PWD #03: Return to Duty
Return to Duty
Summary: Augie goes to medical to get a clearance back to duty.
Date: 03/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Afton Augie 
Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Sickbay
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area.
PWD #03

Carrying a crate of meds from the storage locker towards the pharmacy counter, Afton shifts, grunting a moment with the awkward load. Having a bit of trouble, she as to move her chin over the extra stacked carboard boxes of painkillers, pausing to make sure they don't spill free. They are beginning to slide here and there, making a very unsettling stack ontop of the loose bottles in that crate her hands grasp at. "Frak me.." She mutters beneath her breath lightly, a sigh escaping her as she lowers them with a thunk and rolls her shoulders.

It was a night. Somewhere between '21 Guns for Sister Gennifer' and 'Last Hanging at Sundown', Augie felt that song tug at his head again. Even with Ceres resting in his arms, he just started to hum to her until he finally fell asleep as well. But the song he hummed was nearly the full set of the song he heard in his dream, but still - he can't place where he knows it from. And that, along with the events of the day prior have made him grumpy. Usually, a few cups of coffee and a morning cigar would make him all cheerful and shit, but today, he got a letter. And he's not to happy about it as he comes tromping down to the medical center.

"Where's the doc on duty? I got this frakkin note from the Air Boss sayin I still ain't cleared for duty, which if I'm stompin through these here halls doin my work must not be true. So I need to see the doc, get this shit cleared up and get back to work. And don't tell me ya already sent it, I don't care if the Air Boss used it to wipe his ass after goin to the head, I'll deliver the note personally this time."

Half-smile offered. "Iff'n ya don't mine. Please."

A few eyes look his way and Afton, being the closest straightens up before grasping the crate back up. "Good to see you too, sir." Crossing the distance to her, the PJ still looks tired, rubbing at her face and sighing as she holds out her hand with a light grin, "So tell me, what clearance you need? The docs right now are a bit busy, but one should be available soon." She explains.

Giving the rough officer a look over, she shakes her head, "You always seem like a bull to me. Got a cold or something small like that?" He didn't break anything or the like.

"Oh, hey Jumper." Augie says, rolling his shoulders in one of those large shrugs of his. "Yeah, seems that Duke didn't get my clearance papers to get back to work and so I can bust my hump planetside and take another crack at that hole." he says with a grunt.

"Rad burst. You'd think a week and a half of cleansing it'd be out of me, but no, folks need proof. Frakkers. Anyway, I heard ya busted some heads at Charlie's a few nights ago. Good on ya, blondie."

"So you were cleared already then?" Afton wants to confirm as she brushes her hands at her hips to wipe the sweat away and then folds her arms. "I see, yeah, paper work got lost.." Pause. Blondie. That gets a brief laugh and a bright grin. "Not really, sir. More like waded in to break it up and found myself getting cold clockd to the side of the face." SHe still has a bit of color around her left eye.

"Got some brig time, which is a first, but firsts for everything. Follow me, I am going to pull your file and get you a copy of that paperwork."

"Ya never forget yer first time." With anything. Augie tags along as he follows after the jumper. "Come back when ya have to spend a month in the hole cause ya jacked up some civvie asshole." he winks at that as he folds his hands behind his back. "So, yer a jumper, right? How good are ya in tight spaces and in possible breach situations?" What an odd question to ask.

"Right? Firsts.." Afton seems to drift into brief nostalgia before she gives him a look, brow perked. "A civvie…goodness you have to be gentle on the softies, sir. Civvies melt just by looking at them." It might be a joke - maybe not. The PJ shows him into the file room and moves her hand down the front, looking for his surname. Yanking open the 'Ga' filing drawer, she rolls her shoulders back. "Hmm? Yeah, I am. Well..I have had a few tight situations. Couple of mine cave in's, taking care of some survivors in a bombed building. I can wiggle with the best of them."

"If the civs ain't soft to my friends, I ain't soft to them." Augustus says flatly as he consides the response and leans on his heels while she searches through the fires. "Hell, I don't care if ya can wiggle like a jointless stripper at the Wet Dock.." he starts to say, then restrains himself. His eyes are rather serious as he sucks in a breath. "I'm gonna take another crack at the hole that put me in here in the first place. And I'd rather have someone I can trust on my side." he says simply. "Not some frakking robot assistant or a rope around my waist. A real person, that knows her job. Rumor has it that it's some type of deposit. Scuttlebutt is that it's a ship. Either way, I need someone with experience. Ya in?"

Fingers brush over file tabs, searching, searching, hovering over the lower filing drawer that is between them. His comparison brings a sardonic smile to her lips, "Oh you have no idea.." But its idle chatter as she drags his file free and pops it open. Letting it rest on the other files, she pieces through the paperwork from his entire career, looking impressed at something before she pauses to address what he is asking her. "Well, sir. If you do need someone, I would be glad to help out." Pause. "Do you have official requests for this? Of course, you will likely have it cleared." She looks back down at the paperwork and then pulls something, reading and looking it over. She has his world spilled open in front of her. Discretion is advised.

Under 40? You'll probably be ID'ed to view the fire. Pictues of third degree burns to a shoulder. Second degree burns along the arms and legs from the explosion on Impervious. Criminal photos from the Caprica City PD where he was stabbed in the side, along with a picture of the attack weapon. A file filled with cuts, bruises, broken nose (3 times), fractures, pulls, twists and one cold.

"I've already put in for the offical mission - it's why I need the clearance." he points out. "If yer own board, I'll put ya in the loop, so ya know what's going on." A glance at his file and a smirk. "At least there's no STDs in there." Thank gods for Ceres, right?

Afton gets only a brief glance at his file, but the pictures are enough to hint at his rough and tumble lifestyle. She closes the file, pulling free the paper to turn it over and get a look at it, giving it a wave to signal she found it. "YEah, go ahead and do that. I should be alright to head down and help out, I am taking it this will be soon?" She asks curiously, a brow lifting before she closes the drawer and keeping his folder out. "Follow me, I will get you a copy." Copier is right outside the room and the beast of a machine creaks when she lifts the photocopier top and slips the paper in before closing it. "How deep is this hole in the ground? Any idea?"

"Soon as I can get my shit and a team together." the broke dick LT offers as Augie tags along for the copying of files. "It's only a couple of meters wide and about nine meters deep before the drill bit got stuck in there and went hot. We're gonna have to widen the hold in order to get access. Cause I don't wiggle." A smirk at that.

"You don't? Well that is a disappointment," Afton teases him and grabs the copy for him. "Sir, this should get you cleared and if you run into problems, you can tell them to call down here and I will run it up personally." She pulls the original free and slips it into his folder which then gets tucked beneath her arm. "Well, if we get down there I am sure we can find some way to make it easy for you to get down."

"I'm sure." Augie says with a nod. Normally, he'd comment 'I make tight things wider or some such', but two strings bring new rules. "I'll run this up to the air boss. Thanks, Jumper, I appreciate it."

A quick nod and Afton takes a step back to return that file back to its home. "Of course, sir. No trouble to do this for you. Enjoy the rest of your day." Shift, night. Whatever. She gives him a lazy two fingered salute from the side of her brow and offers a smile with it before turning, slipping back into the filing room.

Turning to leave, he hums gently to himself. There's a full song there. Who knows who it is by, but it seems to be haunting him.

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