PWD #05: Retinue Review
PWD #05: Retinue Review
Summary: Duke calls in Cole for his review.
Date: 29/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
December 29, 2004

After last night festivities…some folks are cooling down their engines in the Brig. Richard Duke is, well, working…and he continues with his one-on-one meetings after sending a FOM to the Wing. Right now, his next victim is Cole and he is eyeing his file at this particular moment. He, well, he found about a few things he didn't know about, and that makes him press his lips just a little, taking a deep breath after that. On the screens, there's flight footage from Cole's gun cam, specially the flight footage that was recorded during the shot down of the Reese. Since this meeting is private, this is for Cole and Duke's eyes only. He is wearing his duty blues and is at the moment, just waiting for the other man to arrive.

Cole enters without much fan fare, the man far more subdued when he's in his duty Blues. All his tattoos now obscured, the only mark of individuality that he retains is the wedding ring he's permitted to wear on his left ring finger when not on the flight deck. He looks freshly shaved, and could pass an inspection with flying colors. As he approaches Duke with a heavy thud of his bootsteps, he stops, raises a quick salute and looks onto the newly appointed Major with clear eyes. Seems someone didn't partake in last night's festivities, as there is no sighn of a hangover on this one.

When Cole steps inside, Duke stands up and offers a salute to him "Lieutenant. Thank you for coming on such short notice." He clears his throat and then looks at one of the comfy chairs in the Ready Room. "Please, take a seat" And regardless if the other man does this or not, he takes his own seat, leaning against it. Duke was at the party but he only had one glass of Whiskey and that's pretty much it, nothing after that…well…just water. So, no hangover look for him either. "I'm holding these meetings just to get an idea on how things are going for each Air-Wing Pilot/ECO" He nods and then licks his lips, looking down at Cole's file. He doesn't say anything just yet but he looks back at the man and asks "So tell me, Lieutenant, how are things going for you?"

Cole snaps the salute crisply, "All due respect, Bumper. You say jump, it's my duty to jump." Regardless, and easy smile comes to Ari's lips as he settles in the chair across from Duke, but he doesn't slouch into a relaxed position. "I'd say I'm doing just fine. I've already had eighteen plus months to settle into the Orion. Aside from the excitement of the Reese," He nods in the general direction of the projector screen, and the footage from that event. "It's business as usual."

Duke arches one eyebrow at Cole's reply and just shakes his head "Aha, the excitement of the Reese…" says Duke, nodding his head at this. His attention moves towards the monitors again and then he asks "Did you tell anyone? That you were one of the Pilots to shoot that damn thing down?" He seems to be pleased that Cole mentioned he is doing fine, but of course, might have a couple comments on this. "You did a pretty good job, Janitor….rather, impressive, actually." And in all honesty, after reading the file, there are some things he understands better now.

"The deck was full, Bumper. Two pilots jump into Vipers and hit the tubes. Moments later, the Reese is destructed. No, I didn't tell anyone. I didn't have to. And I was under orders that the information was restricted, so it never came up in casual conversation. But thank you, sir, your compliments are appreciated as was the Letter of Commendation the Admiral put in my jacket." Which makes all those Section 15's a little less daunting. Cole rewets his bottom lip with a folded tongue.

Duke lifts a hand "It wasn't a reproach, it was just a question." says the man now. "Your scores are good on the extra training scenarios so, nothing really to comment there. However, as you've probably seen already, I sent a FOM to the Wing, we are going to start training with the Predators. I will discuss with each SL so we can start working a schedule.." Now, he opens Cole's file again and reads a few things "Are you attending the counseling sessions with the Chaplain? I will go to her to check on this of course and get her opinion on this…but I want to make sure that you are /not/ missing any" And about this, he seems pretty damn serious.

And with this latest line of questions, Ari knits his hands together, starting to rub them with pensive thumbs. "If anything I go more than required. I would also like your permission to work with the Sister on her special project of creating a Chapel on the surface. Strictly during my off-duty hours, but it would require me to travel down to Piraeus more than normal."

Duke does pay attention to what Cole is telling him and he slowly nods his head "Well. I will talk with the Chaplain, get her opinion…I need to make sure that all my Pilots are fit to fly" Duke knows that Cole is fit to fly of course, but he has the responsibility to check that he'll be able to do his duty. As for his request, the man nods his head "As long as you do it during your /free/ time. As you know, I'm punching more training for the Wing, sims and actual frames so this takes priority" He studies Cole for a brief moment "But, you will still have off-duty hours and you can use them to work on the Chaplain's special project, and if you have to travel to Piraeus, so be it."

Cole actually grins now, settling in with all this talk of duty. It's the one thing he can truly feel comfortable with, but given the notes in his jacket social aspects are a little…touchy. "Like we have anything else to occupy our time. Idle hands, and all that. A little overtime never hurt anyone. Looking forward to it, sir." As to the permission to assist Iphegenia, he only nods in acknowledgment.

"Well, as a Military Wing we should always be combat ready, and in order for us to accomplish that, there's the need of a little more training. I'm afraid that the whole Piraeus thing has…well…taken a bit of a toll on our readiness levels, and I'm going to see that this changes" says Duke, already knowing that it /is/ changing. Now, he just closes the folder in front of him and sets it aside, looking back at the Viper Pilot "Also, I'm asking everyone if they have any particular questions for me. I know that when someone moves up there can always be some…hesitation, from others? So, any questions you may have, now it's the time"

"No questions, but an observation if I may, sir." Ari says quietly.

Duke nods his head "Please do."

"Command with respect, not fear. If the wing can't trust you, they can't fly for you. I guess what I'm saying, sir, is try smiling once in a while." It's noticed that Duke has become a bit more dour with his new position, perhaps. But to soften those words, Ari offers a smile of his own.

Duke just presses his lips together at what Cole says and takes a deep breath, thinking a little to himself. Well, he is probably thinking something between the lines of 'Do I not smile enough?' "In all honesty, Lieutenant…I think I smile enough" With that said, he nods his head and says "However, I shall study your words a little further and see if adjustments are not needed" Because really, Duke doesn't command through fear, not even close to that. Now, he clears his throat and offers "On another matter…and…well…not to related to this, smile thing" adds the man, nodding his head to Cole "I'm sorry, about your wife"

Ah, the elephant in the room has been addressed and it gives Ari pause. His teeth set on edge, the tip of his tongue sliding across the back of them like a xylophone. For a split second they are shown in a sneer that is quickly wisked away as he rewets his lips yet again, "Nothing to be sorry about, sir." He slides forward to the edge of his seat, so hesitant to talk on this subject he looks poised to go.

Being a Flight Instructor requires that a person knows how to watch for every detail, and Duke already knows that Cole is pretty much aware of this. He just nods and then offers "Very well then" And with that, he stands up, offering a firm salute "I shall not take more of your time, Lieutenant, I'm sure you have things to do" Another nod of his head is added and then he says "Clear eyes and steady hands out there, Janitor" And finishes with "Let me know how the Project is going" This of course, in relation to the Special Project that Gen is driving.

Ari slips to his feet, the Lieutenant snapping off another quick salute. "Thank you sir, the same to you." He says of the standard parting for pilots which pretty much reads as: don't crash, yo. Dismissed, there is little reason for Cole to linger.

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