AWD #608: Return of the Arpay
AWD #608: Return of the Arpay
Summary: Admiral Dr. Jimenez returns from Arpay, with friends.
Date: 19/02/2017 (OOC Date)
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Elias Jimenez 
Full of combat information.
Wed Sep 06 2006 (AWD#608)

About eighteen hours after Jimenez left with Samtara, questions may have started to bubble. Was it a good idea to let Jimenez leave with Samtara? Couldn't this have been done another way. It's clicking towards the eighteen hour mark when astrometrics calls out a gravitational anomoly. "Looks like the Arpay jump system, sir." A moment later the Well Hill arrives alone and begins a slow approach back to rejoin the Colonial fleet in orbit. Jimenez was quick to request a face to face meeting with Elias.

She was already sitting in a transport when the Weller Hill arrived. She made the call for the meeting from the bird and is on board the Orion five minutes later. When she meets Elias in the map room she is carrying a softside leather satchel but still wearing the same drag uniform. However she looks -very- well rested with a bright expression. Overall, Becks looks healthy and pleased when she arrives in the Map Room. There's even a bit of energy to her step. Those may bode very well.

Elias has become increasingly fatalistic about such things. Will the Arpay betray them just to grab Samtara and some of their tech? He considers it highly unlikely, but even if they do what are the Colonials going to do about it? Better to find out now. There's a moment of interest when the jump signature is detected, though Elias merely acknowledges the report when they see it is only the Weller Hill alone. He agrees to meet with the Doctor as soon as she comes aboard, stealing a minute in the corridor to light up a smoke before he clears the Map Room and gets ready to greet their new acting CMO. Eighteen hours on his end doesn't seem to have left Elias better rested or more hopeful. So it's a rather guarded young Major who greets Jimenez as she enters. "Doctor. Welcome back. Any news from Arpay?"

The Doctor enters straight away and puts the leather satchel on the table. She unzips the top and removes several file folders, a couple of items that look like they could be hard drives, a radio, and a tablet. "Quite a bit, Major. Let's not waste time with the pleasantries. This needs to be done fast." She holds the tablet and presses her palm to it, scanning, then a laser scans her eye from the camera on it. Access granted, she places the tablet back on the table. "First, this." The document that scrolls looks familiar. "This is the memorandum of understanding that I wrote and signed. Provisions of trade and military assistance have been expanded by the Arpay Fleet. The disaster relief provision has been activated by the fleet as well. It will take some time but the gears are turning to get it done." She scrolls the hologram. "In the meantime, the military assistance provision has been activated as well. We have ships standing by. They are fully armed, fueled, provisioned, and crewed." She exits out of the document and pulls up another menu, 'Deployments,' and scrolls down. She taps on 'Carrier Strike Group Nineteen' and it expands in the six foot wide projection in front of them. It outlines all twenty-five ships. "We have CSG-One-Nine standing by with an additional seven ships. We have four drydock ships for major repairs and overhauls and three amphibious landers. The landers have no troops aboard but serve the purpose of evacuating particular people and their families off your colonies and taking them to Arpay. We can discuss exactly who and why later. For right now, I need jump coordinates for them to arrive at. I did not want them all jumping in at once, too close to someone, and making a ship's CO nervous and launching nukes."

"Mmm." Straight to business suits Elias just fine. He smokes his cigarette, watching Jimenez and listening closely to what she has to tell him. Relief supplies, check. Military assistance, check. The large-display list is perused as Becks explains, and then the young Major looks a little less dour. Finally. "Understood. We can use your ships immediately, in fact. We can discuss that after we get the ball rolling." In fact he's already headed for the hatch as he asks the Doctor, "How long will it take them to arrive here, once you have the coordinates?"

"Understood." With Elias already stepping off, she grabs her radio and moves to follow him, leaving everything in the Map Room. Apparently she is unconcerned about the security of he room. Stepping quicly with him, she speaks into the handheld, "Weller Hill, Blue Wings Actual. Standby to copy, over," she speaks into the radio. There's a quick reply, but the Doctor seems more interested in moving swiftly with Elias. "Fifteen to twenty seconds."

Much quicker than he expected. And since the Doctor is coming along, Elias goes directly to CIC to get things sorted. The change in Officer of the Deck is a quick formality, and then he's issuing orders. "Navigation, I need a clear jump space where we can bring in twenty five large ships. Comms, message to all ships: Twenty five friendly vessels jumping in, acknowledge." Once the coordinates are sorted out, there's a final check to make certain the CAP is clear of that space, and then he gives Jimenez the nod. "Ready on this end, Doctor."

"Thirty-two," Jimenez corrects to the Nav Officer. She is nothing if not precise about this stuff where she can be. A decent replacement for Samtara. But this is her first time in CIC and she takes a moment to look around. Huh. She seems suitably impressed and then looks back. Once she has the coordinates, she waits for Elias. When he calls ready, she lifts the radio and begins reading off the numbers. Completed, she smile up to Elias. "Weller Hill, send it. Orion is standing by. Blue Wings, out." She then turns off the radio and hands it over to Elias. "Major Gray, I surrender myself to a temporary commission in the Colonial Fleet to last until Doctor Nadir returns. Should she fail to return, I will be in attendance without interruption. I submit myself to your orders." While she speaks, the camera on top of the Orion aims towards the Weller Hill. For a brief moment the ship establishes a wormhole connection and then shuts it down. Then more than thirty-plus connections are established on the Colonial end of space around the given coordinates. "We do not ever broadcast down a wormhole for any reason unless we have one hundred percent certainty of who is on the other side to receive it. Let that be an important lesson, Major. Don't do it." She then looks back to the screens overhead. Most of the crew in CIC is also. All at once the ships seem to emerge from the wormholes and the gasps in the room are well earned. The 'Carrier' is about the same size as the Orion with the same number of flight decks, but looks like its as heavily armored as a super-dreadnaught. Most of the ships have twice as many guns as a typical Colonial ship and sliding armor plates to presumedly hide missiles and torpedo racks. This looks like the exact list Jimenez had shown him, including four very large drydock ships, each one looking big enough to accommodate half a battlestar or Arpay carrier.

"Mmm." Elias accepts the correction and relays the new count. Twenty-five plus seven, not including seven. "Correction, thirty-two vessels." He's busy for a moment with the final details, then turns to accept the radio from Jimenez. "Welcome to the Fleet, Doctor. I believe Admiral Jameson wanted to administer your oath of service personally, but that's a formality that won't take more than a few minutes." There's a distracted nod for her warning about using wormholes for communications — it's not that he's not listening, but the TACCO's attention is riveted to the incoming Arpay ships. Big, armored, combat vessels and multiple dry docks. Hallelujah. "Comms, hail the Arpay vessels and put me through." Once he's online the TACCO picks up the commander's mic and speaks in Arpayan. "Battlestar Orion to incoming vessels. Welcome to the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. We request you form up on the Weller Hill and stand by." That's a lot of traffic to be sorted, and there are other concerns. "One emm-cee," he requests of the comms officer, broadcasting to the ship to let them know what is going on as well.

[Intercom] Elias says, "All hands, this is the TACCO. Those with a view starward will have noticed a task force of Arpay vessels have just arrived in Picon space. The Arpay are here to assist in military and relief operations, and we will be working closely with them. Every member of the Colonial Fleet and Colonial Marine Corps is expected to show our allies all due repsect. I also expect you to show them exactly how good you are at your jobs. That is all.""

The Arpay Doctor dips her head to Elias easily. She seems ot have no concern with holding the oath. Was there some sort of game afoot before? Tough to tell. There's bigger concerns and things to see. Fire Control is busy plugging in sensor readings and trying to designate the contacts one by one as friendly. The red diamonds on he screen are steadily turning to green squares. The voice that comes back is thick and strong, the sound of a guy who has been there and seen a lot and won't take any shit. "This is Admiral Fencer, Strike Carrier Patras Actual. Forming up on Weller Hill, Orion. We are standing by."

"Message to Admiral Jameson," Elias tells the duty yeoman, "Our acting CMO has returned and is ready to take up oath of service. She also brought a carrier strike group under Admiral Fencer." Once that message is away, he turns back to Jimenez. "Well Doctor, you're as good as your word. Thank you. Should I be speaking with you about operational matters or the commander of your strike group?"

The Yeoman takes the message down and flees to go run down the Admiral. Meanwhile Jimenez waits patiently. Acknowledging she's as good as her word gets a low smile. "Giving respect early can often purchase future leaps of faith that can make or break an alliance. I'm happy to deliver." The question to the status has her chuckle. "I can't serve two masters, Major. You'll need to speak to Admiral Fencer. That fleet takes no orders from me ever again until Doctor Nadir returns here. That was my final written order before taking off my own pins. Besides, Fencer outranks me." She winks to Elias. "Last we saw of Lieutenant Piers he was going hog wild with Projects and Plans on that Raptor."

Elias manages a faint smile. A fleet of warships and transport is all it took to brighten his mood. Who knew? "This war has forced to take a lot of things on faith, Doctor." There's no little irony in his tone. "The surprising bit is how often that's proved justified." There's an understanding nod when Jimenez clears up the command situation. That could have been messy for the Arpay, with her technically under Colonial command. "Understood. What's your take on Admiral Fencer? Have you worked with him before?"

"I'm glad you've taken the chances you've had. It got you here. It got the Arpay people here. We are all where we need to be. Serendipitous." The Doctor waggles a leveled hand at the question of Fencer. "A little. He's a new Admiral, just promoted up from Rear Admiral. He was a fighter pilot, then our version of a CAG, then he commanded an aircraft carrier. Now he has an entire strike group. He is careful and very serious. He is married but has had to say goodbye to his whole family. Fleet Command was careful about who they selected for this post. Strike Group Nineteen will be here for the next thirty years to drop anchor and deploy from. They will be the vanguard until the Colonial Fleet is back standing on its own numbers once again. But they refuse to swap out commanders. Only four strike group commanders volunteered for the whole thirty year deployment. Of the four, I think he is the one who will work best with your situation and people. He is someone that feels like they crammed a Marine into a flightsuit and gave him a lot of explosives and the keys to all of it, but the intelligence to use it when its needed. Make sense?"

"Threat of imminent annihilation is a great motivator," Elias replies. "As for the rest … do you believe in fate, Doctor?" Then the TACCO tilts his head as he absorbs Jimenez's evaluation of the new Arpay commander. "Mmm." He considers a second before responding. "Thirty years? I assume that's Arpay time." Not that that isn't bad enough for someone with a family back there. "He … sounds like the sort of man Admiral Jameson will be able to relate to."

Jimenez cuts a hint of a smile at the fate question. "The Arpay have been among the stars for more than one hundred thousand years, Major. We've seen a lot of things out there. Felt a lot of things. Some might all it fate. We decided we didn't want to name it. We just don't discount it." She looks back to the video camera as the massive carrier begins its turn. "No, that's thirty years your time. He's about ninety. Arpay males live about two hundred ten years on average? He probably looks to be in his middle to late forties? This will be the the rest of his career and life. When he returns home for the final time, everyone he knew will be very long dead. Deployments like this are an honor, not a punishment. …And I actually thought that you would like him more than Jameson. Fencer doesn't have time for anyone's bullshit."

"Mmmm," Elias goes with his patented neutral noise, but the young Major still looks a bit troubled by Jimenez's admission. Not a feeling he dwells on, however. "That is … quite a sacrifice," the TACCO says with some appreciation. Most of the Colonials have had their homes and family ripped from them. These people are giving them up voluntarily. "We need to find out whether we can expect the Machines sooner rather than later. But I don't suppose we'll have any trouble keeping Admiral Fencer busy, in either case."

"The Strike Group will return to replenish every few years, swap out crews. However, the Admiral in charge will not change. He'll be your constant. That way you all can plan and work together and nobody needs to become confused about transitions with political climates. His orders have already been cut. However, Fencer will be requesting a location on a planet where his people can land and get R&R. There be no need for local population, just a place to get fresh air and real sunlight. Stretch legs." Becks seems to be giving over whatever she can for helping the Colonial Fleet. "Oh I'm sure Fencer would not mind doing recon and looking for the enemy. He does love his challenges. Keeping him busy should not be an issue."

"That we can provide," Elias assures. Empty landscape isn't difficult to find these days. "I expect we'll be asking for the landing ships to help us transfer civilian population from one Colony to another. Logistically, we can't support them all. As for the strike group … I'm tempted to send them to try and locate the Erol and sweep for the Cylon task force that they're trying to stop. The search area is … large." Understatement and then some. "But the Cylons seems determined to continue hostilities. They might be more reasonable after another good kick in the balls."

Jimenez takes a long breath. "Major, the landing ships aren't to move people between colonies. They're to take some of your people back to Arpay." She does her best to look more cautious and careful, tilting her head forward just so. "You need ships. Badly. We have massive shipbuilding yards. The Fleet is willing to donate enough supplies to get your people started enough to get transports built so you can move resources to Arpay from here in order to build your ships. But you need to find people willing to work in zero G and assemble ships. We can house and feed them, including their families. Given the shape of some of these colonies, I'm pretty sure it won't be hard to get people leaping for the chance. Warm beds, three hots, nobody shooting at them, healthcare. You'll have transport ships in a month. Drydocks in two months. But your people need to do this, sir. They need to know how to do it so they can come back here and do it for you and teach your people how to do it. For now, however, construction can be done at Arpay. You need them fast." She lets that settle, letting the rest go for now.

Although the news about what the Arpay are interested and willing to do for them is nothing to be disappointed over, Elias' face still goes grim at the timeline. "In a month there will be over half a million more dead on Scopria alone. We'll find the people to go build the ships, but we need every transport we can beg, borrow, or steal, and we need them yesterday. If the only way we can use the Arpay ships is to take people back, I don't think we'll have trouble finding volunteers when the alternative is starvation, Doctor."

"Talk to Admiral Fencer. Explain the situation to him personally. My advice is that you bill it as a point of goodwill. You need the ships for a month or so just to move people in order to save lives. He may be able to get command to agree." Jimenez sighs. "In the meantime, the ships can handle about six thousand people for the short journey back to Arpay. You'll need about two thousand working adults, minimum. Give the Arpay two days your time to get the housing built and this can be done. Beyond that, we do what we can. I'm with you, though, Major."

The TACCO tips his head, listening intently to Jimenez's advice. "Understood. I'll give that a shot, Doctor." And he does appreciate the recommendation, given their relative level of experience with Arpay command and protocols. "Let's get you prepared for your induction into the Fleet."

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