AWD #014: Respect
Summary: Ensigns aren't weak links. Ceres tells Phin the wings respect for him proves that.
Date: 20/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Ceres Phin 
Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
AWD #14

Ceres is sporting a bandaged left hand still, likely to not see the fun of paintball day as she waits for the Ensign to arrive. She's got the cam footage from the fight off his viper and is playing it on the screen at the front. Seated in the first row, she taps her good hand with pen included against the steno pad next to her. She reaches for her cup of coffee, sipping at it. Another cup waits for Dolly when he decides to show up. She's early. Redux is always early though.

Phin arrives on time and in his officer blues, if maybe not quite so pressed as they were for the official Lucky Strikes briefing. He's also armed with a pencil and notepad, flipped open to a clean sheet of yellow, clipped-corner paper. "Hey, Redux." Called out so he won't startle her too much, though the sound of the hatch being shoved open when he came in also should've given him away. "Coffee?" He grins. "Awesome. Thanks. How's the hand?"

Looking up at the entrance heard behind her, she smiles faintly, "Doll, thanks for being on time." Ceres clips off, obviously liking the punctuality. "Watching cams can be tiring, thought you might like a pick me up." She whistles. "Looking sharp though, Ensign." Another compliment and then she is resetting the vid with a snap of the controls. "Its repairing. I was able to cart to cups of jo over so that is a good thing." She motions for him take a seat beside her. "Have you looked at these at all yet?

Phin cracks a half-smile. "Thanks." He takes the coffee and drinks a quick sip of it before he sits. "I watched it once, after they were done pulling the footage. It kind of blows your mind, doesn't it? How fast everything's going. How quick it's over. It doesn't feel that way out there."

"When you are out there, its blinding, yes." Ceres says and smiles wanly at him. Smiling seems to be something that is rare for Ceres. It slides away and she settles back. "Well here we go." She passes the control over to him. "Tell me what you see first and I will give you where I can see a bit of improvement needed. to be honest, Dolly, you did really well." She says and then he might notice there are scribbles on her steno already.

"I survived. Guess that counts for something," Phin says. He goes quiet as the footage starts playing, fixing his attention on it. With some obvious difficulty. The gun cam tapes are hurried and hard to make sense of in places, but there are flashes one can see of Tiptoft ejecting, or Aios being blown away, that don't make them terribly enjoyable to relive. "I've tried to think back over it. It's all kind of…blurry. I just remember Lieutenant Holtz keeping Raiders off my ass, and trying to remember like every evasive pattern we'd gone over in training." He doesn't take many notes and, as it gets going, watches Ceres more than the footage itself.

Dolly's flying is about what you'd expect from a fresh ensign, in many ways. His aim needs serious work, though he does manage to score a kill on a Raider that's plainly been drenched in electronic jamming from the Raptors later in the fight. After his more apparent nerves have settled. But he's got a decent feel for flight, particularly after he's gotten into it and is no longer over-thinking every little turn. He sticks with his wingman, and isn't afraid to play decoy in a few places with Raiders so Holtz can line up a good shot. His evasives are solid, though he gets choppier when he tries to be more aggressive with his targets.

Ceres is quiet, listening and nodding at times when he speaks. Her attention is settled, focused on the tape and on the time stamp she wants, she writes down some other pointers. Information starts to gather, crawling further down that page of her steno pad. Her right hand works perfectly well even if that left one is settled on her leg wrapped up. She flexes it occasionally, causing a pull at her eyes when she winces.

The glimpse of Talkshow's viper gets no comment, in fact no reaction at all. That large coin of Zeus remains around her neck right along with her tags. More notes. She doesn't look away from the screen save to reposition her pen at times. As they near the end, the vipers turning back for Orion, she shifts in her seat and makes another comment before she nods at him. "Pause it."

That said, she reaches for her coffee and takes a sip. It gives her time to gather her thoughts. "First off…" She starts. "You what we call buck fever…when you go for a target your adrenaline jumps and you lose the smooth guided control. We need to break you of that. Well we all have it really, likely most did that fight. But your flying just loses it when you go for a target."

Phin does wince when Aios buys it. As he does whenever there's a glimpse of one of the pilots who're no longer flying with them. He's with it enough to pause the footage on command, though. "Yeah, my targeting was kind of shit," he admits. "My gunnery scores were always lower than my straight flight tests. I guess I didn't worry about it too much, back in training. All the 'realistic' drills we did were preparing us to go against, like, pirates. Or terrorists with anti-air stuff. Even most of my instructors figured the Cylons were gone forever."

"Well, back then I would have told you it was better to know how to handle your bird. But it shows because you are here. Flying is important but even the most experienced can fall, as we both see." Ceres says and then taps her pen to her lips. "For now, we put you against higher end simulated attackers and run it over and over. I want a steady hand on that bead, Dolly. That shaky hand could cause you to fire and miss…that miss could be friendly fire if you aren't careful." She explains and then considers, staring at the last frame paused on. "How do you feel when you are firing? If you remember at all."

"Yeah. True that…" Phin murmurs, about the more experienced falling. He's quiet for a second, just listening to her and sipping at his coffee. He nods firmly. "Got it, Redux. I'll start working that into my training. I did a little exercise with Storm last night, him and me trying to blow each other away in an asteroid field." He smirks faintly. "He won." As for how he was feeling. "I don't know. I guess…really afraid I'd miss. And trying not to. I kept checking my instruments, trying to like run the calculations in my head and stuff to see if the targeting was right."

A wan smile that fades quickly and then she nods to him. She taps her pen to the pad and Redux replies simply, "Good." To the training. "We got time now, time is when you work your ass off." She can't yet, frakking hand. She flexes it as if in unsciousness of its uselessness. "Don't be afraid…you miss you miss. You psyche yourself out you compound on a problem." She presses her lips together firmly. "I hope those programs are finished soon, the updates will be helpful." She admits and then she is tapping to a number frame on the pad. "Switch to here…" She pushes herself up and moves to the large screen and waits.

Phin shrugs slightly, when she mentions psyching himself out. Yeah, that's a thing he does. He flicks the remote and shutters the footage forward, until it's in the spot Ceres wants. "Storm seemed to think they were coming along pretty well. Said it's hard to put them together off just one encounter, though, even with the stuff from all our gun cams. Guess we'll get more soon." Which he sounds a mix of nervous about and eager for.

"Okay back two more frames…" She says and then shows him where he's targeted below the target when he misses. "They will be done when they are done, just be nice to have them now." Ceres admits. "Now here…Dolly, I am sure you know you aim ahead of your target, which is hard to know when you don't know which way they are going to go..instinct." She tells him and then glances back at him. "This is when paying attention to more than just hitting, like watching their movements is important. If you have to play decoy the whole night to do it, thats what you do. You get a chance at a shot you take it but never underestimate waiting for the hit." She offers a nod. "Easier said than done, I realize that."

Flick. Flick. Phin gets the footage in the right place. "Instinct. Right." He sounds, not skeptical exactly, but like he's trying to think his way through on how to arrive at that. "I used to have this teacher, back when I was at the Ares school, who'd talk about that with hunting. How to watch shadows that prey made, to figure out where to throw your spear. They took the older boys on trips sometimes over the weekend to try it, to hunt in the mountains. I went a few times. Never killed anything. Never really understood why we needed to, when we had plenty of meat back in the kitchen freezers. Anyway. He said he could just feel it out and then…BAM. He'd nail it. Saw him take down a buck with a throw to the neck, that none of the rest of us had even seen through the bushes."

There is a soft 'heh' and Ceres gives a nod of her head, "Yes, like that. A hunters instinct. You don't look at them as adversaries…they are prey. They are machines with nothing more than a blinking red eye and the ability to gore you with antlers. Take the time you need to read them before you fire. It will start to come, you have to anticipate if you want a direct hit." She explains and then taps the screen before stepping back. "I would recommend watching Janitor's cams…to see how he compensates. I can't say I am the best at hitting the broadside of even a basestar. We all have work to do. But I will tell you this…we have plenty of room in our freezers for more raider bits."

"He said he listened for the whispers of the war god to tell him how to kill things," Phin says. With no small amount of sarcasm. He clearly never bought into this part of it. "I figured he was just trying to freak us out. He was a really good tracker, though. Can't knock him for that." For her recommendations, he nods. "I'll take a look at Captain Cole's footage. Maybe I should ask him what he does. To focus and stuff. I was glad they put him in charge of us, after everything. He seems to know his shit, but he's not too much a martinet. I mean, seems like the kind of guy you can go to with stuff."

"Maybe he did…everyone has there own little luck charm, Gods or a coin.." She touches the one at her neck in rememberence and then strolls back to join him, taking a perch at the edge of her seat. She draws a long breath and then tears out the piece of paper and handing it to him. "Work on your buck fever…and talk to Captain Cole. He's good at what he does an thats why he is where he is." There is a nod of her head. "I think otherwise, you don't need to worry overly much. YOu did well, Doll, really well." She adds and reaches out to awkwardly touch his shoulder in support before removing her hand and reaching for her coffee and tucking her steno under her arm. "Was there anything else, Ensign?"

"I think it helps some people. I've never really believed in that stuff," Phin says. Though he adds quickly, "I mean, it's cool if you do. I could just never wrap my head around it. If the gods have a plan, why does so much frakked up stuff happen to people? And…some people and not others. I guess…I don't know. It's easier for me to think it's all just totally random, or some combination of what you do and dumb luck, than think there's any kind of plan. Because…that's a frakked up plan, y'know?" He shrugs, abashed, realizing he's gotten off on a tangent. "Sorry. Anyway. I'll work on it. Thanks for taking the time to go over this with me, Redux. I just want to pull my weight with you guys. You and Janitor and Storm…everybody. Don't want to be the weak link out there, y'know?"

There is a mirth filled smirk that lasts a few seconds longer than usual. Shaking her head, Ceres lifts her coffee and sips. "No, Doll, I am not much for the divine inspiration. We all work with what we got and we need to be willing to admit that. Glad you can. Means your head is screwed on straight and you will be able to spot the bullshit before others." That said she paues from leaving the room and fixes him with a direct gaze. "Dolly, you are hardly a weak link. You pull your weight in this squadron and you get respect because of it. If you were a weak link, the others would let you know."

Phin's smile crooks a notch broader, and he raises his blue eyes to meet hers. "Thanks. I mean, I figure they would. Nobody here seems really shy about busting your balls if you're an asshole. Good luck with the hand. I mean, I wouldn't feel as good about flying back to Picon or Leonis or…wherever the frak we actually get sent next if you're not out there with us."

A faint smile returns to her lips and she nods her head. "Thanks, I hope so too…I need to bring someone with me when we tear through more raiders." Her hand goes to her neck and touches that coin with her bandaged hand. Perhaps for the first time there is an crack along the outer edge of her composure. Pausing, she looks thoughtful. "Dolly, if the Lucky Strikes are called over, will do you me a favor? Carry Aios' coin for me. He doesn't deserve to sit here with us gimps. It can be your good luck…since you aren't keen on Gods." She says, tapping the coin.

"OK," Phin affirms, simply but firmly. Like he's making a solemn promise in those two syllables. "Luck I believe in. Good and bad. I hope you'll be able to carry it yourself, though. I figure he'd want you to, more than me. Not that I knew him too well but…" He shrugs.

"I think Talkshow was rather impressed with you. He certainly would not mind, but thats if I can't be there." She touches her bandaged hand to her brow and then nods to him. "I'm here if you need more help, Ensign. Go get some rest, I need to hit medical for an update." The Captain slips away then and heads up the sidestairs for the hatch.

"I have his book, you know," Phin says. "I never told him that. I didn't know how to mention it without sound like I was sucking up or something. Maybe I should read it again. Anyway. Will do. Later, Redux. Fast healing." He lets her go with that, busying himself powering down the AV equipment and filing his tape back in its proper place.

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