees frescoes and tiles and iron torches. "What the…" he mumbles. Ok, this is ancient archaeology…and that somehow doesn't jibe with a heavy blast door being upstairs. He begins sweeping forward, slowly-but-steadily…a desire to take in the sight of this battling with his tactical instincts. Fortunately those instincts are winning the fight…well, at least for now. And while taking point sucks, after all he's seen he'll take it for the trade of getting to be the first human to see this in a long frakking time.

Moving into the dungeon at the rear of the group, Kapali takes a moment to adjust the camera affixed to her helmet, flicks the side of the camera with one fingertip for good luck then nods at Wescott, "Just make sure it's on. It'll see what you see, and we learn from what we see , and it makes us better marines." She leaves the word 'sometimes' off of that phrase, but it's there all the same. She casts a glance back, waiting for Flynn to join them on the teams 6 and advances forward after the rest of the team begins to move, one hand resting briefly against the rock wall before she gives a mild twitch, or a shudder, and continues one. One step at a time.

"Sure thing, Sir." Mallas' tone is sarcastic enough to make it clear he knows how likely that is. Then he moves down the stairs, checking the switchback when they come to it, and then the chamber beyond. The 'fighting position' gets an odd look, and Mallas shakes his head. "Yeah," he echoes Gray, "looks more like a temple gate than a choke point." When ordered to take point, the Private grimaces and mutters, "That wasn't what I meant about taking your job…" But he's moving as instructed, taking the curving tunnel alongside Gray. A few steps on and he hesitates and sniffs. "You smell something burning? Smells like paper."

Randy keeps quiet after rejoining the group, using these controlled moments to slow her breathing down. She ends up being one of those in the rear given when she caught up. Stupid small legs work faster! She's not exactly light on her feet with the charges she's hauling, but she's nimble enough to begin with, so she avoids falling to her kablooey-death and messing up the next landing for everyone…or other things. On their descent, she reaches up to make sure that her head cam is indeed still on. She presses a fat button on the side that pulses back how much battery life is left. Still good. When they hit the bottom, she looks down at the floor, careful to let her vision linger so the camera can adjust in the lighting. When she hears the little whir come to a stop, she waits half a beat and then moves on with her filming of the surroundings as she tries to remain behind Lleu…human shield…yes. She's also close enough so he can pull her down if needs be. She's not off in la la land though.

The shouting is getting louder. Its less the Tens now and more just the Ones barking at each other. Down here, its a higher volume but nearly impossible to make out whats being said. There's only on female voice down there to be heard, but as they take the long curve, they can hear footsteps running towards them. Fast. There's no cover here in the narrow hallway and they barely have time to take a knee when a Ten comes running around the corner with a wild look in her eye and holding a pistol aimed out ahead. In the low light its hard to tell if she see's them just yet but she'll be on top of Mallas in about four seconds and she isn't stopping.

If he's wearing a cam, Lleufer's had his active since they hopped out of the Raider. Nothing like gun footage Marine style. The descent into the tunnels isn't bothering him. Wide, plenty of light, other people moving with him. Ynyr's focus is on what is up ahead. He uses what he can for cover, staying close to the walls and then hunkering down behind the blocks. Taking turns, leap frogging as they move ever deeper. His eyes too pan over the walls, a hand to drop and finger the floor. "Shit. This place is no mine shaft. This is old." He keeps his voice real low, barely a whisper. Then he's quiet, watchful. There is a glance to double check Randy's position, the pair of them watching each other's backs. Gray and Mallas go forward and Lleu'll move to follow them slowly around that long curve as the team continues to advance…

Amos can't smell the burning, not as Mallas mentions it, but he trusts the lad's senses. "Burning what they can't save," he concludes, his mind going to images of burning sacred scrolls. The order is probably predictable and comes quickly, "double time!" Of course, it's only a moment later that the Ten rolls round the corner and he has to make a snap decision, "Tackle! Move on." No time to waste and all that.

Gray smells the smell and then hears Amos' order in line with that. "Moving!" And with that, he's not quite in a breakneck run…but he's moving as fast as he can without breaking formation, all but ignoring the Ten. Somehow, he's filing the Ten as irrelevant in the corner of his mind…there's /data/ to be saved.

Mallas is getting ready to double time when he hears the footsteps rushing their way, and his first reaction is to raise his weapon. Tackle? Tackle a skinjob? "Uhh .." That takes him a few seconds to process, long enough that the Ten is just about on top of them. Instead he steps in toward the Tan and swings the rifle butt at the woman's head, trying to close-line her with the weapon. "Halt!" Hopefully that will happen, one way or another, before she can shoot Mallas. Or snap his neck.

<FS3> Mallas rolls Melee: Good Success.

Keeping one shoulder near the rock wall as the team moves forward, Kapali spends a good portion of her time glancing over her shoulder to make sure nothing or no one sneaks up behind them as they move forward. The sound of running feet has her twitching forward again, gun held ready, sharing another of those sidelong glances with Wescott even as she hears the Major calling out the order to Tackle and move on. Poised to spring forward, Kapali is a fraction of a second away from leaping forward when the Ten drops the pistol and hits the floor too. She hustles forward at that point, kicking the pistol away, "What are we walking into?" she asks, taking a knee, "We've got medics helping the wounded up top, anyone who wants asylum can have it," running through the bare bones of the first aid course they all so recently took as she checks over the Ten, fishing for intel as she does so.

Randy mutters something in Aquarian as she spots something running towards the group. When the Ten is smacked down by Mallas' move, she has a moment where she kind of has to nod appreciatively and press her lips together in mild human reaction sympathy. She doesn't take a knee, but instead takes the pistol and holds it for the Ten as long as they are there for. If the Ten is friendly, she hands it back…if not, she conks her over the head with her rifle butt.

The Ten skids along the floor on her chest and face. She's going ot have some scars from that hit and hard take-down. But sometimes these thigns are necessary. When Kapali takes a knee, she lifts her dazed and bloody face to look up. There's surprise registering there, but she clearly doesn't know what's going on. "Burning. Killing. One went insane. They're burning it all. Burning the house down." Her voice is hoarse. "They can't have humanity.. nobody.." Her eyes twitch. "We can't stop them. Kobol." The Ten continues trying to get up, forgetting about the pistol, she crawls up to her hands and knees to continue moving the other way. "Save her. I couldn't get to her.."

Given what the Ten was alluding to, its nothing good. The Marines charge forward with Gray in the lead. At the end of the hall there's another series of steps going down in a circular descent. In here the smoke is already getting thicker and it opens up into a huge cavern beneath the mountain. There are rows of bench pews, maybe 18 or 20, set up in an ampitheater down here with a thirty foot wide nave running down the center from the stairs. At over 100 feet high, the ceilings vault is held up with arches and rocky pillars - the whole place cut out from the rock and blasted. It must have taken decades. Longer, even. At nearly 70m wide, the walls on each side seem to have been cut out and filled with armored storage vaults. Documents. There are aluminum ladders everywhere to access the vaults which go all the way up to the ceiling. But every one of the doors is thrown open, parchments left open.. and burning. Everything that couldn't be pulled was left inside the armored boes to cook as if in an oven. Along the walls are growing pyres of flames, the piles of paper and scroll almost six feet high. The bodies of tens are scattered among it all.

On the other end, at the front, are half a dozen Ones with a single Ten. They are taking turns stomping the Ten's torso and kicking her. Only one to the side isn't. Around them? More fires burning. Loose paper on the floor is burning as well, drifting in the air currents - likely being fed by ancient vents in the mountain. The Ten is finally grabbed and hauled up, then thrown onto her back on the sacrificial altar. Five knives come out. The One standing loose guard turns to see the group of Marines coming in and turns, whipping a rifle at them. He kicks off a fast burst. Rocks kick up around them and ricochets bounce. The thunderous sound masks the roaring of the flames for only a few seconds.

<FS3> Kelsey rolls 5: Success.

Fire extinguishers are sadly not part of a marine's standard gear, but rifles are, and rifles are most likely to be effective against those Ones with knives. "Take 'em down before they kill her," he calls, as he ducks to the left and aims his rifle towards those with the knives, "soon as they're down, save what you can."

Gray is at the lead…he's charging in hard, and the sight of the Ones preparing to use the altar to kill the Ten basically sends Gray over the edge, and he starts to open up…and then he feels something in his leg and as he turns he goes down. Hard. There's a moment when he doesn't feel anything except strange…and then the pain hits him and he realizes that /something/ is broken.

Lleufer is right behind Mallas and Gray by only a little distance. He looks ready to go at the Ten and help take her down but Mallas has it well in hand. The team moves on and coming out into the huge chamber, it is awe at what they find. But also … horror at the burning documents! "Oh my Gods." It is a terrible breath Lleu exhales as he comes to a stop and stares around at the burning walls and piles on the floor, "Those sons of bitches! How -could- they?!" There is no time. The Ones on the far end are sighted and firing at them. Ynyr pulls his rifle back up and fires a return burst, then moves fast to see what cover he can take. Anger, affronted great anger is in Ynyr for such destruction. Sacrilege beyound belief.

Kelsey is coming down the stairs behind Kapali, doing her best to not be in the way. This is probably the most terrifying thing she's ever done. Its worse than the bunker because people down here are being shot. But when she sees the tens of thousands of pages and scrolls burning she suddenly gives forth a sob of shock and anger. Taking up a position by the stairs she lifts the rifle to fire, tears down her cheeks both from the felt loss… and the smoke.

The fires certainly are doing a number on the gopros, but that's the last thing across Randy's mind when she finally gets a clear picture of what's going on during the last descent. "Motherfrackers!" she shouts after they have orders, her yell dripping with hatred. "Don't you frakking touch her!" She fires off controled fire at a grouping of Ones who seem visually clustered…or as much as they're going to be. The fires flicker, reflecting off her dark eyes.

<FS3> Randy rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Amos rolls Firearms: Great Success.
<FS3> Kelsey rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Mallas rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Firearms: Good Success.

Squinting against the smoke, Mallas makes the descent of the spiraling stairs, trailing Gray and sticking to the outside curving wall for maximum view range. It may not be much help, but better than nothing. Once they reach the wider vault he spreads out to the right, clearing a field of fire for those coming in behind. The site of the Ones stomping a Ten causes the grunt to hesitate. "What the frak …" he wonders, weapon trained on the scene. He doesn't sound outraged or even upset — he's just not sure what the hell he's looking at. He holds fire, at least until the One opens up on them, then it's open season. Fortunately this is in line with the Major's command as well, as Mallas starts to advance and snap off rounds, aiming at the rifle-armed skinjob first.

With everyone else doing all the shouting, Kapali focuses on keeping an eye on the room at large even as she picks one of the ONE's to open fire on, making it a quick shot even as she makes certain that the shot is clean and clear. She coughs as the smoke rolls around the room, turning to the side to check Wescott's position and nods at what she sees. "Good," she says it, quiet like, but it's said all the same, and falls in step with Wescott, keeping an eye on the stairs and leaving the rest of the outraged viewing to everyone else. Division of labor.

Despite the range and the snap-fire nature of the shots, two of them are immediate kills. The other four of them catch their targets in a complete hail of bullets and leave the remaining Ones falling to the ground and groaning in pain or choking on their own blood, gurgling in their last few living moments in these bodies. For the Ten they were stomping and about to kill, she barely flinches. Left on her back and laying on the altar, her legs are slightly spread and her arms are laying lifeless on either side. She is alive, though. The little movements followed by her wet cough. But all around them, even in those few seconds, the fires are spreading rapidly. Cans of gasoline are visible to have been dumped and have been tossed onto the fires. The whole place is beginning to roar like an inferno. With the temperature climbing, there's only about twenty or thirty seconds to get out of here before it either becomes impossible to breathe or handle the interior temperature. The smoke, clogging the vents already, is starting to descend quickly. The chemical scent of burning gas stings the eyes.

"Mallas, Ynyr," Amos calls between coughs, "get the Ten. Kapali, Westcott, get Anderson out of here. Flynn, if you see anything you can grab, get it, if not, get out and make sure that ten we passed makes it." He also gives a quick cast about, for anything nearby tht might be saveable, but mostly he's just waiting to be last out a everyone else scarpers.

Randy suddenly wished she had been wearing her medical mask all along and completely didn't think about destroying crap by fire as if to have had a blonde moment. That's non-surrender 101. When Gray goes down she blinks and shouts, "Anderson down! Hold on buddy," she says in passing, trusting him to take care of himself for a split second more as they advance to the objective. Then Amos calls out with orders. She immediately pushes off to look for anything she can grab. She should be good at this right? All those times she grabbed this or that/requisitioned on missions? It might help that she's rather bold. Or not.

"Roger that," Kapali says as she moves to Anderson's left, offering him a hand to sit up if he's not, keeping her left hand (her gun hand) free as she nods to Wescott. "If possible, keep your gun hand free. Try not to compromise your ability to defense yourself OR the wounded you're hauling with," even as she crouches beside Gray. "Arm over each of our shoulders and we're going back up those steps," waiting until Wescott is in position before she'll hoik Gray upward with Wescott's help to get him back up those frakkin' stairs they just hustled down.

Gray looks slightly satisfied as he sees the Ones go down and the Ten survive. Looking down at the injury (which he's swearing about) he nods as he overhears Amos. If there's any paperwork on the ground near him, Gray does make a grab for it…he knows what this place means on some level…before Kelsey and Kapali swoop in to help him out, getting him to reach over their shoulders. With the pain he enters some sort of a daze… "Sh..t…" Breath. "Shut…the vents. Close the door. Maybe…it won't /all/ burn." He's complying with Kappa's directions…but he also sounds almost out of his mind.

Kelsey squints back, cheeks still wet. She ducks around to see Gray down and frowns, then looking to Kapali. The girl moves over and moves to kneel and get his arm around her shoulder. Right, gun hand free. She tugs his arm around her neck with her left hand and tries to stand with him. Swimmers legs help there. "I'm up. Let's go." Eyes still watering, its hard to see anything against the smoke, but she knows the general direction. "Stay low. Smoke."

Lleufer fired his burst but the acrid smoke with the gasoline fumes is making his eyes burn and water. He coughs, then sucks a breath, "No, no, no… we aren't going to be able to save /any/ of this!" There's too much of it, and with the gasoline… heart rending desecration. But the Rape of Libran goes far beyound the destruction of religious documents, but also so much of humanity's history. Ynyr coughs again and moves, scanning for more hostile targets. He hears Amos's orders and pushes to reach the Ten sprawled on the altar. He can barely see with the smoking fires all around and his eyes burning, stinging. Am arm is wiped over his face and trying not to cough, he slings his rifle and lays hands on the Ten, "Come on. Gotta get you out of here." Between him and Mallas, surely they can haul her up and carry her easily.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Body+body: Good Success.

There's momentary satisfaction as Mallas sees their combined fire knocking Ones over like bowling pins, and then he notices Gray has been hit. "Anderson caught one," he informs the team, but then hears Amos' instructions and gives the Major a nod. Off at a jog, he moves with Lleufer toward the altar. Two quick shots finish off the Ones nearest his own feet as he approaches the stone table, and then he slings his weapon and moves assist the Sergeant. "You got her?" he asks, ready to grab the Ten's feet if need be.

<FS3> Mallas rolls Body+body: Good Success.

"I've got her. You cover my ass if there's more shooting, all right?" Lleu's got her hefted up and gets the Ten settled over his shoulder. His rifle is partly impeded but Mallas at least has his hands free to shoot if he needs to. It's hard to breath and Ynyr's not sticking around. He starts at once to make his way back, coughing, eys watering from the smoke.

<FS3> Amos rolls Body+reaction-4: Failure.
<FS3> Kelsey rolls 1: Embarassing Failure.

"Aye, aye," Mallas acknowledges Lleufer's order with a nod, and he moves ahead of the MP with the Ten to clear the way. At first he leaves his rifle slung, taking a moment to pull out his gas mask and secure it over his head. Then he picks up the pace again and readys his weapon, making for the stairs. No matter how important those papers might be, he's not planning to hang around to save them.

"Too hot," Randy chokes out. She doesn't have visibility on the Major. "Pull out!" She tries to squint through the burning heat. She tries to spot him, looking back. "Get out! Air!" She keeps going but shouts back to give those lost in possible sense of direction. Hopefully the thick smoke will dampen her sound bouncing too hard off the walls.

With his marines moving out as ordered Amos spots a few rolls of paper that have fluttered towards him in the draft of the flames. Divinging forward, into the room, he makes a grab for them, but the smoke obscures his view and he can only grasp at hot air before the heat, and Radny's words, drive him back towards the stairs.

Getting out of there ASAP is important. The place is quickly becoming the pits of hell. An hour before it was the center of something huge for humanity - a shared history. Now? Destroyed. Gone. For reasons nobody can fully articulate. Evacuating the living Ten isn't hard, and the group can get Anderson upstairs without too much trouble. But that one Ten they hit on the way in, she's having trouble trying to climb the last set of stairs and needs help. The knock to her head left her a little too woozey and slurring her words. Concussion? Possibly.

Once they get outside, there's more fire. Most of the encampment up there is burning by this point and the Marines have set up a triage area to the side. There are Heavy Raiders landing to take on the wounded and collect the intelligence saved. The cool, clean air feels good though - unless they get close to the fire again. However, from somewhere deep in the valley below, the Marines can see five Heavy Raiders slowly seem to exit out from under the mountain and turn up the river valley. They barely begin to climb when they all jump away - one at a time in quick succession. Some of the Ones escaped and no telling what they took with them.

Amos isn't looking in perfect health by the the time they reach fresh air. The climb out of the mine, and several lungfulls of smoke, mean there's not much more he can do then slump against the rock face and focus on acquiring as much oxygen as he can. While improvement is slow, after a minute or two he goes manage to rasp out, "Flynn, report."

Lleufer huffs and sucks at the fresh air as he climbs the steps and gets out of the tunnels. Thank goodness they didn't get stuck down in there, trapped in some partly caved in tiny smothering hole of hell. He tries to be as gentle as he can, putting hand up to pat the Ten's back, "You hang on. Show me how tough you are, not how sorry. I gotcha." Gods, sweet fresh air. Lleu sucks in a few more lung fulls of that and then he's carrying the Ten he's got over his shoulder towards the triage, "I need a medic! She's coughing up blood." Down his back, thanks. When he can get over there, Ynyr'll put her down as carefully as he can, "Stay with me. We'll get you out." Pep talk. THen he coughs, plenty of shit in his lungs.

Randy stops to help the Ten they hit along. "I got you. Come on. This way. Stay awake. Keep breathing." The Marine reaches to her hip to try and yank at one of the medical masks. Three in total come out, two falling to the ground, but she pays them no heed. She holds one up to the Ten to try and gently hood her from the smoke as they move along, her rifle slung over her back. When they finally reach 'fresh air', Randy is still coughing and she pulls the mask away from the Ten. She doesn't have to cough nonstop nearly as long as Amos. "Everyone who was alive, we got out. I couldn't save anything Sir….nothing. The heat, charges on my back," she heaves out between breaths and rasps.

Making for the opening and getting out of the death trap was a vital move, as far as Kapali is concerned, and then getting OUT of the radius of what could become a belched plume of explosive smoke and flame also is a vital thing. "Minimum safe distance," she coughs these words to Wescott as they hustle Gray up the stairs between them and then out of the way so that everyone else can get out, hacking up several coughs and blinking repeatedly to try to clear her eyes. "Hang in there, Gray, we have you." She shares a look past Gray to Wescott, "You up for hauling him to the first available medic or need a moment?" she asks.

Kelsey has the endurance to do the stairs and right now she is thanking the Gods she's been PT'd so hard recently. Otherwise she'd never have been able to haul her own gear plus Gray - even with help. The girl is hacking up a lung most of the way, nearly staggering into a fall at one point. Once outside, she shakes her head. Kelsey still can't see anything. "I don't wanna put him down. I'm good, Sergeant." She's surviving her first battle with the Marines. "Let's keep going." Barfing up breakfast seems even more ridiculous at this point. And more embarrassing.

With no wounded to assist and nothing to be saved that can't save itself, Mallas moves up on point. Yes, without orders. He slows when he sees the struggling Ten he hit with his rifle, but leaves her for Randy as soon as he sees the Sergeant is going to take care of her. At the exit he moves aside, surveying the carnage up top. Peeling off his gas mask, he sucks in sweet air and checks to see how everyone else made out. Seeing no immediate need for his help, Mallas ambles over toward where Lleufer has placed the badly injured skinjob. "Might hurt less to just have her resurrect?" he suggests.

What Mallas says to him snaps Lleufer's head around hard, "What?" He blinks and stares at his brother Marine, "Hell frakking -NO-. I'm not putting a bullet into her head." Ynyr's not doing -that- again, tyvm. He lets go of her and backs off a step, "If she wants it, that's her choice to make. But I'm not doing it. Not again." For some reason that rattles him, yeah.

Gray winces at the pain. "Nice to hear you care…". And with that he close to zones out from the pain.

Mallas' holds up his hands when Lleufer reacts to his suggestion, giving the MP an odd look. "Okay, okay!" he grouses. "Take it easy, Sarge. Just a suggestion." He leaves the Ten to the medics and ambles off, finding a spot to sit down out of the way. Might as well take it easy until orders come down.

Kapali grins suddenly at Wescott, "See? You already know how to Marine up," she says before she coughs again and takes a bead on where she can see some medics working on groups of wounded marines and nods in that direction. "Lets move him while he's still out, he might be lucky enough to stay out while they set his leg."

Randy helps the Ten get to one of the Raiders after giving her sitrep and loads up just like everyone else after making sure no one needs help to get to a Raider.

Kelsey can't smile. She just can't. Not after seeing what she just saw. She's tired, face covered in the sooted remains of her race's history, and she's helping carry a wounded Marine. "If I'd never had my daughter I'd have been on Libran when the bombs dropped. College. Database engineering." Deck. Air Wing. And now she's hauling a rifle. "How the frak did I get here…" Once they get Gray up aboard the Raptor, she looks for a place to collapse on the floor and passes out - totally forgettign the gopro will capture her snoring.

Kapali shakes her head at the collapsed liaison pilot and proto-marine. And as soon as she's sure that Wescott is down for the count, she takes a knee beside her long enough to switch off the camera. Ok after taking a minute to get a good solid shot of the snoring Wescott.

Lleufer will do what he can to play the part of Corpsman, without the training, and see what help he can give the medics. Assuming he has no other specific orders, he can at least go around and help with bleeding, fetch things, help carry people to the Raiders, whatever needs doing. He's not interested in resting.

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