AWD #245: Return from Avery Hall
Return from Avery Hall
Summary: The aircrew invovled in the bombings at Avery Hill arrive back on Orion.
Date: 08/Sep/2013
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #245

Warren stands near his viper, flight suit unzipped looking like he just got back from CAP not very long ago. He seems to be inspecting his viper, walking around it, making a few notes on his post flight checklist. He hmmms a bit looking at something there and runs his hand along the metal as if checking it for…something or just perhaps thinking.

The rumors are already running around the ship when the Raptors are on final approach, one of them with priority wounded. Both of them came straight from Caprica and supposedly contain the crew that optioned the mission to bomb Caprica City — at least for those in the wing. Both of them come down at the same time and its hard to make out the shadows of who is in the back. When they reach deck level, the crews go about securing the birds and the engines are still winding down. When the doors pop open, medical staff is already there. One heavily wounded pilot, and it looks like Phin, is promptly stretchered out and Yggy hops out right behind him. The man is rushed off to sickbay and Shakes is running after them. That seems to make way for the rest…

Toby seems to have pulled that oh so fun job of 'make sure the pilots complete their paperwork properly' and is, as such, stood just a few paces away from Warren's viper, waiting for the man to finish so he can get things moving should any work be required. It'snot the most eciting job, but then he's still one of the newest and least experienced techs so it's often his luck to draw it. With the news of the incoming Raptors though he's spending only half his time paying attention to the inspection, with the other half glancing over ot the aircraft lifts neigh on constantly. When they do finally start to move he turns his back on Warren entirely and finds himself a viewpoint on half way up one of the cockpit ladders so he can see voer teh crush of people who actually have business around the incoming birds.

When Kelsey steps out she looks like hell run over twice. She's tired, covered in dried sweat, and looks like she might sleep for a month. Her flightsuit is unrolled to her hips and her tanks are likewise covered in dried sweat. She hops down off the winglet with a canvas bag in her hand that she seems fairly intent on hold on to. Looking for Holtz straight away, she stands there in silence with a very far-off look on her face. Well, at least she survived.

Holtz waits until Phin's been unloaded and a few seconds after before rising himself. There's a slightly grim expression on his face as he steps out onto the Raptor's wing, helmet in hand. His eyes follow the stretcher with Phin on it until it disappears over the threshold, though unlike Ygraine he doesn't follow in its wake. Finally, he steps off the wing, handing off his helmet and seal collar to the first deckhand who happens by.

With the Raptors coming in Warren he glances to Toby and hands him his checklist, "RCS thrusters seemed a little sluggish. Probably need to be recalibrated again, know you guys spent a ton of time working on the engines though." With that he gives the man a nod before he starts jogging accross the deck and winces a little as he sees how quickly the medical staff is rolling Phin away and how Yggy's running off after him. He looks to see who else is going to step off those raptors, hoping that everyone does step off.

While she didn't manage to pull escort duty on this run, Bennett blew off some paperwork to double-time it down to the deck the moment she heard the Avery Hall aircrew were returning. Dressed crisply in her duty blues, hair twisted and pinned into its usual tidy bun, the raptor squadron commander waits some distance back from where the raptor parks. Quiet and unobtrusive as always. Her eyes widen as medical crews rush in to haul someone out by stretcher, but it's the sight of Ygraine sprinting off after him that seems to allow her to breathe easier.

Toby takes the clipboard automatically, gives it the quickest of quick glance over then, with nothing to keep him at the viper park, he heads over to the incomming Raptors. It's so he can give their pilots their post-flight lists, honest, no other reason at all. Weaving his way through the crowds that can't think of an excuse to do anything but gape he moves to corner one of the said Rapto pilots with the paperwork, offering Kelsey a quick smile and a "walked away from another one Ensign, well done."

Squire spots Holtz when he gets off the Raptor and she walks over to him with the bag and she extends it towards him. "Gun camera footage, sir. Also got a flashdrive in there that has all the photos of our aircraft on them." She's smiling, but its not the Bright And Sunny. They're home. That's all that seems to matter to her. After handing it off, she looks around and spies Bennett. The Captain gets a solemn nod. Toby's remark gets a chuckle and she clicks her teeth. "Yeah. This time. I don't think any of them are going to fly again, though. But I didn't technically crash it so I guess Number Three remains elusive."

In no big apparent hurry to depart the Raptor, Maia had waited until several of the others are out before she walks out as well. She's exhausted, dark circles under her eyes and her steps are slow. Once out, she looks around the Hangar.. Right. Her own helmet is still in hand, but her flight suit is down around her waist and she's wearing her tanks underneath. She doesn't go anywhere once out, but her eyes move to watch Phin and Ygraine until they are out of sight. "I need the head.. Gods know I can't possibly smell good."

Bennett finally steps forward, once she's certain she won't be in the way of any incoming medical or fire suppression crews, and weaves through the onlookers to make her way toward the parked raptors. "Wescott!" she calls out to the ensign with a big grin. Maia she'll even attempt to hug, sweat be damned. "Storm, I hear you got everyone back in one piece. Thank you." Those last two words are sincere; there were a good number of raptor personnel on the mission.

Warren looks relieved when he sees Holtz step out and half sighs, "Good to see you made it back Storm." He moves closer shaking his head, "Not that I wouldn't mind the promotion but I'll be damned if I wasn't dreading all the paperwork. How'd things go down there? Aside from Dolly that is…how bad is he?"

Toby sucks air in over his teeth a moment, as if in deep consideration, and then "I'll have to check the rules on write-offs and get back to you on that one. If they don't want 'em though, send 'em this way for parts." Maia is given a brief nod in greeting as she disembarks, but mostly he's now scanning the mass of aircrew for the pilot of the second Raptor so their gift of paperwork can be delievered into their hands too.

Holtz nods as he accepts the bag from Kelsey's hands, but he doesn't return her smile. "Very good, Ensign," he says, slinging the bag over his shoulder. There's a nod as Bennett approaches, and his ironclad expression finally relaxes a little, though he still doesn't quite crack a smile. "More or less," he responds to the woman as he shoots off another look to where Phin's stretcher departed earlier. Then, eyes flick over to Warren, and he snorts. "You don't know the half of it, Toast." Then, he asks about the mission, and the iron mask falls once more. "Like she said," he responds with a thumb chucked in Kelsey's direction, "I don't think any of those Preds are gonna fly again. But then neither are those sons of bitches in Adar's traitor Quorum." A pause. "Dolly took it bad. But they said if he made it back to the ship still breathin', our docs could probably save him. He'll be laid up a while, though."

Kelsey gives a thumbs up to Bennett, watching the Captain hug Maia. "Piece of cake." Its said quietly. Toby gets a snort and she nods. A hand comes out to clap the Deckhand on the shoulder and give him a squeeze. Its probably as close to 'Good to see you back here' as she's going to get. "Good to see you, too." Rather then step off anywhere right away, Ensign Wescott plunks herself down on the winglet and sighs, leaning forward. She turns her hands over, looking at them absently for a moment.

Exiting the Predator shortly after Maia is Kale, helmet under his arm, hair a glisten with sweat. Lovely. He steps down onto the hangar deck and grunts a bit as he as to stretch a bit with a wince, "How the frak did we make it out of there alive?" This seems directed to…well anyone really.

As soon as Butch approaches, Maia unabashedly returns the hug. "It was hairy, but we're home!" She could just kiss the deck. "I'm so glad to see this place.. I hadn't really expected to return." The truth is there in her eyes. She hadn't thought she would. Returning the nod to Toby, she even accompanies it by a smile!

Toby finds his missiong pilot, dumps the clipboard on her and then proceeds back to where he can lean on an out of the way section of fusilage while he waits for the forms to be returned. Watching Kelsey for a moment or two he then starts, jokingly, "If you're so glad to be back and all that the drinks are on you tonight then?" Taking a moment to scan Warren's forms again he promptly files them away in a pocket and people watches for a minute or two.

Bennett releases Maia and lifts her chin slightly, gaze tipping in the direction Phin's stretcher went. Then back to Holtz with a nod. She does not press him further about the mission. "It's more than I had dared to hope for. That is for certain. We will speak later." Her lips curve in a hesitant smile for her fellow squad leader, and she touches his arm before moving away to greet the others climbing off the extraction raptors. "Lieutenant Degan, well done," she congratulates the ECO, offering a slim hand as he disembarks. "Actually," she tells Toby with a laugh, "I believe I offered to buy Ensign Wescott's drinks, along with the rest of the raptors, when they returned."

Kale blinks as the hand is offerend to him, but he takes it, nodding to the Captain with a grin, "Thanks Captain. Really should be thanking Centerfold her, that was some crack flyin on her part." Nope, no glory hound here, "Drinks?" he says a moment later at the mention of libation.

Warren gives Holtz a nod, "Yeah can't say I envy the paperwork, but all part of the job though." He grins and gives the man a slap on the shoulder before glancing over to Bennett a moment with a smile before back to Holtz, "Definately glad you're back, and that you brought Phin back, even if he decided to get himself all shot up. Hey started to work on a CAP schedule since you might not have been back, perhaps when you have time we can go over that"

Kelsey looks up from her hands towards Toby and seems about to reply when Bennett steps in. She gives a tired smile and takes a long breath. "I believe I could use a drink, sir." Lil Kelsey looks a little older than her years as she says it. "But only if you buy one for Toby, too. He puts up with too much of my shit and pranged birds not to get some booze out of it." She looks over to the Crewman and winks. Squire slowly rises off her sit and looks more seriously to Bennett. "I had a taste of it. …That question I asked the other night. I now know what you meant. Thanks for the advice. It was all dead-on, Captain."

Finally, Holtz smiles thinly in response to Bennett, returning her touch with a light one of his own. Now that he's back on Orion with all his parts intact, the tension and woodenness that's been evident on his face for most of the day finally seems to be abating. "And for me? I did bring all your boys and girls back in one piece," he points out in a deadpan, his lips twitching good-naturedly. "Glad to be back, Toast," he says with a nod to Warren. As for Dolly? "He's in good hands. Though I'll have to have a talk with him about that later." A snorting laugh is followed by another nod. "Sure, we'll have a look, but I think it can hold until tomorrow, yeah?" He claps his fellow Viper pilot roughly on the arm.

Toby starts to shrug in a 'oh well, got to try' style, when Bennett interjects about the drinks, but the ensign's answer has him offering her a faint grin instead. "Bribe accepted," he replies with a genuine smile, "two it it, and anyone suggesting write-offs do count is obviously a fool. That about cover it?" As there's a moment of meaningful conversation between the ladies he pushes himself back into a standing position and goes to check on the post-flight progress to give them space and time as required.

"Thank you, Centerfold," Bennett tells the blonde dutifully, eyes twinkling with mirth. She's in far too good a mood to argue. Never mind that the sentiment is sincere. "I.. suppose I could throw one in for you, Shackleton," she pitches over to Toby with a wink. Then an arm goes around Kelsey, and she gives her a squeeze before answering softly, "You're welcome." Then, "You did it." What, she doesn't specify.

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