AAR: Rescue of the Threes



FR: Captain J Amos Ommaney
TO: RADM Jameson, CMDR Faulkner
CC: MAJ Gray
RE: Rescue of the Threes


Predator attack runs to clear the landing zone worked to plan and while insertion was hot, target building was breached with little time lost to engaging enemy forces. Once inside a locked door was encountered, but the palm print of one of the Lines opened it, and a small force of Centurions behind it were dealt with swiftly by our colleagues from the Piraean forces. Progress then was quick, and the Three’s room was found as expected based on prior intelligence. It too was locked, this time requiring two palm prints.

Inside a small memorial was found, along with penmanship on the door, which indicates that at least one of the other Lines had set up a sort of memorial to what they referred to as their ‘little sister’. Lance Corporal Angelis made video recordings which are attached.

Once the bootup sequence was started, Specialist Mercier downloaded and the company split between caring for Threes as they woke, and guarding the door. Large reverberations were felt, akin to the mass marches of centurions felt on Picon during the Santos Ridge engagement. Closer by, voices were heard approaching, apparently angry at what we were doing, on the basis of a belief that we were killing the Threes. Those approaching were identified as members of other Lines, and a Five who seemed to be acting as spokesperson was negotiated with until she stepped inside to view our actions.

Having convinced her of our intentions she brought her troops in to aid with the Threes, while we took those that we could, including Specialist Mercia, and enacted a fighting withdrawal back to the Rhinos for extraction. It was on this final withdrawn that Kammar and Noonen of the Piraean forces fell. The Five asked for details on how she might contact us in future, as she indicated that she had a desire to talk further, so I gave instructions to head to Picon and make contact there.



  • Specialist Miriam Kamma (KIA)
  • Private First Class Kefen Noonen (KIA)
  • Lieutenant JG Marcus Petropoulos (WIA)
  • Sergeat Randolph Flynn (WIA)
  • Sergeant Edward Fischer (WIA)
  • Lance Corporal Gray Anderson (WIA)
  • Lance Corporal Tabitha Angelis (WIA)
  • Specalist Clara Mercia (WIA)
  • Specalist Miri Zahav (WIA)
  • Private First Class Anthony Mallas (WIA)


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